It was another Friday night and I was just getting home from work, eager to get myself ready to hit the town with my friends. Just as I had gotten out of the shower the doorbell rang and I answered it to find my best friend Alex waiting at the door.

"Hey sexy." He grabbed my towel-clad ass as he led his way into the apartment and into my kitchen to grab himself a beer from the fridge. Alex and I had met several years back when I was new to town. He showed me the ropes and introduced me to the local gay scene. We have a very open relationship and often have sex with each other when nature calls. Alex is a natural dom and me, a natural sub, love it when he ties me up and has his way with me.

"Where do you wanna go tonight?" He calls from the kitchen. "I was thinking we could try that new bar over on fourth, BJ's?" Alex walked into my bedroom as I was getting dressed. He walked over to my dresser and picks a pair of handcuffs he knows I keep hidden in a drawer. "BJ's? I heard that attracts a certain... crowd to it," he says as he spins the cuffs around his fingers. "Exactly!" tell him with a cheeky smile.


We arrive at the club with a few friends we met along the way. As we enter I immediately notice the swarming crowd of men, pressing against each other in the cramped space. Alex and I, in our twenties, immediately notice that we are among the youngest in the establishment. I start to drool at the mancandy pressing all around me. Alex notices and pinches my nipple. "Someone gonna get lucky tonight?" He asks. Oh, I sure hope so...

As we are standing at the bar with our drinks I notice a man staring at me from the other side of the bar. I focus my attention back on Alex and our friends before looking back to find him still staring. I would guess him to be in his mid forties, lean and with just a hint of stubble on his chin matching his black hair and blue eyes. Feeling good fro my drink I manage to wink at him. Immediately I look away, embarrassed at my sudden boldness.

"How you doin', slut?" Alex asked me as he slung his am around my shoulder and started to fondle my through my shirt. My dick started to get hard, both from the nipple stimulation but also from thinking about the stranger staring at me. I decided to look up at him again only to see that he was gone. "Great," I thought to myself, "I scared him away."

Just as I was about to order myself another drink, I feel a hard bump into my back. I turn to see the stranger from the bar standing behind me. He looked at me and then looked over at Alex. "Oh, I'm sorry," he said, more to me than Alex. "I didn't mean to break in." Alex must have noticed my drool because he replied to the stranger: "No worries man, we're just friends. Let me hand him over."

And with that Alex pushed me into the man. I could feel my hard dick press against his leg and I looked down embarrassed. Alex loved to embarrass me. "Sorry..."

"Don't be sorry. May I buy you a drink?"


Dylan, the stranger at the bar, bought me a Long Island Iced Tea, my favorite. As I was telling him about myself I kept feeling his leg pressing against mine. He got more pushy until his hand began to creep up my leg and he started to fondle me under the bar. He saw me getting more distracted until I could no longer keep up with my story. He flashed me a devilish grin. "Want to go back to my place?"

As we made our way to the exit of the bar I grabbed Alex's ass from behind. He looked over at me as I made my way out. "Looks like someone's getting lucky!" He called out after us. "Don't be too gentle with him- he likes it rough!"


Dylan's apartment was only a brief walk from the bar. When we got inside he took my coat, led me to the living room and made me a drink at his bar. He joined me in the sofa with our drinks.

"I couldn't take my eyes off of you from the moment you walked into the bar," he told me. I was too enraptured to reply. "I was having really naughty thoughts while I was watching you there." I started stuttering, too hot for words. Dylan leaned over and paced his mouth ontop of mine.

His tongue invaded my mouth as he pressed his body against mine. I could feel the hard muscles of his chest pressing into me as I was slowly forced down onto the couch. Dylan swung his legs up as his body was completely ontop of mine, He began to grind into me and I instinctively began grind back against him. My cock was rock hard and desperately straining to get out of my jeans. Dylan began to pull my shirt out up and ran his hands underneath, stopping to pinch my nipples. I let out a guttural moan as he grasped onto my tits. After he removed my shirt, he whipped his off in one fell swoop and pressed his skin against mine. He grabbed me by the wrists and held them over my head, forcing me down into the couch. "Bedroom. Now."


