Doc was truly a sick man. His idea of "new clothes" for us was really warped. We needed

to be clothed to get into the grocery store, and he and the butler had thrown our other clothes

away when we arrived at Doc's house. We had changed to swim, and our clothes disappeared. And

now we had these.

Hal got the most absurd outfit. Doc gave him hot pink running shorts, the kind that are

really short, and they slit open at the sides all the way up to the waist. They also were a few

sizes too small, even for a small guy like Hal. Covering that was a fishnet tank top in extra

large, so it hung off his shoulders. It was black, so the pink shorts were very visible

underneath it.

Liam got jean shorts, again a few sizes too small, and they were cut off to show the

bottom of his ass cheeks. In front, he had to be careful that his cock and balls didn't fall

out. And he got a t-shirt cut off at the breast line, so his abs were uncovered. He looked

like a streetwalker!

Anthony had old leather chaps with a neon green pair of spandex shorts underneath. They

hid absolutely nothing. Paired with that was an orange vest with holes cut out so his nipples

could be seen.

And of course, Doc had special clothes for me, too. I had jean shorts with holes cut out

all over the front, allowing almost anything to be seen. Both ass cheeks had been cut out, but

the seam down the middle was intact, so the shorts that were several sizes too small made the

seam ride up into my crack like a thong. That was covered by an XL gauze shirt which hid


Doc and the butler wore white T-shirts, jeans and sandals, so they looked like regular

patrons of the store. They would blend in with the crowd, but I wondered how they would film

us. They surely wouldn't pass up the opportunity to make this into a movie that could

victimize us for a long time.

The windows on the SUV were blacked out, so we had no idea where we were going. Vegas is a

big place, and we could end up anywhere. I was hoping that Doc didn't pick a real seedy part

of town—who knows if some other shopper might want to get in the act, or even try to buy us for

the evening from Doc. I knew Doc was kinky, and if given the opportunity, who knows what might


We left Doc's house shortly after midnight, and drove around for what seemed like at least

an hour. When we parked, I was nervous to get out and see where we were.

Crap! We were only about 10 blocks from campus. I drove through this neighborhood to get

to classes. This was an area of mainly student housing. We probably wouldn't run into very

many people under 18, which was good, but we'd also run the risk of seeing students we go to

classes with. Not knowing Doc's plan, I could only hope that we'd be able to finish quickly

and get out of the store.

Doc got out his video equipment, several cameras, and a tripod. The butler had battery

packs, so they wouldn't need power to run anything. That meant that they could set up anywhere,

and get started quickly. Speed could work to Doc's advantage, just like it might work to ours.

"Follow me," Doc growled, "and don't get lost. If the presentation isn't completed with

all four participating, you don't pass. And I better like it, if you plan on getting that

grade up from a 'B' to an "A.'"

We all followed Doc into the store. Anthony was behind me, with Hal and Liam up front,

and I could hear Anthony getting boisterous. I turned to tell him to be quiet, but he caught

my eye and winked.

"Quiet, dammit," I hissed. He just ignored me.

"Hey, girls," he said in a loud voice, "Aren't we going to need a shopping cart for all

that shopping we'll be doing? I mean, don't we have a 'load' to get?" And he laughed.

I was getting ready to tell him again to be quiet, but Doc beat me to it.

"Shut up, you fool. Do you want to get us thrown out before you even get a chance to

finish the project?"

"I'm just sayin'," Anthony continued, "it's gonna be hard to carry a 'load' in our hands!"

With that, he grabbed the nearest shopping cart, and caught up with us. He did have to get on

with a bad wheel, so it made a rickety-rickety-rickety sound all the way to the back of the


The butler was set up in the area where soda and chips were sold, which would certainly

see some traffic if college-aged shoppers came in. He had the camera perched high above us on

the tripod, aimed down the aisle to show shoppers in the store. It would be obvious to anyone

seeing this video that it was shot in public.

"Okay, cocksucker, get on your knees."

Doc was addressing Hal, but each of us stole a quick glance to the others, and we all

dropped down onto the floor, kneeling in a row.

"No, dammit. Hal, you're doing the sucking. You other guys, get up. Hal is the star of

this little story."

"Is this the punishment he gets for walking out of the restroom with me this week. Well,

it wasn't his idea, it was mine, so I'll do the sucking." I pulled Hal up off the floor and

took his place. I was hoping that Doc wouldn't be pleased with my actions. I hoped right.

