I was sitting at the computer jerking off to porn when I heard my phone vibrate. I checked to see that Seth had sent me a text. "What you up to?" it asked. I texted him back saying that not much was going on and Seth replied asking if I wanted to come over to his place. Naturally I was excited since the last time I saw Seth was when he tied me to the bondage cross at the club and caused me to pass out from orgasm. Definitely was I willing to come over. I texted my reply and anxiously awaited Seth's response. "Be here in 20 minutes, boy. Not a minute late." I was already on the edge from my porn but stopped myself to run out of the house to get over to Seth's.


Seth greeted me at the door. He was wearing a black wife beater, which showed off his beautifully sculpted pecs and a pair of dark jeans. He broke into a big smile when he saw me and pulled me into a big bear hug. 'How've you been, buddy?" He asked me. "I haven't seen you since that night we went to the club." "I remember, sort of." He laughed at my joke. I had passed out when Seth made me cum the last time we had done anything together. Seth slung his big arm around my shoulder and led me into his big apartment. "That reminds me," he said. "You left me with quite a bit of unfinished business that night." "Oh, yeah? What kind of business?" Seth said I would find out later and first he poured me a glass of wine...

That glass of wine quickly turned into several and before I knew it, I was feeling a little light-headed. Given Seth's size, my hulking friend could have easily drunk me under the table. He noticed that I was a little drunk, so Seth decided to make his first move. "Now, as to the unfinished business..." My dick pulsed, suddenly. Seth slid closer to me on the sofa and laid his hand on my hardening crotch. "What do you want me to do for you... sir?" I asked. Seth smiled, I was on the right track. "Strip for me." He said.

I got up off the sofa and slowly began to lift my shirt offer my head. Seth started to play with himself as he watched my striptease. I turned around as I slipped off my jeans and then my boxers, Seth gave me a sharp slap across the ass. My cock was getting stiffer by the second. When I turned around I saw that Seth's monster cock was lying against his stomach, out of his zipper. Naturally, I got on my knees and stuck my head into Seth's crotch. I began to kiss Seth's thick rod, causing him to throw his head back and moan. I circled my lips around his head and swirled my tongue around it. Seth lowered his hands and grasped my hair. He pushed my head down, forcing more of his member into my mouth. As I bobbed up and down, swirling my tongue around Seth's shaft, I felt Seth release my head and pull his shirt off. He had such a beautiful body. Tight, rippling muscles and a chest made of marble. I caught glimpses of his huge biceps as he lay his hands back on my head, guiding me on his cock. I could sense his skin above my head and took in his musk, making me constantly horny. Suddenly, Seth's grip on my hair tightened and he pushed me further down into his lap. I hear him moan and then growl like a hungry bear and stream after stream of his cum hit me in the back of the throat. I sucked with all my might as he came causing him to roar like a beast.

Seth suddenly let go of my head and I collapsed onto the floor. He got up off the sofa and shed the rest of his clothes. I saw Seth's Herculean body swoop down and he grabbed me by the arms, lifting me off the ground. His arms grasped around my upper arms and he was pressing my back into his hot, sweaty chest, like a dungeon master ready to interrogate his prisoner. "You're coming with me." Seth panted into my ear.


Seth led me to his bedroom with his giant king bed. He had obviously preplanned my visit, because he had straps prepared under the mattress that were designed to restrain someone in, spread eagle style. I was excited to see what the rest of the night had in store.

Seth laid me on my back on the bed and secured my limbs. I was stretched out in a giant x-position with my dick pointed toward the ceiling. I still hadn't cum since I started watching porn tonight and I was really ready for some release. I turned my head to see Seth's back turned as he was getting a box out of his closet. The muscles in his back rippled as he moved and it sent chills to my groin. I really wanted my friend... my sex god, to make me cum.

