Dinner was a great success. Liam ate so fast that I thought he hadn't tasted any of it.

Later, he was able to tell me almost every one of the ingredients I had used in the meatloaf,

and he stated that it was almost as good as his mom's, which appeared to be a bit of very high


We topped the meal with rainbow sherbet, which I was surprised to discover was not only

a favorite of mine, but also of Liam. But that wasn't the dessert I really wanted. It'd been

on my mind, just below the surface of my thoughts, and now I was sure that I was ready to face

it....it was time for me to discover if I liked the taste of cock honey.

I sneaked up behind Liam as he washed the last of the dishes and I quickly pulled down

the sweat pants that he had put on just prior to beginning the dishes.

"I need to be comfortable while I work," he had stated, and now I was going to make him

even more comfortable, or at the very least, feel real good.

"Denny, I need to finish these dishes. I don't want the greasy meatloaf pan to sit

and get crusty. Come on, stop!"

"Hey, some of us are old and crusty already, and we don't have any time to waste," I

chuckled, as I dug my fingers into the mounds of his ass and pulled them apart. Then I dove my

tongue straight at his puckered hole as if it were a javelin. Never having feasted at a guy's

ass, I wanted to do this quickly before I chickened out.

Liam gave in easily and stopped working on the dishes. "Hey, easy, John Wayne. You

don't have to take the Alamo in the first minute." With that, he grabbed a towel, wiped his

hands, and then squatted down to open up his ass trench for my tongue. He wiggled his butt

back and forth, as though he was trying to wipe it across my face. He was making little sounds

that conveyed his pleasure to me.

"You must have done this before, Liam, 'cause you seem to know what you're doing. Been

with any other guys lately?"

Liam turned to me with a strange look on his face. "You sure know how to kill a

moment, don't you," he growled. With that, he stood up and turned around, facing me but

staring off at the ceiling. It looked like tears were forming at the corners of his eyes.

"I'm sorry. I was just trying to make a joke. You know, relieve the tension."

"What tension? I'm happy that I found someone who is smart, interesting, but willing

to stretch their own boundaries. You seemed to like what was going on, too. Nothing serious,

just a little mutual enjoyment. No one has to do anything they don't want to do. So what


I tried to regroup my thoughts before addressing Liam. "I've never done anything like

this before, and it's playing games with my head. I haven't been this happy, this excited in

a long, long time. But I don't have a clue where I'm headed. I feel like I'm running full

blast in a dark room, without knowing when or if I'm going to run into something, and maybe

even get hurt...." I hesitated, and looked down as I continued, "....or hurt someone else in the

process. I guess I was just trying to be funny because I'm scared shitless right now."

Liam used both hands to reach under my chin and raise my head till I was looking back

into his eyes. A few tears were falling down his cheeks. "Just remember, you don't have to

do anything you don't want to do. Just say 'no.' We're both big boys. We can handle delaying

our gratification until we're both ready." Liam's eyes were overflowing with tears now, but

not the tears of anger from a few minutes ago. They were tears of compassion, of true

friendship. They were just what I needed to see.

I stepped forward, and nuzzled my face into his firm pecs. I hadn't noticed how

beautifully developed his swimmer's body was, until now. I ran my hand across the firm abs,

and down to his slim waist. So smooth. I reached both hands around and grabbed on to the

mounds of his beautiful ass, and pulled him toward me. I embraced him tightly, feeling the

warmth of his body against mine.

I looked up, into Liam's eyes, as I began to sink to my knees. I maintained contact

with his eyes as I reached his love stick, and drew the plum-sized head into my mouth. It was

time for me to use "the gift."

"Denny, you don't have to........"

But I wanted to. Really wanted to. Somewhere, deep in my brain, I knew that I wanted

to do this.....for me, and for Liam. I circled the head of his dick, massaging it as lovingly as

I knew how to do. Then I licked the length of that beautiful tool, and for the first time I

realized how much bigger it was than mine. It had to be over eight inches and big enough around

that my fingers didn't touch when I reached around it.

Now for the true test. I took his meat into my mouth, as far as I could without

gagging. It looked like almost half of it was still hanging outside my lips. I tried to take

more but the gag reflex began to kick in.

"Don't worry about taking it all. It feels fantastic already. Just that much is

making me get real close. I love what you're doing with your tongue."

Another happy customer. But the goods hadn't been delivered yet, so my tongue went

back to work. Massaging, licking, swirling, nudging. I could do this thing where only the

very end of my tongue would flex, allowing me to almost grab onto things. An "opposable" tongue?

