I awoke early, not needing the alarm clock to remind me of my morning class. I turned over

to a beautiful sight lying in the bed next to me. A broad, muscular back spread out across one

side of my queen-sized bed, and it rose and fell as its owner continued to pull in strong

breaths while he slept. The creamy white cheeks of his bubble butt moved ever so slightly,

along with the muscular quads and calves, in time with the rhythmic heaving of the chest.

Strong tanned arms, complete with massive yet relaxed biceps and triceps, clung to the pillow

which held his head. His face was toward me, but his eyes were closed and the angelic look of

a sleeping baby rested across his face.

This picture of Anthony could only have been more perfect if he had been sleeping on his

back, with his pecs, abs, and veiny cock in view. He had decided to stay the night when I had

told him I'd make breakfast and give him a ride to class. He had asked me if we were going to

have sausages for breakfast; I told him that I didn't think so, but it would depend on how

early we got up. I think all he was interested in getting up was his sausage, and I wouldn't

mind him feeding it to me at all.

I put on a pot of French Roast coffee, then decided to take my shower while he was still

asleep. I hadn't been in there thirty seconds when Anthony came bounding into the bathroom and

climbed in the shower with me.

"You shouldn't have started without me!" He seemed a little irritated, like I had taken

something from him, but his attitude cleared up quickly as he grabbed the soap and asked if he

should begin washing my front or back first.

"You decide. Surprise me."

As soon as those words were out of my mouth, and I saw the wicked grin on his face, I

realized I might have given him license to go farther than before. Was I willing to surrender

my virginity to this man, right here, right now? I still wasn't sure. I guess that decision

might be made by someone besides me.

He decided to lather my face and neck first, and after rinsing, worked his way down to my

feet, carefully avoiding my cock and balls. Then he turned me around and massaged my arms and

shoulders with soap, followed by a thorough scrubbing of my back. He massaged and washed my

asscheeks, and then down my legs to my feet. On his way back up, he stopped and spent a good

amount of time washing the valley between my mounds. Then he reached around and gave my man

meat a good cleaning, along with my nut sack, all while nuzzling my neck. He and I both seemed

to like what he was doing, as we had both sprouted stiff erections during the shower.

Lastly, he shampooed my hair from behind, running his hands through my short auburn hair

until long after it was clean. After rinsing, he applied conditioner, and again ran his fingers

along my scalp and through my hair.

When he had finished my hair, he squatted down behind me and proceeded to eat out my ass.

His tongue went so many directions, I half expected for him to get it tied into knots. Up and

down my crack, back and forth across my puckered hole. He dug his fingers into the side of my

cheeks, and pulled them apart to gain greater access to my entryway. I had long since leaned up

against the wall of the shower; I couldn't support my weight on my weakening knees, so I leaned

towards the showerhead to anchor myself. Anthony continued to feast at my hole, occasionally

getting a rivulet of water running down my back and into his mouth.

He took a small amount of shower gel to slick up his fingers, and he went in search of my

Holy Grail. It didn't take long for him to find my love button, and he proceeded to caress and

massage it, while still licking and sucking in my crack and over my mounds. He was beginning

to drive me crazy, and my body was humping back toward his head, hoping that he could push in

deeper with his fingers or something else.

My body began to spasm. I was moving around on his fingers like a cheap whore, and sounded

even worse, with all the groaning and moaning that was coming from my throat. Then he gave my

prostate a serious poking, providing more pressure than before, and I came hard across the s

hower wall before sinking to my knees. Anthony turned me around, and gathered me into his arms

as he sat next to me on the shower floor. He kissed me repeatedly, passionately, prolonging the

aftershocks of my orgasm.

When I had regained my composure, he stood up and finished his shower, gazing down at me

often with a huge smile on his face. When he was done, he toweled off both of us, and then

picked me up and carried me out to the kitchen for coffee. We made small talk for a minute or

two, until I looked at the clock and realized that we'd have to hurry to be on time for class.

