"Anyone up for a swim?" I ask, between wiping my face, "I know I am."

"Says the man drenched from a cum bath," Nate jovially responds.

"Yeah, you have definitely christened that hot hairy hole of yours, "Bob says.

A laugh echoes among the men.

Yes, I am covered in cum.

The guys emptied their cum-heavy balls onto me as I shot my own load from my plunge on the plastic cock.

That 10" plastic cock felt wonderful up my ass, but I am already getting sore from it.

No one else answered, except Bob and Nate, they ran for the pool and dive in.

We all surface at about the same time.

"So how's that ass, Reece?" Nate asks me.

I kinda figured he would be the first to ask, since he was determined to get my ass poked by one of those damned cocks.

"Damn sore, "I say, "but it feels good, actually."

"You will get used to it," Nate says, "C'mere stud."

I swim to him and feel his hands pull me into him closer. His course rough body hair feels good next to my hairy body too, even in the water there is a roughness about his body, which I admire. He takes one of his hands, works it around to my ass, pokes one of his fingers into my aching hole, rubbing it gently.

I jerk for a moment as his finger roams around and invades my ass.

"Calm down, boy," Nate, says, "I just want to massage that hole. You took a lot of cock into it on your first time. Wanted to say, I am proud of ya, bud."

He removes his hand, grips and ass cheek, roughly.

My cock is against his hairy muscled leg as we bob about in the water, trying to stay afloat.

"That's quite an ass you've got there," Nate says with admiration, "you do yourself proud."

He kisses me roughly, using his tongue and lips to exert a lot of pressure; it seems he wants to swallow me.

Nate swims away from me to a place near Paul.

"Yes, you have quite an ass," Nate says, "You agree, Paul?"

"I do," Paul, says, "I want my cock in it."

"I want my cock in yours too, Paul," I say.

"You do?" Paul says.

"I do," I say.

Paul swims to me and kisses me. We take each other into a tight embrace, our bodies alike in size and shape, a perfect fit, our lips lock into a strong fierce kiss as we meld together as men.

I unhinge from our kiss and Paul swims away from me.

"I did not expect that," I say.

"I did not either, I felt compelled to it," Paul says.

"I am glad," I say.

"Me too," Paul says.

"Whoa, whoa, guys," Bob says, "Save some of that intensity for later. The party has only begun."

"Oh, there's more?" Dave says.

"Oh hell yeah, there is always more," Bob says, "this is just the warm up. 'The bench' is just the precursor to the night's events."

"Oh?" Dave says.

"Were you not paying attention to what has been said by Nate, Paul, Reece?" Bob snidely says, "They want to fuck each other. So there is more to come."

"I heard, "Dave says," but I was thinking that was just bravado talking, showing off."

Nate looks at Dave, as they are close in the pool.

"I do not brag about fucking, I do what I say," Nate says with authority and fierceness in his voice.

"No problem, man," Dave says, "Sorry 'bout my not understanding that."

"I thought you said you wanted to be fucked?" Nate says, "You aren't chicken-shit are you."

"I do," Dave says.

You can hear the hesitation in his voice. I am not convinced he actually wants his ass plugged by a cock.

So does Dave talk the good game or not?

Does he only do so much then try to back down, when confronted, out of what he has previously said?

"If I can take the biggest plastic cock up my ass, Dave," I say, "you can take my cock up yours. Right?"

"Sure Reece," Dave says, "I can take your cock."

The man is scared. He will not even look me in the eyes when he says this.

"Good," I say.

Nate looks over at me, smiles and gives me a mischievous wink. Nate approves of my comment.

"You guys hungry?" Bob says," I have wieners, hamburgers, steaks and the fixins. Whatever you want I can do. So just name it."

"I can do with a steak," Nate says.

"I knew that," Bob says, "you always want one."

"Gotta replace the juice," Nate says.

We all laugh.

We know what he means. We all lost a vital fluid earlier when each of us busted our nut.

"Can someone clean up 'the bench' and put it away," Bob says, "my son is comin' over for supper and I do not want it out or for him to see it."

"Your son?" Dave says.

"Yeah," Bob says, "he usually visits on Saturday nights, we work-out together."

"Naked?" Dave says.

