The three of us parted ways after breakfast. We agreed to meet down at the university

just before class to compare notes and decide if we had any good ideas to pursue.

Liam had swimming practice in the afternoon, and then again on Sunday. Anthony was going

to the university library to work on some class projects, and I headed for home. I had not

strength or energy to accomplish anything, so I went home and climbed in the bathtub to soak.

I had a little wine in the refrigerator, but even that didn't appeal to me, so I popped open a

Diet Coke, and got the water running.

As I soaked, I struggled to keep my mind off Hal, to no avail. I felt responsible for his

current condition, and was beside myself about how to help him. I broke into tears only once,

which I considered a moral victory. If I was going to be able to come up with a plan, I had to

hold my emotions in check. Emotions couldn't save Hal; only a clear head could do that.

When I couldn't soak any longer, I got up and crawled into bed, intending to take a short

rest. I reached over to set the alarm clock, but got distracted by something else, and drifted

off to sleep.

My body woke me when it felt rested, and the time on the bedroom clock said four-thirty

five. Shit, only twenty five minutes to dress, eat, and drive to campus, if I wanted to be on

time. I hurried, mostly because I was looking forward to seeing Liam and Anthony to see if they

had come up with any ideas.

I parked my car and ran to the lecture hall. This class would actually be pretty full, as

it was required of all education students. It was going to be all about finding and accessing

community resources. It would provide us valuable information to pass on to the families of

students in our classes, so that they could access services to help them cope and survive in a

family with difficulties: one or more severely disabled children, poverty, one-parent families,

etc. With the class spanning the weekend, we'd be taking a few field trips to experience the

locations of the services, and find out more than just printed materials could tell us.

When I walked in, I was just one minute early. Anthony and Liam must be here somewhere,

but I didn't see them right away. The lecture pit seating reminded me of the Roman Coliseum,

where the gladiators would fight down below and all had a good view. Kind of like theater

seating, but at a greater pitch, probably almost fourth five degrees.

As I scanned the crowd, I did see one figure that I recognized from the back. Sitting

right down front, in the first row, was Hal. I could recognize that tiny, hunched silhouette

anywhere. I immediately headed down the steps toward him as a door open on the stage and the

professor strode into the room. I froze for a second, then turned and retreated up the stairs

to the last row. I shrunk down in the seat as far as I could. It was him. Doc. Doctor

John Eddington Thorne. The monster controlling Hal as his master. The sadist control Hal's

grades. And now he had control on one of my grades, too!

He called roll, and it didn't take him very long to get to "Christopher." When he called

my name, I raised my hand, but didn't say anything. He called out my name again, and I

volunteered "Here" in a medium voice.

"Mr. Christopher, sit up so I can put a face to your name." I sat up in my seat, and even

from this distance, we could see each other clearly. In a second, it registered in his brain

where he had seen me before, and he nodded his head up and down a little, then went on with the

roll. I looked around, and saw Liam off on the side, waving his hand to get my attention. He

beckoned me to come over and sit with Anthony and him, and I gave some consideration to not

going over there so that Doc wouldn't know that I was "with them." But I got up and moved.

They made room for me to sit between them, with Anthony sitting on the aisle.

Doc looked as though he was scribbling a quick note when he got to Liam and Anthony's

surnames, Nelson and Tormondo, during roll. The first two hours of class went quickly, and just

before break, Dr. Thorne announced to the class that part of the grading requirement, found on

the syllabus, was an oral presentation of a project of our choosing, dealing with one or more of

the community resources we were studying. We'd work in groups of two, presenting on the last

day of class in a few weeks. When he was ready to dismiss for break, he called Liam up to his

lecture podium, then dismissed us. I decided to wait for Liam, but Anthony headed out for his

break. Hal sat without moving.

When Liam came back to join me for break, he was all smiles. "The professor said he had a

project all lined up for me. He found out that I was academic probation, and wanted to help me

out. He's got a kid named Sacke in this class. And we'll work on something together that he's

going to help us with."

