Greg looked at the text message again as he rode the elevator up to his condo. The plumber was waiting outside his door. The plumber looked to be about 50 with a big beer gut. After the usual pleasantries, Greg helped the man pull the refrigerator away from the wall and left him to it. Greg took his sheets out of the washer and put them in the dryer. In no time the plumber had finished the task. Greg signed the work order and wrote the man a check who promptly left the condo.

Greg picked up his cell phone and looked at the text message again. Just thinking about the former porn star got him horny again. The last couple of days had been unreal. He felt like he's gotten more dick than he usually got in a month when he was living with his parents. Instead of satisfying him he was craving more cock and cum. He was certain that he would be getting some more that night but he was horny now. Even though he had just been fucked by the Doorman's son, the kid didn't really know what to do. As a result, Greg hadn't cum and his balls were aching for some release.

Since his sheets were in the dryer, Greg grabbed a bath towel and laid it on his mattress. He piled up his pillows so he could sit up on the bed. He had brought in his iPad and found a video featuring a group of frat guys using one of their pledges or some other guy. He wished that had happened when he was in college, which would have been fun.

He didn't want to cum to soon so he just lightly fingered his cock as it bounced on his abs as he watched the scene unfold on the screen. He paused it as one of the bigger guys was just beginning to push his cock against the guy's asshole. That gave him an idea. He got off the bed and went to get his bottle of baby lotion and walked back to his bed. He noticed that the guy across the way was watching again. He was going to give the guy a real show.

He pulled open the drawer on his night stand and pulled out a bright red dildo. He had spent many nights with this dildo when he was living at his parents' house. It was 8" with a big head. It had a half set of balls that he could hold onto. He turned just enough so that the guy across the way would be able to see his ass. He poured some of baby oil on the tip of the dildo and then used it to spread it around his asshole.

He started the video again, as the big guy was pushing his cock into the other guy on the screen he pushed the dildo into his ass. The big guy started to pound the pledge's ass until his balls started bouncing off his ass. While the guy was being fucked the other frat boys were cheering their friend on. Greg picked up the pace of driving the dildo into his ass. He closed his eyes and imagined he was the guy in the video who was on his back and bring drilled. He opened his eyes to see the big guy pulling his cock out and beating off until his load of cum covered the other guy's chest. Another frat boy took the big guy's place and rubbed his cock along the pledges ass asking him what he wanted. The pledge started begging for his cock while his brothers started chanting "give it to him, give it to him".

Greg pushed the dildo all the way in and then just started to tap the end of it, causing the dildo to lightly bounce off his prostate. Greg's cock started to leak precum on his stomach but he didn't touch his cock. While being fucked, two brothers brought their cocks close to the pledge's face and soon covered it with loads of cum.

Greg started to push the dildo harder. His dick was hard as steel and leaking more. On the screen Greg saw the guy pull his cock from the pledges ass and cover his hole with his load. That was enough for Greg's cock to explode with such force some of his cum hit his headboard with the rest hitting his face and neck. He finally grabbed his cock and milked out several more globs of spunk that landed on his stomach. Instead of deflating, his cock stayed hard. With the dildo still embedded in his ass, Greg grabbed the bottle of oil and poured some on his dick and began to slowly stroke his cock knowing that he had another load to drop. He took his eyes off his cock and looked through his slider. The guy across the way was still watching but had come out on his balcony and was obviously stroking his own cock. Greg started timing his strokes so that they matched his neighbor's strokes. At the same time he started slowly pulling the dildo from his ass and then holding it up. He wanted to watch his neighbor cum before he did. They were both taking such a risk beating off where so many people could see each of them.

The guy across the way looked like he was having a convulsion letting Greg knew that he had cum. Greg didn't hold off any longer, he brought himself to climax. This time his cum covered his stomach. When he was done he let go of his cock and laid there catching his breathe. When he finally opened his eyes he saw that his neighbor was no longer on his balcony and must have gone back into his unit.

