I woke up the next morning, wondering if it had all been a dream. But I didn't have very

much time to wonder; I had a 10:30AM appointment with Dr. vonDieten.

As I was driving down Tropicana Blvd. toward the campus, my phone rang. It startled me

because I had received very few calls since the divorce, and wasn't expecting anyone to call.



"Yes, this is Denny Christopher. Who am I speaking to?"

"This is Liam. You know, from class last night."

I had forgotten completely about Liam. "Yeah, Liam. I remember. But how did you get my phone number?"

"Everybody in the group exchanged numbers last night, remember?"

Honestly, all I could remember from last night were those hot lips on my cock, and blasting a scalding load down Anthony's throat. I guess I needed to pay more attention. "So what's up?

"I thought we could get together today to begin working on our part of the project. And I

was hoping that you could explain to me again about what Dr. E was telling us last night. I have no fucking clue what she said. Maybe I could look at your notes and it would make more sense to me."

I thought about my meeting with vonDieten. "I'll be free after lunch, say about 1 o'clock. Is that okay?"

"Great. I've got class from 10:30 till noon, and then swimming practice at 4PM. We can

get in a few good hours. Want to meet at the library?"

"Sounds great. One o'clock at the main desk." I was at the campus, and pulled into the

parking structure a block off Flamingo. It was a long walk across campus to Dr. E's office, so

I had time to make a mental list of questions that I had for her. But she beat me to the punch

with her first questions as we sat down.

"So, Denny Christopher, why are you going back to school at age 48? Do you think that

teaching will be the easiest thing to do for a person who is having difficulty getting a job?"

She obviously didn't believe in sugarcoating her words.

"You're right, I am having difficulty finding a job, but I have never taken the easy road, and I've never backed away from a challenging situation. I'll put in the effort necessary to pass every class, to gain the skills I need to be a good, no, an exceptional teacher, and I don't think age has anything to do with it.

"Good," she replied, with a slight smile on her face. "I would expect nothing less. And

don't let Mr. Nelson hold you back."

"Mr. Nelson?"

"Liam. Good swimmer, nice kid, lousy student. I noticed him shadowing you like a lost

puppy. He'll be looking for someone to help him get through his classes. You seem like the kind

of person who might take in a stray. Don't lose your focus of working to be that 'exceptional

teacher' by getting sidetracked with helping Liam."

I didn't let on that we were meeting at the library in a little while. It seemed like Dr. E was writing him off. I was concerned that she might be right, that helping Liam might take

away time I needed for focusing on my own career.

We finished with all questions and the answers gave me a better handle on what I needed

to do to be successful. And I needed to be wary of the amount of time Liam took from me.

We met at the library, but seemed to only scratch the surface when it was time for Liam

to head to practice. We were on a roll, and I really didn't want to stop. Liam suggested we

meet at his place after practice, and he'd stop and pick up burgers on the way home. I suggested

that I stop for a few groceries and meet him at his place, and I would cook him dinner. His eyes

lit up!

"I haven't had a home-cooked meal in over a year, since I got to school last fall. I'd

love it!" He gave me directions to his place, a small apartment a few blocks off campus, and

gave me his keys.

"You can start cooking before I get home. I promise to do the dishes after." Liam

turned to walk away, but not before he flashed a huge smile at me. It was the first time I'd

seen him smile. He looked like he'd just won the lottery.

I decided on my famous meatloaf, topped with melted provolone cheese, with sides of

stuffed baked potatoes and steamed broccoli. I had no idea what he liked to eat, but being a

jock, he would probably eat a lot and be happy, regardless of what it was.

Before I left the library, I stopped to use the restroom near the rear exit. I couldn't

help but think that this restroom needed some work; the AC seemed really weak, and the odor of

urine hung over the room. Not enough to make me sick, just enough to make me notice, and try to

hurry to get back to fresh air. As I shook my cock to remove the last few drops, I looked to my

left, then my right. Down the line of urinals, a thin, spectacled youth carrying a backpack had

his eyes glued on my cock while he relieved himself. He raised his eyes to look into mine. When I didn't say anything to discourage him, he hurried over, dropped to his knees, and engulfed my cock to the root, smashing his lips against the zipper of my jeans. He attacked the target of his efforts with gusto, and set up such a suction with his mouth that it almost hurt. If he had used teeth, he could have really hurt me.

"Slow down, bud. You're not on the clock." He just shook his head, and continued at a frantic pace. He unbuttoned and pulled down on my jeans so that he could reach in past the zipper to grab my heavy balls, and he alternated between rolling them around in his hand, and tugging them down to the bottom of the scrotum, and then just a little further, stretching the scrotum away from my body. It was exquisite torture.

I wondered where his other hand was, but when I looked down, I saw a blur of activity as

he stroked his own cock at breakneck speed. I couldn't figure what the hurry was, and very soon, didn't care.

I began to moan in pleasure as an older gentleman entered the restroom. He looked over

the top of his glasses in the direction of my moaning. The look on his face registered as disgust, and he quickly enter one of the stalls and locked the door. I tapped the unknown sucker on his head, and asked if he wanted to take it into a stall. Again, he just shook his head.

In no more than a minute, I could feel the gism boiling up in my balls, and beginning

its short sprint to my new friend's throat. I shot twice at the back of his throat, and then he

pulled off most of the way, just keeping the head in his mouth. He seemed to be swallowing as

fast as he could, but cum escaped from the corners of his mouth, and he seemed to gag or cough when he couldn't keep up. He brought his hand up from my balls to catch the cum he was losing, but kept his other hand stroking his own meat, which shortly shot on the ground near his knees.