No sausages!

We dressed quickly, took coffee with us in mugs, and headed for campus. It would have to

be Taco Mucho breakfast burritos again today. Mental note to self: Buy stock in Taco Mucho,

just in case this relationship continued. I might be eating breakfast on the run quite often

if Anthony woke me up like that in the morning!

Doctor Monotone was at his finest on Thursday morning, almost putting the class to sleep

before the first hour was completed. I couldn't focus on what he was teaching, but thought that

he had missed his calling: he needed to work for the Defense Department in Interrogation. He

could probably break people down quicker than water torture!

When class was over, I bid Anthony goodbye, and walked down the hall to an outside garden

area, surrounded on three sides by buildings containing offices and classrooms. I had wanted

to be alone for a few minutes, to sort out my thoughts, but Anthony had followed me. It looked

like he wanted to ask me something, but didn't know how to get started.

Just then, Liam came barging out the doors to the garden area, looking like he also had a

topic he wanted to discuss. He's seen Anthony following me out here from far down the hallway,

and wanted to get something off his chest.

"So what's going on between the two of you," Liam asked, looking more at Anthony than me.

He didn't look or sound angry, but he didn't look or sound happy either.

"Yeah, well I was going to ask the same thing about you," Anthony responded, much more

aggressively than Liam had.

"It seems that every time I see you and Denny in class together, you're just about sitting

in his lap," Liam shot back.

"I couldn't get on his lap if I wanted to, 'cause you're already there!"

"Guys, cool it. Do you know how much the two of you sound like some old bitches at a

clearance sale? Each of you has one hand on something that doesn't belong to either one of you.

I'm not for sale." That last comment seemed to get their attention, and they focused back on me.

"If you have questions for me, about me, please address them to me. I'll answer what I can."

Anthony was the first to ask. "Have you fucked Liam?" I guess he wasn't going to be shy.

"Yes, I have, just like I did for you, too."

"You fucked that?" Liam exclaimed, "That muscle bound slut?"

"Only a skinny, pasty-white bitch like you would be so jealous! Maybe he'll learn a few

things he might try on you!"

"The only thing he'd learn from an ass-waggin' whore like you is the name of the new STD

he just caught!"

I was sure that fists would fly any second, so I stepped between them. Probably not the

smartest move I would make today, but I had to do something.

I began loudly, "Okay, here's what's going to happen. We'll flip a coin, and whoever

wins can take me home and fuck my brains out. Tie me up, hang me from the ceiling, whatever.

Winner's choice. I'll change locations at noon each day, stopping by my apartment to scrub,

flush, shave, whatever. Then the other guy gets to use me however he likes. Possession lasts

for 22 hours, with noon to two o'clock each day for me to sterilize, so we don't pass any STDs.

You are responsible for feeding me, and for medical care of any bruises, cuts, or broken bones

that you cause. Okay, are we straight?"

Our conversation was interrupted by not one, not two, but three office windows being

closed, and shades being drawn. Apparently, university employees with offices around this

courtyard garden were not enjoying our conversation.

Once again I asked, "Are we straight on the ground rules?"

Both boys looked ashamed and shocked. Liam was the first to try to respond.

"I didn't mean....."

"That's okay, Liam. When you feel entitled, you do what you have to keep what belongs

to you. You sucked me off, provided a place to sleep. You are entitled to use me, right?"

"Denny, I don't think that was what we were saying," Anthony added to the conversation.

"I like you a lot; I guess we both do, and I guess we.....I.....was trying to keep......"

"Yeah, I know. Keep what you felt belonged to you. I understand. I was in a marriage

much like this. She owned me. Everything I did, I did for her, or I had no business doing it.

And when I no longer entertained her, she tossed me to the curb to get another 'boy toy,' so I

already know how it feels, how it works. I'm just so impressed that I've got two hunks who want

to use me for their entertainment, and I should be grateful that at least for a little while,

you'll be able to get your rocks off using me as your 'pleasure tool' of choice."