Yeah, kind of like the way your thumb helps to grasp things, I could grasp and pull at things

with just the end of my tongue. Not hard; just unexpected......and enjoyable. I could tell from

his reaction that Liam was enjoying it as I wrapped my tongue around his love stick and stroked

it. In a few more minutes, Liam was writhing back and forth, moaning and making guttural noises

deep in his throat.

"I'm cumming. Better back off!"

But I wanted to give him the pleasure that he'd given me, so I kept him in place, not

thinking about what was about to happen.

"Here it comes, fucker! Motherfuck! Auuuggghhh!

Liam unloaded four good shots of nut butter into my mouth, and he was still cumming.

Suddenly I realized that I needed to put it somewhere. In a moment of panic, I began to gag,

so I pulled off his cock and spit the whole mess onto the tile floor between us.

Suddenly, there was dead silence in the room. I looked up, to look into his face.

Fuck! The tears had returned. I felt like crap. Liam had offered me a special gift, unique

to him, and I had spit it onto the floor. Oh, I could rationalize that a guy doesn't have to

swallow. I could have pulled off, let him cream all over my face, and never would have had to

deal with swallowing. But, in this moment, I felt like a piece of shit.

Liam broke our eye contact, looking away, not saying anything. I reached up with both

hands as he had done just a few minutes before, and pulled him down to join me, kneeling on the

floor. We were both kneeling in his body offering. I took his chin in my hand, and brought

his face back toward me so that I could look him in the eyes.

Only a few words were necessary. "I am so sorry. I want to make this right, Liam.

Will you let me?"

He looked into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Then he shook his head up and


Again, I had not thought very far in advance. I wanted to make it right, but didn't

know what to do so that it would become right again between us. What was I going to do?

Then I remembered what Anthony had done that drove me over the edge.

I guided Liam to the couch, placing him so that his ass hung over the edge. I raised up

his legs and proceeded to give him a grade-A ass licking, and then I reamed out his hole with

my tongue. "The gift" was still working. When his hole was well eaten and stuffed with enough

spit, I latched on to his cock and sucked for all I was worth, while I inserted first one, then

two fingers. I dug deep, moving my fingers slowly, reaching as far as I could until I found his

love nut. I had no idea what I was searching for but I knew when I found it.

"Yeah!" he squealed, as I tapped on it and caressed it between both fingers. His cock

was belching cock honey, and I swirled it around in my mouth, then swallowed. At first I

gagged a little, until my taste buds took over for my brain. When I realized how sweet it

tasted, I tapped the prostate to get another slug of it. His ass was bouncing up off the couch.

I kept massaging his joy button until he began gasping. He opened his mouth as though to say

something, but only guttural sounds came out.

I looked him straight in the eyes and sucked even harder. He began bouncing up off the

couch, and his cock slid into my throat. It slid in until my nose was smashed into his pubic

hair. I had been so focused on pleasuring Liam that my brain never allowed my gag reflex to

kick in.

As his cock hit bottom in my throat, Liam nearly bounced off the couch. All he could do

was mutter a string of obscenities, which was followed by a surprise.

"Oh, mother of god, fuck me. Fuck me. Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme!

I was enjoying the moment, squeezing his cock deep in my throat. I was going to need

to come up for air any second, but I wasn't ready for him to pull out his cock quite as fast as

he did.

"Fuck me! Fuck me right now, dammit!" He grabbed my face and stuck his tongue so far

down my throat that I thought he was going to lick the inside of my bellybutton. Then he pushed

me away, and repeated, "Fuck me right now!"


Which part don't you understand, 'fuck' or 'me?'"

"Liam, I don't know how....."

"You never fucked your old lady?"

"Yeah, but..."

"That's right. Fuck my butt!"

"I've never...."

"I don't fucking believe it! Never send a man to do a boy's job!" With that, Liam

jumped up off the couch and grabbed me, throwing me into the spot he had just vacated. He

straddled my waist, guided my cock to his hole, and sank down to the root in one shove.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck....." That's all he could say. He was slamming himself down

on my cock so hard I thought he was going to break it in two. He reached for my neck, pulled

it close to his face, and proceeded to lick my whole face before shoving his tongue down my

throat. For a minute, I thought he was going to be able to reach my cock in his ass and lick it.

Liam didn't last long, and he came, hard, for a second time that evening. As his love

canal squeezed around my tool, it pushed me over the edge and I coated his moist cave with a

large offering of cum. The intensity was mind blowing. It had felt like at least one of my

nuts was going to shoot up my cock and land in his velvety tunnel.

