Since Greg had no time to change he ended up opening the door in his swimsuit smelling of sex. He saw a man with his new refrigerator on a dolly.

"Hey, if you don't mind, I'll just drop this in your living room until I take the old one back down to my truck."

"Sure, that's fine. Just leave the door open when you leave so you can get back in. I'm going to take a quick shower and put some clothes on."

"Doesn't bother me one way or another buddy, just gotta do my job."

Since the old refrigerator was empty, Greg left him to it and walked into the bathroom for a shower. His ass hurt, but in a good way, from the awesome fuck he got from the big guy in 14C. As he showered he fingered his ass and then washed the dried cum off of his legs. After drying off, Greg went into his bedroom and started looking through the moving boxes to find something to wear. Since it was only mid-day he chose a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

When Greg went back into the living area of his condo, he saw that the old refrigerator was gone and that the new dishwasher was sitting on the floor of the living room. The guy from the appliance store was in the process of removing the old dishwasher. Greg started to remove stuff from the boxes in his living room and putting it where he wanted them. From the kitchen he heard "god damn it."

"Is everything ok?" Greg walked into the kitchen.

"I thought I had turned the water all the way off but I must not have, I just got a face full of water when I disconnected it. Not to worry though, I got the water off and there isn't any damage." The man from the appliance store crawled out from under the counter. Not only was his face wet but the front of his uniform shirt was covered with water. "Not only that but the water line for the icemaker looks like it was damaged, from the way it looks I don't think the previous tenants were using it, you'll need to get that fixed before your icemaker can be connected."

Shit. "Can I get you a towel?"

"That would be great buddy."

Greg went into his bedroom and came out with a face towel. While he had been gone the man had removed his shirt. "I don't suppose you still have the old dryer."

"Sorry, no. The previous tenants took it and the washer."

"Shit.....oh sorry about that."

"No worries, give me your shirt and I'll hang it out on the balcony." Greg couldn't help but notice that while the guy wasn't muscled like his neighbor Tim or the guy from that morning he was fit with a nice upper body. He thought to himself "what is it with hot men these last two days."

After putting the shirt on the balcony railing, Greg couldn't help but watch the man as he finished wrestling the old dishwasher on the dolly.

"I feel like a fucking idiot walking through the lobby without a shirt, you wouldn't happen to have something I could borrow do you?"

Greg pulled his eyes away from the guy's body and said "sure, be right back." He went into his bedroom and grabbed one of his t-shirts and brought it back to the kitchen and handed it to the guy who pulled it over his head. Since the guy was taller and broader than Greg, the medium t-shirt stretched enticingly over the man's chest and biceps. Greg caught himself gawking. The man rolled the dishwasher from the apartment and Greg went back to unloading boxes.

Over the next hour the man brought up all the new appliances and removed all the old ones. He told Greg that the water line for the new refrigerator must have been damaged when the old tenants moved out so he couldn't hook up the ice maker and that he should call building maintenance to see if they could fix it. The man also hooked up his new washer and dryer. "All done."

The guy must have been super straight because he never noticed that Greg had been staring at his body whenever he was in the apartment. The man walked into the living room and stretched his body while pulling off Greg's t-shirt. "Thanks buddy." The man went out on the balcony and put on his uniform shirt. "Still a little damp but it will have to do." All Greg wanted to do was drop to his knees and give the guy a thank you blow job but that didn't look like it was going to happen. "Enjoy your new appliances buddy."

"Thanks." Greg watched the man's ass as he left the apartment and closed the door. Greg's dick had started getting hard as he had watched the man. He decided he needed to stroke out a load or his cock would hurt all day.

Greg went into his bedroom stripping off his clothes as he did. He grabbed one of his towels, which he now decided was going to be his cum rag, and laid down on his bed. Greg glanced out of his sliding door and saw that the same guy was at his window. Didn't that man have anything else to do? Greg decided to give the man a show.

With his cock growing harder and hitting just below his belly button, Greg began stroke. He decided he needed some sort of lube so he got out of his bed and got some baby lotion in his bathroom and poured some into his hand. He walked back to his bed with his hard cock bouncing with each step. As he laid back down on the bed he glanced through the glass and saw that the man was still watching and seemed to be holding his cock. Greg spread the baby lotion over his hard dick and then started to stroke it slowly. As he stroked, Greg thought about the blow jobs he had given and the fuck he gotten yesterday but more than that he thought about being taken by the big guy this morning, Christ his cock had been big. Thinking about that made Greg start to finger his still sore asshole while he continued to stroke. Greg drew it out as long as he could but soon he knew he was getting ready to shoot. He grabbed his new cum rag and laid it over his stomach and aimed the head of his cock at it. As he shot stream after stream of cum on the rag his back involuntarily arched with his orgasm. After a couple of seconds he started calming down and glanced out the sliding door again. The man who had been watching still seemed to be holding his cock and it looked like there was strings of something on the glass he was standing behind. Greg pulled the rag from his stomach and laid it on the night stand, got out of bed and went into the bathroom to clean his hands and cock.