Anthony looked like he was about to vomit. Liam sat down on the ground and began to cry.

"Time's wasting, guys. Whose got a coin. We can just skip class and get the party

started. I'm not going to have time to earn my degree until after you're tired of me, so I'll

just drop out and devote all my waking hours to providing each of you, in turn, with great

orgasmic pleasure. Your wish will be my command."

"Shut up. Just shut the fuck up!" Anthony bellowed. "You're making us sound like

assholes, and yourself like a cheap slut."

"I wasn't the one who started this."

"Well, you're making me feel like a piece of shit, and I don't like it!" Anthony hissed.

"Now we're getting somewhere." I grabbed Anthony by the shirt and sat him down next to

Liam, so close that their legs were touching. "I like each of you very much," I said,

addressing both of them. I lifted Liam's face so that I could look into his eyes, running with

tears. Then I looked into Anthony's eyes, filled with anger, shame, and remorse. I continued.

"I like each of you more than I know how to express. Remember, I'm new to this

man-to-man thing. Do I love you, Liam? Do I love you, Anthony? I don't know. I don't believe

in love at first sight. I believe that true love is demonstrated over time, especially at times

when 'loving' someone isn't easy. Love isn't an emotion, it is a commitment. And commitments

don't happen in four days. Five days ago I didn't know either of you. Now you want to own my

every move. And that flies in the face of what you've already told me. Did you guys realize


No reply. So I continued.

"Anthony, that first evening, you said maybe we'd continue to enjoy each other. Maybe.

Maybe we'd become "friends with benefits.' Maybe. Does that sound like a monogamous

relationship to you?

"No," Anthony replied quietly.

"Liam, you said that we were both big boys, and neither one of us had to do anything we

didn't want to. And that we'd both wait till we were ready. Well, what if one is ready, and

one is not? Does that sound like a monogamous relationship to you?

"No," Liam responded weakly.

"So what happened? How did it get so twisted? Why can't I be friends with both of you?

Are you going to make me choose?"

Both young men were silent, mulling that last question in their heads. Both realized

that they could lose a beginning relationship that they were willing to fight over. Neither one

wanted that. What happened next surprised Denny.

"Denny, I treated you poorly. I hope that you accept my apology. I won't bother you

anymore." With that, Liam got up, turned, and walked back to class. And without so much as a

word, Anthony ran to catch up to him, put his arm around him, and walked with him. I stood

there, as confused as ever. Where would things go now?

I stopped at the restroom on the way back to class, and when I got there, Anthony was

gone, and Liam had taken a chair across the room from my materials. I sat down as Dr. Drone

went on and on and on about something, but I have no idea what he said. It was beginning to

become clear to me that in standing up for myself, I may have lost both of them, but since they

hadn't communicated their intentions, I really didn't know. I felt like I was sinking into a

pool of confusion.

The rest of the morning and afternoon passed without me even realizing. It was like I

was in a fog. I sat in my living room, staring at the TV, which was off. I knew I should eat,

but didn't have any appetite. Finally, my thoughts turned to Hal.

Well, if I couldn't be happy this afternoon, maybe Hal could be. I decided to go

shopping for him. I didn't know sizes or preferences, so I was sure to keep sales receipts.

I bought shirts, jeans, a hoodie, and shoes. The shoes and hoodie were Vans, a style I didn't

wear but had seen on lots of young adults, so I figured he'd like those. Black seemed to be

the color of choice on the rack, so Hal got both in black.

I went to five other stores, but I could only remember the names of Pac-Sun and

Abercrombie & Fitch. I picked slim jeans in black and prewashed blue, figuring that slim jeans

would accentuate Hal's slim figure. Maybe they'd showcase his pert butt and proportionate


I went overboard on shirts, getting eleven in a range of styles and colors, from

button-down preppy to black grunge. Three had purple worked into the color scheme, and one

semi-dress shirt was a solid deep, passionate purple. I couldn't wait to see him in that one!