Oh, fuck, I thought. Doc had already identified Liam as vulnerable, and was drawing him

into his web. Liam didn't know that this was the monster, and he was voluntarily moving toward

a trap. All I could think of was something Doc had told me that first day in the restroom about

a blowjob in a grocery store. I was sure that somehow, Liam was suddenly working into that plan.

"Oh, and he asked me to give this note to you." Liam handed me a quickly scrawled note

that said: I'm going to get my $40 back, right? Liam read over my shoulder, and began to ask,

but I just brushed him off. It would do me no good to try to fill Liam in now, with all that

was going on, as we only had a short break. I would have to make the first move on my own.

After break, Liam and I returned to our seats. I whispered to him, "Do you trust me?"


"Do you trust me, Liam?" I needed to know.

"Yes, but why are you asking?"

"I'm going to do something that seems odd to you, but just go along with it. Okay?"

"I wish you'd tell me what is going on, Denny."

"Do you trust me, Liam?"

"Yes, but....."

"Then just go along with it, please. Please."


As class began, I rose to my feet to address Doc. "Dr. Thorne, I'd like to volunteer to be

a partner with Hal Sacke for our projects." Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Hal turn

to look at me, and then he turned back and slumped down in his chair. He probably thought he

was a dead man.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Christopher, but Mr. Sacke already has a partner."

This was a calculated risk, but I figured Doc couldn't be honest in front of the class, so

I decided to force his hand. "Mr. Sacke and I have already worked on a project together, and I

think it would be a good working relationship for both of us. I'm a non-traditional student,

you know, an old guy going back to school, and Mr. Sacke has shown me so much already that I'd

like to return the favor." Okay, Doc, make yourself look bad in front of the class by denying

my request.

Doc pondered for a moment, then asked, "Mr. Nelson, would it be okay if Mr. Christopher

joined your group? It will be a group of three, meaning everyone will need to do more to earn

their part of the grade. Will that be acceptable to you?"

Liam had no idea what he was getting himself into, but he responded with an enthusiastic


Since I had opened the flood gate, several others volunteered the names for their groups.

Several others tried to arrange groups of three, and Doc looked in my direction as he promised

to take it under consideration. He'd let them know tomorrow, Saturday, in the morning. Just as

Doc began to resume class, Anthony cam running back into class, late as usual.

"Hey, can I be part of the group with Mr. Christopher?" He asked breathlessly.

"Mr. Christopher is already in a group of three, Mr. ......."

"Tormondo. Anthony Tormondo. I would really appreciate it."

"Well, I don't think I can approve that, Mr. Tormondo. If the groups get too big, it is

difficult to have each person participate equally, and be graded fairly."

Yeah, Doc just couldn't figure out how to record four guys involved in a daisy chain

without getting the whole grocery store up in arms, ruining his fun. Well, fuck him, I thought.

I rose to my feet.

"Dr. Thorne, Anthony is my nephew, and I give him a ride to campus each day. It would be a

grand gesture toward a struggling student from an immigrant family to allow him to work with us.

I guarantee, he'll bring a wonderful set of skills to the project. He'll make a huge impression

on you." Take that, asshole. Now you can let him in our group, or brand yourself as

cold-hearted towards needy students. Touche!

If looks could kill, I'd be dead. Doc stared down at his papers for a moment, then offered,

"I'll take your word for it that his performance in this group will impress me."

Yeah, I'll bet he was thinking how hot it would be for an uncle and nephew to be blowing

each other! Good thing he was standing behind that wide lecture podium; his slacks were

probably tenting like the big top right now!

When class was almost over, my phone vibrated. I thought I would just look to see who it

was, then call them back after. I didn't recognize the number, so I put the phone in my lap,

planning to return it to my pocket later. Then a text came through, signaled by another

vibration. I read it, and shot to my feet, struggling to get past Anthony as I ran out of the

lecture hall. I ran to my car, and headed toward my apartment.

Back in the classroom, Anthony and Liam looked at each other quizzically, not knowing why

I had run out. Doc had interrupted his lecture to call after me, "Where are you going, Mr.

Christopher?" but he didn't get any information from me either, so no one knew where I was headed.

