The question finally arose: What do we do about Anthony. Dennis posed the question, and I had no answer. The fact is that Anthony was a total turn on to me, and I was only fooling myself to think that I would hide that from Dennis.

'You think he's really hot, don't you?' Dennis asked.

'Yeah, I do.' I answered honestly.

'Yeah, me too.' Dennis said with a smile.

'So, what do we do about him? I mean, it seems like you and I are moving down the path of becoming an item, so I'm not sure how Anthony figures into that.' I said.

'He's an arrogant fucker, that's for sure.' Dennis said with a smile. 'You know what? Why shouldn't we make the situation work for us? Why shouldn't we use that Italian stud for our own enjoyment? I think we should continue having sex with Anthony, if we both enjoy it. Might as well put the arrogant lil' fuck to good use!'

This was the answer to my prayers! It was sounding like I was going to get the best of both worlds. Hot, loving, and passionate sex with Dennis, and hot raunchy sex with Anthony. I couldn't have asked for a better arrangement than this. 'Wait, but you haven't had sex with Anthony. Do you think he'll go for this?' I asked.

'HA! This is Anthony we're talking about. As long as he's getting serviced, he doesn't give a fuck about anything else.' Dennis offered.

We laughed it off and later that afternoon we got the call from Anthony. 'Hey, what are you fags doin'?'

'Just got back from the pool.' I told him.

'K. I'm on my way up. I need some relief.' Anthony said, as though there was never any question that our relationship would stay the same, even if Dennis and I began a relationship.

'Dennis, Anthony's on his way up.' I announced, as I hung up the phone.

'Wow, right on schedule, eh?!' Dennis laughed.

I unlocked the front door and then went to the kitchen for a drink. A few moments later, there was a knock on the door, and Anthony came in.

'Ok,men, time to get crackin' on these nuts of mine. I need to dump a load something fierce. It's been three days since I've cum, and I'm starting to walk funny.' he announced with a smirk on his face.

Dennis came from the other room, and I returned from the kitchen. As I went to walk past Anthony, he grabbed my neck and pushed me down to my knees in front of him. Man, I loved how domineering he was.

'Let's get to it, fag.' Anthony said.

I unfastened his pants as he removed his belt and laid it on the table. Let's go over here, so you two can get these shoes off me.

He plopped down in the chair and Dennis and I both knelt on the floor in front of him. He knew he had me whipped, but when he saw Dennis--the mountain of a man he was--kneel before him, you could see his ego swell!

We each removed a shoe, and I brought his foot to my face and inhaled deeply. I love the smells of Anthony's body and my cock was immediately hard. Dennis wasn't as into as I was, but he, too, smelled Anthony's foot and began kissing the sole. Anthony was wearing thin dress socks, and the material felt so smooth as he rubbed his foot across my face. I stuck out my tongue to taste that beautiful foot of his, then grabbed his foot and took his toes into my mouth, sucking on them through the fabric. Dennis was doing the same, only he had already started removing Anthony's sock.

I looked up at Anthony to see his obvious pleasure at being worshipped this way. I removed the sock and began licking the wide sole of his foot, sucking on the heel, and then worked my way up to suck on his big toes again. As I looked up Anthony's leg, I could see the head of his hard cock pushing past the waistband of his underpants.

I started working my way toward his ankle, planning to work my way up his leg toward that big cock, but Anthony had other plans.

'Lay on the floor on your back, fag.' Anthony instructed, looking directly into Dennis' eyes.

Dennis lay on the floor on his back, centered in front of Anthony's chair. I had no clue what Anthony had planned, but he was about to put Dennis to the test. You, squat down so he can eat your ass for you while you finish getting me undressed and get all this precum cleaned off my cock.

I squatted down over Dennis' face, and felt his big hands grab my thighs and pull my asshole straight down onto his tongue. His thick meaty tongue felt incredible as he swiped it across my hole, and then gently circled my hole before journeying directly down into my ass ring. My balls were resting on his forehead, and my cock was leaking a steady stream of precum, now. My eyes rolled back, but then I felt a sudden slap across my face.

'What the fuck?! You have a job to do here, fag. Get your queer ass to work' Anthony demanded, as I tried to focus on pulling his pants off, followed by his underpants.