I just hoped it was enough to get him in front of the camera. We needed him to incriminate

himself if we were going to help Hal.

"You fuckhead, you are determined to fail my class, aren't you? Get off the floor so that

we can start filming." With that, he pushed Hal back onto his knees, and gave him a slap to

the face.

"If you guys don't get with the game plan, he'll get more than that." Doc turned and

walked toward the camera.

"How do we know what the game plan is?" Anthony asked in a loud voice.

"I don't know how to make it any clearer. Hal is going to suck cock in this grocery store

aisle. Or you all fail the presentation."

"But what are we supposed to do?" asked Liam in an equally loud voice. It seemed that

Liam was taking his cues from Anthony, and maybe I needed to go along with them.

"So what do you want us to do? We can't do the sucking, so are we supposed to be the

'John' for him, or maybe just play with ourselves over here while we wait?" I asked defiantly.

Doc just stared daggers at us, then spoke very slowly, choosing his words carefully. "I'm

going to turn on the camera. You guys are going to approach Hal, and he will blow one or all

of you, but at least one of you. Hal, you need to take it on the face so that we can catch it

on camera. Now, get busy. Action!"

Anthony, Liam and I all backed a little way down the aisle to make it look like we were

walking toward Hal. I turned my back to the camera, and Doc, and winked, then turned back and

began walking toward Hal, who was still on his knees.

"Looky here, guys. This pussy is on his knees. Looks like he's ready for some action.

Look at those lips. They look like a cunt I fucked last week. Here, boi, I got some salami

right here for you, right here in the grocery aisle."

I positioned myself so that I was between Hal and the camera. I knew that would get Doc

mad because he wouldn't get anything on tape.

"Move! I can't see anything!" Yep, Doc was mad.

"Hey, how am I supposed to keep track of where the camera is when I got these pretty lips

near my cock?"

"Just move already. We're wasting time!

So I did. I moved to the side, so the camera could see Hal, but turned my back to the

camera so Doc couldn't see anything I was offering Hal. I looked over at Liam and Anthony and

winked. They caught on to what I was doing; we'd follow Doc's instruction the way he said them,

but not the way he meant them.

"Denny, dammit, get out of the way. Liam, get over here and show me how it's done," Doc


"Yes, sir, Dr. Thorne! Right away."

"Don't use my name. I'm going to have to edit that out."

"Okay, Dr. Thorne, I won't use your name."

"Jeez! Get to work!"

With that, Liam scrambled over to Hal, fell to the floor, and hauled Hal's cock out of his

pink running shorts. It didn't take much effort to get it out, and Liam swallowed it to the


"No, no, no! I meant for you to let Hal suck YOUR cock! Can't anybody follow directions?"

With that, Anthony came into camera range, with his leather chaps and lycra shorts in the

shopping cart and his mantool standing at attention. "Does anyone know where the crackers are,"

he said in perfect falsetto. "I need something to go with my sausage." We all began laughing,

even Liam who had not yet given up on Hal's cock.

"Shit, even more that I have to edit out! Get that shopping cart off camera!"

Anthony did just that, giving it a shove toward a tower of 2-liter soda bottles, which came

crashing to the ground. Then Anthony came to me, shoved me to the floor, and shoved his cock in

my mouth. I chowed down on it while he groaned very, very loudly.

Doc came out from behind the camera. "You guys can't do anything right. All I wanted was

a little blowjob done in public. Do I need to show you guys how it is done? With that, Doc

dropped his jeans and pushed Liam out of the way. He pulled Hal to his feet, bent him over at

the waist, and proceeded to shove his hard seven inch uncut cock into Hal's throat until he

bottomed out. He grabbed Hal by the ears, pushed him off the cock, then pulled him back on

repeatedly, with his pubes grinding into Hal's nose. It didn't take long, and Doc was cumming.

Hal got the first volley deep in his throat, and when Doc pulled out, he erupted all over Hal's

face. Then he turned Hal toward the camera so the butler could zoom in.

"Now, that's how it is done. Do you suppose any of you losers could top that? Are you

going to let an old guy show you up?"

"Well, for starters, Doc, I'm older than you," I said smugly, "and I've been showing you

up all evening."

"And to finish, I think we're about to get thrown out of the store. Here comes the manager

with store security," said Anthony as he put his clothing back on.