Greg got up from his mattress and used the towel to clean the cum off of the head board before cleaning his cum from his face, neck, chest and abs. He decided that instead of a shower he was going to take a long, hot bath. He started running the water and then walked naked to his kitchen for a glass of wine. When he got there he realized he still hadn't gone to the store so he poured himself a shot or two of Vodka and went back to his bath.

As Greg soaked in the tub, he reviewed the last couple of days and couldn't believe the amount of cock and cum he had been able to get. Buying the condo may have been the best thing he had ever done. When the water started getting cool, Greg got out, dried himself off and shaved, which he hadn't done that morning.

Greg realized that he was hungry, since he still didn't have any food in his kitchen he would have to order delivery or go out for something to eat. It was only 8 pm so he had some before he had to show up at the ex-porn star's unit. He decided to go get something to eat. Hopefully there was something close by so that he could walk around the neighborhood a bit.

Since he assumed that he would be getting some cum later that night, he decided he didn't need to put on any "going out" clothes. He put on a just a normal pair of shorts and one of his former college t-shirts. He slipped his feet into a pair of flip flops, grabbed is wallet and keys and went out the door. He also grabbed his iPad so that he could read some more of the novel he had started before the move.

As he entered the lobby, he said "hey Mel". Mel gave him his usual scowl. "Can you recommend any place to grab some dinner that's nearby?"

Mel grunted out "I hear there are several places over on Central that you types like."

Greg held back saying anything but "thanks".

It was a couple of blocks over to Central but as soon as he got there, he realized that he had been to some of the places before. There were a couple of higher end restaurants but there were also some that were just sort of neighborhood pubs. Greg decided to hit one of those and see what kind of pub food that they had.

The place was hopping for a Wednesday night and all the tables were full. Greg decided to sit at the bar, order some food and read. He took one of the empty bar stools and took a look at the menu. Within minutes one of the bartenders showed up. Greg couldn't help but stare, the guy had a dark, smoldering look about him. "What can I get you?" Greg almost couldn't speak.

"Uh, how about a pale ale."

"You got it." Greg couldn't help but stare again as the guy walked toward the taps. His black pants fit his ass beautifully. His white shirt fit also fit him very well. He could see that the back had been taken in to make it a tighter fit which was needed since he seemed to a have a very athletic body. As the bartender moved toward him with his beer, Greg couldn't help but notice that his package was pretty impressive. It was hanging down his right leg and made more pronounced due to the fit of his pants. It took all of Greg's will power to raise his eyes as the bartender gave him his drink. As Greg said thanks he noticed the bartenders name tag said Marcus. "Just let me know if you want something else".

In Greg's mind he was screaming "how about your cock" but instead he reviewed the menu while sneaking glances at Marcus. It was a pretty limited menu but did have a couple of selections that appealed to Greg. He had had so much 'exercise' in the last couple of days he decided he was going to treat himself.

"Have you decided on something?"

"What do you recommend?"

"We're known for our burgers."

Greg looked into Marcus' eyes and told him that a burger sounded great. When asked how he liked it, Greg's mind screamed again "anyway you want to give it to me".

"Medium is fine, thanks."

While waiting for his burger, Greg alternated between reading his novel and checking out Marcus.

Marcus brought Greg his burger and told him to enjoy. Greg could barely focus on the burger each time that Marcus passed by. Greg finished his beer and Marcus came back to see if he wanted another and asked how the burger was, which sat half-finished on his plate. "Yes, please. I'm done with the burger, I'm going to save room for desert." Marcus handed Greg the menu again.

After serving a few more people at the bar, Marcus came back and started to chat with Greg since the crowd was much smaller now. Greg told him he was new to the neighborhood and Marcus told Greg he was a law student and that he worked as a bartender to make money to help with tuition. Greg was now blatant as he looked at Marcus and his body. Was he imaging it or was Marcus' dick stretching the fabric of his pants.

Greg asked if Marcus got good tips since he was so good-looking. Marcus gave Greg a questioning look and then said "Should I expect a good tip from you?"

"Why don't you follow me to the restroom and I'll be glad to let you know what I'm willing to give you."

