The morning after getting fucked by his new neighbor, Tim, Greg woke up with sun streaming through his bedroom slider. He would need to get some window coverings soon if I ever wanted to sleep in. He climbed out of bed sporting his usual morning wood and looked out of the window. The guy across the way who had given him a thumbs up after sucking off the movers was at his window again. It was too far away for Greg to see what the guy looked like but what he could tell was that he looked like he was in shape. Greg scratched his balls and gave the thumbs up gesture to him and went into the bathroom. After his morning 3 Ss (shit, shower and shave) he got ready to face another day dealing with his new condo. His new furniture had been delivered yesterday but his new appliances were coming today. The store he bought them at was supposed to bring the new ones and take the old ones away.

This time he called down to the doorman to let him know what time the delivery was supposed to happen so that an elevator could be taken off line. After yesterday's experience he didn't want to piss off either the doorman or the delivery man. The doorman was still cranky but agreed to take the elevator off line since he had given him several hours' notice.

Luckily he had his coffeemaker and some K-cups so he brewed himself a cup and went out on his balcony in a pair of boxer briefs. Even though there was a light breeze he could tell that it was going to be a hot day. He looked down at the pool and saw it was empty. He decided to kill some time at the pool and work on his tan. He went into his bedroom and changed into one of his bathing suits. While it wasn't a Speedo it wasn't much more and he liked how it looked. Being a bit of an exhibitionist he changed in the bedroom not caring that the guy across the way might be watching, he actually enjoyed it.

He threw a t-shirt on, grabbed a towel, his iPad and his cell phone and took a second cup of coffee with him to the pool. He rode the elevator down to the ground floor with Jen, the wife of the neighbor who had fucked him. She was chatty so he assumed that she didn't realize that anything had happened.

The doorman yelled at him as he got off the elevator, "Make sure you're back in your apartment by the time your delivery arrives, I don't want to have to entertain them while you're lounging by the pool." Greg thought to himself that the doorman wasn't doing himself any favors if he wanted a tip during the holidays.

The pool was still deserted when he walked through the gate. He chose a lounger that would let him get the best sun as it moved across the morning sky. He got on his back and started watching a video enjoying the warmth on his skin. It was probably 45 minutes later that he heard the gate open. He glanced up from his iPad and saw a guy who was maybe 10 years older than Greg, so mid-30s, take a lounger on the other side of the pool. Greg lowered his sunglasses so he could get a better look at the guy. He was tall, maybe 6'3" or 6'4". He had dark hair and a dusting of dark hair over his chest. It looked like he kept it nicely trimmed. His body formed the perfect V shape. If he had been shorter he could have been a model. While not a muscle head he had nice definition and abs any guy would die for. He was wearing a pair of board shorts. He was carrying some sort of pad and a plastic cup of what looked like tomato juice or maybe a Bloody Mary.

Greg pushed his sunglasses back up and went back to watching his video but glanced over at the guy every once in a while. The man was just looking at his pad and taking sips of his drink. Once when Greg looked up he saw that the man had spread his legs and was adjusting himself. The next time Greg looked he saw the man had his hand on his crotch. Greg laughed to himself and wondered if the guy was watching porn.

When Greg thought he'd gotten enough sun on his front he turned over. He pulled what little material there was in his suit to make sure he got the most sun he could on his ass not really thinking about the guy that was across the pool. He put his iPad down and just put his head down on his arms and drifted into that state that was between being awake and sleeping. He heard some movement and looked around, the guy from across the pool was walking toward the changing room that was at the end of the pool. Again, Greg admired the man's body but then went back into his half dream state.

Movement to his left brought him back to reality and he opened his eyes. The guy from the other side of the pool was sitting on the lounger next to his and facing him. "Looks like you might be getting too much sun."

"Uh, thanks for letting me know."

Greg could tell from his vantage point that the guy wasn't wearing anything under his board shorts. The man hung to the right and had nothing to be embarrassed about. Greg probably stared a bit too long because the guy gave a knowing smile.

"Here, let me put something on your back."

"That's ok, I should probably get going anyway."