I headed for Hal's dorm, hoping to catch him in. When I got there, the door was closed,

so I knocked. No one answered. I looked down the hallway, and saw that many other doors had

hastily scrawled signs about where the occupant had gone, but Hal hadn't left such a note on his

door. It was past dinner time. Hal must be out. I knocked once more, just for good measure.

No answer. I thought of leaving the clothing and shoes here outside his door, but didn't

know if that would be safe; someone might help themselves to the items, once they realized what

they were. Kinda hard not to notice, what with the Vans and A&F bags.

I picked up the bags and was moving away from the door when I heard a muffled groan. I

stopped and listened. There it was again. I walked back to the door, and put my ear to it.

Crying. I tried the doorknob, and the door opened. I peered in, and saw Hall huddled on the

floor near the window, arms covering his face.

I asked for permission to enter, but got no reply. I walked in, set down the packages on

his bed, and walked over to him. I got down on my knees and leaned over him, trying to give

him a hug, but his body stiffened, as though he didn't want anyone or anything to touch him.

"Hal, what's wrong?"

No reply. I seemed to be getting that a lot today.

"Are you okay?"

No answer.

"Did Doc do something to you?" I asked.

I must have hit a sensitive spot, because Hal's sobbing became louder, but he remained

all scrunched up, hiding his face.

"Hal, I can't help you if you don't talk to me."

"Go away, please. I just need you to go away," he spoke softly but intently.

"Hal, what did Doc do? Did he hurt you?"

"Go away, please!" he repeated, with more emotion.

I reached to touch his arm, and he tried to push my hand away. As our arms moved, his

long sleeved shirt slid down his arm toward his elbow, and I saw the scratches.

"What the fuck?" I blurted involuntarily. "Who did this?"

I grabbed his wrist and pulled, forcefully, causing Hal to unfurl his body and remove his

hands from his face. He stared back at me in fear, showing me a black eye, a bruised cheek,

and a busted lower lip.

"That god-damned animal. I'll kill him. I'm gonna fuckin' kill him!"

"No, you've got to go away. Don't get involved. He'll do worse to me if you try to

interfere. Please, Denny, please just go away."

I pulled open his shirt and discovered another bruise on his right pec. And there were

more scratches on his torso. I couldn't bring myself to look any further. I felt like

screaming, crying, putting my fist through the wall, but was so in shock that I couldn't do any

of those. I wanted to pick Hal up and hold him, protect him, keep him safe, but if I did, he'd

just get punished more for it.

I slowly backed toward the door, leaving the packages, and closed the door as I walked

through. That sleaze ball needed to be in prison, but I had to figure out a way to trap him

in his own web without sacrificing Hal in the process.

I got to my apartment after dark, but don't remember how I got there, or where I had

driven. Anthony and Liam were both waiting for me on the steps. I felt like a zombie, and

probably looked like one, too, as I walked right past them without acknowledging them. They

had no idea what had happened to Hal, but that didn't seem to matter. They followed me into

my apartment, closed the door, and tended to my needs.

Liam brewed some coffee, and warmed some soup. Anthony took me into the bedroom,

undressed me, and took me into the bathroom. There was nothing even remotely sexual about

the shower he gave me, holding me so that I didn't collapse to the floor. He dried me off,

and then carried me to the bed, where he tucked me in. Liam brought in the soup and fed it to

me, then offered the coffee. Tall. Black. Hot. He remembered what I had told him about

the coffee shop.

Both remained absolutely quiet, communicating to each other with physical signs. They

gave me time to process my thoughts, and when my brain told me that I was ready to communicate,

the tears began to flow. They took turns holding me, stroking my hair and cheeks, drying the

tears. Liam rubbed my back while Anthony held me, and Anthony massaged my shoulders while

Liam held me. I had never felt so much unconditional love in my life. I continued to cry

until I had no more tears left.