Even though it was just mid-afternoon, Greg was drained, so decided a nap would be a good idea. Before he laid down he called down to the Doorman to see if there was a maintenance guy to fix the broken line to his frig. The doorman, in a sarcastic voice said "What would make you think we have guys just waiting to do your bidding pretty boy." The Doorman hung up on Greg. Definitely no tip for this guy come the holidays. Greg was going to have to find a plumber now along with someone to fix the holes in the wall and replace the carpet.

With the ceiling fan slowly turning causing just a slight breeze, Greg was back on his bed pushing the top sheet down by his feet and laying their naked not caring if anyone saw him. The breeze lulled Greg to sleep and he dreamed of large cocks with loads of cum.

When Greg awoke the sun was setting and the sky was ablaze with color. Greg pulled on his robe and walked out on the balcony to enjoy it. Watching the sun set under the horizon, Greg wondered what he should do that night. He could stay home and continue unpacking or he could go out. Greg was so horny from his dreams that he decided he would go out.

Still in his robe, Greg checked Yelp to see if there was a Chinese place close by that delivered. He found one and he called and placed his order. While he was waiting he connected his new big screen TV. Just as he finished his units buzzer went off. He went to the thing built into the wall and pushed a button, "Yes?"

"You got yet another delivery. It's some oriental guy." Greg groaned at the guy's racism. "Do you want me to send him up?" The Doorman was still grumpy. Greg wondered if the night Doorman was any better.

"Yes, thanks." The Doorman cut the connection.

Not long after there was a knock at Greg's door. When he pulled the door open he was confronted with one of the sexiest Asian men he had ever seen. He was wearing bike shorts which didn't hide anything. His biking shirt showed off his chest nicely. "That will be $22.50." Greg handed the guy $30 and told him to keep the change, he wanted the guy to remember him the next time he ordered delivery.

Greg sat down on his new couch and opened up the containers of food. He hadn't unpacked any dishes so he ate from the cartoons using the chopsticks that came with the food. As he ate, he scrolled through the cable channels he had. He stopped when he landed on the "Avengers", he would love to have Chris Evans, Captain America, have his way with him. He watched the whole movie wondering how big the Captain's cock was.

When he finished the movie he opened his iPad and looked for some good porn to show on his smart TV. He found one of with a guy about his size and coloring servicing three guys dressed as prison guards. At one point one of the guards was teasing the kid's ass with a night stick. He even pushed a little of it in while the kid was feeding on another guard's cock. The movie was just making Greg hornier than he already was. Greg started fingering his cock but stopped before he came, he didn't want to come for the third time that day without a cock in his mouth or ass.

He turned off the porn and used his iPad to find out if there were any local clubs in this area of the city. He found one that was within walking distance call "The Stud Farm", sounded perfect. Greg went into his bathroom and took another shower and made sure everything was clean and fresh. Once again he rummaged through some boxes to find his thread bare and ripped jeans. They showed off his ass perfectly and there even was a rip just below the right back pocket. He didn't put on any underwear to make sure his skin was showing through the rip. He pulled out one of his colorful tank tops that was a size too small. It fit tight across his chest and was just short enough to show a strip of abs and back. He turned in front of his full length mirror to make sure he looked as hot as he felt.

Once done he grabbed his driver's license and some money and headed to the door. He didn't want anything too big in his pockets. He grabbed his keys, left his apartment and took the elevator down to the lobby. Greg had heard that if you have a Doorman you can give him your keys until you get back. Greg was surprised that the same Doorman was on duty. Greg wondered if he worked double shifts. The Doorman gave him the once over and muttered something under his breath. Greg asked if he could leave his keys and the Doorman snatched them out of his hand without a word. How did this guy keep his job?

It wasn't a long walk to the club. As he pulled open the door he was met with a cloud of smoke. He wondered how this place got away with smoking inside. The smell was distinctly cigar smoke. He showed his ID to the guy at the door and saw a sign that said the cover was $10, Greg started to pull out some money when the guy told him not to worry that it was "ladies night" and then he laughed.

