I couldn't believe my eyes when Seth returned to the bedroom. Following behind him was none other than Dylan, the sexy daddy who I had met at the bar a few weeks ago. He looked very pleased to see me in this predicament, spread eagled and gagged on Seth's bed with my ultra-sensitive cock being mercilessly tortured by the milker. Dylan smiled "I was hoping I would get to see you again, boy." Seth looked between the two of us. "You two know each other?" "Oh, yes." Dylan answered. "We've... met before..." He crossed to the bed and rested his hand on my cum-strewn belly.

I had a hard time processing the rest of the conversation between Seth and Dylan since my freshly cummed cock was being mercilessly milked by the evil machine. I strained to get my dick close to Dylan as he was sitting on the bed so he would take the milker off of me. He took notice of me in my sorry predicament. "Does slave want me to take off the milker?" I whimpered and nodded my head desperately. I noticed that Dylan did not seem to have shaved much since our last encounter, his face was showing signs of a thick beard and dark, curly chest hair was peaking from his shirt. "I think I will leave it on for now, boy." Dylan stood as he was speaking. "I feel... overdressed for the occasion." And with that, he left the room in the direction of Seth's master bath.

Seth, naked and still hard, came and sat next to me on the bed. "See, boy. We are far from finished tonight." He took off the milker and took out my gag. "Thank you, sir!!" I cried out. Seth grabbed my chin and made me look directly into his eyes. "You're welcome boy. I'm going to give your slave cock a little break while Master Dylan gets ready... I don't want you to pass out... yet." Seth took me out of the restraints and shifted us so that I was leaning against his chest and we were both resting on his headboard. He circled his strong arms around my chest and played with my sensitive cock, causing me to shiver.

Dylan walked back into the room wearing nothing but two studded leather armbands and a black leather cockring wrapped around his large, stiff cock. He was as muscular and sexy as I remembered with dark fur covering his chest, trailing down to his bush and spreading over his beefy legs. I could feel Seth's cock stir at the small of my back as his grip around me tightened. Dylan got on the bed and straddled my legs, his hot cock resting against mine. He leaned up against me, holding himself up against the headboard behind me and Seth. On my back I could feel Seth's muscular and sweaty chest pressing into me, and my chest was brushing against Dylan's hairy chest. My cock was rock hard and dripping again.

As I was straining in Seth's strong grip, Dylan got closer to me, his mouth right by my ear, tickling me with his beard. "Master Seth tells me you left him with... unfinished business the last time you served him." How many people had Seth told about me passing out? "Do you know why he called me over today?" Dylan continued to growl in my ear. "No." I said, my voice weak. Dylan suddenly shifted, drew back his arm and swatted my throbbing cock, causing me to wince. "No, WHAT- boy?" He asked sternly. "No, master!" I corrected myself as he shifted back into position. The hot, hairy hunk on top of me chuckled as he leaned into me and pressed his lips against mine. His tongue took over my mouth as I began to squirm in Seth's strong arms, shivers running down my whole body. Dylan broke the kiss and looked into my eyes. "I'm here to punish you, boy." I whimpered, causing both of my masters to laugh to themselves. Dylan lowered one arm from the headboard and set it in my lap, circling my cock with his fist. He began to stroke, slowly, making my head spin. "Do you like to cum, slave?" He asked. I was to weak to speak, so I nodded my head. "Good..."

Dylan got off the bed and went toward the dresser as Seth got me in a headlock with one arm and pinning my arms against his body with the other, still pressed hard against his chest, he was humming to himself, content. Dylan came back with two dice in his hand. "We are going to play a game, boy." Dylan explained. "I will roll these two die and the number that comes up is how many times Seth and I will make you cum before you are done." Oh, god... my heart started to beat heavy in my chest... I didn't think I would be able to be milked as many as twelve times. If you've never been milked like that before, believe me it's no treat! Your cock is so sensitive it is painful when someone keeps stroking. "Please, sirs, please..." Dylan smacked me across the cheek. "Quiet boy." He said. Behind me, Seth whispered in my ear. "Every time that you talk during your punishment we will start from the beginning again boy..." I started to wriggle in Seth's monster grip as Dylan rolled the die. They landed on the bed and I looked at them, wearily... "Seven."

My body stiffened as Dylan crawled toward me on the bed. "Lube's on the nightstand." I heard Seth say. Dylan poured a healthy amount of it on my dick and wrapped his hand around it. He started to pump up and down as my body started to shiver. "Slave's cock is still sensitive from the treatment I gave it earlier." Seth said behind me. "Good," was Dylan's only response. Dylan changed his tactic and would now run his palm over the head of my dick every time he reached the top. I had to choke back a scream, not wanting to have them start over again milking my cock. My penis was so sensitive it felt like it was about to burst. I did all I could from screaming, I writhed in Seth's grip pressing myself deeper into his hot body. Taking his free hand, Dylan started to finger my ass. My body started to spasm as a hot rope of cum came shooting out of my dick. I couldn't hold it in any longer and I screamed out loud. "That's it boy," Seth grunted from behind me. "Shoot your load."