Liam and Anthony gathered up all the materials I had left behind, intending on returning

them to me. Anthony borrowed Liam's phone to call one of his roommates to borrow a car. They

walked to Anthony's house, which he called a "group home" because eight guys were living

together in communal style. They got the car, and took off to find me. They thought they

should try my apartment first, since that might be the most logical place to go. If they didn't

find me there, they'd try other ideas.

I was, indeed, back at my apartment, or rather, across the street, bathed in the orange glow.

I gazed across the street, almost in a daze, as I watched the building go up in flames. Nothing

got saved. Most of the tenants had been gone when the fire broke out, and the few who were home

got out with the clothes on their back. I wasn't able to save anything. I just slumped to the

ground. My ex had taken almost everything I had, and now the fire was taking the rest. Maybe

life was trying to tell me to give up.

Several of my neighbors stopped by to talk to me when they saw me slumped here. But none

could offer any information about the fire. Not that it would matter. Everything was gone.

I had my books, my car, and nothing else.

As I sat here, I felt two people sit down, one on each side of me. Anthony and Liam had

found me, and could see that I was uninjured. I had not been stupid enough to run into the

burning building to try to retrieve anything, although the thought had crossed my mind. But I

couldn't think of anything of value, other than my coffee pot, that was worth risking my life.

I could get another coffee pot, if I decided that life was worth living.

None of the three of us knew what to do at this point, so we just sat in silence and

watched the fire burn. Eventually, the walls fell into the rubble. The roof had fallen in

shortly after the fire department had arrived, and shortly before I had gotten here. Now all

that was left was a burning pile, soon to be a smoldering mess.

I was emotionally exhausted from the week's activities, and I honestly couldn't feel much

right now. I just felt numb. I turned toward Liam and said I wanted to go. Anywhere. Anthony

suggested his house, and Liam agreed. Liam would drive my car, and Anthony would take me in his

roommate's car, and we'd head for his house. He picked me up, and I offered no resistance.

By the time we got to the cars, Anthony had changed his mind. "Liam, what Denny needs now

is some quiet. Your place would be better suited for that. Can we go there? Besides, in the

past, when I've brought home dates, whether guys or girls, they usually made the rounds of the

rooms in the house. I don't want my roommates thinking that Denny is fresh meat. He doesn't

need that."

"Sure, we can go to my house. But Anthony, you've got to watch out for your reputation.

People are going to begin to view you as a pimp, bringing home partners for everybody. You are

a better person than that."

Anthony put me in the back seat of my car, and instructed Liam to follow him to drop off

the car. When that task was done, Anthony got into the passenger's seat of my car and off we

went to Liam's house. On the way, Anthony asked Liam, "Did you mean what you said before?"

"About what?" responded Liam.

"About being a better person than being a sex hound."

"Absolutely. I don't think Denny would let you hang around if you were a real pervert.

And I've already learned to trust Denny's instincts. You've got to be a good guy. Who else

would be doing what you are doing right now?"

"You would. Denny is so fucking lucky to have you as a friend. You are the best."

Liam felt his underwear become a little constricted, as his cock began to waken. Maybe he

could begin to like Anthony. Maybe a lot.

Anthony was thinking the same thing, and the result was the same. But he felt odd having

those feelings while I was in the car, in the back seat, kind of out of it. So he kept his

hands in his lap, hiding a growing bulge.

Me, I was in the back seat, wondering how much lower I could fall in life. I had no wife,

and we'd had no children. I'd lost my parents years ago, and lost my few earthly belongings a

few hours ago. All I had left was this car. Would it become my home? Overcome with grief, I

lapsed into a restless sleep.

I woke the next morning, sandwiched between Liam and Anthony, just like yesterday, but

today we were in Liam's bed. I was the first one awake, and the only one without morning wood.

Just the thought of sex this morning, sex of any kind, nauseated me. Besides, we needed to be

at class by eight o'clock, so we didn't have time. I hit Liam on the shoulder, and he awoke

with a start. I looked him in the eyes.

"Coffee. Tall. Black. Hot. Now, please." I tried to say it as nice as possible.

"Yes, sir," he said with a smile, and off he went.