His hand grabbed the back of my head, and thrust my face into his nuts. I could tell he hadn't showered since morning, as his scent was strong, and I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold out. Anthony was such a turn-on for me that he could practically just talk to me and make me cum, but the smell of his body sent me out of this world.

I nuzzled his big full nuts, and realized he wasn't kidding. His balls were enormous, and I want to drain them of their payload, badly. I started licking and sucking on them, but they were so full that I couldn't really pull them into my mouth without causing Anthony some pain, so I stuck with licking them and sucking on them. I licked all around his balls, and pushed his legs open, so I could lick the sweat from that area where his legs meet his torso. I could smell his ass scent waft up from under him and I wanted it badly. He had his head laid back and was clearly enjoying himself.

'Move up a little so your head is resting against the front of the chair, cocksucker.' he instructed Dennis.

I rose up off of Dennis' face, and he moved into the prescribed position.

'Good, now fuck his face, fag, while you clean up this juice all over my cock and stomach.' Anthony demanded.

Again, I felt Dennis' hands guide me into position, as I moved up and started licking the precum off Anthony's shaft. As Dennis took me into his mouth, my body shuddered, and I was afraid I was going to cum.

'What are you doing?' Anthony asked in an agitated tone.

'What?!' I responded.

'I didn't tell you to rest your cock in his mouth; I told you to fuck his face. Now, fuck his face.' Anthony commanded.

'I can't, I'm too close. I'll cum.' I explained.

'I didn't fucking ask you whether you were going to cum. Now, fuck his face good, and if you bust a nut in his throat while you're getting off on cleaning up my precum, then he'll just have to enjoy it and take it all. Now, I'm going to tell you one more time. Fuck his fat face, NOW!!!' Anthony said.

Honestly, he was only giving me permission to do what my body was aching to do so badly, and with little hesitation, I pulled my cock back and thrust it into Dennis' mouth. It became clear I was so out of control that I could no longer concentrate on anything but the sensation of my cock thrusting in and out of Dennis' mouth. He took every inch of me, and was squeezing my ass, as though he was begging for more. I was fucking his face like a man possessed. Anthony grabbed his cock with one hand and my hair with the other, and thrust his own cock deep into my throat.

I had long since given up controlling when I came, but Anthony was so hot by the scene playing out that he began fucking my face hard. With both hands on my head he was banging my face for all he was worth.

'Oh fuck... OH FUCK... Here's what you're wanting bitch. Here's that big load I've been saving up for you. Take my fucking load you fag. Time for your feeding, and with that he slammed his cock into my throat, as I felt it become rock hard, swelling to completely fill my mouth and throat.

There was a long pause, as though the world had stopped moving. I believe Anthony and I were feeling much the same thing. That feeling you get during an intense orgasm, when you realize you've crossed the point of no return, but it's as though your body goes into suspended animation for a few seconds before you start spewing.

As I looked up, Anthony's face was beet red, every muscle in his beautiful body was straining, his eyes were wide open, and his mouth was hanging open--he had a shocked look on his face. Suddenly, almost in unison, our bodies unleashed their orgasms, and I could feel the pulses through his cock as he began dumping his huge load into my throat. Pulse after pulse after pulse he shot directly down my throat, as I continued swallowing in an attempt to coax out every last drop.

Meanwhile, Dennis' was getting a huge load of my ball juice in his mouth, swallowing them between volleys. He was doing a great job, and each time he swallowed, I felt his big thick tongue come up and wrap around the underside of my cock, which just made me cum harder.

The moment seems to last hours, and Anthony and I both collapsed, spent from our colossal ball draining. We were both panting and gasping, but Dennis and I were both still working our respective cocks.

'I need to go again.' announced Anthony.

'Impossible!' I thought to myself, 'No way could he possibly be able to come again this quickly after THAT!'

'Dennis, let's break in that ass of yours. Put your face in the seat of this chair and assume the fucking position, bitch.? Anthony announced as we all shuffled around.

Dennis did as he was instructed. I noticed Dennis' cock was dripping a load of precum, be he hadn't come yet. I had no clue how he refrained.

'Get me some lube.' Anthony ordered, and I snapped to attention and got him the lube he requested.