"I insist." The man poured some thick liquid from the cup he had been caring onto Greg's back. It wasn't cool like most lotions. The man started rubbing the liquid into Greg's back. Greg noticed that it had no suntan lotion smell. The man's hand kept moving lower until his fingers were brushing the waist of Greg's swimsuit. The man poured a little bit more liquid onto his hand and started to rub it on the exposed skin of Greg's ass. Greg had to admit he liked the feeling of both the man's hand and whatever it was he was smoothing over his skin.

"What kind of suntan lotion is that, I like how it feels?"

"I'm not surprised." The man brought the cup of liquid closer to Greg's face. Greg realized it was cum by the way that it looked. "It not only feels good, I think you'll like how it tastes." The man handed the cup to Greg. Greg realized the man must have beat off in the changing room and filled the cup with his cum. "Go ahead, taste it." Greg raised the cup to his lips. As he tipped the cup the liquid slowly slid down the edge until some landed on Greg's tongue. Looking up to the man's dark eyes, Greg agreed that it tasted very good.

"I know how you can get more if you want some. Come up to 14C if you'd like some more." With that the man got up and left. Greg sat stunned, did some guy really spread his spunk on his back and ask him up to his unit for more? The guy had balls. Greg laid there awhile until his inner cum whore took over and he raised himself from the lounger gathered up his stuff and went back into the building. He took the elevator up to the 14th floor which was two below his own, however this guy lived in one of the corner units. He knocked on the door and the man quickly opened it still wearing his board shorts. "Come on in, can I get you something to drink? I was having a Bloody Mary but I could make you something else."

"A Bloody Mary is fine." Greg was interested to see where this was going.

The man came back into the living room carrying two glasses and handed one to Greg. "You're new here aren't you? I haven't seen you before."

"Just moved in yesterday. Up in 16A." He took a sip of his drink and thought it had a funny taste.

"Welcome to the building."

The man hadn't introduced himself and neither had Greg.

"Let me show you what I was watching down at the pool, besides you that is." The man flipped open his pad and pushed some buttons on his remote and an image of two guys appeared on a big flat screen. It was of two guys and the smaller guy was going down on the taller guy who had a gigantic cock. They sat watching for a minute and then the man pushed the hem of his board shorts up revealing a thick, cut cock. He just sat there fingering his cock and watching the screen. Greg's head had started to spin and he couldn't resist reaching over and trying to wrap his fingers around the man's cock. It had to be the thickest cock that Greg had ever seen. The heat emanating from the dick was incredible under Greg's fingers. He couldn't resist moving his fingers along the thick, meaty shaft until his fingers were just under the head of the man's cock. The man hadn't moved but now he put one of his hands behind Greg's head forcing his face down toward his cock. Greg opened his mouth as wide as he could to take the head in his mouth. The head of the man's cock was like silk, hot silk. Greg had a hard time getting anymore of the cock in his mouth. He slide his hand down the cock to try to find the base. The man's cock was much larger than Greg had originally thought, he had to put his hand under the man's board shorts to find the base. The man kept forcing more of his cock into Greg's mouth. Greg didn't know if he could take more, it felt like his mouth and throat were under assault. The man didn't let up, he just kept pushing Greg farther down on the giant piece of meat. "Open your throat, you can do it." Unbelievably Greg finally had the whole thing in his gullet. He had never felt anything like this before. "Yeah, you got it."

After the man let Greg get used to having his whole cock deep in his throat the man started moving Greg's head up and down the giant cock. He was fighting for breathe but the man didn't let up. "You can be a good cocksucker, just breathe through your nose, you can do it." Greg was up to the challenge. The man got more forceful with moving Greg's head. Greg thought that the man's cock was reaching all the way to his stomach. After a few more minutes Greg's efforts were rewarded with a huge, fucking load of cum. The amount amazed Greg just as the size of the dick had. Cum was oozing out of Greg's mouth even though he was swallowing as fast as he could. Most of the cum that had leaked out of his mouth had ended up on the man's leg. When the man finally pulled Greg's mouth off of the cock he said "clean me off." The man moved Greg's head toward his leg and Greg started licking up the cum. "Good."

When Greg was done he raised his head and looked up to the man's face. Instead of looking at him the man was watching the screen. Greg turned his eyes to what he was watching and realized that the tall guy in the movie was the guy who had just forced him down on his cock.