Doc pulled up his jeans, grabbed the camera and ran for the door. The butler had been

packing up since Anthony said 'store security' so they got their equipment to the SUV quickly.

We all followed Doc to the SUV, but he wouldn't let us in.

"Go home. Find your own way home. But be at my house tomorrow, Monday evening, at nine

o'clock. We need to discuss exactly who will see this video." Then Doc looked at Hal. "And

you, my young man, can kiss your life goodbye!"

Doc slammed the door shut, and the butler took off driving as fast as he could without

getting a ticket. None of us really cared. Right now, we were trying to console Hal, who was


Then Anthony got up and sprinted back into the store. He was back out in about 5 minutes.

"Problem solved."

"No it isn't," I insisted. "We needed to get Doc on that film, and we did, but I

completely forgot that he could edit the final product. We won't be able to use that video

against Doc to free Hal from his grasp. And we have to miss out Monday night class, so Dr. E

will be mad. Doc Thorne is going to fuck up two of our classes."

"Nope. And we don't have to miss class on Monday evening, either. Let's get Hal to

Liam's apartment, and I'll explain why."

We were all ears, even Hal, when we got to Liam's apartment. As Anthony revealed his

story, we couldn't believe our dumb luck. Of all places to take us for the filming, Doc had

chosen a grocery store where Anthony had gotten in trouble before, as a high school senior. He

and buddies went in drunk and made a mess. Anthony didn't even remember the incident, but when

he was shown the store security tape, he couldn't deny that it was him and his friends. To

make things worse, the assistant store manager was a distant cousin of Anthony's, and he got

the job of chewing Anthony out for his actions.

So when Anthony recognized the store when they arrived, he acted up to assure that the

store security cameras would be trained on them. And he hoped that with the last security

upgrade, they also installed microphones to pick up voices to go with the video. If Anthony

was right, they had enough security footage to possibly put Doc in prison for rape, public

indecency, prostitution, etc. And he couldn't edit that tape! This had turned out even better

than I could have hoped for. With any luck, Hal would be out from under Doc's thumb because

Doc would be in prison.

"To resolve this quickly, I'm having the night manager call my cousin. I explained the

whole situation to him, without all the details, and he's going to pass it on to my cousin.

They're going to get us a copy of the security footage on tape later today. Then I'm making a

copy on a disc and driving over to give it to Doc. When he sees what we've got, I'm hoping that

he'll just leave."

"It's a little naïve to believe that Doc will give up his job without a fight," I


"Leave it to me. We'll see." Anthony seemed pretty confident. I wished that I could

feel the same.

Liam spoke for the first time since we had gotten to his place. "In the meantime, Hal

needs a place to stay. I don't want him going back to that cold, lonely dorm room."

"You mean you want to snuggle with him right here, don't you? Anthony teased.

"He wouldn't be the only one that wants to do that," Hal added.

"You mean you'd stay here with me, for real? Liam asked him.

"If you'll have me."

I couldn't resist. "I now pronounce you man and You may now kiss your significant

other." Anthony began to howl with laughter. But he soon stopped as both Liam and Hal began

stripping right there in front of us.

"How can you two think of sex at a time like this? You have got to be "sexed-out" after


But neither Hal nor Liam even heard us. Hal's eyes were locked on Liam's eyes, and Liam's

were locked on Hal's. Soon Liam was leading Hal back to his bedroom, and when he got there,

he closed the door.

"I guess that means I need to find a different place to live. I started the week in my own

apartment, got burned out, came here, and now I need to look again. Fuck! At least I don't

have anything to move!"

"I'd invite you to move in with me, but we already have a houseful, and they're all

horndogs. I'd be afraid they'd try to steal you away from me."


"What do you mean, 'What'?"

"Just what I said. What did you mean with the 'steal you away' comment?" I asked sincerely.

"Denny, you have got to be one of the nicest guys....wait, one of the nicest people I have

ever met. And you are good-looking to boot. You turned me on the first time I laid eyes on you

in class. I wasn't kidding when I said that you did everything you needed to do by just looking

my direction. Those eyes did it. And I didn't even know about what you could do with that

talented tongue! That first evening, I needed man juice, but never in my life did I think I

would fall in love."

"In love?"

Yep, it's only been a week, but that's all it took. I am head over heels in love with you,

Denny Christopher. Would you be my source of man juice for the rest of my life?"