Turning around, I saw what Seth had taken out of his box. He placed a ball gag in my mouth and a blindfold over my eyes. Seth started to swat my cock with his open palm causing me to squirm and moan into my gag. "Music to my ears!" Seth said playfully. I could hear him turn around again and rummage in his box. When he came back, Seth ran his hands up and down my body, sending shivers down my spine. When he got to my nipples, Seth began to twirl his fingers around them in circles causing me to whimper into my gag and made my cock drip precum like a fountain. I felt his large, warm body press down against mine and his stubble scratch against my chest. He began to swirl his tongue around my right nipple. This attention caused me to moan louder and my cock to strain like there was no tomorrow. As the sensations were churning in my crotch, Seth quickly changed his tactics and began to suck- hard- on my tortured nipple. I screamed into the ballgag. My cock was wavering right at the edge of orgasm- all it needed was one stroke and it would shoot to the moon. Reflexively I tried to move my hand, but the straps wouldn't allow me to budge. When Seth had tired of torturing my tit, he placed a bitingly strong clamp on my poor right tit. The strong and constant pressure shot waves right down to my throbbing cock, sending me into ecstasy. I was treated to the same treatment on my left tit; swirling, sucking and clamping. I screamed in pleasured agony and Seth chuckled to himself. I could imagine his hulk-like frame standing over me, admiring his work. The torture master taking in the agony of his helpless slave. This image caused my mind to go cloudy as I got lost in pleasure.

I felt the weight on the bed shift as Seth moved closer to me. He swung his leg over my waist, pinning down my mid section and up pulled himself close to my side. I could feel his warm body against mine as he began to run his hand along my chest. The heat radiating off his leg was just reaching my cock, causing it to whimper in desperation, just trying to get some release. Seth knew he hd me by a thread and all his intentions were to keep me there. He bean to pay with the clamps on my poor nipples and he spoke dirty into my ear.

"You wanna cum, don't you boy? I can see your pathetic little cock straining to shoot its load." Seth snickered. "Well, slave, I control your body. I have you tied to my bed like the little bitch that you are and your body is totally mine to use... and abuse. You're my slave, my little sex slave. And me? I'm your muscle master. You only get to cum when I say so."

Seth's dirty talk was getting me so hot and bothered. My heart was beating in my throat and I begged to be allowed to cum.

"Your whimpering is pathetic. Why the fuck would I be merciful to a little bitch slave like you? If I could, I would leave you tied up like this and begging to cum for the rest of the night. But, lucky for you, I have other plans for what I am going to do to you."

Seth raised himself and he took the ballgag out of my mouth. I immediately started begging. "Please! Please, sir, let me cum!" Seth smacked me across the face. "I told you slave, you only cum when I say so. If I hear another peep out of you then that will be never!" It took all my will power to keep quiet. I had never been so desperate to cum in all my life. Being restrained and unable to touch myself with Seth dominating me had me so incredibly horny I thought I was going to scream. I felt Seth get onto of me and sit on my chest. He took the blindfold off of me. What I saw was nearly enough to make me cum; Seth's gorgeous, giant body stretched up before me, his dick just millimeters from my face. "I want you to watch me as I rape your face." He told me. With that he forced his cock back down my throat and started to piston in and out of my mouth. He was totally verbal, which is a big turn on for me. He kept yelling "Yeah! Take it, bitch" and "Suck your master, slave" and grunting and groaning like a lion in heat. After a few minutes of this, Seth poured another load of cum down my throat and pulled out. He got up off the bed and looked down at me, muscular arms crossed over his beefy chest. He looked totally in control.

After putting the gag and blindfold back on me, I heard Seth searching in his box. I felt his weight next to me on the bed as he poured cool liquid, lube, onto my cock. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My cock was so close to spewing and this was the most attention it had received in hours. Seth paced his big, strong hand around my shaft and slooooowly moved it down along my dick. My dick quivered, it was so close, but Seth knew exactly how to manipulate me without letting me cum. Again, super slowly down my shaft causing me to moan in agony into the gag. Seth laughed, satisfied with my predicament. "I'm gonna play you like a fiddle. You're going to be a quivering mess before I'm done with you." Seth continued his torturously slow downward stroke for over a half hour, bringing me to the brink of orgasm but leaving me dangling and desperately pulling against my restraints.