"Yeah, that's me when I was still doing porn. I gave up being in front of the camera and now I'm behind it." Greg leaned back on the sofa exhausted. He reached for his drink and the tomato juice and vodka burned going down his throat it was so raw.

The man rose from the couch. "Get up and follow me." He strode for what Greg thought must have been a bedroom. Greg got up and followed without question. When Greg got to the bedroom and realized that the corner units of the building had a much better view than he had in his unit. As he looked out of the window he saw that the balcony not only had a view of the pool but also of the skyline, he thought it must be incredible at night.

The man shucked his board shorts and Greg could now truly see how big this man's cock actually was. The man started walking toward the sliding door and told Greg to lose his swimsuit. Greg slide the suit off his legs and watched as the man walked out on his balcony bare assed naked. "Come here." Greg walked out on the balcony. Along with two lounge chairs there was a small table that held a bottle of lube and what looked like a small bottle of poppers. The man reached over and grabbed the small bottle and took the cap off. He held it up to Greg's right nostril, "take a deep breathe through your nose, good, now the other side." Greg's head began to spin and his heart pounded. Greg wanted nothing more to get on his knees and take the man's cock back down his throat but the man stopped him. He reached over and took the lube and spread it over his still hard cock. "Over here." He moved Greg so that he was leaning against the balcony railing. The man kicked Greg's legs apart and pushed the small of his back so that Greg exposed his ass. He felt the man rubbing his slick cock along his ass crack. The man brought the bottle of poppers back under Greg's nose. "Breathe."

After Greg had taken two more hits the man started rubbing his cock with more urgency over Greg's ass crack and shoved it between his legs a few times. The man lowered his mouth close to Greg's ear. "You ready?" Through his foggy mind Greg said yes. "Yes what?"

"I want you to fuck me."

"Do you think you can take me?"

"I don't know but I want to try. I want to feel you in me."

The man maneuvered the head of his cock against Greg's hole. Greg tried to catch the head of the man's cock with his asshole. "Seems like you want to try."

"Yes, please."

The searing heat from the head of the man's cock was almost more than Greg could take. He pushed back against the big man's dick until he felt some of it start to enter him. "Oh God, fuck me." When the head of the man's cock pushed its way into Greg he thought he was going to pass out.

"You're doing good." The man put the poppers under his nose again. This time he didn't have to tell Greg to breathe. The big man pushed deeper into Greg's ass. Greg thought a log was being shoved up his ass but it felt so good.

It took quite a few more thrusts for the big man's honking piece of meat to be impaled deep inside of Greg. If Greg had thought that the cock was reaching his stomach when he had the man's cock down his throat now it felt like the big man's dick was hitting his lungs, he couldn't breathe. The pain mixed with pleasure in an unbelievable way.

The man kept sliding his cock almost all the way out and then ramming it back in. "Yes, do it again, do it again."

Greg's cock was so hard as he was being ravaged that it was sticking straight out from the balcony. The big man could really fuck, the assault on Greg's ass went on for what felt like forever but also was too short with Greg begging for each thrust.

After he couldn't take it anymore Greg began shooting a huge load of cum out into the air. As his ass constricted on the big man's cock it must have been what was needed for the man to start shooting into Greg's ass. It was another huge load. Even though he was deep into Greg the man's cum started sliding down Greg's legs.

The man pulled his cock out of Greg's ass and slapped his ass. "You did real good." The big man stepped into his bedroom leaving Greg gasping for breath on his balcony. "What's your cell number?" Greg gave him his digits and then walked into the bedroom. "When I text you, you better get over here fast."

The man threw Greg his swimsuit. Greg pulled it up over his cum covered legs.

When Greg was trying to figure out what he should do now his cell phone rang. It was the doorman bitching that his delivery had arrived but that Greg hadn't responded when he buzzed his apartment. "I'm sorry, I'm heading there now, go ahead and send them up."

The big man didn't say anything to Greg as headed to the door. "Uh, catch you later."

Greg went to the elevator and rode down to his floor and entered his unit. He stood there stunned for a moment but then looked out the window, the naked guy across the pool was giving him the thumbs up again.

The doorbell to his unit rang.


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