As I returned, Anthony said, 'Come eat his ass, Queer. I wanna see your face buried in his fat ass.'

I did as instructed and got behind Dennis and buried my face in his big ass. I could tell he was super horny, because his ass was working my tongue like it wanted it so badly.

'Spread your ass, so he can get up in there nice and deep. Feed your little fag your ass. Come one.' Anthony ordered.

Dennis did as he was instructed and spread his ass cheeks nice and wide, and I got in further. I was lapping at his big hole, and forcing my tongue into him, and I could feel his hole wrapping around my tongue like it wanted to keep it there forever. But, Anthony had other plans.

'Lube him up.' Anthony told me.

I lubed Dennis up well, pushing my finger into his tight ass to be sure Anthony's cock would slide in as easily as possible. The way Dennis hole wrapped around my finger, I could tell Anthony was in for an insane treat!

'Good, now get into my ass for a while. It ought to be nice and sweaty for you, just the way you like it.' Anthony said.

I wasted no time getting behind Anthony, spreading his sweaty ass and diving in. My tongue pushed through his hairy trench and plunged into his hole.

'Fuck! You little fucker. You're so fucking good at that. Get in there. Does that ass taste good? You like that hairy Italian asshole? Yeah, eat me out, you little fucker. Fuck, you are the hungriest little fag I've ever met. Get in there. Yeah, let me feel that tongue. Good, let me feel it. Let me feel it moving into my hole. Aw, yeah, thats good. Yeah, you're doing a great job there. You keep that up, and then when I tell you, you slide under our legs and take Dennis' load, ok?' Anthony explained.

'Ok.' I answered.

I continued working on Anthony's ass. He had one leg on the outside of each of Dennis', which meant his ass was spread nice and wide for me. I continued to eat as he aligned his cock with Dennis' hole. Anthony was quite a sight from behind. The muscles in his legs were fully employed at the moment, his hairy ass was at eye level, and with his huge low hangers hanging below it. My cock was raging hard again just looking at him.

'Ok, you ready to take my big Italian cock? You ready for me to violate that big ass of yours? Here I come. Give me that ass, man. Give me that fucking hole, man.' Anthony ranted to Dennis.

'Ow, ow, fuck, oh fuck. Go slow! That hurts man, take it easy.' Dennis begged.

'Shut up and take it. Take my cock up that big ass of yours. Come on you fucker, oh yessssss... Mother fucker, that ass is so tight around my cock.' Anthony yelled.

I could hear Dennis grunting and could see by the way he was moving his feet that he was exerting a great deal of effort to take Anthony's cock. Suddenly, I realized that Anthony had broken Dennis' ass, because he was fucking Dennis like a machine, and Dennis was mumbling incoherently. His feet were relaxed, and he sounded like he was in ecstasy.

'Get your face out of my ass, fag. I want you to get on Dennis' cock. Make him return the favor. Get in the same position he was in.' Anthony instructed.

I put my head against the front of the chair and maneuvered Dennis' cock into my mouth.

'How does that feel?' Anthony asked Dennis.

'Good...' Dennis sighed.

'What? I can't here you.' Anthony returned.

'Great, it feels fucking great.' Dennis replied.

'I want you to fuck his face like an animal. I'm going to fuck the biggest load of cum out of you that you've ever shot, and you're going to feed every bit of it into the gullet of that bitch under you. Do you hear me?' Anthony said, as he slapped Dennis' big ass.

'Yes, I understand.' Dennis said.

'I don't think you do. I told you to fuck his face like an animal. Now, fuck him. Give that cocksucker the face fucking he deserves. Fuck him you fat bastard. Fuck his face. Fuck him.' Anthony commanded, repeatedly slapping Dennis on the ass and back.

Dennis was taking his assignment to task, and was banging my face like a mad man. His cock was huge, and I was trying desperately not to gag on it, but he had my head pinned between him and the chair, and he was using me like I was just a hole for his cock.

'I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum. Oh fuck. Oh, I'm going to bust my nut, Anthony. Fuck....' Dennis said.

'You do it fucker. Slam that fag's mouth. Come on, he loves your cum. Feed the little fucker what he wants. Come on you fucking horse, fuck that bastards face like you know he wants it. Fuck him like I'm fucking your tight ass.' Anthony demanded.