I started to walk to the bathroom, and discovered that could barely put one foot in front

of the other. I had no energy. I felt like a limp rag, and sank to the floor.

"Anthony," I called. He awoke and looked at me. "I need a shower, and I need help.


"Yes, sir," he moaned as he struggled to pull himself out of bed. He sat on the edge,

yawned, then stood up and stretched. God, what a body. I pulled myself up next to a chair.

Anthony came up beside me, wrapped his arm around me, and we walked in together. He assisted me

through the shower, and dried me off. Then I sat on the john and got dressed as he showered.

From the kitchen, the smell of bacon, scrambled eggs and toast grabbed my attention. I

leaned against the wall as I hobbled to the kitchen. Liam had served up ample portions of each,

and I ate while Liam showered. Anthony joined me in the kitchen to eat. Not much conversation

was attempted.

When Liam emerged, dressed, from the bedroom, the subject of where I would stay was

broached. Both Liam and Anthony thought I should stay at Liam's and Anthony would help out.

I felt like an invalid, unable to function. Maybe they were afraid that I would decide that

life was not worth living. But for right now, I was still enrolled at the university, and we

had class to attend. So off we went.

I found it nauseating to sit in class with Dr. Thorne, knowing what he'd done to Hal. And

now I didn't even have my own quiet spot where I could retreat to relax and refresh. I needed

to switch my focus away from myself and onto someone else in order to get out of my funk. Maybe

if I tried to find an answer to Hal's dilemma, mine would solve itself.

As I sat in class, I wondered how we could neutralize Doc's control over Hal. He needed to

get out from under the monster's thumb. That would require a change of academic advisor, and

all Doc needed to do was to nix any changes as "something not in the best interest of the student."

Like he would really care about Hal's best interest! It seemed that the only way to help Hal

would be to get Doc thrown out of the University, and that seemed impossible. Then I had a

thought. As I turned it over and over in my mind, it began to take shape, and the possibility

of pulling it off began to seem more and more possible. I had to talk to Anthony and Liam, and

risk talking to Hal.

I laid out my plan at lunch in a quiet corner of the Student Union. Anthony and Liam seemed

supportive, but not at all sure if it would work. Much of the plan depended on whether Doc was

ready to go through with the idea he had floated past me in the restroom on Tuesday; public sex

at a grocery store, in the aisles. We needed to convince him that of all possible actions,

that's the one we wouldn't do, and if he was as pompous and self-centered as I thought, that

would be the one he would insist upon.

Liam wanted to know how much we'd need to tell Hal. To keep him safe, we might have to

keep him in the dark. I thought I might be able to give him just enough clues to keep him up to


The afternoon part of the class went faster, and it helped that Dr. Thorne decided to let

the groups work on setting up their presentations, dividing up research, etc. Class would be

dismissed early so groups could work on campus, in the classroom, or off campus, wherever they

would be comfortable. That met with approval across the class, even if most of the students

just wanted to get out because it was Saturday afternoon!

Before dismissing the class, he summoned our group up to talk with him. Doc proposed that

we meet at his house in one hour. He would provide a meal, and then outline his idea for our

project. He gave us the option of refusing his help, but with his strangle-hold on Hal's life,

none of us wanted to refuse. He also suggested we bring swim suits, as his home had an in-ground

pool. That sounded good. But I was wary of everything that Doc offered that might entrap us.

He gave us his address, and then hurried out the door with Hal.

On the way over to Doc's house, I warned Anthony and Liam to be cautious, but not to act

like something was wrong. We might be able to keep the element of surprise on our side if we

were aware of Doc's every move, but not showing it. I also warned them that Doc would probably

try to videotape all of us. I just didn't know if he would do it secretly, or be brazen and do

it out in the open, as he had done with Hal in the restroom. For my plan to work, we had to let

him get good video, under whatever circumstances he might provide, so that he felt he was luring

us deeper into his trap. The might lead to overconfidence, and that was our chance: that Doc

would do something stupid. Not intentionally stupid, but rather "unthinkingly" stupid. After

getting the best of him in the restroom by getting Hal to succeed in blowing me in under three

minutes, and then walking Hal right out from under Doc's nose, I knew he wanted to get me good,

and if he was overconfident, he just might slip up.