"I hope that we were not the cause of all those tears," Anthony began, "because if we

were, we need to apologize twice, once for this morning, and once for now."

"No," I croaked, "Worse."

"Worse? What could be worse than the way we treated you?" Liam added.

I had told them a little about Hal, but not everything. "The kid in the restroom? His

master beat the crap out of him because I took him out to eat and bought him a gift. And I

couldn't even help him, because I would make it worse."

More tears came from somewhere.

"Denny, what can we do?" Both men seemed to say it in unison. I didn't know what to


"I've got to think of something. I've made his life worse, but I don't know how to make

it better. I've got to get him away from that monster. But ......I don't know how......."

"You're wrong, Denny," Liam offered. "We've got to think of something. You are not in

this alone."

"Liam's right, Denny. If you believe he needs help, then he's got three sets of hands and

feet to help him. Maybe we can overpower the guy. Could three-on-one ever be considered

justifiable homicide?"

"Fuck that. Let's go get him right now and castrate him, then cut off his hands. If we

wear masks........"

"Guys, the only way to help Hal and not get ourselves in trouble is to beat the bastard at

his own game. He's got videos. He can ruin Hal's life. We've got to beat him at his own game."

I was repeating myself. I was exhausted. I was falling asleep. The last thing I remember

was Liam crawling under the covers of my queen sized bed, and spooning in back of me, while

Anthony crawled under the covers on my other side, snuggled close to me, and wrapped his arms

around me and even part of Liam. I felt safe..................

I woke up screaming during the night. Both young men worked to calm and quiet me. I had

dreamed that I was tied to a chair, and had to watch Hal get tortured by some faceless monster.

I was shaking so hard I was making the bed vibrate. Anthony got another cup of coffee for me,

while Liam held me tight. I drifted back to sleep before the coffee was gone.

In the morning, I woke to an empty bed. I could hear noise in the kitchen. I got up and

wandered in. I must have been a horrible sight.

There was Anthony, naked, standing by the counter covered in flour, trying to read a

cookbook. He turned and saw me, bringing a huge smile to his face.

"I'm making pancakes!"

The man who could burn water was making pancakes. This should be good.

"I didn't realize that following a recipe could be so difficult. What do 'c' and Tbsp'


I walked to the pantry and reached inside. I pulled out the pancake mix that I kept there

for quick breakfasts. "Use this. Just add water." I shoved the package into his hands.

"Fuck. I didn't see that. Do you want me to throw this other stuff away?"

"No, go ahead. Finish what you started. See if you can bring a smile to my face."

He grabbed his crotch and commented, smiling, "I've never heard it called 'a smile'


He did make me laugh. Then I offered to take him out for breakfast. I've never seen

anyone put on clothes so fast. I asked him if he needed to shower. He said no, that he kind of

liked being covered in flour under his clothes. Then he flashed a sarcastic grin.

"But I'm hungrier than I am worried about being clean!"

At breakfast, I relayed as much about Hal as I knew, only holding back the information

about Doc working for the university. That was on a need-to-know basis, and he didn't need to

know right now.

Anthony agreed that force wouldn't work, and that we needed to defeat this monster at his

own game. The videos made that necessary. He called Liam, who had gone to a class this morning,

to fill him in on where we were, and soon Liam walked in and joined us, only ordering coffee.

"I didn't know you liked coffee." I stated.

"I don't," he replied, and then we got back to the issue at hand. We needed more

information about what was going on, but had to be very careful about not involving Hal. I

decided to tell them where Doc worked. Neither could believe it! A university-employed

predator? I told them that predators could be found everywhere; I had worked with some in real

estate. Everyone just needed to be very careful. We didn't even know if this guy worked alone,

or had other resources he could call upon.

My thoughts turned to Hal. I wondered where he was, and what he was doing, or rather,

what was being done to him. I wondered when I'd run into him again. As it turned out, it was

sooner than I expected.

.....to be continued.....



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