"Yep," Bob says, "I have been naked around him his whole life. He is straight but he knows about my 'gatherings' for men."

"Yeah, Bob has a great son, smart man, he raised a good kid," Nate says.

"Thanks Nate, appreciate that," Bob says.

"Sure man, "Nate says, "You did."

"So can someone take care of that?" Bob says.

"Sure, I'll do it, "I say.

"Thanks, Reece, "Bob says, "Once you get it cleaned. There is a cover in the shed; put it over it once you put it back in there."

"Will do," I say, "say Paul you wanna help me with that."

"Sure," Paul says.

Bob gets out the pool. The water streams off him as he surfaces in the shallow end and exits up the pool steps. The man is something else, just like Nate.

Bob is a muscled goateed 40-something year old man, just as strong and masculine as I am in my twenties. The guy really has it going on, as does Nate. Two hot guys, damn, I hope I am like them when I get their age.

Bob lights the gas grill and the odor of gas-fire permeates the late afternoon day. He disappears into the house after drying himself with the one of the many towels sitting on the glass table on his outdoor patio as he starts to get the supper ready.


Bob puts out quite a spread, T-bone steaks, baked potato, a Caesar salad and some other dishes for us.

We take our places around the picnic table, just off the patio on the soft green grass of the backyard.

"Looks good, Bob," I say.

We are seated.

Paul and I are facing each other at the far end by the patio.

Next to us are Nate and Dave in the middle.

Next to them are Bob and Wade, facing each other at the other end.

"Thanks Reece, "Bob says, "seems this is what you had last time you were here with Rick."

"Yeah, it does, "I say, "You can cook a mean steak."

"Eat up, guys before the steaks gets cold," Bob says, ever the good host.

Everyone digs into their steaks, replacing the spent spunk and being fueled up for the next round of play.

"When is Reed getting here?" Nate says.

"Soon, I just talked to him," Bob says, "it should be within a matter of minutes."

We hear a door open from inside the house and close.

"Dad," a loud voice calls out from the interior of the house.

"Out here, son," Bob yells out.

Reed emerges from the house. He is in twenties like Paul and I, the youngest of the seven guys, now here. He is muscular and is the spittin' image of his dad, only blonde. He is in mesh shorts, shirtless, barefoot and just as hairy as his dad, Bob, when he walks you can see his cock sway in the thin fabric of the shorts. His bulge is rather obvious as he is going commando.

Rick had told me what he looked like and he was right. Rick did not do the guy justice; he is one athletic looking man.

Bob stands up from his seat and greets his son with a naked bear hug.

Reed returns the favor.

"Dad, you just saw me three days ago, "Reed exclaims.

"I am always happy to see you, "Bob says, "guys this is my son, Reed."

Everyone says 'hi' back to Reed.

"Get naked, son, you know you want to," Bob says.

Reed reaches for the elastic waist of his shorts and quickly drops them to the ground and steps out of them.

His cock, once released from its fabric confines, falls lazily downward from the afternoon heat. His balls, hang low, reaching for the ground, they are full and contract and constrict in the hot Florida air.

Reed, with his right hand, runs his fingers through his pubes, gives his cock a slight tug, reviving it and smiles.

He thinks nothing of it.

All guys do it.

It is instinctive.

I do it.

Yep, he is his father's son.

Their cocks are virtually identical.

Reed is the 2.0 version of his father, the younger version.

"Better," Reed says.

"I should say so," Wade says.

"Alright Wade," Reed says, "I do not need that from you."

"Hey man, when a fine specimen of a man, like you, drops his shorts and has a cock, as fine as that, you gotta admire it," Wade says.

"Enough, Wade, already," Bob says with a tinge of anger in his voice.

"Sorry, man, meant no disrespect," Wade says.

"No problem, I am gonna take a dive in the pool, rinse off the day's dirt, "Reed says, "I'll be right back."

"Okay, son," Bob says happily. He is glad Reed is home.

Reed does a jog and dives headfirst into the deep end of the pool.

"What an ass, "Nate calls out.

Bob looks at Nate; he does not appreciate the remark.

"Sorry, Bob," Nate half-heartedly apologizes.

We all gaze at his ass as he runs.

