Another Friday night was upon us and Alex and I were heading to a local gay bondage and leather club with our friends Ryan and Seth. Ryan and Seth weren't a couple, they were more of a friends with benefits, similar to myself and Alex, but we all liked to play together.

Ryan was about my age and slightly taller than me. He had dirty blond hair, blue eyes and a ripped body. What drove me wild about him was that he had a very distinct musk to him, and sometimes I would smell it as I was out and about and I would get an instant hard on, just thinking of him.

Seth was the oldest of our group. Ryan and I were both 24, Alex was 27 and Seth was 39. He was 6'3" with feathery brown hair, sharp features and muscles that would make you drool.

The bar was only a short walk for us and when we got there we paid our admittance and stepped through the door. We each grabbed a locker in the locker room where we began to shed our clothes. I preferred to go naked to this bar, knowing the types of invitations this would garner for me. Ryan was naked too, but Alex and Seth each had on a leather brief with studded leather arm straps. They looked like two sexy dungeon masters and I couldn't wait for them to get their hands on me. Alex walked up behind me and slipped his arms underneath my pits, putting me in a full nelson hold. "You read for some hot fun, my slave." I could only nod, I was too excited to speak.

Still in the wrestling hold, Alex led me into the next room with Ryan and Seth in close pursuit. We entered the main dungeon, which was equipped with several pieces of bondage furniture; tables, crosses, chains, ropes. Alex found an open St. Andrews Cross and led me to it. He strapped me to the cross, securing my wrists and ankles as well as my waist so that there was very little room for me to move. My dick was solid and straining for the sky. "Looks like somebody is enjoying themselves?" Alex took notice. "We can't allow that, can we?" With that he took his open palm and started swatting my open dick. The sudden bursts of pain on my cock sent shockwaves through my body. Alex continued to slap my member and I moaned in pleasure.

Ryan made his way over, he had a ball gag in his hand. "Can't be making that much noise now." He came up to me and I could smell his musk, driving me wild. He placed the ballgag in my mouth and tightened it behind my head. He lowered his hands to my chest and grabbed both my tits between his fingers and started to twist. My moans of pleasure turned into screams of agonizing bliss. A big, beefy bear who was standing nearby focused his attention on us and started to jerk himself, "that is so hot."

"Ryan!" Seth called from across the dungeon. He was standing by an open bondage table and by the looks of it, he wanted Ryan to fill it. He let go of my nipples, gave me another good slap on my cock and turned to Alex. "You'll take good care of him, won't you?" Alex grinned his evil grin as Ryan walked towards Seth and the bondage table.

Alex turned back toward me and ran his hands along my chest. He curled his hands into fists and started to beat my pecs, grunting with each punch. I could feel my chest getting sore, yet he was not giving up. I began to moan and beg into my gag, but to no avail. He stopped and stood back to admire his work. Smiling, Alex stepped away from me and blended into the crowd. I am now standing here alone, immobilized and gagged, at the mercy of the club patrons.

The beefy bear who was enjoying watching me getting my tits tortured walked up to me. "My, my what to do we have here. Looks like your master has abandoned you and left you to my mercy." He starts to run his hand up and down my cock, slowly bringing me to the edge. As I feel the cum churning in my guts, the bear suddenly stops and slaps me hard on the balls. My desire to cum is quickly extinguished my the sting running up my body from my abused balls. He slaps my balls again and again, without mercy until I am screaming and begging into my ball gag. While I am screaming I hear a familiar guttural moan and look to see Alex shooting his load, watching me get worked over by this big bear. "Fuck man, that was hot." The bear stepped aside to let Alex back to me.

While he was gone, Alex seemed to have stocked up at the club's equipment closet. In his hands he had a whip, several crocodile clamps, a pinwheel and deep heat. I knew I was in trouble.

"What to do with you, my little slave?" Alex was pacing in front of me, inspecting me. I was at the height of my arousal, just waiting for him to use those items on me. He stepped up to me with two of the vicious looking alligator clamps. He ran his fingers along my nipples, causing them to stand out from my chest. When my tits were good and solid, Alex attached the clamps to them. The pain was unimaginable, as the tiny teeth sank into my flesh. I struggled against my restraints and my body started spasming. While I was distracted, I didn't notice Alex unfurling the whip. As I was screaming in pain from the clamps, Alex began to whip my chest, aiming especially for my tortures tits. This only caused me to scream and thrash harder, but Alex was relentless. "Yeah, slave. Take your punishment! You're my property and I'll do what I want to you." My dick was painfully hard and Alex took notice. He aimed his whip between my legs and started to go at my cock and balls. The sharp pain was torturous ecstasy! I instinctively tried to protect my groin with my legs, but the restraints left me wide open to Alex's sexual assault. The frustration and pain was maliciously delicious and I was loving every second of it. I managed to look up briefly during my torture to see that Alex and I had garnered a small crowd of spectators, including the big bear who was now doubling over as a jet of cum came spraying out of his cock.