Dennis had his arms around the back of the chair and was hugging it, as Anthony unleashed his big cock on Dennis' tight ass, and as Dennis banged my face like I was there to serve his thick cock. I had my hands on his big ass, spreading it wide to give Anthony easy access to drill him nice and deep. Dennis was no longer coherent, between the banging his prostate was taking and the blow job I was giving him, his body was convulsing uncontrollably, and soon I was treated to my second big load of the night. I felt his balls tighten against my chin, and he filled my mouth with his cum again and again and again. Like the greedy cum whore I was, I was swallowing each wave of his cum and begging for more, and he didn't disappoint me. He just kept cumming, and soon I heard Anthony announce he was cumming, also, which seemed to renew Dennis' orgasm, and he continued to drain his ball juice into my mouth.

I suddenly felt my body tighten and felt my cock let loose!

'Ah, you fucker! You just came all over my back!' I heard Anthony yell, half laughing.

After a few moments, I heard Anthony ask, 'Man, are you ok?'

'Dennis, are you ok? Are you alright, Dude?' Anthony repeated.

I quickly slid out from under Dennis, and got next to his face and held my hand against it. His body was covered in sweat and his face looked rather pale, and his eyes were closed.

'Dennis, are you ok?' I asked.

Slowly his eyes opened and he smiled a little and said, 'That was the most incredible sexual experience I have ever had.' and he pulled me toward him and kissed me. I was relieved, but realized he was just totally relaxed and enjoying the moment. Meanwhile, tightly-wound Anthony was already up and demanding a drink, a shower, and offering a critique of the events that just taken place. Dennis stayed in the position where we left him for a good ten minutes, before Anthony threatened to nail him again if he stayed in that position.

'Anthony, there is no way you can come again.' I exclaimed.

'Come here.' Anthony said, as he grabbed me and pushed me to the ground.

'Suck my dirty fuckin' cock. Yeah, that cock just came out of your boyfriend's ass. Does that taste good, you nasty fuck? Yeah, you're eatin' that up. Can you taste my cum and his ass? You like that?' Anthony asked, as he forcefully pounded my face.

I had never done this before, and was unsure how comfortable I was with it, but I had little time to wonder. Before I knew it, Anthony whirled me around and planted my face right into Dennis' ass.

'Spread your fuckin' ass, Dennis. Your pet fag is getting ready to clean you up.' Anthony said.

Without hesitation, Dennis reached back and spread his big ass. His hole looked used, and I was scared to death. I had never thought of eating someone's hole after they'd been fucked.

'Eat it. Stick your fucking tongue in there and eat my cum out of his ass.' Anthony commanded.

Before I knew it, my face was buried between Dennis' ass cheeks and my tongue was sliding in and out of his slick hole. He was moaning, and Anthony was ensuring I did a good job. Get that fucking tongue in there.

'Does that feel good, Dennis? Does that feel good having this little ass muncher cleaning my cum out of your ass?' Anthony asked.

'Oh fuck yeah, it feels hot.' Dennis replied.

Anthony grabbed the lube and squirted some into his hand. He reached under Dennis and started milking his thick cock. Dennis was going crazy and his ass was squeezing more of Anthony's cum out, which I obediently lapped up.

'Anthony, STOP! I'm going to cum.' Dennis yelled.

Anthony pulled me out of Dennis' ass, and told Dennis to turn around. Dennis turned around with his back against the front of the chair. Anthony straddled Dennis' legs, sitting on his meaty thighs, so their cocks were together.

'Come here!' he demanded, as he grabbed my head and forced both their cocks into my mouth together. Anthony was controlling my head on their cocks and they were rubbing their lubed cocks against each other in my mouth. My mouth was stretched as wide as it would stretch.

'You ready for another load, bitch? Didn't you say I couldn't come again? I'm a fucking stud, bitch. I can fill you with my cum as many times as you can take it, and you're getting ready to get another big load. Here it comes. Fuck! Here it comes. ARRRRGGHHHH!!!!!!' Anthony yelled.

'Holy FUCK!!!' Dennis hollered, as the sensation of the two cocks in my mouth, bathed in Anthony's cum became too much for Dennis, and he added his own load to the mix.