I was done, and feeling good. Out in the open, but good, nonetheless. He was still on

his knees, licking my cum off his hand, having swallowed all the rest. Then he did the unthinkable; he leaned over and ate all of his own cum up off the restroom floor, alternating between sucking and licking. Didn't he realize that people stood here with their dirty shoes, piss splashing out of the urinal in drops and landing where he now had his tongue. I almost threw up. I turned to leave just to make sure that he didn't try to kiss me.

"Thank you, sir, for granting my wish to be degraded in public and for depositing within

me the source of your sexuality. I will forever be grateful." With that, he pulled up his own

cargo shorts, slung his backpack over his shoulder, and marched out of the rest room. WTF? What is it with restrooms on this campus?

Just then, the door on the furthest stall opened, and a man in his late thirties, dressed only in a t-shirt, nylon running shorts and sandals came walking out holding his Smartphone.

This guy didn't appear to be a student, maybe a local auditing some classes.

"Thanks, buddy. I hope my little pussy slave treated you right. We're going to have to

work on his time, though. He took about thirty seconds longer than he was supposed to. Any

chance that you might be here tomorrow, about the same time, so that we can try it again?"

Now it was my turn to just shake my head silently. He continued to stroll toward the door, his bubble butt stretching the fabric of his shorts. He turned back just long enough to say, "Nice video, though. I liked the groaning. Don't worry, I didn't get your face, but the look on HIS face was priceless. Not real happy, but VERY obedient! His next job is to give a blowjob in the aisles of a grocery store. It's gonna be fun." With that, he turned and his muscular legs

carried him out the door. I had a hard-on all the way to Liam's house, just thinking about the


Dinner was ready by six, but Liam hadn't arrived home yet. Luckily, everything I had

made could be warmed in the microwave without losing its appeal. I sat down on his couch to wait, and turned on some music. He had some instrumental smooth jazz CDs, so I put one on. I laid back, closed my eyes, and......

It must have been about an hour when I woke up. I couldn't remember where I was, but I

was enjoying having my hair stroked, and my ears nibbled. I opened my eyes to see Liam hovering

over me. It was he who was stroking my hair and licking the insides of my ears. It took all my

willpower not to groan out loud in pleasure, but a low groan did escape my throat. Liam sat up

straight, and looked into my eyes. Then he blushed, and turned away, getting up from where he had been sitting at the edge of the couch. Before he could walk away, I grabbed his hand and held him in place. I waited or him to speak, not really knowing how I felt about what was


"I came in, and it smelled like heaven in here, and then I saw you sprawled out on the

couch asleep, and I was sure I was in heaven," he said in a quiet, measured tone. The last

words he choked out were almost a raspy whisper. "You looked like an angel sleeping there." He blushed an even deeper shade of red, embarrassed by his own admission.

He was embarrassed, and I was confused. Twenty-four hours ago I was a professed heterosexual, and now I had two guys—two good-looking studs—hitting on me. And then there was the bathroom guy. Was I attracting these advances? Was I liking what was happening? Yeah, I was totally confused. But I saw something in his eyes that drove me forward. Dinner would have to wait a little longer.

I stood up from the couch, and pulled my shirt up over my head. Then I reached over and

tugged Liam's shirt up over his head, too. I hadn't noticed it last evening, but he was about

six inches taller than me. His hazel eyes seemed more green today than last night. I pulled him

over to the couch, pushed him onto it, and knelt down in front of him, leaning in. When his skin

touched mine, I reached out and stroked his hair, spiky as it was, and licked his ear inside and

out, just as he had done to me. He had the prototypical "swimmer's body"—slim, sleek, with just the right amount of muscular development to propel him wherever he wanted to go. And hairless!

I kissed his nose, then his closed eyes, and a muffled gasp escaped his lips. I ran my

tongue across his lips, as Anthony had done to me, and he opened his lips for my entrance.

We kissed, and kissed some more, as we each explored the other's body with eager hands.

Then Liam broke the kiss and stood up, pulling him with me. Then he turned us around and pushed

me to the couch, yanking open my jeans as he went. Then he roughly yanked them off my legs and tossed them aside.

"Fuck!" was all he said. He surprised me, because he looked like just "too nice of a kid"

to even know such a word, let alone use it. But, judging from the ravenous look on his face, 'fuck' was what I was going to have to protect myself from. With any luck, my virginity would stay intact until I chose to leave it behind. Yeah, I chuckled just a little at the choice of words coursing through my head. Virginity. Behind. Maybe I was the one who was a little too geeky, or nerdy, or whatever.........

Liam's actions snapped my mind back to the moment. There was nothing delicate about how he

took my cock in his mouth and began to suck the life out of it. Or was he sucking the life into


I moaned. He pulled off to take each of my nuts, one at a time, into his mouth and he bathed

them until all the sweaty man musk was gone. I groaned. He pushed me back onto the couch, spread my legs into the air, and dove for my most intimate of places. He washed my asscrack and my puckered hole with his eager tongue, till all the tangy essence had been consumed. I gasped continuously for air, and whimpered. Then he went back for my pole, as he tweaked both of my nips. I seemed to be in a state of continuous groaning and writhing.

"I'm getting close, real close, too close..." I croaked. Liam just continued.

"Liam, buddy, I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum! Oh, god, I'm.....Aaaa-uuuu-ggghhh!" This was

not like the cum I had earlier on campus. Where that one had been enjoyable and easy, this one

was mindblowing. I reached my hands up, and clasped them together on my head. I felt like I

needed to hold onto it so the top of my head wouldn't fly off. I shot five or six scalding shots of spooge into his mouth, and Liam didn't lose a drop. When he was done, he rose until he hovered over my face, and he flashed that big smile again. I guess he had won the lottery!

.....to be continued...............



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