Now that I was a helpless, sweaty mess on Seth's bondage bed he decided to change tactics. He grabbed the base of my dick with one hand and placed his other palm on the head of my dick. He slowly started to run his palm across my tip. The sensation was too much to bear, I started screaming bloody murder into my gag. The feeling was so intense, too intense to let me cum because my body had no break to prepare itself for ejaculation. He kept swirling his palm around my dickhead in a circular motion sending non-stop sensation throughout my entire body ,causing me to involuntarily buck and tug at my restraints. It was pure torture that I couldn't move my hands down to stop the treatment he was giving me. I could feel sweat pouring over my body and I could feel Seth's hard chest and abs pressing into my side as he continued to torment my dick. I was frantic, yelling and screaming. This muscle-bound sex-torture-god had me right where he wanted and there was nothing I could do except submit to his power. I could feel Seth's dick hardening into my side as he started to talk dirty to me again.

"Scream for me, boy. I want to hear you scream and beg for mercy." My cock was on fire.

"This cock belongs to master, I am your master. Only I say when you can cum." My head was spinning.

"You can't escape my bondage. I will fight you to the floor and have my way with you." My arms strained but in vain.

"You want to cum, don't you boy? Beg me, I wanna hear you beg."

I tried to form words around the gag. "Please let me cum, sir! Please, let me cum!" I was so desperate, I would have done anything to cum at this point. I had completely given in to Seth and would do anything for him if he let me shoot.

Seth stopped swirling my dick and started to pump up and down. I felt a churning in my balls as he started yelling. "You wanna cum? You wanna cum, slave?" My gut wrenched itself ready t unload a huge orgasm when, suddenly- Seth let go of my dick. I couldn't believe it, I was so close and Seth led me to believe i was going to cum- and he just stopped! "No." was all Seth said as I felt him get up from the bed. I was on the verge of tears, I was so clues and he just left.

I heard Seth back in his box and felt him sit back on the bed. I could smell the sweat from his ripe pit as he reach around my head and took off my gag. Immediately, I started to beg. "Please, sire please let me cum! I can't take it! I'll do any-" Seth smacked me hard across the face, shutting me up. I could feel Seth's breath on my mouth as he put his face right up to mine in an intense whisper. "You say one more word, boy, and I leave you tied up the rest of the night without cumming." I could tell he was serious, so I used all my will power not to beg with my sex master. "I have a final surprise for you," Seth said. As he shifted his weight, I felt him add more lube to my cock. Oh, the sensation! The feeling of the cold gel on my cock made me jump! Once my cock was well oiled, Seth slipped a tube over my dick- I could tell it was a milking machine. "You ready to rock?"

Seth turned the machine on slow... real slow. My whole cock was aching as the tube milked me slow as hell. He slowly started to increase the speed as he leaned in closer to me. Seth's mouth covered mine and he started to devour me with his tongue. As the milking speed increased, Seth's hands moved to my nipples and started pinching and twisting. His tongue was raping my mouth, his hands tormenting my nipples and the machine was torturing my cock. I was going wild against my restraints as again I felt a churning in my groin. I started moaning and screaming into Seth's mouth as my poor tortured dick unloaded the most painfully yet pleasurable orgasm of my life. I yanked with every muscle against my restraints and pushed against Seth's muscular, heading chest pushing into mine. The sensation in my mouth, tits and cock made me think I was going to die of overstimulation. I felt Seth's cock unload into my side and that sent me into a second wave of orgasmic bliss. I was shrieking into Seth's mouth and desperately trying to cross my legs to end the sensation of the milker, but the inability made me even hotter.

All of a sudden, it all stopped. Seth pushed himself off of me and sat at my side, panting. "Oh, my goooooooooooooooooooooood." Was all I could manage to say. "That was amazing, Seth." He chuckled: "I'm glad you enjoyed it. There's more where that came from."

"What?" I was confused.

"Boy, we're just getting started.

Seth flipped a switch and the milker started again on my super sensitive cock. Seth placed the ballgag back into my screaming mouth right as the doorbell rang...



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