Greg got off his bar stool and headed toward the back of the restaurant where the restrooms were located. He glanced back over his shoulder and saw Marcus looking at him. He then saw Marcus say something to the other bartender and start to follow him.

When entering the john, Greg saw that it was one of the new kind of gender neutral johns with doors leading to private toilet areas but a common area with sinks. The toilet doors were clear but clouded over when they were shut. He left the door open and waited. Marcus entered a few seconds later and pushed the door to Greg's toilet room, stepped in and shut the door. The door clouded over, but it was translucent and not totally opaque.

With his legs slightly spread, Marcus asked Greg what he was willing to give him. Greg stepped forward and started to rub the prominent bulge in Marcus' pants. "Something to help you with that."

"Go for it."

Greg unbuckled Marcus' belt, opened the clasp and then slowly lowered the zipper and pushed the pants below Marcus' knees. He was wearing loose boxers and the head of Marcus' cock was sticking out of the leg opening. Greg massaged the outline of the cock and enjoyed its heft.

"I don't have a lot of time, boss is going to wonder where I went." Greg wasted little time in pulling down Marcus' boxers and squatted before the growing piece of meat. Using he hand, Greg pushed the cock up and then ran his tongue from the balls to the head tracing the outline of the thick vein. After doing that a couple of times, Marcus used his index finger to push his cock down so it was aimed to Greg's mouth. Greg took it between his lips savoring just the tip while he played with Marcus' balls.

With a sense of urgency Marcus pushed his cock forward. Greg grabbed the base of the dick and started to slide his lips and tongue back and forth along the shaft. Greg heard the sound of someone washing their hands and could see that he was able to see someone's shadow through the translucent glass. Knowing that someone could see the shape of him giving this hot bartender a blow job excited Greg. He started working the cock in his mouth with more determination. In fact he started making more of a show of working Marcus' cock, he actually hoped that he was turning on some other guys with what he was doing.

Marcus started pushing his cock into Greg's mouth with more forrce, he wanted to get off in a hurry. Greg prepared himself for the load that was imminent. He pulled back so the tip of the dick was on this tongue and was rewarded with a sweet load of cream. After he swallowed what had been deposited on his tongue he let Marcus pull out but not without trying to suck that last few drops from the tip. Marcus stepped back and pulled his boxers and pants up. "Stay here, give me time to get back to the bar."

Before Greg even stood up, Marcus left the toilet room causing the door to become clear again. Anyone could have seen him squatting on the floor. Greg stayed in that position savoring the taste of Marcus in his mouth. Just as he was starting to get up the door to the room pushed open, it was the other bartender.

"Marcus thought you might like another drink." Greg returned to his squat and enjoyed his second cock in less than 10 minutes. After the second bartender had dropped his load and left, Greg got up and left the toilet room, washed his hands and went back to the bar.

"Can I get my check please?"

"It's on us. We hope to see you again soon."

There was a spring in Greg's step as he walked back to his building. He said hello to Mel as he entered the lobby but only got a grunt in return. When he reached his unit he dropped down on the couch and decided to watch some TV since he still had some time to kill. After watching the news he got up and went to his bedroom, took off his clothes and went to his bathroom to make sure he was ready for what, he assumed, was coming.

Since the text said not to wear much, he pulled out a skimpy pair of cutoffs and a string tank top. He checked himself out and the mirror and liked what he saw. He put some product in his hair and gave himself a messy look. He decided he wasn't even going to wear any shoes. He took his unit's key off of his key chain and stuck it in his pocket. He decided not to take his wallet.

When he got to the 14th floor, he rang the bell of unit. He could hear what sounded like a party on the other side of the door. A guy who was about Greg's age opened the door. He was only wearing a pair of boxer briefs. He waved Greg in and turned around. The boxer briefs showed off the guy's ass nicely.

The room was filled with a group of hyper masculine men all about the same age as the ex-porn star. Greg didn't know where to look first, one was hotter than the next. He was surprised that he recognized some of them but couldn't place them.

The ex-porn star, whose name he still didn't know, came up and put his arm around Greg. "You did good, right on time. Let me introduce you around."


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