Greg was excited when he put the key into the lock of his new condo. It might be small but it was his. Since graduating college he had been living at home with his parents, horror of horrors, while he saved up enough money to put a 20% down payment on a place of his own and he had finally done it. Granted the place he could end up affording wasn't that big but it was in a good building with nice amenities and he had a view of the pool from his balcony, good boy watching.

He didn't know what he expected when he opened the door but it sure wasn't what he found. The previous tenants had left the place filthy. Not only that but he could see where every piece of furniture and picture had been because the dirt had made outlines in the carpet and on the walls. There was even some dry wall damage that must have been behind some of the large pieces of furniture.

He knew he was going to have to buy all new appliances and maybe do some upgrades in the kitchen but he hadn't expected to have to replace the carpet and redo the walls before he could paint. What made it worse, and he realized it was his own naiveté, he had arranged for some of his new furniture to arrive later today which would just end up being in the way when the work had to be done. Fuck! He pulled out his cell phone and called the furniture store to see if he could arrange for another delivery day but was told that the truck was already loaded and on the way. Double Fuck!

In his mind he started to visual where the furniture would go when it arrived. He had bought a sofa and chair for the living room; a dining room set; a four piece bedroom suite with a queen size bed; and a large entertainment center for the large screen TV he had purchased.

While he was waiting for the furniture delivery he started to take an inventory of all the work that had to be done. He was going to have to hire a contractor because it was more than he could handle. His father had never been very handy and Greg had inherited that trait from his Dad.

Aggravated, Greg went out on the balcony of his unit to calm down and to check out the action at the pool. He had been told that the building was mostly single people or young couples so he was glad to see that there weren't any screaming kids at the pool. In fact there were only a couple of people at the pool all catching some rays. All of them appeared to be very attractive and Greg assumed that they all must work out in the well-equipped fitness center that was adjacent to the pool.

Greg noticed that the couple of guys that were at the pool were all in great shape and were wearing box cut swimsuits and one guy was even in a speedo that he actually could pull off. As Greg watched the people sunning or getting in and out of the pool he couldn't help but focus on the men. It had been a while since he'd gotten laid and he really could do with a nice piece of cock. It was hard hooking up when you lived at home with your parents. He had tried some on-line stuff but didn't like going to an unknown guy's home just to get some dick. He much preferred finding someplace else like an adult video store or the park. He wasn't looking for romance he was just looking for a cock to feed on and/or get fucked by.

As Greg looked down at the scene at the pool he realized he would fit right in with the guys he saw. He was a young looking 25 with dirty blond hair and blue/green eyes. He was 5'10" and weighed 165 pounds, the same as he did in college. God, he used to get a lot of cock when he was in college. You let one athlete know that you're willing to suck dick and they all start lining up at your door. He missed those days and, more importantly, those cocks.

He decided he should go down to the garage and bring up some of the shit he had brought over in his car. As he walked out of his condo the couple next door were coming out as well. Both were very attractive, the woman had long auburn hair and a rocking body and the guy looked like he must work out in the fitness center every day. They were both wearing a minimal amount of clothes and running shoes.

The man came up to Greg and said "you must be the new owner, this is my wife Jen and I'm Tim" and he stuck out his hand.

"I'm Greg, it's nice to meet you both." He grabbed Tim's hand and was amazed at how much larger it was than his own and how firm the handshake was. Greg felt that the handshake went on a touch longer than usual and that Tim was checking him out but just assumed that Tim was being friendly.

"You look like you'll be a better neighbor than the assholes that sold the place to you. They were always fighting. These walls are a bit thin and we could hear them yelling." Tim smiled, "but we also heard them making up."

Jen grabbed his arm and told him they needed to get going since she had a work event that night and she needed to get home to get ready. She told Greg to be sure to let them know if there was anything that he needed and that they would have to have him over soon for drinks. As they got into the elevator Tim looked back over his shoulder and gave Greg another look.

After hauling up several loads of crap, Greg had built up a sweat and took off his t-shirt. Just as he did he got a call from the lobby saying his furniture had arrived. The Doorman was bitching that Greg hadn't made arrangements for the delivery and he couldn't take one of the elevators out of service. The delivery men would just have to make it work. Fuck, fuck, fuck! Could anything else go wrong today?

After a few minutes there was a knock at Greg's door. In just his cutoffs, Greg opened the door to see two delivery men lugging his new mattress. They obviously weren't happy. "Dude, why didn't you make arrangements for an elevator? This is going to take us twice the time to finish and we have another stop before we're done for the day."