Liam collapsed in my arms, and seemed to pass out. In a few minutes, I could hear a

sort of snoring. He had fallen asleep in my arms, still impaled on my dick. I guess swim

practice really takes it out of a guy! Then I chuckled to myself. It was way more likely that

the process of us swapping baby batter, and giving my boys the opportunity to swim within Liam,

was what led to his exhaustion.

It was going to be uncomfortable in the morning, but for now, I couldn't think of a

better way to get some sleep. I wasn't going to move Liam; I was going to let him sleep right

there, on the couch, on my lap.

Sometime during the night, Liam got up and wandered to his bed. He had let me sleep,

but had covered me with a quilt so that I wouldn't get cold. I dug in my pants next to the

couch to find my phone to see what time it was. What I saw shocked me.

Fuck! Two minutes after eight! It was Wednesday, and I had class at eight-thirty!

It finally registered that I was not home, but rather at Liam's, just a few blocks off campus,

so I could make it on time to class. Maybe even have time to grab a bite to eat.

I threw on yesterday's clothes, and hoped that I wouldn't smell of body odor or sex.

I didn't wake Liam, and only scribbled a note, "gone to class," which I left on the couch where

I had been sleeping.

Breakfast today would have to be fast. It doesn't look good if you are late to the

first class of the semester. I parked, and headed for the Student Union. Breakfast burritos

from Taco Mucho would have to do for today. As I stood in line, I cursed the computer that

had arranged my class schedule. Monday night class. Nothing on Tuesday. Three classes today,

almost back to back, and then two on Thursday, back to back. Nothing on Friday till late.

The university, in its infinite wisdom, scheduled a series of weekend classes under the guise

that "non-traditional students" would have more time to attend classes on the weekend while

they were still working. Yeah, more time for classes, but no time for life! My first weekend

class was beginning Friday afternoon, till nine-thirty, then resuming Saturday morning at eight

till we all died of boredom or strangled the professor! Three consecutive weekends of that,

just for 3 credits. Damn computer!

Sex had worked up an appetite, so I ordered five breakfast burritos, and when I had

paid for them, walked next door to get coffee at Moonpenny; you know, the franchise java.

I asked for a tall/large black coffee. The young guy behind the counter just stared at me,

like he didn't understand what I had asked for.

"Sir, did you want cream, half and half, or scalded milk with that?"


"Did you want sugar, Splenda, Equal, ......

"No, if I had wanted that, I would have ordered that." I was getting angry, and didn't

have time to waste. I leaned in closer to the cash register and growled, with a forced smile

on my lips, "Tall. Black. Coffee."

The young man still looked confused, but delivered my order to the register and took my

payment. Then I leaned in, as I was ready to leave, and whispered, so that only he and I could

hear, "I like my coffee the same way I like my women—tall, black, and hot!" And I turned and

walked out, not waiting to see his reaction.

I walked to the classroom, and sat down with a minute to spare. My home for the next

two hours. I didn't know who this professor was, but he looked intelligent and dapper. Not

handsome or attractive, but not hideous either. But when he opened his mouth to begin, I

realized just how wrong first impressions can be. He began a monotone drone that lasted the

entire two hours, and I believe that I may have been the only student to remain awake. Me and


Oh, yeah, Anthony was in this class. That thing I mentioned about not being late on the

first day of class? Anthony walked in about twenty minutes to nine, almost ten minutes late!

He looked around, spotted me, and hurried over to take an empty seat near me. Before sitting

down, he leaned over to give me a big hug where I sat, and it lasted a little too long, judging

by the looks we were getting from at least half of the class. And the professor.

Sometime during class, Anthony slipped me a copy of his class schedule with a big question

mark on it. He wanted to know what other classes we might have together. I looked like this

class again tomorrow morning, and the seminar/discussion group with Dr. E this afternoon, as

well as the weekend class that was going to destroy all my plans for the next three weeks.

Anthony wanted to get together this afternoon, but I begged off, telling him I had some reading

to do before tomorrow, and also a meeting I had to attend.

When class ended, Anthony got up and left, but not before giving me a peck on the cheek.

My next class was in this same room, so I left all my stuff, and wandered to find a restroom.

I checked behind the door to see if Anthony was going to try to ambush me. Luckily, all I found

was a urinal.

Returning to the classroom, I found Liam sitting next to my chair. He greeted me with a

kiss. Some of the same students were here from the last class, and the looks on their faces

ranged from confusion to disgust. They probably thought I was either a player or a slut.


"How did you know that this was my seat, and my stuff? I asked him.