"So we're supposed to let this sleaze ball get video of us?" Liam questioned.

"Does that include face shots? I don't want my mug showing up on Youtube!" Anthony stated


"Do you want to help Hal?" I asked.


"Then that's the risk we have to take. He won't be happy unless he thinks he's trapping


"Do you think he'll make us do know....kinky or weird?" inquired Anthony.

"Or sick, like scat or piss?" added Liam.

"I'm counting on it," I said quietly, with strong emphasis. "I'm counting on it."

We drove silently to Doc's home, in an upscale part of the Las Vegas suburbs. While most

houses here had some type of stone or block wall, to control flooding during the monsoon season,

Doc's house was surrounded by a massive wall of field stone, with an iron gate to make it appear

like a fortress. When we approached, we had to ring the buzzer and wait to be let in. I spoke

softly, just in case there were external speakers nearby.

"Assume that everything we say will be recorded, as well as everything we do. If we need

to get off-camera, we need to know where the cameras are, so keep your eyes open. And be

careful what you say." I paused as the gate began to open. "And he'll probably try to get some

family contact information. Remember, Anthony, you are my nephew. My ex-wife and your dad are

brother and sister. Liam, you moved into a rental next door to my cousin. So I'll give him

e-mail addresses that will work for all of us. Hopefully that will work. If he wants more,

give him the e-mail address of someone you trust who will know that any video or audio recording

was made under duress. And don't volunteer anything he doesn't ask for. Got it?"

"Got it," Anthony stated.

"I've got it too," Liam volunteered, "but I'm a little scared."

"Liam, this is your final swim in the conference finals. You're going up against people

who might be better than you, with more talent than you. Are you going to refuse to get in the


"Fuck, no! I worked hard to be there, and I'll do my best to try to win. I have just as

good of a chance to win as long as I think I can win."

"Good. That's the same attitude we need to go in with. Doc will not emerge successful.

We just have to keep him engaged until we can get the upper hand. So let's go."

With that, we piled out of the car. Doc met us at the side door.

"Make yourself at home. I thought we'd swim for a bit, then eat. After dinner, we'll talk

about the project. I think you'll like it."

He ushered us into a large bedroom where we changed our clothes. Liam looked fantastic in

a skimpy navy Speedo, just like the kind he competed in, but this one seemed to be cut even

smaller, with half inch sides. It highlighted his slim swimmer's body, and his cock and balls

protruded almost obscenely. I loved it!

Anthony surprised me. I figured him for board shorts, but he broke out a string thong in

neon orange and lime green, with black piping. His massive cock was barely held within the

pouch. One wrong move and it might just escape! If Liam's suit seemed slightly obscene,

Anthony's left no doubt. I looked like he was ready to go street-walking!

I stripped and pulled on my swim briefs. I tucked everything inside, then looked up to see

the response from the guys. Both were staring at me with disapproving scowls on their faces.

"Really, Denny? You brought that to a party thrown by a sexual predator?" Anthony asked.

"Was that part of your plan? Get him to laugh himself into a coma?" Liam added.

"It's all I've got, guys!"

"Lucky for you, I brought an extra," offered Anthony. He reached in his duffel bag and

pulled out a bright neon yellow string thong with black piping. "Here, put this on and make

yourself presentable."

I struggled to get my junk into the pouch. I felt almost naked. I told them that.

"Good, then you're ready," Anthony said.

"So let's go lay out a trap for a deviant," Liam stated, and out we marched to the pool.

Doc almost choked as we entered the pool area. Our state of dress caught him off guard.

Good. Now we just had to keep him a little off his mark. We jumped in the pool and immediately

began to horse around. Doc excused himself to go get his suit on.

"Where's Hal?" I asked.

"He'll be out shortly."

We must have played in the pool for about fifteen minutes while waiting for Doc. I enjoyed

the closeness of their bodies, and when we touched, it felt so, so good. I was reminded that

times like this made life worth living. Maybe my mental state was on the rebound.

