This was the first time that any of us had gotten the opportunity to talk with Hal since we

had arrived at Doc's house. We knew that everything that we would say and do was being recorded,

and Doc was probably listening to us right now, but I had to find out how Hal was doing, and

whether he felt mentally stable enough for what I believed would be coming before this episode

would draw to a close.

"How are you doing, buddy?" I looked deep into his eyes, gathering as much information

from looking there as I could from listening to his reply.

"I'm okay. Sore and humiliated, but okay," Hal replied, almost too quickly.

I could tell that he was not okay, but I saw a determination, a resilience in his eyes that

helped me to know that we would be able to count on him when the time came. I debated in my

head just how much of our plan I would share with him. I lowered my voice as low as I thought

I could make it and still be understood by him.

"We've got a plan to get you out of here, and out from under Doc's control completely, but

we can't tell you about it. Do you remember the movie, 'Independence Day,' when they talked

about the President having 'plausible deniability?' That someone would believe him when he said

that he didn't know about something? Well, that's what we're giving you, plausible deniability.

So if Doc asks you what's up, or what we're doing, or planning, you can tell him you don't know,

and it will be the truth because you won't know. Just be aware that we might say or do something

that seems out of character as you know us, but go along with it. If we try to involve you in a

conversation in front of Doc, go with the obvious. We'll try to give you clues as to how to

act, like in the restroom when you pleaded for me not to hit you. Got it?"

Hal nodded, then drew my face to his, and he treated me to a soft, sensual kiss, barely

grazing my lips. Then he spoke.

"I don't know what I've done to deserve a trio of angels to come to my defense, but

regardless of the outcome, I will always be grateful." He had been speaking so softly that I

had to strain to hear him, but those last words were spoken in such a husky whisper that I could

feel a stirring in my groin. The scene was not lost on Anthony.

"Looks like Denny is ready for round two, so let's get busy!" Anthony proclaimed. Hal

added a wholehearted, "Amen!"

"Anybody want to exchange toys? My cock ring is killing me," I groaned.

"I'll take it on for a while, but I need a little relief from the ball crusher. Boy, am I

glad that Doc didn't stop and give it a few extra turns before he left." As soon as the words

were out of his mouth, he immediately got quiet and looked at the cameras, almost expecting Doc

to come into the room in response to the statement. Then Anthony looked at the rest of us and

whispered, "I suggest we not show too much pleasure or pain from the toys so that we don't give

Doctor Thorne any ideas we don't want him to have. Agreed?"

We all responded in the affirmative.

"So, anyone for a slightly used ball crusher?"

Liam had been unable to talk to this point since he still had the ball gag strapped into

place in his mouth, but he tapped Anthony on the shoulder and nodded 'yes.' Apparently, he

wanted to trade off the ball gag. Hal added that his nips were getting sore to the point of

really hurting, and would like to trade those. I reminded him that when they came off, he would

be in for a lot of pain, but he really wanted to trade. So I took Hal's nipple clips, Hal took

the ball gag from Liam, and Liam got Anthony's ball crusher. Anthony got my studded cockring

wrapped around his much wider cock, and I'm sure it cut into his cock much worse than it did to

me. But the man never made a negative sound. Instead, he reached for Liam, and began to give

him a passionate, wet, full mouth kiss to get things started.

I suggested that we make use of the butt plugs to assist us on this round, using the

Astroglide to lubricate them heavily so that we could use them like a dildo to fuck our own

asses. Liam suggested a daisy chain, so that we could fuck each other's asses, which sounded

much more fun. Hal, ball gag in place, just nodded and got in place next to me so that he

could begin to lube me up.

We took turns establishing the tempo: slow, then fast; deep, then short shallow jabs.

My favorite, and the one I kept coming back to, was slow deep thrusts, at least as deep as

a plug could go, that dragged the butt plug past our prostates. As we began to raise our

level of stimulation, and get closer to an orgasmic cum, Anthony reached up from behind Liam

and twisted his nips, first one, then the other. I love a man who can use both hands, and I

immediately began doing the same to Anthony. Liam did it to Hal, and Hal used the technique to

bring me closer to the edge.