Liam was quick to reply, "It smelled like you. And it smelled like sex." He grinned.

Fuck! I wonder who else could smell it? Mental note to self: set your fucking alarm to

give yourself time to shower in the morning!

I heard the professor begin announcements, and it was at that time that I realized that

this was a different class, but the same professor. Two more hours of monotone boredom.

By the end of the semester, I was going to need serious mental counseling! The only thing that

kept me sane was that Liam passed me a copy of his schedule with a big question mark on it.

Déjà vu? Did these two studs go to the same high school communications class?

Liam's schedule was almost identical to Anthony's, except he and I had the second class

with Dr. Monotone, and Anthony and I shared the earlier dose of boredom. So all three of us

would be in class on Monday evening, Wednesday afternoon, and for the next three weeks, the

weekend. How was I going to juggle these two guys?

When class was over, Liam and I walked to the Union to get lunch. He moved to get in

line at Taco Mucho, but I shook my head 'no' and we headed for the salad bar. Those burritos

were still working in my stomach, and I didn't need any more questionable food. I walked over

to get a coffee, and came face to face with that same kid.

"Coffee. Tall. Black"

"Yes, sir." The kid must be smarter than he looks. He had already learned a lesson


Lunch was quick. The second class began at ten forty-five, just a fifteen minute break

after the first class ended. Lunch began at twelve fourth five, and the next class began at one

thirty, lasting two hours. We'd be done at three thirty, just in time for my meeting.

Dr. E made this class interesting, so that I could focus on the material. God knows, it

was difficult with Anthony sitting to my left, and Liam sitting to my right. I wondered if

they had any clue about each other, and how I fit into that scenario. I felt so damn awkward.

As class ended, both reached in to bid me goodbye. I had informed each of them earlier,

separately, that I was busy after class, so they got up to leave and each got tangled in the

other as I tried to get away. I did a hurried introduction.

"Anthony, this is Liam. Liam, this is Anthony. Gotta go!"

As I walked away, I wondered just how much conversation would go on after I left, and I

also wondered if my world was just about to come crashing down around me. But it was a

situation that I was unprepared to face right now, so it was good that I had other business.

As I walked into the restroom near the back of the library, I immediately recognized the

guys from yesterday—the kid looked even more scared, and the older guy looked even sleazier.

At least he was dressed, wearing a navy polo, khaki slacks, and loafers. Definitely not as


"Here I am. Had a change of plans, so I could make it. Are we ready to re-shoot the

video from yesterday?"

A smile spread across the face of the older guy. He responded, "We had been waiting for

our spontaneous cast to show up, but you will do just fine. More than fine. Young Mr. Sacke

might enjoy another go at you."

I stuck out my hand to the shaking student. "I'm Denny. And you are........?"


"Oh, where are your manners, young man. Try again," the older man said.

He took my hand and shook it, and stated, "Hal Sacke, sir."

"Try again," the sleazy man hissed. "Do it right, or I may need to consider punishment."

The kid swallowed hard, looked into my eyes with genuine embarrassment, and said, "Master

calls me Harry. Master wants me to call myself Harry. So, my name is Harry Sacke, sir."

Harry Sacke. Hairy sack. What a crude, cruel joke that this guy was playing at the kid's

expense. And why did the kid call him master? This sleaze ball had some kind of power over

the kid, Hal, and deep in my gut, I felt sorry for the kid. More than that, I got the distinct

feeling that the kid was in danger, that this bigger, older man could seriously hurt him. Hal

seemed vulnerable, and this sleaze ball was taking advantage of him. That's what made me come

back today, and that's why I was standing here.

In the few moments since I had entered the restroom, I had been assessing the situation.

From my real estate experience, I knew that Mr. Smartphone was holding all the power, and Hal

and I needed to do something to upset that balance without putting ourselves at a greater

disadvantage. He already had god knows how many video clips of Hal, and it needed to stop,

right here, right now. And if it couldn't, we at least needed to even the odds.

I walked past Hal and approached Mr. Sleaze in a non-threatening way, reaching out to

shake his hand. "So, I'm Denny, and you are....?"

"We don't need to go into that right now. You can call me Doc."

"Well, Doc, I'm guessing you've got a financial investment here, and I want to get mine,

too. So how about I get a C-note for my efforts?"

"A hundred? You want me to pay you a hundred dollars and no one even sees you?"

"I'm worth every penny! And no one said you couldn't include me in your video." I was

giving him some misdirection, getting him to think about luring another unsuspecting dolt into

his lair, and his flustered responses indicated that I was succeeding.

