Since the text said not to wear much, Greg wore only a skimpy pair of cutoffs and a string tank top. When he got to the 14th floor, he rang the bell of unit. He could hear what sounded like a party on the other side of the door. A guy who was about Greg's age opened the door. He was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs. He waved Greg in and turned around. The boxer briefs showed off the guy's ass nicely.

The room was filled with a group of eight hyper masculine men all about the same age as the ex-porn star. Greg didn't know where to look first, one was hotter than the next. He was surprised that he recognized some of them but couldn't place them. The ex-porn star, whose name he still didn't know, came up and put his arm around Greg. "You did good, right on time. Let me introduce you around."

They went from man to man with the ex-porn star saying that Greg was the kid he had told them about. Each man eyed Greg, even to the point of walking around him. He had his ass rubbed a few times which started to horn him up.

"Go help the other kid", the ex-porn star said after he had been introduced around. He quickly caught on that the other kid was bringing drinks to the men when they requested one. When he saw one of the men with an almost empty he would go ask them what they would like with a smile. The men's eyes usually twinkled as they give him a drink order. As he went behind the bar to mix a drink the kid in the boxer briefs was shooting daggers with his eyes. It became apparent that they were in some sort of competition but he didn't know what.

After a while, the ex-porn star and a couple of the other men set up a couple of card tables with four chairs each. Then out came some decks of cards and poker chips. The ex-porn star quieted the group down and said "For those of you who are new to the game, here's how this works. Each table will be given an equal amount of chips which in turn will be divided equally among the four players at each table. Each table will play Texas Hold'em until there is one winner. The winner's from each table will then play until there is an overall winner. The overall winner gets to choose which of these two boys they would like to have some fun with. The runner-up gets the other one. Those who don't win have the chance to watch if they don't want to leave with their tails between their legs. As this week's host I get to choose which pairing I want to join, that is unless I win. I've tried both of these boys and they are both great cocksuckers with nice tight asses." Again daggers from the kid in the boxer briefs.

The men split up between the two tables and the games began. Between getting drinks both Greg and the other "prize" would both stand close to the table allowing the men to fondle their asses as they watched. Greg was getting hornier with each deal, he couldn't wait to find out which of these men's cock he was going to get.

The noise from one of the tables told Greg that the game was over for them. Three of the men got up and went to the bar while the fourth stayed in his chair. "Boys, come over here, I want to figure out which one of you I'm going to pick when I win the final hand." Both boxer boy and Greg walk to the man who takes his beefy hands and places one on each of our asses, squeezing. "It's going to be a difficult choice." He slaps both Greg and boxer brief boy on the ass, "go see if my friends at the next table and find out if they need anything more to drink."

As they approach the table it is apparent that the game has taken a serious turn. There is no joking and hardly and talking as they look at their hands deciding what to bet. The ex-porn star and another man have the most chips in front of them. After a few more hands the other two men are out. As they look at Greg and boxer brief boy a look of disappointment crosses their faces.

Another hand is dealt. The ex-porn star looks at his cards then pushes his chips forward. "All in. I've got nothing to lose since I'll be able to play with one of these boys even if I lose." He lays his cards on the table, queens over fives. The other man lays his on the table, three jacks. A smile spreads across his face as he pushes back from the table.

The man who won the table is larger than the ex-porn star with broad shoulders, narrow waist and large hands and feet. In fact, he was bigger than the rest of the men. "Take off the rest of your clothes boys, I want to see my options better."

While boxer brief boy was in great shape with a great ass he was a little smaller than Greg. The winner stared intently at Greg while he pulled of his string tank and lowered his shorts. "Both of you, turn around for me." All of the men looked with hungry eyes at both of them as they turned.

The winner from the other table said, "Not so fast Rod, you haven't won yet." The man got up and moved to Rod's table, turned to one of the other men and said "deal."

As the boys watched, hand after hand was played with chips moving back and forth between the men. Finally the man named Rod pushed all of his chips forward and threw down his cards, a straight flush. The other man threw his cards on the table without even showing his hand. Rod slapped his two meaty hands together. "Time for some fun." He got up from the table and walked around each boy. He placed one of his hands on Greg's shoulder, "this one." Greg saw a disappointed look on boxer brief boy's face.

