The sun woke Greg yet again. As he fully awoke his nose was assaulted by the smell of cigar smoke and sex. His head hurt from all the alcohol he had drank but his ass hurt even more. He rolled over on his back and tried to remember all that had happened that previous evening. As he remembered how each of the brothers' cocks had felt in his mouth and his ass his cock began to harden. As much as he wanted to stroke himself to relieve his aching balls he looked at his clock and saw that it was almost 10 am. He only had two more days of time off before he had to go back to work and he had a lot to do. He needed to call a plumber to fix the connection for the ice maker and he also needed to go out and get both new carpet as well as some window treatments. As much as he didn't mind the man across the way watch as he had his fun with himself or others, the damn sunlight needed to be blocked out sometimes so he could sleep in when he had the chance.

Greg's cock was still hard when he got in the shower. Fuck it, he told himself, and he took some conditioner in his hand and began to stroke his cock while reliving the last 48 hours. He couldn't remember that last time he had gotten so much cock and cum in such a limited amount of time. Between the movers, the ex porn star and the brothers who had picked him up last night he had fed on five cocks and been fucked by three. Maybe the condo was bringing him luck. Before he knew it he blew his load all over the tile in the bathroom and watched it as it went down the drain.

He was planning to throw two parties this coming weekend. One of Saturday night for a group of his friends, both gay and straight, and then one on Sunday afternoon for his co-workers. Since he had to go into the office on Friday he had to get both projects done today or tomorrow.

As he went back into his bedroom he noticed how filthy his sheets had gotten last night between the cum, baby oil and cigar ash they were disgusting. At least his washer and dryer had been installed yesterday. Still naked, he balled up the sheets and took them to the washing machine, stuffed them in, and turned it and started back to his bedroom to get dressed.

As usually when he glanced out the window the guy across the way was watching him again. Greg wondered if they guy ever worked. Greg waved and the guy waved back.

Once dressed, Greg did a Yelp search on his phone to find a plumber, which had good ratings, which also provided same day service. Luckily he found one that could come out between 4 and 5 pm, which would give him enough time to go buy some carpeting. As he looked around the condo he also realized he needed to take some stuff down to his storage locker in the basement.

Greg decided carpet first, so using his phone again he located the nearest Lowe's. He knew that if he went there he could probably get something good but relatively inexpensive and have it installed before the parties. He measured his living room, dining room and bedroom and then went to his car.

In the past, whenever Greg would go to Lowe's with his father, which was very rare, he was always amazed by all the men he saw there. While there were always some obvious husbands or fathers with their wives and kids, there was always a lot of guys in working gear that were getting tools or other building stuff. He had always been attracted to working men, there was just something so masculine about them. He took some time walking the aisles and checking out the men before heading over to the carpet aisle. There was one guy he had passed a couple of times that really got Greg's ass twitching. He looked to be about 40, maybe more, with broad shoulders and chest. Along with a work shirt he was in a pair of Wranglers and work boots. Greg couldn't help but stare.

A nice woman helped him pick out a carpet that was neither too cheap nor overly expensive. They had enough in stock and she gave him the names of several carpet layers that could pick it up and install it. She thought he could find someone who could do it the next day. He paid for the carpet and then called a few of the names she had given him to find out if they could do the work tomorrow and for what price.

Since he had some time before the plumber was supposed to show up he decided to walk around the store and see if he could find other stuff that he needed. As he headed toward the d├ęcor section he passed the man he had seen earlier pushing a dolly with some drywall and other supplies. It was then that he remembered that he needed to get the holes in his walls fixed and then painted. So instead of picking out some window coverings he headed over to the paint department where the man with drywall also seemed to be heading.

As Greg started looking at paint chips the man said, in a joking voice, "are you following me?"

"Uh, no, I just need to pick out some paint for my new condo."

"Hey, if you need a painter, let me know, I could use the work."

"Well, I actually could. I also need some holes in my drywall fixed."