The two delivery men looked like they were college students that had gotten summer jobs with the furniture store. They must have been hired because they were both well-built and would be able to carry heavy loads. Greg laughed to himself when he thought about what other kind of heavy loads they may be carrying. Neither man was wearing a uniform, but they both had nametags with the name of the store. The guy whose tag said Richard was obviously the lead guy since he was doing the talking. Richard was wearing jeans and a t-shirt that was soaked with sweat, it clung to his torso in a way that showed off his chest and abs that were both impressive. The other guy, whose name tag said Mike, was also in jeans but was wearing a tank top from, what Greg assumed, the college he attended. His tank was also covered in sweat revealing a chest and set of abs that rivaled Richard's. Both men were taller than Greg and had skin that was darker than Greg's. He didn't know if it was because they were in the sun a lot or if they had Mediterranean heritage. Either way Greg thought them both hot. "Sorry about the elevator snafu guys, my bad."

The lead guy grunted and then asked "where do you want this?" Obviously it was for the bedroom but Greg showed them anyway. As both men passed him he couldn't help but admire their asses which filled out their jeans. As they turned around, Greg raised he eyes.

"Do you guys want anything to drink?"

Still using an aggravated voice the lead guy said "a couple of beers would be nice."

Greg wondered if he should be giving these guys alcohol or even if they were old enough to drink but realized he wanted these guys to be happy, "sure, I'll have them ready for you after your next trip up."

It was a good fifteen minutes before the two men returned with the dresser to his bedroom. As they walked into the condo the lead guy said "shit, we aren't going to make our final delivery because you fucked up."

Greg should have been offended by the guy's attitude but he sort of liked the way he was acting. He handed both men cans of lite beer. With sarcasm the guy said "Christ, you worried about your weight sweetheart?" Again Greg should have been offended but instead he just felt a tingling in his groin and ass. Truth be told, Greg had never been into romance, he much preferred just hooking up and even enjoyed rough trade now and then. The men knocked back the beers and headed back out of the door to get the next load with the lead guy saying "have more beer ready when we get back."

Besides taking the beers from Greg when he had some ready, neither man spoke to Greg. They just started dropping the furniture wherever they wanted so Greg ended up moving pieces around. One time the lead guy said, again with sarcasm "check this out, our little boy here is a decorator." That got a laugh out of the second guy.

At one point while they were in the apartment both men were talking about the housewife they had fucked that morning when they made their first delivery. The lead guy followed up by saying "yeah, I delivered what she wanted."

When the last of the furniture had been brought to the condo the lead guy said "God damn it, we've worked past quitting time and our cheapskate boss doesn't pay us overtime and it's all your fault." The man just stood in front of Greg like he was waiting for something. The lead guy finally said "and you're not even giving us a tip." Turning to the other guy he said "what an asshole." Greg snapped out of his staring at the two men and thinking about how they would be in bed and was getting ready to go find his wallet.

The lead guy turned back to Greg and looked at him for a second and then said "by the way you've been looking at us since we started I bet we can get another kind of tip from you." The lead guy grabbed his crotch while he looked back at his co-worker. "What do you think Mike?"

"I think you may be right Rich, he looks as horny as that pussy this morning."

Greg looked from one guy to the other not in fear but in anticipation. "Grab us a couple more beers fag." Greg went back to his refrigerator and realized he didn't have any more beer. He remembered that he had brought a bottle of Jack from his parents' house, so he opened a cabinet and grabbed it before going back to the living room. He noticed that one of them had closed the door to the condo.

"Sorry guys this is all I have."

"Shit, the guy doesn't even have any more beer for us" the lead guy said to the other. "I guess it will have to do." The lead guy grabbed the bottle from Greg and took a drink and handed it to his co-worker. Turning back he said "why don't you get on your knees and take care of us."

Greg didn't waste a minute before he was on his knees in front of the lead guy. Rich turned to Mike and said "why don't you go first and get him warmed up. I don't want to disappoint him by going first and then have him feed on your little dick." As he walked in front of Rich, Mike punched Rich in the arm saying "asshole".

Mike pulled his jeans down revealing a cock that most definitely wasn't small, it had to be a good 8" of cut, thick meat. Greg's mouth started to water just looking at it. Mike was teasing him by stroking it, even stepping back when Greg tried to bring his mouth closer. "Fuck man, the fag really wants my cock."

"Give it to him, I got a date tonight so we have to roll soon."

Mike stepped forward and put the tip of his cock against Greg's lips. Mike pushed while Greg opened his lips and he took the whole head into his mouth. It tasted of sweat, it tasted of a real man. Greg put a hand around the base of Mike's hardening cock and started to stroke the shaft in time with what his mouth was doing. "This dude is good Rich."

While this was going on, Rich had taken his cock out and was stroking it as he watched Mike's cock slide in and out of Greg's mouth. Greg was savoring the taste and texture of Mike's cock. When it was at its largest, it was a mouthful but that didn't stop Greg from using his lips and tongue to explore every part of Mike's cock while looking over at Rich's cock. It had to be at least 10" and thicker than Mike's. "Come on man, hurry up and give him your load, I want him swinging on my dick soon so we can get going."