The man does work out, with a body and ass like that he definitely works out.

"Guys, while Reed is here. I ask that there be no fucking, sucking or anything," Bob says, "I do not care if your cock gets hard and you fondle yourself but there is absolutely to be NO FUCKING, get it. Reed is straight, his choice, and he does not like to see it."

We all agree.

Although I am sure, Wade would gladly take Reed's cock up his ass.

I notice then that Paul fidgets and makes a strange face. I do not think anyone sees it but me; he is gazing down, staring intensely at his plate, as if he is trying to hide, while eating his food.

"What's the matter," I say to Paul.

"Nothing, just eat your food," Paul says.

We say this under hushed voices; we are at the end of the table while the others are talking among themselves and do not hear our exchange.

"What's the deal man," I say.

"Paul, what is it?" Nate overhears our murmuring.

"Nothing," Paul says.

"I think I know," Nate says.

"What?" Paul says.

"I'll tell you later, just eat," Nate says.

Nate reaches down between Paul's legs and fondles his cock.

"Mmm, son, that is one nice cock," Nate says.

Paul's cock stiffens some, although it does not get fully erect.

Paul continues to eat.

"Everything alright down there, "Bob says, as he is at the opposite end of the picnic table facing Wade.

"Yep, everything is fine, "I say.

"I was just wondering, Reece, y'all guys seem distracted for a moment," Bob says.

"Naw, we are good," I say, "Just eating this great steak you grilled."

"There's plenty, so eat up," Bob says.

At that moment, Reed walks up from the pool, his cock and balls, sways back and forth, as he walks.

Reed walks up behind Nate, wraps his arm around him, runs his hand through Nate's chest hair, and tweaks his left nipple. Reed also brushes his hairy pubes and cock across Nate's back, pressing his full body weight into Nate's. He is making sure Nate can feel his cock.

Nate's cock is swelling as Reed does this because Paul looks down and makes a hushed comment.

"Why are you getting' hard, Nate?" Paul says.

"Shush," Nate says.

Nate does not want to acknowledge the physicality of what Reed just displayed. Or, his own body's reaction to Reed's wandering hands.

Bob says nothing.

It seems like it does not even register with him, as he was talking to Dave and did not seem fazed by the display between Reed and Nate, but everyone saw it.

"Someone is getting stronger, "Nate says to Reed.

"My work-outs with dad and my regular gym visits every other day is paying off," Reed says.

Reed then leaves the embrace of Nate and walks to the end of table where Paul and I are sitting.

I introduce myself first.

"Hey, Reed, I am Reece," I say, "I work with your high school chum, Rick, he introduced me to your dad a few weeks back."

"Nice to meet ya," Reed says, "how is Rick doing these days, been a while since I have seen him."

"We are busy with work and all, "I say, "The construction business has picked up, so we are busting our asses getting jobs done."

"Good to hear," Reed says.

It is at the moment that Reed sees Paul.

His eyes bug out.

This is the sight of a man with fear plastered on his face.

Reed regains his composure in a split second.

"Hi, Reed, I am Paul," Paul says as casually as he can, although the same fear that has gripped Reed has taken hold of Paul too.

Each tries to act as though, nothing has happened but it seems clear something already exist between these two.

"Reed, this is Dave Stevens," Nate says, "He re-roofed your dad's house and joined our little 'gathering' today."

"Nice to see you again, Mr. Stevens," Reed says, "We met, Nate, when he was putting the roof on."

"Call me Dave, Reed," Dave says.

"I guess you have been having quite a day today, Dave, huh," Reed says.

"You could say that, "Dave says, "It has been an experience."

"I am starved dad, where's my steak," Reed says.

"I have it in the oven, staying warm, "Bob says, "C'mon lets go get it."

Bob rises from his spot and walks into house with Reed.

"Y'all guys need anything while I am up," Bob says.

We all say 'no.'

I look at Paul. His head is still down.

"So what the hell is the problem, Paul, "I say.

Paul does not answer. He still looks down.

"You have fucked Reed, haven't you," Nate says rather nonchalantly but decidedly candid.

Nate does not whisper, everyone at the table can hear him, plainly.

Paul nods his head 'yes.'

"No shit," Nate says.

Nate seems surprised but I am not buying it.

