I was having a stressful week at work, so on Wednesday night I decided to call Alex over to drink and hang out. Given I was only half way through the week I definitely could use the distraction.

We were sitting on the sofa drinking beer and Alex was flipping through the channels. "Dude, nothing's on!" He yelled as he tossed the remote at me and had another swig of his beer. I continued to channel surf, trying to find something interesting. Eventually I got o a channel playing WWE wrestling. Being a sucker for muscular men in spandex, I couldn't help but stop. Chris Masters had his opponent in his wonderfully delicious masterlock and was swinging him round and round the ring. I didn't notice it, but I had started to play with myself through my jeans. Alex glanced down at my lap and said "Looks like somebody has a thing for wrestling." I blushed slightly and I took my hand away from my pants. "Don't be embarrassed buddy, wrestling's totally hot." I went back down with my hand and Alex scooted closer to me. "You know, instead of just watching dudes wrestle each other on tv- we can try it at home." I let go of myself, intrigued by Alex's proposition. "But how?" I asked. "We don't even have a ring. Or singlets." "Easy." Alex replied. "We'll just push your living room furniture to the walls and we'll wrestle on the carpet." He got up and moved my coffee table out of the way. "Do you still have those skimpy speedos we wore to that beach party?" I nodded. "Well, go get them. We'll wear those to wrestle."

I dashed out of the living room as Alex began to move the couch out of the way. In my bedroom I searched my closet for my bag of old summer clothes. Toward the bottom I found several speedos Alex, Ryan, Seth and I had worn for a gay pride event at a local beach. I picked a white one for myself and found a black one that I wanted Alex to wear. I stood in the mirror as I stripped out of my work clothes. I was pitching a tent in my boxers and my cock sprang up as I peeled the underwear over it. I had a hard time getting the speedo on, since I was too excited. I pressed my hard penis down into the swimsuit, trapping it in that position between the fabric and my upper legs. The tension was glorious! My cock pulsed every time I imagined my nearly naked body pressing up against Alex's as we grapple on the floor.

I got back to the living room to see Alex standing in his jeans, a light sheen of sweat over his muscled torso from moving all the furniture out of the way. "Sexy." He said as I tossed him the black trunks. I moved closer to him to see that we had a good few feet of fighting space in the living room. It was not enough room for any big moves or running starts, but it would work great for a long, sweaty grappling session. Alex stripped his pants and underwear to expose his beer can cock starting to harden. The speedo I gave him was slightly too small for him and it made his package seem nearly twice as large as it already was. My eyes wandered over his glistening, muscular chest, down his dark treasure trail to the op of his tiny trunks, where his pubes started to trickle out of the spandex. He noticed me checking him out, so Alex decided to give me a show. He flexed his biceps as he smirked at me. "Ready to beg me for mercy, you little bitch?" I won't lie, but I was slightly intimidated by the thought of squaring off against Alex. He was a fair bit stronger and bigger than me, but I tried to hide my fear. "You'll be the one begging me!" Alex just laughed, we both knew that he was going to pummel me. We both got into position on the carpet, standing in slightly hunched stances facing each other. As we were about to start a thought crossed my mind. "Wait!" I shouted. "What is it?" Alex asked.

"What are the rules? How are we scoring this?"

"Wrestling submission," was Alex's answer. "Whoever begs for mercy first loses." We both knew who that was going to be...

We took our stances again, crouched and glaring at each other. I attempt a lunge for Alex, but he sidestepped and I quickly pulled back and tried to regain my balance. Alex laughs as I get back into position. This time we both lunge and lock up, Alex locks his arms around my chest and under my arms as I try to grab onto his back, but I can't get a good grip. Alex uses his weight and tosses me to the ground. I land on my back and as I try to get up, Alex stomps his foot onto my chest, pinning me to the floor. "Ha, ha. Who's going to be begging for mercy now?" I grasped Alex's ankle and was able to wrench myself free from his pin and scrambled back up to a sanding position. Taking our positions again, we launched at each other but this time Alex caught his right arm around my neck, getting me in a headlock. I wrapped my arms around his chest, trying to squeeze myself free. I could feel the heat emanating from Alex's armpit on my neck and his bicep as it bulged, pinning my head to his side.