Mike started pushing his cock back and forth between Greg's lips faster and faster. Rich had his hands on his hips and was driving his whole cock into Greg's mouth while moving his hips. "Getting close fag, you want my load in your mouth?"

"Who cares what he wants, just give it to him."

Greg didn't try to pull off, he wanted the load. Mike began shooting. To Greg, Mike's sperm was really thick and creamy. He wasn't a strong shooter so most of the cum landed on Greg's tongue allowing him to savor it. After Mike had finished unloading his seed, Greg pulled off the cock and made a show of swallowing Mike's spunk to show how much he enjoyed it.

Rich was quick to replace Mike, in fact he pushed Mike aside and grabbed Greg's head. "Open wide." Rich pulled Greg's mouth down his cock. "Fuck yeah, take all of my fat cock fag." Greg held back a gag as Rich's cock hit the back of Mike's throat but Mike didn't stop he pushed more into Greg's mouth until the 10" shaft was all the way in.

Rich didn't move except to move Greg's head so that his cock was coming almost all the way out and then rammed back down his throat. Greg didn't care, he was enjoying this assault. While Rich's cock also tasted of sweat it also had another musky taste. Greg was in heaven. Rich was able to hold out for a long time. Greg's neck was starting to hurt due to Rich's rough movements of his head. Rich didn't give any warning, he just filled Greg with his sperm and there was a lot of it. Cum was leaking out of the corners of Greg's mouth. With the last spasm, Rich pulled his cock out and, even though it was still hard, crammed it back in his jeans and turned toward Mike who had been stroking his cock while watching his friend feed Greg. "Come on Mike, we have to hit the road."

With a "thanks for the tip fag" the two men left Greg's condo. As he stood up, Greg glanced out of the slider leading to his balcony and saw a man in the portion of the building across the pool looking at him. He was obviously stroking his cock. With his free hand the guy gave Greg a thumbs up. Greg gave him a wave and then headed to the bathroom to take his first shower in his new condo.

After his shower, Greg didn't brush his teeth, he wanted to continue to savor the taste of the two loads he had taken. While in the shower, Greg fingered his asshole. The cocks he had serviced made him hungry for more, he especially wanted a hot, hard cock up his ass. He was thinking about going out that night to find some guy who wanted just that. Now that he had a place to bring men back to he intended to make up for all the cock and cum he had missed living in his parents' place.

Greg had unpacked his linens and had wrapped a towel around his waist. He stood in front of the mirror and took stock of his body. He worked hard to keep in shape and it showed. He thought that he shouldn't have any problem catching some hunk to bring back and break in his new bed. There was a knock at his door. With just the towel, Greg opened the door. It was his neighbor, Tim.

"Hey, what's up?" Greg felt like Tim was checking out his body.

"Like Jen said earlier, she has a work thing tonight so I thought I would come over and see if you'd like to come over for some pizza and something to drink since you probably haven't had a chance to go to the store yet."

Greg didn't know what to do. He really wanted to go out and get laid but he also wanted to be neighborly and to be honest, Tim was easy to look at. Tim had changed out of his running shorts and shirt and had on a pair of well-fitted chinos and tailored, button up shirt that wasn't tucked in. The outfit looked good on his 6'2" toned body. Greg realized he could take Tim up on his offer and still make it out to find some cock.

"That'd be great, let me get dressed and I'll be right over. Need for me to bring anything? Don't have much but I do have some Jack and vodka if you have some mixers."

"Why don't you bring the vodka. I have some good wine if you'd like that."

"See you in a few minutes."

"Don't feel like you have to dress up. Just get comfortable." Tim turned to walk to his unit and Greg shut the door.

Greg went to his bedroom and started rummaging around in the boxes strewn around the room and finally decided on a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops. He could come back and change before he went out.

When Tim opened the door to his unit, Greg notice that he had changed. Tim was now wearing a pair of his nylon running shorts and a t-shirt. He was barefoot. "Looks like we both decided to get comfortable."

Greg decided he liked Tim, he was easy to talk to and they spoke of all sorts of things while they ate the pizza. Even though Greg had brought the vodka they had both decided on Sauvignon Blanc. They were well into their second bottle but Tim had had more than Greg. Greg noticed that Tim was starting to act nervous.

"Greg, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what's up?"

"Are you fag?"

Greg thought "shit, is this guy a homophobe?" and got on the defensive. He was disappointed because he was really starting to like Tim and hoped that they were going to become friends.

"What makes you say that?"

"Well, I couldn't help but notice that you looked at me differently than other men do."