"So have I and so has Wade," Nate says," Bob does not know."

Paul looks up and sighs, the tension, leaves his body as fast as it appeared.

"Bob refuses to believe that Reed is gay, like himself," Nate says, "I cannot explain it nor will I try, so we act like it does not exist."

"Why?" Paul says.

"Because Bob is our friend," Nate says, "and if he knew two of his friends have already fucked his son's tight ass, he'd probably kill us."

"Okay," Paul says.

"Dave, we ask that you say nothing," Nate says to Dave as he looks at him, they are seated directly across from each other.

"The kid's secret is safe with me, "Dave says.

"Good, "Nate says, "where did you fuck him, Paul?"

"At Lost Lake," Paul says.

"That cruising lake south of Tallahassee?" Nate says.

"Yes, the same" Paul says.

"How many times?" Nate asks.

"Too many to count," Paul says, "But the last time was about a month ago."

"Oh my," Wade says, "I never knew that. I have only fucked him once. What about you, Nate?"

"Let's just say, I am a regular," Nate says, "just like my bud here."

Nate puts his muscled arm around Paul and pulls him to his side.

Nate approves.

"Way to go bro, that is one tight ass, Reed has got," Nate says.

"I know, I know," Paul says.

Reed and Bob come out of the house. Father and son, laughing, catching up.

The identical bodies shake, wiggle, and move in unison. The similarities between the two are uncanny in many ways.

Reed is carrying a plate of food.

"So where you wanna sit, son?" Bob says.

Reed looks around.

"I think I will seat at the end of the table with my two new friends, Reece and James...I mean, Paul," Reed says.

Reed makes his way down to the end of table, near me and Paul, sets his plate down, reaches behind him and grabs a chair from the patio.

On either side of him, am I, as he is at the head of the table, and the other side, Paul.

"Who is James, Reed?" I ask.

"Oh, no one, Paul reminds me of someone I know," Reed says.

Reed winks at Paul.

Reed has relaxed. Paul, not so much, the tension has resurfaced on Paul's face.

Paul, Reed exchange further glances.

Reed does a sly smile and then begins cutting his steak for a bite.

Paul fidgets in his seat.

"This is one great steak, Bob," Paul says.

"I like tube steak better," Reed says under his breath, which seems to be meant for those of us at the end of the table.

Me, Paul and Nate.

"Thanks Paul, glad you like it," Bob says.

Paul suddenly jumps.

"What's the matter Paul," Bob asks as Paul's movement shakes the table.

"Nothing, nothing," Paul says in his defense.

Reed smiles, he had grabbed Paul's cock under the table in-between bites of his food and had startled him.

Nate smiles and strokes his cock under the table. He is enjoying the banter and teasing between Reed and Paul.

The four of us exchange looks between us. Nate looks at me, then Reed. Paul looks at Reed, then at Nate. Reed looks at Nate, smiles from ear-to-ear, then Paul. I look at them all; I want to fuck the three of them.

Everyone finishes eating.

"That was really good, Bob," Dave says.

"Thanks, I hope everyone had plenty," Bob says.

"I am filled, always good, Bob, always," Wade says.

There is some shuffling about as everyone rises from their respective seats and stands about.

As we start to move, Reed leans over and whispers into Paul's ear.

"I want your cock in me, now," Reed says.

"Hmm, what," Paul is startled and caught off guard by Reed's comment.

"You heard me," Reed says in a whisper to Paul.

Nate and I hear the exchange, it is in a hushed tone but we are close enough to hear what is said.

"Hey Bob, let me help you clean up," Nate says.

"Naw, the dishes can wait, "Bob says.

Nate starts cleaning anyway but leans over into Reed's ear.

"Now is your chance," Nate says, "go out to my truck. I will tell Paul."

"You know about us?" Reed says.

"Yeah, Paul spilled the beans when you were inside with your dad," Nate says.

"Everyone knows about Paul and me," Reed says with obvious alarm.

"Yes, and you and I and you and Wade," Nate says.

"Oh shit," Reed says," does dad know?"

"No, but the teasing you have done to Paul is obvious," Nate says, "I will tell Paul to meet you. Just go while I have your dad distracted."