Liam erupted first, catching his cum in his hand. No one's face was close enough to

whitewash, so his hand would suffice. Hall picked up the tempo with my butt plug, and I came

second. I followed Liam's example and caught my load in my hand. With my other hand, I

slammed Anthony's butt plug deep into his ass, and he erupted. Hal indicated he wasn't ready

yet, so the other three of us approached a camera, showed the loads in our hands, and then

proceeded to feed the manseed to each other. I held up seven fingers, and said only one word:

"Seven!" Then we all returned to the bed, and began manipulating Hal's body to coax his load

from him.

Three on one should have brought him to the brink quickly, but he seemed to be struggling.

With the ball gag in place, he couldn't speak, but as tears began to form in his eyes and

slowly slide down his cheeks, he communicated what he was feeling. For some reason, he couldn't

cum, and he felt like he was letting us down. He felt he might be responsible for our group not

meeting the challenge that Doc had hatched for us.

If he had a mental or physical block to cumming, we needed to think outside the box to

blast past that. Always the creative one, which served me well in real estate, I suggested

Anthony lay on his back, and we lubed his chest, thighs, and fuckstick with ample amounts of

Astroglide. Then we had Hal lay on top of Anthony, and Liam and I, one on each side, slid him

up and down on Anthony's body. Anthony's huge tool rubbed continuously against Hal's cock, and

Hal's own body and gravity provided just enough friction to make the feelings grow quickly. We

were using Anthony's body to jack off Hal. And it worked. As we felt Hal begin to tense and

stiffen, I grabbed one ass cheek and Liam grabbed the other and we pulled them apart, almost

obscenely. I had to use my other hand to hold in the butt plug so it wouldn't come shooting out.

Hal came with a huge shudder. We scooped up his slime, showed it to the camera, and then

proceeded to feed it to Anthony as a reward for doing such a good job with his body.

We all took a few minutes, sprawled on our backs, to catch our breath. I looked at the

clock, and shouted, not just for us but also for the cameras to record, "One hour and twenty

seven minutes remaining." That round of cums took us fifty two minutes. Not bad, but not real

good. Now we had the hardest task still ahead of us, and only a total of eighty seven minutes

in which to complete it. Time kept ticking away, even as I thought through the situation.

Finally I spoke, "Okay, any ideas to help us with these last orgasms?"

Hal pointed to his ball gag, indicating that he needed to get rid of it, or at the very

least, talk. Anthony offered his nipple clips with the alligator teeth to Hal in exchange for

the ball gag. Hal looked reluctant, having just gotten the other set of nipple clips off his

tits less than an hour before, but finally nodded up and down. The trade was made.

"You guys need to know something. It's getting harder and harder for me to cum."

"Of course it is," I interrupted. "As we cum, the next one requires more stimulation, more

time. And the loads get smaller. Cums with the territory."

Hal looked down, and continued, "You don't know the half of it. I've never cum three times

in three hours. Doc knew that. I told him. That's why he chose that time limit."

"Doesn't surprise me, just like the butt plugs don't surprise me," I shared. "If you

remember, Hal, we stroked our prostates to beat Doc at his own game in the restroom, so using

butt plugs takes away that option. Doc is no fool. He's got his bases covered."

"Again, you don't know the half of it. Before you guys got here today, Doc jacked me off."

Liam butted into the conversation. "So you would need to come four times in one day when

you've never done three times before. What an ass!"

"Worse. Just before the butler brought me out to the pool, Doc had him wank me once more

for good measure. So it will be five times in one day, if I'm able to succeed."

Liam and I were speechless. Anthony had the ball gag in place, so he couldn't talk, but he

got up, walked over to the camera, and gave Doc the double bird. The look in his eyes screamed,

"Fuck you, Doc."

"That's why I had such a hard time cumming just now. If you guys hadn't made the situation

so erotic, I'd probably still be trying."

"Well, it is safe to say that each of us will have an easier time than Hal for this last

cum. Let's get these other three cums out of the way so that we can focus just on Hal at the

end. My suggestions is that we use what's working. Let's use the 'full body jack-off' for the

three of us. Anybody disagree?" Anthony shook his head, and Liam said no.