Doc came out dressed in briefs that looked almost exactly like the one's I had been

intending to wear, just a different color. Baby blue looked ridiculous on him. Even though he

was probably younger than I, he really needed to get in the gym if he was going to wear those


Again I asked, 'Where's Hal?"

"Patience, Mr. Christopher. He'd being prepared."

"Prepared?" That didn't sound good.

"My butler will have him out shortly."

Just then, a door to the house opened, and a smallish Caucasian man pulled something or

someone behind him. When they got near the pool, I gasped, as did Liam and Anthony. Hal was

naked, hands bound behind his back. He was wearing a mouth gag with a red ball firmly placed in

his mouth, and his eyes were taped shut with several pieces of duct tape. He was forced to

kneel beside Doc's lounge chair. Then the butler left and returned to the house.

"Harry, do you know where you are?" He shook his head 'no.' At least he could hear.

"You are at the pool. Would you like me to throw you in for a swim?" Hal shook his head

'no' emphatically, unable to voice his feelings.

"Oh I don't think you would drown, even with your hands tied. Your friends wouldn't let

you drown." As that last sentence sank in, Hal's body began to convulse, and he was making

crying sounds past the gag. If his eyes hadn't been taped shut, I'm sure he would have been

crying at that point.

"Oh, yes, your friends are here. All three of them. They came to work on you...I mean work

with you on the project." With that, Doc reached over and took the duct tape off Hal's right

eye, none too gently. Hal struggled with the light now entering his eye. When he was able to

focus, he looked at us and I could see terror in his eye. Doc left his other eye covered.

"Now go ahead, guys. Have some fun. Hal won't be able to swim with you, but I'm sure he

will appreciate watching you."

"Why do you have him trussed up like that?" Anthony demanded.

"He still has a few days of restitution for walking out on me a few days ago," Doc declared

as he looked me right in the eyes. No more was said. But we didn't have much fun, with Doc

watching us and Hall kneeling beside him.

Soon we were summoned for dinner. Doc told us to just wrap a towel around us to go to the

dining room. I insisted in getting dressed for dinner, as did the other two guys.

"Sorry," Doc offered. "Your clothing has already been thrown away. It's gone." And he

turned and walked into the dining room. We looked at each other, unable to believe what we'd

just been told. Where was this evening going to end up?

Dinner was grilled ribeye steaks, twice baked potatoes and a fruit compote, but no one

except Doc ate with any enthusiasm. The rest of us couldn't tear our eyes away from Hall,

kneeling at Doc's side, with his back to us. The duct tape had been removed, and the mouth gag

as well, but he was not allowed to look at us or communicate.

Most of us finished about half of our food, and while we gave our drink orders to the

butler, Doc circled the table and scraped all our leftovers onto one plate. Then he placed it

on the floor near the door, and raised his voice, directing his words at Hal.

"Harry, get over here and eat. You have two minutes."

"Yes, sir, master, sir." And Hall took off toward the door on his knees, his arms still

secured behind his back. When he got to the plate, he dived in face first and began to eat as

fast as he could. I looked at Anthony and Liam. Anthony looked like he wanted to kill Doc,

and Liam looked like he was going to get sick. I felt somewhere in between. But we had to keep

our emotions under control.

When his two minutes were done, Doc kicked the dish away from him, and some of the food

spilled to the floor. "Clean it up!" Doc screamed.

"Yes, sir, master, sir." And Hal proceeded to lick the floor clean. When he had finished,

Doc raised up his head, looked him in the eyes, and told Hal, "See, I do love you. I take good

care of you. You are a good boy, and I love you more each day." And then Doc licked Hal's

face clean with his own tongue, followed by a deep kiss. I couldn't tell if Hal was kissing

back, or just trying not to vomit.

"Thank you, master, sir," Hal said loudly after Doc broke the kiss. Doc smiled, stood up,

and proceeded to his place at the table.

"Now, for the project. This class is about community resources; programs and 'stuff'

available in the community that can assist people with disabilities, handicaps, and personal

difficulties to live a happy, enjoyable and fulfilling life. Agreed, gentlemen?"