I cleaned up both their cocks the best I could, sucking them together and individually. When I was done, I started to get up.

'Where the fuck are you going?' Anthony asked. 'I'm not done with you yet. Move down so your head is on the floor, Dennis.'

I was in awe, as Dennis slid down, and Anthony stood over him. 'I'm going to sit on his fat face, while you take another load out of me.'

I was stunned.

'Get the fuck over here and lube up your ass.' Anthony instructed.

I assumed he was going to fuck me this time, but instead he ordered me to sit on Dennis' still hard cock. I slid my ass down onto Dennis' cock, as Anthony perched his hairy asshole on Dennis' tongue. I knew Dennis was into it, because when Anthony sat down, Dennis' cock got even harder.

'I'm going to teach you two fags what a real man can do. I bet you'll both cum again, too, since you are both so fucking hot for me. Eat my ass, bitch. Get in there. Oh, fuck, that fat tongue feels good in my hole. Come on, fuck my ass with your tongue. Yeah, just like that... Nice... Ok, fag, time to fill your gullet again.' Anthony said, as he pulled my face back onto his cock.

He developed a slow steady rhythm as he fucked my face, resting his arm on the back of my neck. Dennis was thrusting up into my ass. Anthony moved back, and made Dennis suck both of his nuts into his mouth.

'Yeah, close your mouth a little more. I want you to keep my nuts in your mouth while I fill this little cumslut with another load. Yeah, work on them with your tongue. As Anthony settled further down onto Dennis' face, Dennis fully took both of Anthony's balls into his mouth, so that his lips were pressed against Anthony's cock and his nose was in Anthony's ass.

'Fuck, Dude, is that your nose I feel against my asshole? You better not let those nuts go, or I'll rip a fucking fart right on your face. Suck 'em. Eat my nuts. Come on, yeah, squeeze them in your mouth. Nice... Just like that. You're doing good. Now, let's blast the fag from both ends', Anthony said.

He grabbed my head and just used my mouth on his cock. He was slamming in and out of me, and Dennis wasn't letting go of his nuts for nothing. Suddenly, his body tensed and he began dumping yet another load into my mouth. I was amazed that he could possibly have another drop of cum in his body.

Dennis was overwhelmed by the new experience of holding a guy's balls in his mouth as he cums, and the experience was too much for him. He began flooding me with his cum, and I felt a warm rush come over me. It was incredible.

When he was done, Anthony was still sitting on his face and his balls were still buried in Dennis' mouth. He looked pretty comfortable there and was playing with his own nipples.

We were all coming down and I was licking the last drops of cum from his cock when he said, 'Now, about that fart. I got a big one all ready for you, Dennis.'

Dennis went into a full panic, and I joined him in grabbing Anthony and throwing him to the side, and it was just in time. He let loose with a huge fart, and Dennis and I went running from the room.

'You little fucker, you would have farted right on my damn face!?! What the fuck is wrong with you.' Dennis asked, visibly upset.

'Who are you kidding. You wanted it. You would have gotten off on it, wouldn't you?' Anthony responded, as cocky and arrogant as ever.

Anthony approached me and said, 'You would have let me do it, wouldn't you.'

As I pondered what he was saying, I said nothing.

'Yeah, see, that's what I thought. You're a good fag. You get that it's all about me. You know how to worship me right. This other one is going to be a bit harder to break in.' Anthony said, laughing.

The most horrifying thought to me is that I honestly don't know whether I would have let him. It's true I was totally submissive to him, but that?!?! It seemed rather extreme, but yet I didn't find myself objecting as much as I would have liked. I was starting to scare myself with how far this was going. I suddenly felt the need to set limits for myself. I felt as though I was on a slippery slope, and I wasn't sure how far I would go, and that made me uncomfortable. Meanwhile, I was confident that Anthony would take me right up to my limit and then some.

We all got cleaned up and I made us some dinner. Anthony and Dennis watched some cop chase show on TV, commenting about how stupid criminals are, bleh, bleh, bleh. As I stood in the kitchen watching and listening to them, I felt myself start to get hard again. Now that I better understood their sexual potential, these hot guys are going to get a regular workout, if I have my way!



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