The man pointed at the drywall he had on his dolly, "I know my way around drywall." He gave Greg a smile.

"Duh, sorry."

"When do you need the work done?"


"That might be hard but maybe we can work something out."

"Sorry, I don't understand."

"I've seen how you've been watching me kid."

Greg's face flushed.

"If you're willing to do a little work now, I'll cut you a good deal tomorrow. Follow me." The man led Greg to the back corner of the box store where all of the PVC pipe was located. "Not too many people come back here. I've been horny since I woke up this morning and my wife is out of town. I'm thinking you could take care of it for me." The man undid his Wranglers and pulled out a nice mouthful of cock. Not too big and not to small but just right. Greg glanced stared at the piece of meat and then glanced around. "Hardly anyone but a few contractors come back here and none of the employees come back here unless they are helping one of the contractors. Come on kid, I'll give you good price for the work and I'll make sure it's done tomorrow."

Taking one more look up and down the aisle, Greg moved closer to the man.

"Even if someone comes back here, we'll probably hear them before they see us." The man started to finger his growing piece of meat.

Standing in front of the man, Greg took hold of the man's cock while looking into his eyes. The man smiled back at Greg. With one more look around Greg got down on his knees and stared at the meat in front of him. Greg wondered why he could never turn down a good looking cock. Greg wrapped his lips around the head of the man's dick and ran his tongue all over its crown. He put his hand below the man's ball and lifted them as if trying to determine their weight. Greg pulled of the man's cock and redirected his attention to the balls. He sucked one ball into his mouth and gently sucked and licked and then he switched to the other ball. With a little bit of work, Greg was able to get both balls in his mouth while the man's dick bounced on his forehead. When he released the balls he licked his way back to the head. Once again Greg enveloped the head and began taking more into his mouth.

When Greg had made it all the way to the base of the man's cock he heard a squeaking wheel and it sounded like it was moving toward him. Greg started to pull off the man's dick. Using a hand, the man kept Greg on his cock. "Don't worry kid, most of the contractors that come back here know what the story is. Of all the contractors I know they've all gotten at least one guy like you to take care of them back here.

Out of the corner of his eye Greg saw a man turn the corner with a dolly with a squeaky wheel. "Hey Scott, looks like your day is starting off good."

"Sure is, buddy."

The new man watched for a minute but then grabbed some pipe and kept moving. In his mind, Greg actually thought that this was a missed opportunity but then refocused on the cock in his mouth. Greg started to slide his mouth up and down Scott's dick. He alternated between one of his cheeks and the other make sure that Scott saw his cock push against the inside of each cheek. Greg could feel Scott's dick harden a bit more and new a load would soon be filling his mouth. On one of his down strokes, Scott but his hand behind and held in place and then blew his spunk into Greg's eager mouth. Greg swallowed it all and then stood up as Scott pushed his still semi-hard cock back into his Wranglers.

"That was great kid. Maybe when I'm at your place doing the repairs and painting we can have another go at it. Here, let me write you up a quote." Scott pulled a small pad from his back pocket and wrote down a figure based on what Greg told him needed to be done. Greg was pleasantly surprised to see, what he considered, to be a very reasonable price if not artificially low.

"This is great, we've got a deal."

"What time do you want me?"

"Well, I'm having some carpet installed so how about I give you a call and let you now."

"Have me to the repairs and painting before the carpet is laid, that way it won't be bad if we have some accidents."

Greg and Scott agreed that he would come at 8 am and that he would have the carpet installers come in the afternoon. Greg also agreed to help Scott paint so that they could finish in time. In his slutty mind, Greg was hoping that there would be enough time for Greg to enjoy Scott's cock again, maybe even get fucked.

After exchanging cell numbers, Scott left to finish his shopping and told Greg to have the store hold on to whatever paints Greg decided upon and he'd pick it up in the morning.

Forgetting that he needed some window coverings, Greg went home. He thought that even if he picked up some lunch on the way he could still have time to take his boxes and the stuff he wasn't going to use down to his locker.