Since Anthony was already slicked up, and since he had the biggest cock, we let him be the

bottom, with Liam getting the opportunity for the full body rub first. Within ten minutes, he

was getting up, and finishing the job himself, wanking just three stokes before sending several

volleys of cum onto Anthony's face and ball gag. If possible, Liam had just made Anthony look

hotter! Then Liam went and took a camera off the tripod, and brought it to Anthony's face for a

close-up. Bingo! Three to go!

I climbed on next, after Liam regreased Anthony's body. Each time Hal and Liam slid me up

Anthony's body toward his face, I prepared to lick off some of Liam's load. The "gift" would

cum in handy here. I sucked, licked, and scooped Liam's load into my mouth, and twisted

Anthony's nips as I went. As I felt myself approach the edge, I jumped up and prepared to

repaint Anthony's face. Liam had gotten the camera, and caught my artistic strokes as they

escaped my cock and landed across Anthony's chin and neck.

I stood there shaking, as though having a mini seizure, and I completely missed the action

taking place behind me. But Liam didn't miss it. Apparently, my cum removal actions had also

brought the best out of Anthony, as his cock erupted with several heavy volleys of semen, and

then the last few gasps of slime oozed out, just like lava exiting a volcano. And probably

just as scalding as lava, but I wouldn't get to find out. Hal was there, sucking it all up,

after Liam had well documented the eleventh cum of the group.

"Eleven, eleven, eleven," Liam chanted. Then he aimed the camera up at the clock and

sneered, "And we have thirty four minutes left yet. Take that, Dr. Asshole."

After a few seconds of contemplation, Liam added, "I hope that last outburst won't be

reflected in my grade, sir."

Now on to Hal. We tried just about everything. We sucked and rubbed and licked and kissed

and sucked some more. Nineteen minutes. We tried differently pairings, and all three of us to

get Hal to cum. Thirteen minutes. I wrapped my tongue around Hal's cock and balls and tried to

work some magic. We all tried being erotic and vulgar with our verbal comments. Nine minutes.

A desperate thought crossed my mind. I didn't have much time to consider it. It was worth

a try.

"Anthony, lube up my butt plug really good. Liam, give Hal my Parachute, and remove his

butt plug. Anthony, when you're done back there, get over behind Hal and work his prostate,

just like you did for me the first night of class back in the restroom. Use whatever you have

to: fingers, tongue, but no cock. Doc won't allow that. Hal, fuck my throat hard after your

butt plug is in my ass. Shove your cock down my throat as far as you can, as hard as you can,

but remember to pull out before you cum. We want Doc to see this. Okay, if everybody's ready,

Liam, jam Hal's butt plug up my butt, right in, next to mine.

"It won't fit, Denny, and I don't want to hurt you."

"Make it fit, and if you don't, I won't think twice about hurting you!"

"But Denny, Doc said we each needed to keep our butt plug in place. He'll disqualify the


"No, Doc said each butt plug needed to be in a butt, not in a mouth or anywhere else. We

just assumed that each one of us would keep our plug because where else would you put it. Well,

Hal's plug will join mine in my butt until he cums."

"Denny, it'll rip you open."

"Do it."

Liam began crying. "Denny, I can't."

"Fuckin' do it!" I screamed. "You pussy, I'm tired of having to hold your hand all the

time. I'm tired of all your whining and crying, like the pussy girl that you are. You're just

a weak-tit shadow of a real man."

Liam was turning red, and getting mad. I didn't care right now.

"Only a real man knows how to give a guy pleasure with pain. And you ain't no man, you

little pussy. Shove it in like you mean it, like you would with your cock if you had one."

Liam was getting angry, and was moving the butt plug around my hole, shoving my plug to the

side and just stretching my ass lips with the head of Hal's plug.

"I'm surprised that your cock hasn't just shriveled up so that your girly pussy can take

over. You never had any balls! Good thing, they would have been wasted on you, you little


That's as far as I got. Liam was so fucking mad that he slammed home Hal's butt plug up

my ass. After about three seconds of numbness, it felt like somebody had shoved a bucket of hot

coals up my ass, and I let out a blood curdling scream. I choked, and tears began to flow from

my face.