As I came down from my high, Dylan kept rubbing my aching cock sending shockwaves through my body. I was groaning and moaning, trying to keep myself from howling and begging them to stop. Dylan lowered his head and circled my cock with his mouth, he sucked me like a straw sending my body into overdrive. I couldn't keep it in me anymore, I let out an ear piercing shriek. Just as suddenly as I had started, Seth clamped one of his hands over my mouth. "Remember boy," he said. "Make a sound and we start all over." Dylan continued to suck me, swirling his tongue around my dick until I finally delivered another painful load down his throat. I screamed again, crying out in agony for the torture my cock was being subjected to. "I think we are going to have to do something about this screaming." Seth said. "Hang on to him." He tossed me to Dylan, like I was a piece of meat and got up and left the room.

Dylan lunged on top of me and pinned me to the bed under his hulking body. He grabbed both my wrists and stretched my arms out above my head as he attacked my face with his mouth. He spoke in mixed up, lust-filled sentences as he kissed my mouth, face and neck scraping and biting with his teeth. "Such a good boy... hot scene... love making you cum... make you my slave..." I was moaning as he raped my face and dominated me with his body. I could feel his gut contract and his chest heave as he let loose a guttural moan and cum came shooting up between our chests. "God, fuuuuck!" Right on cue, Seth entered the room with what appeared to be a leather hood and a chair.

"Sorry, I missed all the fun." Seth said as he set the chair down at the foot of the bed. Dylan rolled off of me, his cum sticking between us. He lay on his back, trying to catch his breath. Seth came over and roughly grabbed me by the arm, dragging me across the room to the chair as if I were merely a sex toy. I now saw the chair had straps on all parts of it and was clearly meant to keep a cum slave like me contained. I was weary as we approached. Dylan had followed us and took my other arm as my sex masters tied me securely to the chair. My arms were strapped to the arms of the chair, my feet to its legs and my chest was securely attached to the back of the chair. I could only move my head. As Seth started to play with my cock, Dylan came up from behind and placed the hood over my head and secured the attached gag. "There," he said. "Now you can't even try to beg for forgiveness, slave." Boy was I in trouble...

As Seth worked over my cock, Dylan crossed to the front of the chair and went to town on my nipples. For those of you who don't know, my tits are hardwired to my cock. Just a few strokes of my chest and my dick is standing at attention. The double onslaught was too much for me to bare. I struggled with all my might against the bonds of the chair, screaming bloody murder into my gag. The fact that I couldn't see what my tormentors were doing to me sent me to another level. My cock was deceiving me, hard as rock almost begging for more, whereas the rest of my body was howling for it to stop. I was in such agony and couldn't imagine how it could be any worse... I soon found out.

After a few minutes (or was it hours? days?) of this torment, I felt the devilish tube of the milking machine being reattached to my cock. I shook the chair so hard with my body- anything I could do to keep that infernal machine from torturing my already defeated cock. Seth and Dylan only laughed at my struggle and continued to work me over. The milking machine was switched on and started to pump my screaming cock as Seth and Dylan touched, pinched, smacked and sucked various parts of my body. I was on heightened alert, not being able to see what was being done to me.

Just as Dylan was chewing on my left nipple like a crazed dog and Seth treating my balls as a punching bag, I felt that feeling deep in my gut. The feeling I was so regretting. I knew that with all the treatment my cock was already getting and how sensitive it was after having cum three times already in the past half hour, I knew this one was going to beat me up. And the fact that the torment wasn't going to stop afterwards had my heart beating like there was no tomorrow. As the sensation creeped its way from my crotch it built and built and built in intensity until it felt like a racing locomotive was readying itself to blast from my cock. When I did cum, my body writhed in utter agony as if I was having a full blown seizure. I involuntarily bucked, screamed and squealed as the relentless milker took me for all I was worth- and more. I had overbalanced on the chair as I had cum and the only thing that kept me from tipping backwards was Seth's grip on my balls. Having my whole body weight bounce on the flesh of my scrotum was too much to handle, combined with the agony of another forced cum, I began to sob hysterically into my hood. As I felt the tears and saliva fill my hood and smear across my face, I could only think of the four more times I was going to have to cum. I felt completely and utterly hopeless...

As my head was lost in a fog of hopelessness and agony, cock being rubbed raw, everything suddenly stopped. The hands and mouths left my body and the milker was taken off my slobbering meat. I was so spent and overdriven that I continued to sob in hysteria. I could only lightly make out what Seth and Dylan were saint to each other.

"Poor bitch... seems to have learned...?" "Still... cum four more times...." "Afraid... pass out again."

As I was drifting in and out of consciousness, I felt my restraints being released and my hood was taken off. I felt (and half saw) Dylan take me up in his arms, cradling me almost like a baby. "You did good, boy." He whispered into my ear. "Real good. Your punishment is over." I was so relieved started to cry again. I buried my face into Dylan's shoulder, taking in the smell of his manly musk and sweat as he carried me to the bed.

Spent, Seth turned out the lights and we all curled up in his California King, Seth on one side of me and Dylan on the other. The whole night I was facing Dylan, face planted in his hairy chest and his arm wrapped around my body.



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