It seemed like all the eyes turned in his direction as he walked toward the bar. Greg realized he was new meat and actually enjoyed the attention. Then he noticed that some of the stares were filled with disdain while others were filled with lust. He started separating the men he would want from those who were his competition.

A big hand grabbed his shoulder. "What can I get you?" The man was a mountain but looked like he very little body fat. His shirt was open and Greg could see his chest was covered with well-groomed hair the same dark color as the top of his head.

"How about a Skinny Bitch."

"What the fuck is that?"

"Vodka and Diet Coke."

The mountain man laughed and said "you got it." As the man waved a bartender over to make the order Greg noticed that the man was holding a cigar. As he looked around he saw a lot of men smoking cigars. He also realized that the place had, what he would call, a manly scent. It was musky but in a good way.

The man handed Greg his drink and told him to enjoy it. Then the man slapped Greg's ass and said "wander around a bit but find me before you leave." The man walked away.

Greg stood at the bar surveying the crowd. He realized why they called this place "The Stud Bar". Everywhere he looked there were hot men in tight t-shirts, open shirts and even some just in leather vests. Greg's cock twitched in his ripped jeans.

As Greg moved around the bar he got a lot of smiles and greetings from the "men" and evil looks from the others. He stopped and talked to some of the cigar smokers along the way. Some of them even groped Greg's ass, some even put their fingers through the rip and felt his skin. This went on for a couple of hours. Greg decided that there was a lot of nice guys and that he would be back. He realized that he had too many drinks, they just kept appearing, but was glad he only had to walk home.

The lights flashed for last call and Greg realized that while some of the men were pretty aggressive none of them had asked him to go home with them. As he put his glass on the bar he looked around for the mountain man to say goodbye and to thank him for the first drink. He spotted him smoking a cigar talking with a man who was about the same size wearing a leather vest and also smoking a cigar. The men looked so much alike it dawned on Greg they must be related. Greg worked through the crowd until he was standing next to the two men.

"Hey, I just wanted to say good night and to thank you for the drink."

The mountain man reached around Greg, rubbed his ass and stuck his thick fingers into the rip. "My pleasure hot stuff. Do you mind if I call you that?"

"No that's fine."

"You can just call this ass Bud and me Butch."

"Are you guys brothers or something?"

"Actually fraternal twins."

"That's cool. You both got good genes from your folks."

"Thanks, hey would you like to keep the night going? You got some place we can go?"

Although it probably wasn't a good idea to invite two strangers, even hot strangers, to his condo without probably even knowing their real names, the Vodka had impaired his judgment.

"Sure, it's just a couple of blocks away. Follow me."

They were out the door and walking toward Greg's condo when he felt a hand on his ass. It was Butch and his hand felt good. Boldly Greg took his hands and put one one each of the bulges in their jeans. He was duly impressed. "You better stop that or we are going to have to fuck you right here on the street." Greg's ass twitched.

As they entered the lobby of Greg's building he was surprised to see the same Doorman on duty. As the Doorman handed Greg his keys he said something under his breath that sounded like "fucking faggot".

When they got to his unit and Greg unlocked the door the two men pushed past Greg. Bud said "nice place" and then dropped himself on the couch with his tree trunk legs spread. Butch turned to Greg and said "Hot Stuff, get us some drinks."

"All I have is some Jack or Vodka."

"Jack will work. We don't need glasses, just bring us the bottle." Greg went to the kitchen and returned with the Jack. He handed it to Butch who had sat down on the coach like his brother, legs wide open.

"Why don't we get this party started? Get over here." Greg was starting to realize he was going to get just what he liked times two. His dick was rock hard in his jeans. "Get on your knees."

As Greg did what he said both guys pulled out cigars and lit them. Greg was about to say that he didn't want them smoking in his condo but decided he actually realized that he sort liked these two hot men smoking in his presence.

"Get my brother's cock out of his jeans boy." It was no longer Hot Stuff. Greg shuffled his knees until he was between Bud's thick thighs. He put his hand on the man's bulge and could feel the heat through the denim. The man was wearing 501s so he started trying to unbutton the fly but it was difficult with what was hidden behind the fly getting bigger and harder. He finally succeeded in undoing all the buttons. Bud raised his ass and Greg realized he was supposed to pull the jeans down to free his cock. "That's good thinking boy. Now get my brother off while I watch you work that pretty mouth of yours."