Rod took off his shirt revealing a chest that looked like it was cut from solid rock. Below his chest his abs looked they had been carved they were so defined. His biceps and forearms looked like he could but a walnut in his elbow joint and crack them with just a little pressure. As the man stepped out of his jeans it became apparent to Greg why his name was Rod, it looked like a small club. As Greg looked from Rod's dick up to his face, Greg realized why these men looked familiar, not only was the condo owner an ex-porn star but the rest of the guys were too. Greg had distinct memories of beating off while he watched Rod fuck someone on his computer.

Greg turned his eyes toward the other winner and watched him undress. While very hot, he wasn't a Rod. That didn't stop boxer brief boy from dropping to his knees and begin to lick the head and shaft of the man he had. This must have given Rod ideas because he put his beefy hand on Greg's shoulder forcing him to his knees. "Show me what you've got cocksucker."

From his knees Greg looked up at the giant of a man. He put a hand on the granite hard thigh and leaned in opening his lips. It was a struggle to get his lips around Rod's head. He didn't think he could take any more so he just worked the head.

Rod watched Greg try to take in more of his cock and then turned his head to the condo owner, "what the fuck man, I thought you told me this kid was good."

"Oh, based on how he did the other night, he is. I've decided that I will be joining you and the boy." The ex-porn star walking up behind Greg and began to push him farther on to Rod's dick. "See, I knew he could take more." As Greg's mouth adjusted to the size of Rod's cock he felt the continual pressure from the porn star's hand.

In his mind, Greg was remembering more about the video he had seen starring Rod. Rod had forced his cock down his co-star's throat before pulling out and cumming all over his face. Greg hoped that the scenario was going to play out again but with his throat and face. Just that thought helped Greg open his jaws wider than he thought possible as more of Rod's cock pushed between his lips. Although he couldn't take the whole cock in his mouth he was able to take more than half. With the owner of the condo keeping Greg's head in place, Rod started sliding his cock back and forth across Greg's lips and tongue.

Even though his eyes were watering, out of the corner of his eye he saw that boxer brief boy was now on the ground with his legs over the other winner's shoulder as he got plowed. He could also see that the five other men were sitting back and enjoying the show that was playing out in front of them.

As Greg had hoped, Rod pulled his cock from Greg's mouth and started to stroke it just inches from Greg's face. Hoping that Rod was getting ready to shoot, Greg opened his mouth in an attempt to catch any of the cum that was soon going to fly. Soon Rod began to let loose with one, two, three and then four large loads of cream which splashed against Greg's face. While most of it just ran down his face, Greg was able to catch some on his tongue. God he wanted more.

As soon as the last spurt left Rod's cock, he took a few steps back and sat down on the couch still stroking his incredibly large piece of man meat. As soon as he did, the host turned Greg's head so it was now facing his own cock, the cock that Greg had enjoyed yesterday. Greg grabbed the cock and brought it to his mouth. As it wasn't as large as Rod's he was able to take it all. Rod sat on the couch watching as more and more of the ex-porn star's dick slide through Greg's lips. "That's right buddy, feed him your cock." The man's staying power was unbelievable as thrust after thrust abused Greg's mouth and throat.

Rod must have had enough time to rest because he told the host to get Greg ready to take his cock again but not in his mouth. The host pulled out of Greg's mouth and lifted him off of his knees, "turn around and bend over." Greg complied.

From somewhere a bottle of lube appeared and the ex-porn star poured some out onto Greg's ass and began to massage it into Greg. Greg's asshole was opening and closing just asking for something to enter him. The host roughly pushed one finger into Greg and started turning it. After a moment a second finger and then a third pushed past Greg's sphincter. Each finger made Greg moan for more. The moans were echoed by boxer brief boy as he continued to be fucked.

When the ex-porn star pulled his fingers from Greg it was almost like Greg had lost a friend, he felt so empty and alone. He sensed that Rod had stood up from the couch but instead of putting his cock into Greg he lifted his from the floor as if he weighed nothing and sat back down on the couch bringing Greg with him. As he sat on the big man's thighs he could feel the club that was Rod's cock rub against his lower back. "Are you ready for this kid?"

"Yes, please."