"I didn't bring any money. Hell, I don't have to pay for someone to get sucked off! Get


"Okay, but now you've wasted a day, and Hal gets off without being humiliated. What a

loss.....for you."

Obviously upset, the guy dug into his pocket and drew out his wallet. He opened it and

pulled out two twenties. "Forty bucks is all I've got on me," he said as he held them out.

I grabbed the money from his hand, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and walked back to Hal,

but I directed my remarks to Doc. "Don't ever fuckin' hold out on me again, or today is the

last day I work for you." The look on his face told me my misdirection was working.

"Okay, let's get the show on the road," I announced, as though I was in charge. "Doc,

you need to get set with the phone camera." I leaned into Hall, but continued to speak loudly,

"And you, slut, you need to get ready to service me and don't you dare hold back or I may need

to slap you around." Doc couldn't see that I was winking at Hal, and he indicated that he

understood that something was up when he looked at me, winked back, and whined, "Oh god, no,

don't hit me." He really sounded convincing!

As Doc got set up in the last stall, I whispered, "Follow the leader. Do everything

to me that I do to you, and we'll beat your time limit." Then I slipped a small tube of

Vaseline into his palm.

I quickly stripped from the waist down, but kept my shoes and socks on. Hall did

likewise. I laid on my back, right next to the urinals, with my ass facing Doc's direction.

I motioned Hal onto his knees near my waist.

"Okay, Doc, let's start!"

"Wait. Not quite ready."

"What's the fuckin' holdup. My cock is achin' over here!"

As Doc stood up on the toilet, he frowned. "Get up off the floor. I don't want you on

the floor!"

"Hey, who's getting sucked, huh? Well, you're just losing forty bucks." And I grabbed

my pants as I began to get up, pushing Hal away.

"Wait. Okay, we'll do it on the floor. But I want to see Harry's face, and it damn

well better be hot!"

"Just pray your phone don't melt! Okay, let's go!"

I pulled Hal's head to my cock, and he sucked it in with little effort. Then he worked

on the shaft. I pulled his body onto mine, so that we could set up a sixty-nine. I wrapped

both hands around Hal's legs, and stuffed the fingers of both hands into his ass crack. He did

the same to me. I squeezed a generous squirt of Vaseline from the tube in my palm onto his

pucker, then smeared it around with both index fingers. Hal did the same to me.

I suctioned up and down on Hal's slab of meat, and he continued to do the same with mine.

I massaged his dick with my talented tongue, and he tried to do the same. I poked one finger

from each of my hands through the opening to his shit cute, then began pulling apart with

increasing pressure until I was sure I could get another finger in. Hall already had three

fingers in me by this time. And both of us were becoming increasingly verbal in our groaning.

I reached one finger inside his ass as deep as I could, risking pain, searching for his

love nut. He did the same, probably not sure exactly where this was going. But his groans

told me he liked my version of Follow the Leader.

I found his prostate, and rubbed it. He shrieked around a mouthful of my cock. When he

focused back on his job, he searched and found mine. He rubbed it roughly and my body jerked

like I was having a seizure. Yup, I damn near did! I inserted another finger deep, and began

massaging his love button, and he did the same for me. I knew from our groaning that a huge

cum was on its way, and soon.

I could feel my own cock honey beginning to boil up from my nuts, so I backed off from

Hal's cock till only the head remained inside, just as he erupted into my mouth. He backed off

on my tubesteak, and then received several huge shots of hot, sticky man juice. I came so hard

that I filled his mouth to overflowing, and I could feel some escaping his lips, probably

running down his chin.

Doc began to yell from the staall. "Hey, slow down. That was too fast. You came too

fast! Fuck, I'm not getting my money's worth! Damn. Less than three minutes.............."

I swallowed Hal's gift, licked around my lips, then addressed Doc's comments. "You wanted

him to get good, to do the job fast, and now you're pissed because he's ahead of the learning

curve? He's gotten too good, too fast? What the hell do you want? Are you afraid that when

you post the video, somebody's going to steal him away with more money, and then you'll be

left high and dry? There is just no pleasing some guys."

I pulled up my jeans, and turned to Hal. "Come on, bud. Put your pants on. I'm buying you the biggest steak

you can eat. That's the best blowjob I ever got. Don't forget to lick my cum off your chin; I

don't want you to waste my liquid gold!" I hadn't seen Doc turn off his phone, so I think he

was still recording right up until Hal and I walked out of the restroom, arm in arm. The last I

saw of the sleaze ball, his mouth was hanging open, speechless.

.......to be continued.......



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