While not as thick as the cock that had fucked him this morning, it was still pretty much in proportion with this man's body. Greg gobbled up the cock like he hadn't eaten any in a quite a while. The size, the taste, the texture all drove Greg into a frenzy. He didn't even need poppers to have this cock pushed through his mouth and into his throat.

As he worked this cock over he felt Butch's hand on his ass again. He felt his fingers enter the rip and then felt and heard the denim being ripped even more. Butch started using his fingers to tease Greg's asshole.

With a little more work, Greg could tell that Bud was getting ready to dump his load. Greg pulled up so just the head was in his mouth. He wanted to taste all of this man's cum. He needed to swirl it around in his mouth like some fine wine. With a grunt Bud started blowing into Greg's mouth. His spunk tasted salty and faintly like whiskey. Greg made sure to suck out ever drop from Bud's dick.

As he pulled off he noticed that Butch had his cock out and was fingering it. "Fuck boy, that was a good show. Now do the same for me." As Greg started to scoot over between Butch's legs the bull put his hand behind Greg's head and tried to move him faster on to his cock. Before his mouth engulfed Butch's head he noticed that both mean where flicking their cigar ashes on his carpet. They were also passing the bottle of Jack between them.

Butch must have been in a hurry or close to cumming because he pulled Greg's mouth all the way down his cock and held it there. Using his hips he pulled and pushed his cock using Greg's mouth for his own pleasure. With a cry of "fuck" Greg's mouth was filled with the twin's load. This time he didn't taste much since the cock was so far down his throat. As Butch pulled Greg's head up his cock, Greg did have the chance to lick the cum that was still on the shaft and head of the cock. It tasted just like his brother's.

The two men sat on the couch smoking and sipping from the bottle not saying a word. Both of their cocks were still exposed. Butch took his cigar and crushed it into the carpet. "You ready brother?" Not waiting for an answer Butch stood up.

"Fuck yeah." Bud stood and crushed his cigar as his brother had.

Still on his knees, Greg thought the two men were planning to go but instead Butch said "take us to your bedroom boy." Greg started to stand up and Butch put his foot on Greg's back keeping him down on his knees and with enough force to make him put his hands down. Greg realized that Butch wanted him to crawl to the bedroom. When they got to the bedroom Butch told him to get rid of his clothes. While he was getting undressed the two men were taking off their jeans but kept their shirt and vest on respectively.

"Get up on the bed. Good boy. Now scoot your ass down here to the end of the bed. Yeah, that's it. Hey Bud, check in the bathroom to see if he's got something I can use to make it easier for this boy to take my cock." Bud found the bottle of baby oil that Greg had used earlier and handed it to his brother.

Greg was almost hyperventilating in anticipation of what was to come. "Raise up your legs and hold them back." Greg raised his legs as far as he could. Butch dripped some baby oil on Greg's gaping hole causing it to pucker with the coolness of the oil. Not caring what he got on the sheets or the carpet, Butch poured some oil on his fully recovered cock. He didn't even rub it around his cock he simply put it against Greg's hole. "Oh yeah, your fucking pussy is just asking for my cock."

With tauntingly slowness Butch started to push the head of his cock against Greg's ass hole. Greg tried to push back against the invading cock but due to his position he couldn't. "Patience boy, you'll get my cock soon enough."

Bud got on the bed right by Greg's head. He roughly turned Greg's head so that it was in-line with Bud's cock.

"Ok brother, let's fill this boy with our meat, going to breed this princess."

With perfect timing Butch's cock pushed into Greg's ass and Bud's dick pushed through Greg's waiting mouth. Being pounded at both ends was almost too much for Greg to take. If he hadn't been stretched out by the man earlier in the day he doubted he could have taken this double assault but luckily he had been, so now he was enjoying the feel of two cocks using his two holes.

The brothers had incredible stamina, probably helped by the loads they had recently put in Greg's mouth, such that the feeding and breeding had to have lasted at least 15 minutes. "Ready brother? NOW!"

Both cocks shot their second loads into Greg. Butch's cum scalded Greg's insides, he was so tender. Even though it was Bud's second load of the night he still filled Greg's mouth to overflowing. When they had finished dropping their loads they both pulled out and used the sheets to clean their cocks.

After they pulled their pants on the two brothers turned to Greg's prone body on the bed. Greg thought it was Butch who said "you did good Hot Stuff but just so you know, my brother and I never do the same boy twice." Too worn out to get of bed, Greg heard the unit door open and close.

The smell of cigars and sex filled Greg's nostrils as he curled up and fell into a deep sleep filled with cum. He didn't even notice that the man across the way was standing in his window.


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