Alex began to lower himself and, in turn, me until I could no longer sand up straight and fell hard to the floor. Alex dropped onto of me and straddled my lower back as I scrambled desperately to get out from under this behemoth. I felt my arms being grabbed as Alex began to pull them toward him. He got up into a crouched position, still pinning my butt with his... I knew what was coming and began to struggle even harder. Alex pulled me up so that my arms were now resting on his knees and upper legs. He then grasped my chin with his hands, pulling me back so that my body arched painfully under his weight. A camel clutch. I had seen them on tv and on the internet so often and found them so erotic- little did I think how painful they really are! Yet, despite the pain, feeling Alex's muscles straining against me and knowing that I was a slave to his will sent magical signals to my groin, turning my dick hard as steel as it was being mashed into the floor.

One of the hands grasping my chin was released only to be replaced with one of Alex's huge biceps, wrapped around my neck. As my body was being stretched to oblivion, I was also being subjected to a powerful choke hold by an angry muscle god. I could hear Alex grunting and groaning behind me as he was trying to get me to submit. I could feel his wet chest press on my back as he was holding me. I tried to move my body and struggle out of this hold, but I could barely move an inch. "Yell uncle!" Alex wanted to to submit. "Never!" I shouted back at him. I figured he must be getting tired holding me so long in this position. FInally, after what seemed like an eternity, Alex let me go and I flopped to the floor. I tried to get up, but my body wasn't letting me move as fast as I wanted to. Alex was winded too, but e had already made his way back to his feet. He had a malicious grin on his face. "Come on. Get up, punk!" He was jumping up and down ready for more as I struggled back to my own two feet.

Regaining my breath, I lunged at Alex and managed to get my arm around his head. I immediately moved behind him and tried to secure my arm. Alex simply laughed as he grabbed my arm, bending himself over to throw me down onto the carpet. Again, he threw himself onto of me but this time he fungi his arms umber mine and pressed his hands on the back of my neck- a full nelson, of that sexy masterlock. This was the most painful, yet dray experience I had in a long time. My arms were being wrenched back as they flailed hopelessly along the ground. The pressure from Alex's arms against mine and his chest ion my back made me horny as hell. I felt Alex swing one of his legs over my body, so that now he was straddling me in the full nelson. With one big grunt, Alex managed to flip both of us over and wrapped his legs around the lower half of my body, trapping me in a rear scissor nelson.

I was going wild. This was a much hotter way to spend my Wednesday nigh than I had expected. My arms were splayed out from my body, flailing madly yet in vain. My arms and back were pressing into Alex's muscles and I could feel the mucles and hair on his legs as they wrapped around my body. "Yeah, boy!" Alex was yelling into my ear. "I'm making you my bitch! I'm gonna make you suffer! Call uncle!" "Never!" I yelled.

With that Alex began to rock his body back and forth, tossing me around like a rag doll. This abuse put in on cloud 9! I was being absolutely dominated by my hunk, ad only by his body, and there was nothing I could do about it. I felt Alex's rock hard cock pressing into my ass and he began to run it up and down, causing me to shiver. The relentless rocking of my body caused my prick (and super sensitive head) to rub against my speedo. My whole body began to quake from that stimulation as well as Alex's continuous domination of me. After what felt like an eternity my cock beg to tingle and I was ready for the inevitable. I began to shoot cum into my trunks. The length of time it took to reach a hands free orgasm combined with the wrestling and simulation from my trunks sent my body into space as a river of lava poured out from my dick. I was scramming from the unbelievable pleasure as Alex grunted and groaned into my ear.

Apparently this was too much for him to handle. He tossed my aching body off of his only to throw his arm around my waist ad tear off my trunks. He landed me on the floor on all fours and he pulled down his own trunk to reveal his tree stump standing at full attention. Without even a breath he stabbed it into my ass. I was already super loose from the foreplay and he glid in like an airplane. He pumped his cock furiously as he grabbed mine in his hand and gave it the same treatment. Even though I had just cum, I could feel another earth-shaking orgasm brewing in my groin. This one showed me no mercy and I could feel the cum being ripped from my head and toes al the way to my cock, shooting all over my carpet. The intensity of the orgasm caused me to clench extra hard onto Alex's cock, causing him to shoot and scream like a man being murdered. After he had cum, Alex collapsed onto of me.

Here we were, Alex pinning me to my living room floor, both covered in sweat and cum... Not so bad of a day after all...



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