My body was racing, pulsing with the most intense feelings emanating from my groin. I was swimming in a sea of unconsciousness, wrapped in a blanket of lust. There was a smell, a deep delicious musk that sent shivers through my body every time I inhaled.

I started to stir, only to find that I wasn't able to move much. I felt something heavy draped over my body. As I opened my eyes, I found myself pressed against a muscular chest and the arm belonging to it was wrapped around me. The erotic smell invading my nostrils informed me that I was cuddling up to Ryan. Behind me I could feel another body, bare-chested, pressing against my back. I deduced that after I had passed out to the club, the others must have moved me back to Seth's apartment. He had a king bed in his huge apartment and was well know for his group "sleep overs."

The body behind me started to move and I felt another arm wrap around me and run its hand up and down Ryan's side, causing him to stir. "Feels like somebody's finally awake." Seth was lying behind me. He got up on his elbows and I was instantly shadowed under his hulking frame. On the other side of Ryan's body, Alex's head popped up and looked at me. "How long have I been out?" I asked. Seth turned his muscular torso to look at his alarm clock. "Christ, it's almost noon. You've been out almost twelve hours." Ryan sat up and ran his hand along my chest. "I've never seen anyone pass out from orgasm before. Seth's a beast!" With that, Seth punched Ryan in the chest, pressing closer to my body in the process. Ryan leaned over me to get back at Seth, but Seth caught his wrist bringing Ryan crashing down on top of my body.

As I lay pinned beneath Ryan, I could feel Seth's added weight on top as he slipped Ryan into a reverse headlock and I could hear Alex start to smack Ryan's ass. My dick began to strain in my boxers as I felt the sweaty bodies pressing on top of me. As I was instinctively pressing my body against the struggling mass, I suddenly felt Ryan being lifted off of me. Before I even had time to realize that Alex had picked him up and was stripping off his sweatpants, I felt Seth's muscular arm wrap around my waist and lift me high into the air. As I was being tossed around like a rag doll by my muscular friend, I felt him slip his hands into my boxers and start to play with my stiffening cock. "What do you say, boy. Ready for round two?" Seth tore off my underwear and tossed me unceremoniously onto the bed. Less than a second later, I felt Ryan's bod tossed ontop of mine. We were face to face on the bed, naked, with Ryan's weight pressing down on me. Our stiff cocks were touching, making me more horny than ever.

Before either of us could make a move, I felt an extra pressure on my midsection. Alex had jumped onto Ryan's back and was pinning us down in this position as Seth reached for something under his bed. Seth came up with several lengths of rope. Alex shuffled down to our knees continuing to pin me and Ryan down as Seth clamored onto the bed and straddled Ryan's back. Ryan's muscular frame was being pressed onto me by over four hundred pounds of muscle. I was in seventh heaven. Seth took the rope and began to tie me and Ryan together. He tied our arms along the wrist, elbow and shoulder and secured us to the headboard, He passed a few lenght of rope to Alex who similarly tied our legs as Seth tied our torsos at the chest, waist and hips. He then took one final length of rope up tied Ryan and my head together so that we were forehead to forehead. I was being forced to look into Ryan's eyes, full of lust. Our mouths were millimeters apart and Ryan devoured my lips as we made out, lost in the lust of our predicament.

As Ryan and I were shoving tongues down each others throats, both Seth and Alex moved off of us and off the bed. I could hear them talking as Ryan and I were passionately making out. "Damn, that's so hot." Alex was saying. "What do we do with them now?"

"Who says we need to do anything? They seem to be keeping each other busy... Come here, stud."

I could feel the weight on the bed as Seth and Alex each climbed on opposite sides. They shuffled toward the center until I could feel both their muscular legs pressing into my sides. Around the side of Ryan's head, which was still latched onto my mouth, sucking, I could see Seth and Alex starting to make out and running their hands over each others body.

Imagining this sight was alone almost enough to make me cum. There I was, tied spread eagle on Seth's king bed with Ryan pressed down ontop of me, our bodies in sync with each other and making out like the world was about to end. Above us were the kneeling figures of the two muscular sex gods Seth and Alex making out and exploring each other as if there were no one else in the room. Ryan's tongue was feverishly commanding my mouth as I felt his straining muscles bound to my body. As our breathing increased, I could feel his muscular chest press into mine and his manly aroma continued to seep into my nostrils. Every few seconds I could feel his cock pulse as we each were getting more and more turned on. The heat from his dick against mine drove me wild and I wanted to desperately to reach down there and jerk us off. But no matter how hard I struggled against the ropes, I was bound to the bed and had to submit to the sweet, sweet torture I was being subjected to.

I could hear Seth and Alex getting more frisk above us. They started to jerks their cocks and take turns smacking Ryan's ass as they were getting closer and closer to unloading ontop of us. Everytime Ryan got smacked he would moan into my mouth. This caused my dick to swell each time. As Alex and Seth became more passionate, Ryan switched from moaning to screaming like a banshee. I was tied down with his hulking body and musk pressing into me, having him scream in pleasure into my mouth as he was raping me with his tongue. This was too much for me, I was about to burst.

I heard two orgasmic cries from above me and looked up to see both Seth and Alex shoot ribbons of cum which landed on Ryan's back. This pushed Ryan over the edge and I felt his cock unload in between us as he shrieked into my mouth. Needles to say, I had crossed the point of no return and I came just a split second after Ryan. I couldn't tell whose cum was whose as Ryan and I continued to make out through our orgasmic earthquake. Eventually, after what felt like an eternity on cloud 9, Alex and Seth dropped onto Ryan's back, spent. I lay at the bottom trying to catch my breath as my cock was quivering, lying next to Ryan's steel rod.



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