I paused for a moment, in thought. When I responded, it was with a sincere question, one

that I wasn't sure that I wanted to know the answer to.

"You know, when you are in your forties, the age I am now, I will be in my sixties. Will

you be able to handle that?"

"It'll be easier to catch you for sex. You won't be able to run so fast!" Anthony said

while laughing.

"Who says I'll be running away?"

"Oh, you talk too much! Less talk, more action!"

We undressed each other, right there in Liam's living room, in a slow, erotic ballet of

simultaneous movement. I drew him in for a deep kiss, and before it was broken, we had explored

each other's mouth fully. Never had my gift been put to better use. Then my hands touched his

body in ways that I hadn't thought possible, with such a delicate touch that it brought groans

from deep within Anthony. He did the same for me.

I climbed onto the couch and laid face up over the arm. I tilted my head back so that he

had full, unencumbered access to my throat. As he entered my mouth, my tongue showed him just

how pleasurable a gift that it could be. He continued to enter me and sank his entire cock into

my throat, embedding it there. I was in heaven. So was he. Then he fucked my face for a good

long time with slow thrusting. He only withdrew to allow me to breathe. When he came, I pulled

off his cock to save it in my mouth. Then I shared his cum with him as he bent down to kiss me.

Anthony turned around so that I could eat out his ass. I got it slick with my spit, and

then he traded places with me, taking his turn on Liam's couch. He laid on his back, pulled up

his legs to his chest, and begged me to fuck him. I licked and sucked his tits, finishing by

biting them and pulling on them with my teeth. He begged harder for me to fuck him. I took

my time, licking down his abs, then passing his throbbing cock to suck each of his balls into

my mouth. I sucked and chewed as he groaned loudly, with more than a few obscenities thrown in.

He groaned and pleaded as I stuffed both into my mouth, and pulled them away from his body while

chewing on those delicious orbs. Before long he began pleading. I went down to lick and eat

his ass for a while longer, and when his pleadings became frantic, I stood up and buried my cock

in his waiting hole in one shove. I fucked him like an animal, and he responded to my actions

by thrusting back as much as he could. He wrapped his legs around my back, and pulled me in

repeatedly, forcing me deeper.

I came, but with all the sex from today, my load was small, and my cock and balls hurt. I

was going to need to rest. Old men need their rest. But not before dessert was shared. I

hunkered down at his asshole, and proceeded to lick and suck my load out of his ass. It took

me a while, but I think I got all of it. Then I shared it with Anthony. He told me that it was

the best dessert he'd ever had.

"Maybe we should call it "Anthony's Delight.' What do you think?

"Only one thing wrong with that."


"It needs to be 'Tony's Delight.' My husband calls me Tony."

He had stopped me in my tracks. I, Denny Christopher was speechless, which almost never

happens. I wasn't sure which made me feel warmer inside, the fact that he was allowing me to

call him Tony, or that I could be called his husband.

"Well, husband, you'd better curl up with me and keep me warm, or I might need to find

some Delight elsewhere!" I offered.

"Anywhere I am with you, we'll make Delight! Even in the grocery store aisles!" Tony said

with a wink and a huge grin.

"No. No grocery store aisles!" Again we laughed, and then drifted off to sleep.

On Monday, we went to class early. Tony had gotten a neighbor, who also was a cop, to

deliver the DVD of the security tape. He told Doctor Thorne to look at it while he waited in

his squad car outside. About a half-hour later, Doc emerged from his house, and asked the

officer that he could leave; that he would handle it.

Doc Thorne submitted his resignation to the university, citing personal issues, that very

day. He packed up some of his belongings, and left Las Vegas for parts unknown. I guess the

note which accompanied the DVD was believable. Tony had written in the note that there were

five other copies of the security tape: the store kept one, and each of the guys had one copy on

DVD. Doc realized he had lost all his leverage, and got out while he could.

Liam and Hal became a couple, and both graduated with teaching degrees. Hal tutored Liam,

who was able to keep his scholarship. And both were able to secure jobs in Las Vegas, teaching

students with disabilities.

Tony and I moved into an apartment just down the hall from Liam and Hal, in the same

building. It made for some interesting foursomes. Tony went on to get his Master's degree in

education, and then began working on his doctorate. I got my degree, and got the chance to work

with older kids with severe disabilities. We also became foster parents for young men with

severe emotional problems. But that is a story for another time.

The End.

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