He waited for each of us to nod in agreement, and then he proceeded.

"Each of us has some kind of disability or handicap, and many of those are emotional or

sexual, so I thought that this project would explore how to alleviate some of those handicaps."

Okay, the project involved sex. No surprises so far, I thought. Just then, the butler

returned with a tray full of small to medium sized boxes.

"Tonight, we're going to use some of the resources found in the community to assist us."

The butler placed in front of each of us, including Hal, a box with our name on the top.

"Open them," Doc directed.

Each of us discovered a tube of Astroglide and a new butt plug. Each varied in size,

width, and length, but it was clear to see that I had gotten the largest.

"You guys know where these go. Everyone will have one. You may help each other insert

them, if necessary. Okay, you have five minutes."

Five minutes? He might as well have asked me to shove a telephone pole up my ass in

five minutes. Being a virgin, I would never stretch that far that quickly, and I'm sure

he knew that.

"Oh, did I tell you that this activity will help each of you to earn at least a "D," a

passing grade, on the project?"

Liam groaned. "A "D?" I need at least a "B" to get off probation." And he looked like

he was going to start crying again.

I lifted my butt plug and the Astroglide, as though proposing a toast, and said, "Let's

help Liam get that "B." We stripped out of our swimsuits, and proceeded to insert the plugs.

Mine wouldn't fit.

"I need help here," I shouted, getting Liam's attention. His was already seated up his ass,

and he walked over and squeezed more lube about my hole and the plug, then pushed. Hard. It

didn't go in. The thing had to be nearly two inches across.

"Don't forget to assist Harry. He can't get his in with his hands tied," Doc reminded us.

"Liam, see if you can help Hal. Anthony, we need more muscle over here. Okay, push."

Anthony shoved on the butt plug, to no avail. He pulled it back out, dug his fingers into the

side of my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. As my pucker began to give a little, he slid one

finger from each hand into my threshold, and began pulling my pucker apart. He stretched,

ignoring my cries, until he could insert two more fingers, then began pulling again. Suddenly

he withdrew, picked up the butt plug, and slammed it home. Success, but I wondered if I would

be able to walk.

Liam had not been able to help Hal. "This thing is nearly as big as the one Denny got.

I need some help here." Anthony went over, knelt down behind Hal, and began repeating the

process he tried on me. Liam tried to take Hal's mind off the pain by taking Hal's cock in his

mouth down to the root. I reached over, and offered a passionate kiss. When Hal's body

convulsed, we knew we had met the deadline.

"Okay, back to the table for the rest of the rules." Doc was giving orders again.

"Each of you has two more boxes. One contains something for you to wear, and one will be for

one of your friends. But you must decide which one you wear, and which one they wear, before

you open the boxes. When we are done, each of you will be using three toys, one of which is

the butt plug in your ass, to assist in orgasm. So let's continue. Denny?"

I needed to choose first. I picked the larger box before me, and said I'd wear it. It was

a studded cock ring, with spikes pointed inward to dig into my cock. I put it on, and it hurt.

Liam was next. Following my lead, he chose one for himself, which was a mouth gag with a red

ball, just like the one Hal had been wearing. Anthony followed suit, choosing a box for himself,

and it contained a set of alligator nipple clips. He yelped as he placed them on his nipples.

At least the teeth were covered by a plastic covering.

Finally it was Hal's turn. The butler untied his hands for the first time this evening.

He chose a small box for himself, and it was a set of clothes pins with directions to place then

on his scrotum. He followed through without indicating any pain. He'd probably been through

worse at Doc's hands.

"Back to you, Mr. Christopher. Who gets to wear your other package?"

I'm sure that Doc had chosen painful toys for me, just as the spiked cock ring had been one

of the most painful of the first round. I didn't want to give a painful toy to Hal, or Liam,

so I chose Anthony. I figured he's probably had more experience with toys, and maybe this would

be no surprise to him. "Anthony."