Because he had gotten to service Scott, Greg was in a horny mood. When he stopped at Subway, he flirted shamelessly with the cute guy that built his sandwich. Greg decided he would be coming back to this Subway and try to hook up with the guy. He laughed to himself, he really was a shameless slut.

When he got back to his building, he stopped to tell the grumpy Doorman that there would be a plumber coming later in the day and that tomorrow there would be a contractor and some carpet layers coming. With a sneer in his voice and in his eye the Doorman reminded Greg to be in his condo when they arrived because he wasn't going to chase him down like he had yesterday. Greg didn't know if it was his horniness or what but he spent a few seconds checking out the Doorman and was pretty impressed with his build underneath his uniform.

When he got back to his unit, Greg finished unpacking most of the boxes and then broke them down. Some of the boxes that were filled with crap that his mother thought he could use he retaped. Since he didn't have a cart, Greg had to make multiple trips to the storage area. He enjoyed sharing the elevator with some of his neighbors. Not only did he get to introduce himself but he realized there was a lot of good looking men in the building.

On one of his last trips there was the definite odor of pot in the storage area. After placing the box in his locker, being curious he went looking for where the odor was coming from. He wouldn't mind a hit or two and maybe whoever was smoking could hook him up with a local dealer.

Back in one of the corners of the storage room, a guy who looked to be in his late teens, was sitting on the floor, back against the wall, slowly taking a hit from a bong. While blowing some smoke out of his mouth the guy said "hey, you cool?"

"I can be if you share." No verbal response but the guy handed Greg the bong. Greg took a strong hit and handed the bong back. As the guy took another long hit, Greg used the chance to check him out. The guy had that bad boy look to him, scruffy rolled up blue jeans, a pair of square toed black boots and a tight black t-shirt tucked in to a waist that showed a thick, black belt. Even though the guy was sitting on the floor, he looked to be about the same size as Greg with dark, messy hair. He had a very sexy air to him.

"Are you the fag that moved onto the 16th floor?"

Without answering the question, Greg asked "who are you?"

"I'm Mike, Mel's son." Blank look on Greg's face. "Mel, the Doorman. We live in the building as part of his salary. My Dad told me a fag moved in a couple of days ago. Haven't seen anyone else new around here, so you must be him."

"Seems like your Dad is always at the lobby desk." Greg didn't know why he said that.

"Yeah, he's trying to make some extra bucks, thinks he can convince me to go to college if he can get enough money to pay my tuition."

Greg was surprised he did it, but he sat down next to the guy and started telling him about when he was in college.

"Whoa man, I don't care about your college days. I don't care if my father pays for college, I ain't going. Me and some friends want to start a band. We're going to go to LA or Austin."

"Well, good luck. How old are you anyway?"

"Just turned 18, so I can tell my Dad to fuck himself. I'm going to drop out of high school and get the hell out of here. So am I right? Are you the fag?"

"Seems you already know I am."

"Sweet. Always wanted to know what it felt like to fuck a fag. Fucked a lot of girls but I hear doing a guy is pretty hot."

"I don't think so."

"Come on, isn't that what fags like you like?" The kid got up from the floor and saw that he had been wrong about how big the kid was. While slender, he was muscular, and the kid was at least 2" taller than Greg. The tight jeans and t-shirt made him look even hotter than Greg had thought. Greg started to rethink the situation. Greg could see that the guy was getting hard just thinking about the possibility.

"Come on man." The kid was walking toward Greg. He couldn't resist himself, when the kid got closer Greg reached over to feel his cock. "I knew it."

The kid slipped out of his boots, lowered his jeans and underwear and kicked them off. "How do fags do it? Do you do like chicks, on your back?"

Greg was staring at the kids growing appendage. "Uh, yeah we can do that or I could get on all fours."

"No shit, let's do that."