We could barely keep our hands off each other as we wrestled our way, half-naked, down the hall into his bedroom. Once we got there he shoved me onto his queen-sized bed and tore my pants right off my body. As I was trying to catch my breath, Dylan sprinted to his closet and came back with a fistful of neckties. "What are you doing?" I asked. "No talking, slave." I knew who was in charge now.

Dylan straddled me, still in his jeans, and tied of my wrists to the bed posts. Once he had me secured I began torture my nipples again. My moaning was consistent as he continued to press harder and harder on my tormented nipples until I began to scream from the exquisite, torturous pleasure. He let go of my tits and slapped me across the cheek. "I said quite."

He turned around on top of me, taking extra care to make sure his knee made contact with my balls as he moved- I tried to suppress my yelp as best I could. After he tied my ankles to the opposite end of the bed (and after giving my cock a good slpa), Dylan went back to his closet and came back with a knee length sock. He took off his pants and straddled me again, naked. He took the sock and tied it around my head as a gag. Once he made sure it was secure, he started again on my nipples. He pinched and squeezed and dug his nails into my sensitive tits. As my moans grew into screams I noticed his cock got harder and harder. Just as I was about to pass out from lack of air, Dylan let go and scooted down onto my legs.

He reached over me to get into his nightstand. As he was reaching his armpit was pressed up into my face. The black hair under his arms was ripe with sweat from his excitement and the scent was wafting into my nostrils, only making my dick grow harder. When Dylan got back upright he had three objects in his hands; two clothespins and a bottle of lube. As expected, Dylan clipped each clothespin onto one of my super sensitive tits, causing me to scream into my gag and causing my dick to swell and leak even more precum.

He looked down at my cock and began to lick his lips. "What do we have here?" He said, flashing that devilish grin at me. "A little boy-cock for daddy to play with." He dropped a healthy amount of lube onto my dick and began to run his fist up and down my shaft. My eyes rolled up into my head as I moaned into my sock-gag. He was sending tingles from my cock throughout my entire body. My body was shaking and I was in seventh heaven, "Yeah, how do you like that, bitch? You like it when daddy strokes your cock? I'm gonna fucking torture you and make you scream, slave." His dirty talk was causing the precum to flow out of me like a fountain. My dick was hard as steel and sending waves of pleasure through my body. I could feel the juices boiling in my balls and my eyes shut tight as I prepared for what was sure to be a mind-blowing orgasm. Just as I was about to blow, Dylan took his hand off my cock. I was wavering so close to orgasm, but failed to shoot. I pulled desperately against my binds in frustration, trying to cum. "Uh-uh-uh! I don't think so. I'm in charge now and you're not going to cum until daddy says so."

I thought I was going to go crazy! For nearly an hour and a half, Dylan played me like a fiddle. He would get me close to orgasm, shouting "Cum! Cum for daddy, bitch!" And right as I was about to shoot, he would stop- leaving me in a a fit of boiling frustration. "How do you like that, slave? Only daddy can make you come."

Just as I thought I was going to pass out from frustration, Dylan changed his tactics. He let go of my cock for the first time in over an hour and swatted the clothespins away from my tits, revealing the red stubs that used to be my nipples. Once again he clamped his finger on my nipples and began to squeeze and twist them. It was even worse than the first time and I was screaming bloody murder into my gag as my body was thrashing. I was lost in the torturous ecstasy as I felt something hot and tick hitting my chin. Dylan had cum hands free while torturing my tits. He was a complete masochist and had come from my torment. He screamed so loud that I thought someone stabbed him in the back. As he was convulsing from the pleasure he grabbed my cock again and began to pump with all his might. I felt a sensation deep in my gut, as if someone had punched me. This feeling traveled down into my groin and pushed the most intense orgasms of my life out of my whimpering cock. It was the most exquisite mix of pain and pleasure that I thought I was going to die from too much sensation.

As the tidal wave of pleasure rippled through my thrashing body, Dylan collapsed ontop of me. The lest thing I remember is his hair chest falling onto my face as I passed out...




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