I handed Anthony my last box, and he pulled out a ball crusher, the kind that is metal and

stretches your nuts down to the bottom of your sack, and then a screw is turned at the bottom,

driving a bar up into the nuts and crushing them. He put it on loosely, and Doc instructed him

to turn the screw handle until it made a dent in the bottom of his balls.

"Who's next, Mr. Tormondo?" Anthony chose Liam.

Liam got another set of alligator clips without teeth, but with a pressure spring, keeping

hard pressure on the nips. He yelped, as had Anthony, when he put them on. Then Liam chose me.

Apparently, no one wanted to give Hal any pain.

"Can't do that. Hal can't have two of his own toys. Liam, you have to chose Hal," Doc


From the box that Liam gave him, Hal pulled a vibrating cock ring, with a battery pack that

strapped to his leg. Doc told him that once the batteries went in, it would go on, and stay on

until the project was done. Hal inserted the batteries, strapped on the battery pack, and

slipped the cockring over his flaccid cock.

That left me. I got the box from Hall, and pulled out a parachute ball stretcher with

three pounds of weights fastened to it. I stood up and snapped it around my scrotum, and let

it hang. As it stretched my sack, I could feel the pain all the way up into my abdomen. It

hurt like nothing I felt before. Now I knew why the weights were small, and could be added in

groups, so someone could work up to a desired weight. I had no time to work up to anything.

"Last rule for getting a passing grade. You will get a three hour time limit, beginning

when you get back to the bedroom where you changed for swimming. You have three hours to cum

three times each. Help each other as much as you want. If everyone cums once in three hours,

everyone gets a "D." If everyone cums twice, everyone gets a "C." If everyone cums three times

in three hours, everyone gets a "B." No penis penetration of the ass is allowed. It's too

difficult to verify individual cums up the ass. The cameras need to record each cum; I need to

see the seed. And each of you better be wearing three toys when each person cums, or that cum

doesn't count. You may trade toys, but each butt plug must be inserted in an ass, not in a

mouth. If you trade, get the toys back on quickly, so you don't disqualify anyone's cum. Do

you understand? If so, let's get busy. Three hours ends about eleven o'clock tonight." Doc

got up and left the room. The butler escorted us, with toys, to the bedroom. It was set up

with three video cameras, capturing different angles. A quick look around the room showed that

there might be a few corners where we might be able to sneak off camera. The bed had been moved

to the center of the room, so one side was hidden from the cameras. We could go there to get off

camera, too.

"The time begins now," the butler informed us. A large analog clock on the wall would let

us know how much time we had left. He left, and locked the door from the outside on his way out.

We looked at each other. Anthony was the first to speak.

"Let's whack off the first one quickly. That will give us maximum recovery time for the

other two. Pair off for sixty-nines. Well, except for Liam."

Anthony grabbed Liam, and I grabbed Hall. All four of us got on the bed so that we could

use our hands to stroke one another. Liam began jacking of Anthony's huge cock. The sucking

and slurping was loud. Anthony offered another tip.

"Yell when you're close. That way your partner can pull off and get the load on his face;

easier to show to the camera that way." Agreed.

After no more than ten minutes, Liam was the first to yell. As Anthony pulled off his cock,

Liam blasted him in the face with six or seven strong shots. Anthony opened his mouth to yell,

and got the last shot on his tongue. But Liam knew what was cumming, and took Anthony's load

across his lips and cheeks. They crawled off the bed, walked up to a tripod, and got close

enough for Anthony to almost lick the camera. "Anthony, one, Liam, one," Anthony announced

triumphantly. Then Anthony cleaned Liam's face, as well as his own, and swallowed down all

the scum.

I was next to blow, and when Hal pulled off, he got my load across his nose, forehead, and

one eye. I continued to suck down on Hal's tool, trying to pull the cum from his balls. I used

my gift to wrap his cock, stroking up and down first slowly, then quickly. Anthony and Liam

came over, one on each side. Liam stroked his hair, and Anthony began to give his ears a bath

with his tongue. That did it. I pulled off, and he erupted over my chin and neck. Hal and I

paraded to the closest camera, and I announced, "Four guys, four cums, and two hours and ....

nineteen minutes remaining!

Only 8 more cums to go. be continued.....



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