Greg got out of his clothes and got down on his knees in front of his storage locker and the kid kneeled behind him. The kid spit on his hand and started beating his cock making it even harder. Greg instructed him to spit on his asshole and then to put the head of his cock against it. The kid was so nervous and exited he was already leaking precum. "Push."

The kid balanced himself using Greg's hips and pushed. "Harder." The head popped through Greg's ass ring. "Push harder." The kid slipped about half way in.

"Jesus fucking Christ.....this is killer." Greg pushed back. The kid may not know what to do but his dick sure felt good.

"Push it in a little more than slide it back, just not all the way out." The kid was good at taking directions. Soon the kid was doing just fine, driving his cock in as deep as he could, pulling it back and then pushing it back. The kid just kept it up. With each thrust Greg kept being moved forward until his head was against the cage of his storage locker.

"Mike, hey Mike, you down here?"

Mike stopped.

"I know you're down here man, I can smell the weed."

Both Mike and Greg turned their heads in the direction of the voice. A kid about Mike's age turned the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. "What the........?" Mike started to pull out.

"Hey bro, don't stop because of me, fuck the dude, looks like he's enjoying the ride."

The kid stepped closer and watched Mike's cock slide in and out of Greg's hole. "What's it feel like man?"

"It's like his ass is on fire, it's so hot in there."


This kid was shorter but stocker than Mike. He was wearing a similar outfit to Mike, except he was in black jeans with a black shirt. His hair was just as messy and Greg noticed that he had black finger nail polish on with some silver rings. He was cute in a rocker kind of way.

Mike, while still pumping, said to Greg, "man, would you suck his cock while I'm fucking you? That would be really hot to watch."

The new kid didn't wait for a response, he whipped out an average size cock and started to stroke it as he stepped toward Greg's head. Greg raised one of his arms and pointed the kid into the storage locker. The kid got the drift, went in the locker, got down on his knees and put his dick through the wire mesh so that Greg would have an easier time getting it. Greg swallowed the whole cock.

"God damn, he took my whole dick dude, feels sweet. And watching you plug him makes it even hotter."

Mike looked at his friend. "Yeah, I want to watch you feed him your cock. This shit is unbelievable."

The talking stopped and both kids just focused on their cocks. Mike's friend's eyes were closed and Greg assumed that if he could see Mike he would be the same. The feeding and breeding went on for a while causing Greg to close his eyes next. "Man, why didn't we ever do this before?"

Greg could tell that Mike's friend was getting close the way the vein on the bottom of his dick was enlarging. Greg pulled back, he was going to give these kids the full show. He pulled back enough so that only the head of the kid's cock was against the tip of his tongue and opened his mouth as wide as he could.

"Fuck man, he's just begging for my cum." First one burst then a second and then a third hit Greg's tongue, he swirled it around on his tongue so that the kid could see then he closed his lips over the tip and sucked out any remaining cum the kid had.

Mike started pushing harder when he saw what his friend had just done. "That was awesome man, dude just ate your cum." Mike grabbed Greg's hips harder, arched his back and blew his load deep inside of Greg and then collapsed on his back. Both kids were gulping air. They both pulled out and Greg got that empty feeling again.

"Mister, that was fucking unreal." Greg wasn't pleased about being called Mister but he didn't say anything. Mike's friend came out of the locker and went over to stand by Mike. Both of their dicks were still out and still hard.

Greg's cell rang started ringing in his pants that were beside him. Grabbing it, he pushed accept and heard "There's a plumber here at the front desk, where are you? I buzzed your place and you didn't answer. You gotta stop doing this."

"I'll be there in a second." Greg grabbed his clothes and started to pull them on as he walked away. The kids looked disappointed that he was leaving. "Later guys."

When he reached the corner of the hallway and looked back at them he saw they were holding each other's' cocks.

As he entered the elevator and pushed 16 his phone buzzed, it was a text from a number he didn't recognize. BE HERE AT 11 PM SHARP DON'T WEAR MUCH. It must be from the man on 14.


Be Well,


[email protected]



[email protected]


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