"Thanks for the pizza but I think it's time for me to leave." Greg stood up and started for the door.

"No, no, don't leave." Greg turned back toward Tim. "I thought I heard the moving crew talking about how they thought they might get blow jobs from you when we came back from our run."

"Assholes, and yes I'm what you called a fag but with friends I prefer they say Gay."

"Ok, sorry about that. I've never known a Gay guy before."

"I'm sure you have but you just didn't know it."

I sat back down and took another sip of wine while Tim finished his glass and poured himself another emptying the bottle. "Let me go get another." I was already a little buzzed, Tim must be able to really hold his liquor.

Tim came back and put the third bottle of wine on the coffee table. He took a long swig from his glass. "Uh, can I ask you something else?"

"At this point, sure."

"Are you the kind of fag, sorry, Gay guy that takes it up the ass?"

Greg wondered where this was going. "Yeah, I like to be fucked."

"Oh." Greg drank some more wine and then refilled his glass. "I want to tell you something."


"I love Jen but we have a little disagreement." He took another sip of wine. "Some of my friends have told me how much they like fucking their wives and girlfriends in the ass. They've told me how much tighter it is than pussy. As much as I've tried to get Jen to try it, she keeps turning me down." Just thinking about fucking his wife in her ass must have gotten Tim horny because Greg could see that he was getting hard. Knowing where this was going, Greg decided to let Tim squirm a little more.

"If it's that important to you, maybe you should find some girl who's willing to do it or a hooker and give it a try."

Another sip of wine, more growth in his shorts, the nylon didn't conceal anything. "I could never do that to Jen."

Knowing what Tim wanted, Greg took control of the situation. He got up and got on his knees between Tim's legs and put his hand on the bulge in his shorts and then pulled them releasing a good 7" of cock. Greg started licking up the shaft of Tim's cock and both felt and watched it get harder and thicker. Greg put one hand around the base of Tim's cock and tickled his balls with the other.

"Oh fuck man......."

After licking his shaft a bit longer, Greg licked all over Tim's head. The first drop of pre-cum appeared and Greg made a show of licking it off. When that was done he took the head into his mouth. He moved his tongue back and forth over the V on the underside of Tim's dick. Greg then began to tighten and loosen his lips around the base of Tim's cock head.

"Jesus Christ......dude, what the fuck are you doing? It feels awesome."

Greg began rubbing his finger on Tim's taint which caused Tim's cock to jerk in his mouth. Greg knew how to suck cock so he began to lower his mouth down Tim's cock. Tim's whole body was shaking.

"I don't believe it, Jen has never gotten that much of my cock in her mouth."

With very deliberate moves, Greg began going up and down Tim's meat. It felt good to feed again. When Greg could tell that Tim was getting close he pulled off his cock. "Calm yourself down. Take a few breathes. Do you have any lube?" Tim got up and went into the bedroom with his rigid member bouncing as he walked. When Tim came back, Greg was lying on the floor holding his legs back by his knees. "Lube me up Tim." Tim squeezed some KY jelly on his fingers and began to circle them around Greg's waiting hole. Greg twitched his ass which made Tim pull his fingers away.

"It's ok, put one of your slick fingers in my ass and get me ready." Tim did as he was told. "Now but the head of that hot cock of yours against my man pussy." Just the touch of the tip of the head of his dick against Greg made him moan. "Push." The head of Tim's cock pushed past Greg's ass ring causing Greg to moan. "Come on big boy, fuck me, fuck me hard like I know you want to."

Tim pushed his cock all the way in. "Christ almighty it's so fucking hot and tight". He slowly pulled it back and slowly pushed back in.

"Come on dude, FUCK ME, let me know that you know how to use that cock."

Tim began to pick up that pace.

"Yeah, that's it, I want to feel how big your cock is." Not only did Greg want to be fucked hard he also wanted to make Tim feel good about himself. Tim started ramming his cock into Greg without any mercy. Man the guy could fuck.

"Ugh....I'm....getting.....close Greg." Even though he didn't want him to, Greg told Tim to pull out to give him one more treat. Tim pulled out.

"Stroke it man.....I want to feel your load all over me."

With ragged breathes Tim beat his cock like there was no tomorrow and soon first one, then two, then three heavy strings of cum landed on Greg's chest, neck and face. Greg wiped some up with his finger and brought it to his mouth. Tim pushed off of Greg and sat down on the floor. "I didn't know anything could feel like that. You really like having a cock up your ass like that?"

"More than you know."

"Thanks man, I've got to get Jen to try that."

"If she won't do it, you know where I am. I better get going before she comes home. You might want to clean yourself up before she does." Greg pulled on his shorts and shirt and slipped into his flip flops and headed toward the door. "By the way.....thank you."

Greg was going to like his new neighbor.


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