Liam straddled my shoulders and pulled Hal toward him so that he could forcefully shove

Hal's cock into my mouth. Then he reached behind Hal and pulled him forward, jamming his cock

deep into my throat, turning my screams into grotesque gurgling. Hal was almost oblivious, as

Anthony worked his magic fingers into Hal's anal cave to search for the object of his attention:

Hal's love button.

Liam pulled Hal into a passionate deep kiss. That seemed to refocus Hal, and add to the

stimulation that was quickly bringing him to a boiling conclusion. As Liam sensed Hal getting

close, he pulled Hal's cock from my throat, and pointed it directly at my eyes. I saw only the

first volley, and then my lids automatically closed. Hal whitewashed my forehead and hair with

five or six good shots of cock honey. As he came, Hal whimpered with each shot, as tough in pain.

Anthony got up from behind Hal and led me to the camera. He ripped off the ball gag, and

shouted, "Twelve. And we've got......" He turned to the clock. "...two minutes extra! We made it

by two minutes!"

"Anthony, take it out of my ass, please!" I was crying, but he understood. He removed it

as gently as he could, but there was no mistaking the blood surrounding around the edge of my

hole, as well as the bloody residue on the butt plug. Anthony also removed my plug, and I

collapsed face down onto the bed. A moment later, I felt a tapping on my leg. I looked up,

and Anthony caught my eye, then pointed in the other direction.

There were Liam and Hal. Hal had collapsed to the floor after his cum, and Liam went to

the floor to catch and hold him. They never broke that passionate kiss that began with Liam

shoving Hal's cock down my throat. And it didn't look like they were going to break the kiss

any time soon.

The lock on the bedroom door turned, and the butler entered the room. "Master will see you

in the dining room." Hal and Liam just went on kissing, seemingly oblivious to everything and

everyone else.

"Master will see you in the dining room, NOW!"

Liam jerked to attention, and both he and Hal blushed a bright crimson. Then both licked

their lips. I got the feeling that they liked the kiss.

We didn't wait for Doc to give us the okay. All toys were removed, and left on the bedroom

floor before we walked together into the dining room. If men can swagger after that much sex in

that little time, then I think that was what we were doing. Either swaggering, or limping with

great confidence and pride.

Doc spoke solemnly, not giving us any time to gloat. "So, just one more part to this

project: the presentation."

Oh, no! We had forgotten about that piece of the project. How were we going to handle

this? I wondered to myself if the 'grocery store scenario' was still a possibility.

"So, we have a lot of video that could be edited, and the four of you could share it with

the class. Of course, you'd need to be up front, on the stage of the lecture pit, so everyone

could see who these wonderful studs are. How does that sound, guys?

Hal spoke up first. "I don't like it at all. They'll think we chose to do this, and liked


"Well, didn't you? Everyone seemed to be happy when they came."

Doc was twisting everything around, but no one in class would know it.

"Of course, we could do a little demonstration outside of class, so that you can maintain

some semblance of dignity with your peers. Let's say, a demonstration of cock sucking out in

public, like maybe at a grocery store."

So, Doc had come all the way back around to Plan A. I knew that's what he wanted us to do,

so I was about to try to steer him toward the classroom presentation when I was beaten to the

punch by Hal.

"As sick as it sounds, I'd rather take my chances with my peers. I refuse to give a

blowjob in the aisles of a grocery store."

Liam walked over to be at Hal's side. "I agree. No grocery store."

Anthony looked at me with confidence, and spoke up. "Make it three. I go with the

classroom presentation.

"Same here," I added. Now, what will Doc do? I was counting on him to try to push his

weight around.

"Good, then it is settled. We'll be heading for the grocery store in about an hour. Go

clean up; the butler will have some new clothes for you to change into when you're done

showering." And yet again, Doc got up and left the room without waiting for any comments or


So, my plan was still on course. Would Doc be so stupid, so pig-headed to try to go

through with it? Hal's future depended on it. be continued......



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