The whipping stopped and the small crowd applauded lightly. Alex turned to face them, he loves being the center of attention. "What do you think? Should I make him cum?" A roar erupted from the crowd as Alex turned back to me and got close to my face with his. "I am gonna fucking rock your world," he whispered to me. "By the time tonight is over, you're going to be begging for more." With that, Alex wrapped his hand around my steel cock and began to pump back and forth, moving faster and faster. I started to moan into the gag as the waves of pleasure began to hit me. Alex only increased his stroking, paying extra attention to my super sensitive cock head. As the feelings inside my body intensified, I began to scream in pleasure as Alex lovingly tortured my dick. Just as I thought my dick was going to catch fire, I exploded like a volcano. My body was rocketed back into the cross as stream after stream of cum was forced out of my whimpering cock. I was lost in a delusion of pleasure and could feel several other streams of cum hit me an Alex as our small audience began to unload.

As I came down from my high, I could see Alex had come too and was reeling from his orgasm. Seth and Ryan had joined our now slightly larger crowd and I could see Seth's big, hulking frame walk over towards me. He clamped a hand on Alex's shoulder. "Man, that was fucking hot. Mind if I take a turn?" Alex extended his hand towards me, inviting Seth to torture my quivering body.

"Hey buddy." Seth smirked at me. He pressed his broad chest up against mine and ran his tongue along the outline of my gagged mouth. "By the time I'm done with you, you'll be a quivering mess." He stepped back and took the pinwheel and deep heat from Alex. Seth traced his fingers up my body. When he reached my chest, he began to flick the alligator clips on my tits causing me to shriek at him. He broke into a big smile, he was obviously enjoying the torment he was inflicting on me. After a good few minutes of tit torture, Seth grabbed each of the clips between his fingers and yanked them off my body.

My mind exploded in pain as the blood rushed back into my nipples. Seth instantly grabbed my tits and began to twist causing me to scream in agony. The super sensitized tits send signals down to my groin and my cock, which never lost its hardness, began to flow precum and quiver under the torment. Seth stopped and started to use the pinwheel on my nipples. The spikes dug into my skin and caused me to thrash in pain. The crowd around us began hooting and hollering as more men spunked while watching me being tortured by the hulking dungeon master. Seth lowered the pinwheel and attacked the head of my cock. Now, my cock head is super sensitive under normal circumstances, but given the treatment I had just received from Alex, it was extra sensitive. As the cool, spikey metal ran across my tip my legs buckled from the over stimulation and more precum flowed out of me like a waterfall. All of my attention was focused down to my groin which was wrapped in such agonizing bliss that the rest of the world faded from me. Seth could tell that he was driving me to the brink of insanity, so he naturally didn't stop. My body began to involuntarily spasm as I was being tortured by my muscled tormenter, with early the whole club watching in sheer amazement.

Just as I thought I was going to pass out from the treatment, Seth pulled the pinwheel away. Immediately my body slumped, expecting it to be over. Boy, was it ever wrong. Seth turned away for a moment only to turn back with the tube of deep heat in his hand. Seeing the devilish substance caused me to strain against my binds harder than ever, but I had no choice. I was going to have to take the torture that Seth had in store for my poor, aching body.

Seth put a small dot of the deep heat on the tip of his index finger. He slowly and deliberately moved his hand toward my chest and applied the deep heat to each of my already burning tits. It hit me like a freight train, my tits were on fire and I started to yell into my gag again. As the fire was making its way down to my groin from my nipples, I could hear the crowd go wild- clearly, they were loving what they were seeing. Being delusional from the torture, I did not see Seth apply a second load of DH to his hand and rub it onto the head of my cock. Again, an explosion of heat and joyous pain erupted in a very concentrated, sensitive part of my body. The treatment was making me thrash against my bondage and caused my dick to turn into steel. I was being tortured by a muscled dungeon god and I was loving every second of it.

Seth took the whip and again started to beat my body as I was writhing in ecstasy. I had no idea how long this was going on. Minutes? Hours? Weeks? My sense of time had gone completely out the window. The only sense I was aware of was the sensations coursing through my body, making me thrash like a wild animal caught in a cage.

Eventually, Seth ceased with the whipping and wrapped his large fist around my screaming pole. It only took him a few strokes to get me to shoot a torrent of cum, causing my whole body to go rigid as my eyes turned up in my head and everything went black.



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