Rod raised Greg, and just by moving his lower body was able to line up his cock with Greg's asshole. He slowly lowered Greg until Greg could feel the heat of the cock head against his hole. Using his body weight Greg was able to slide down enough, albeit it slowly, until the head popped into his ass. Painfully Greg slide down more and more of Rod's cock even though he had to grit his teeth as he did. Rod wrapped an arm around Greg's waist and pulled him the rest of the way down his mighty beast. Greg was still for a moment adjusting to the size but also savoring the moment. Using his leg muscles, Greg raised himself up on Rod's dick feeling it slide along his ass. Because of its size, Greg could feel every vein along Rod's cock. As soon as he sensed the head was almost ready to pop out of his ass Greg would slide back down.

"Your ass feels good kid, not many boys can take my whole cock."

Rod moved his arm from Greg's waist and put both hands under Greg's arm pits and began to push him up his cock and then let Greg's weight slide him back down. Greg's head was spinning.

"Time to get spit-roasted kid." Rod, keeping his cock firmly inside of Greg, pushed down on Greg's back so that soon Greg was eye level with the ex-porn star's still hard dick. Without being told, Greg opened his mouth to enjoy the cock yet one more time.

Greg lost all track of time as he rode and sucked too of the most impressive cocks he had ever seen, felt or tasted. He almost believed that the two cocks would touch each other they were so far inside his body. Greg could tell that the host was getting close when he started to pick up the pace and soon he was reworded with a mouth overflowing with cum. Greg grabbed the base of the host's cock and held it in his mouth as long as he could getting every last drop of the man's jizz. Greg let loose of the cock and let it slip from his lips. As he did, Rod again started raising and lowering Greg in a more frenzied fashion. Greg closed his eyes in anticipation of the load that was soon going to fill his insides. As he slide down Rod's cock for what would be the last time, Rod raised his ass from the couch and pushed the last few centimeters deep inside of Greg. Greg could feel the warmth of Rod's cum coat his inner walls. The big man wrapped his arms around Greg, holding him in place until the last of his cum and left his dick. When it had, Rod lifted Greg from his lap and dropped him on the couch next to him. Greg clenched his ass wanting to keep as much of Rod's cum in himself as long as possible.

The ex-porn star spoke, "well gentlemen, did I pick two good prizes or what?" The satisfaction on the two winner's faces were enough of an answer. The host then looked at Rod, "as the winner you're next week's host, I think I've set the bar pretty high, good luck."

After a while the men started to leave and Greg and boxer brief boy looked for their clothes. After Greg had put on his shorts and string tank he went to the ex-porn star and thanked him for choosing him as one of the prizes and then left the unit. He rode the elevator to his floor as cum dripped down his legs and went to unlock his condo and realized there was a hole in his pocket and he had lost his key. Did it fall out in his apartment? Did he lose it on the elevator? Could it be on the floor in the ex-porn star's unit? He traced his steps back to the ex-porn star's door and hadn't found the key. There was no noise coming from the unit and when he knocked on the door no one answered.

Greg rode the elevator down to the lobby hoping that the doorman had keys. Mel, as usual, was on duty when he got there and scowled as Greg stepped up to the desk.


"I think I've lost my key."

"You didn't leave the building, it must be around here somewhere."

"I was visiting a friend tonight and may have lost it at his place. I went back there and no one answered."

"Let me guess, you were at Mr. Lang's poker party. Every couple of weeks a punch of bruisers come to play and I have to buzz them up. There usually is a couple of fairies that always seem to come too. Tonight there was only one so I'm assuming you were the other."

Greg looked squarely into Mel's eyes. "You're right, I was the other 'fairy', what of it?"

"I'm just not surprised, I knew you were one the day you moved in. You just missed Mr. Lang, he left with the other fairy a few minutes ago."

"Do you have a key?"

"You really are in a pain in my ass. Come on." They rode the elevator in silence and Mel unlocked Greg's door. "Sweet dreams cup cake."

As Greg closed the door he said, "you know Mel, you really are an asshole." Mel gave him the finger and then walked to the elevator.

As he walked into his living room, Greg glanced out of his window and saw the man across the way watching as usual. The man gave Greg a bow and then started to clap his hands. Greg smiled and went into his bedroom knowing that he was going to have those sweet dreams.


Be Well,


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