Reed leaves and hastily ducks between the back shrubs and disappears.

Nate then tells Paul, who has walked to the pool.

"Paul go to our truck, now," Nate says.

"Why?" Paul asks in puzzlement.

"Just go," Nate says, "Go fuck Reed."

"You sure?" Paul says.

"Yes, "Nate says, "he is waiting on you. Now go."

Paul makes a hasty retreat and ducks between the shrubs, the same ones that Reed just passed through.

"Where is he going?" Wade asks.

"Out to the truck, "Nate says, "I need something."

"Why don't y'all swim for a while, while I help Bob clean up the dishes."

"Okay," both Wade and Dave say in unison.

Nate leans over to me.

"You say nothing about this, you hear," Nate says.

"My lips are sealed," I say but my cock wants a piece of Reed's ass too.

Nate helps gather up the dirty dishes on the picnic table and heads through the sliding doors. I can see Bob at the kitchen window, above the sink, doing what he needs to do.

I head to the shrubs and follow Paul, who is meeting Reed at the truck.

As I emerge from the shrubs and walk into the driveway, I can hear and see, Paul and Reed on the passenger side of the truck at the door.

They are locked in a tight embrace of a passionate kiss.

Each of their hands is roaming over the others body. The moaning is audible, not overly loud but the passion is apparent.

I get closer, I am beside the truck in the driveway, it is Bob's.

"I want you to fuck me, Paul," Reed says with such animalistic ferocity in his voice, "I want your cock up my ass, pounding me with all your might."

Paul says nothing; he is tugging on Reed's hard cock. Reed is doing the same to Paul.

His manhood is swelled.

He is his father's son, their cocks are vertical identical.

"FUCK ME, PAUL!" Reed says, the animal has emerged from within him.

Paul roughly turns Reed around and forces him to bend at the waist. Reed does not put up a fight, he wants it rough, he begs for it this way.

Paul is stroking his cock; he has worked himself into a sexual frenzy. In the fading light of the day, Paul's cock outline is visible as he pounds it into Reed's ass.

"Yes, yes, give me more, give me more," Reed cries out in the dusk of the night.

I am stroking my own hardened cock.

These are two men, each knowing what the other can do and expecting satisfaction to be delivered.

This is going to be a quickie.

The horniness for Paul by Reed is apparent, the man craves him, wants him.

"Harder, harder, give it to me harder," Reed orders Paul.

Paul is hammering Reed's ass, you can hear flesh against flesh, as Paul's crotch makes contact with Reed's ass.

Paul is moaning, he is close to cumming, as he made those same sounds earlier when he sat on the plastic cock on 'the bench.'

"Give it to me, give me your seed, Paul," Reed screams out.

"Oh fuck," Paul screams out as he unleashes his seed deep within Reed's ass.

My cock is raging hard and leaking pre-cum.

I know now it is time for me to make my departure, so I do.

I see two people standing at the living room window at the front of the house.

A light in a room behind them illuminates them.

It is Bob and Nate.

They have seen what I have seen and probably heard it too. They close the curtains.

I scurry through the shrubs, jog to the pool, dive in, and surface in the deep end.

Dave is sitting in a lounge chair and Wade is swimming lazily in the pool.

"What was that," Dave says, "it sounded like someone said 'fuck'."

I do not answer.

"Yeah, Reece, what was that?" Wade asks, although by the tone of his voice, he knows the answer.

He winks at me.

Paul makes his way through the shrubs, he is sweaty and his cock is still somewhat hard. He goes into a slow jog, dives into the deep end of the pool, and comes up next to me.

I smile at him.

He smiles back at me.

At the same time, Bob and Nate, walk out of the house. Laughing and carrying on, a fa├žade because each knows what has just transpired in front of the house.

They both walk to the pool and dive in.

Now where is Reed?

Out of the blue, Reed walks out of the house.

No rhyme or reason, he just walks out of the house.

"Where have you been son?" Bob asks.

"I was in my room, "Reed answers.

"Okay, son," Bob says half-heartedly, "why'd doncha come join us for a swim?"

"Sure," Reed says.

Suddenly, Reed starts running towards the pool at full throttle.

"Cannonball," He shouts out as he hits in the water in the deepest end of the pool.



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