I had seen him many times over the past few months, since moving to my new place. He was a security officer for my community, and was usually sitting near one of the gates in the evening. I have to admit, every time I came or left, I was on the lookout for him. I never really saw him up close, but could see he had a goatee, dark hair, and wasn't a tall guy, probably around 5'7' or 5'8' tall.

What I did always notice was his demeanor. He was all man, and he had a certain confidence, even arrogance to him. Regrettably, he almost always caught me looking at him, and would nod at me and I would smile and nod back.

On evening, I was coming in from the store. I had bought way too much shit, and was definitely going to need to make multiple trips to get it all into my condo. As I passed the gate nearest my place, I saw him sitting dutifully in his security cart, which was like some monster golf cart with off-road tires and clearly improved suspension. Again, he caught me looking at him, and nodded, only this time I thought I saw him smile at me. I did a double-take and smiled back. Man he was beautiful!

As I drove toward my parking space, I saw his cart start following me, and at first I just figured he was heading the same direction. Then, he passed the last turn before my place, and I felt the first splash of adrenaline hit my blood stream. Part of me was hoping I'd get the chance to strike up a conversation with him, so I could check him out close up. The other half of me was terrified of a confrontation that could embarrass me in my community.

'Oh fuck, I've been snagged. He caught me looking at him. I'm SUCH a fuck up. Why did I have to keep staring at him.', I thought to myself. Not knowing what else to do, I pulled into my parking space. I watched in terror as he parked his cart right behind me and hopped out. I rolled down the window, as I saw him start walking toward me.

'Fuck, look at the way he struts. This guy is so fuckin' hot!', I thought to myself. Suddenly realizing my predicament, I tried to beat my libido into submission, thinking to myself, 'What the fuck are you doing? The guy is about to confront you, and you're STILL fantasizing about him! This is fuckin' pathetic!'

As he approached my window, he crossed his fingers, and rested his forearms on the window frame, so his hands were very close to me. He had beautiful hands well-groomed, wide, masculine hands. The thought of leaning forward and kissing his hands flashed through my mind, as my libido struggled to take control of my mind and body and make me live out my fantasies.

He had a smirk on his face, as he said, 'Enjoying the view?'.

'Huh?', I said.

'Man, at first I couldn't figure out what was up with you staring at me all the time. Then I saw that sticker on your back window, and realized you are probably gay. Are you gay?', he asked.

'Fuck! It's that damned Human Rights Campaign sticker on the back window! ARGH!!!!', I thought to myself.

'Dude, did you hear me. Are you gay?', he asked.

'Yeah, sure am.', I replied.

'So, you have a thing for me or what?', he asked.

'Huh?', I replied.

He laughed and said, 'Man, I'm just teasin' ya. You are SO busted. I know you've been checkin' me out. It's cool. It's kinda hot knowing a guy has the hots for me.', he said as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

I felt like I was going to melt. His had was warm and strong, and he shook me a bit and said, 'Are you alright?'

Just then, a neighbor approached. 'Everything ok, Officer?', he asked.

'Yes, sir. Everything is fine. Thanks for asking.', he replied.

'Great. Have a good evening.', the neighbor said as he walked on.

'Looks like you've been doing some grocery shopping. Let me help you carry those in.', he said as he opened my car door. I stepped out, and though I was a bit taller, his presence was HUGE!

I was in a full panic, despite his efforts to get me to relax. We each grabbed a bunch of bags, and then he followed me to my unit. I was fumbling with the keys, before dropping them. I was so nervous I honestly thought I was going to pass out. Every fantasy I had ever had about this guy was flashing through my mind, and I wondered if he had any idea how many times I had jacked off fantasizing about him. He put his bags down, and picked up my keys.

'Here, move, let me do it.', he said as he unlocked the door. He opened the door and stood with his back against it, looking right into my eyes as I passed him. I could feel the heat of his body, and smell his masculine scent. I knew I was rock hard, and as I heard him come in and shut the front door, I was trembling so bad, I could barely pick anything up.

'Put the cold stuff away.', I told myself as I tried to distract myself from what was going on by assigning myself other tasks.

I grabbed the two bags of cold items and knelt down to put the vegetables in the crisper drawer in the fridge. When I was done, I reached up to close the fridge, and realized he was standing right behind it. He was holding a pint of sour cream directly in front of his cock and said, 'This should probably go in there.'

I reached out, expecting him to hand it to me, but he didn't. Instead, he held it still in front of his cock. I looked up at him, and he was looking down at me with a half smile on his face.

'Are you going to take it or do you want me to give it to you.', he asked. My own cock twitched at the question, as I reached up and took the container from him and put in the fridge. 'That's a boy.' he said in a husky whisper.

I felt like I was going to cum in my pants. He was so incredibly hot, it was driving me nuts. I stood up and he moved closer to me. I felt myself waiver, as he moved closer to me. He smelled so good. His body was just radiating some type of sexual energy that I could not resist. He took my hand and placed it on his pants, so I could feel his big cock through his pants.

'See, my problem is that I'm a cop, and not many women want to be in a relationship with a cop. Long hours and the chance they'll get the call one day that I was killed on the job. They don't really want to wait around to be there when I need them. So, I took this job in the evenings to earn some extra cash and keep myself busy. So, needless to say, I haven't gotten my rocks off in months.', he explained.

He continued, 'So, I see this guy--always alone--who keeps staring at me. 'Now, why does that guy keep staring at me?', I think to myself. So, at first I thought you might be up to something, but I watched you for a while and realized you weren't doing anything wrong. So, I was still stuck with the question of why you were staring at me. I thought, 'Maybe the guy thinks he knows me from somewhere or some shit like that.', but then you always looked nervous and looked away when I looked at you.

Then, I was at the convenience store one day, and saw this woman get out of a car, and she had the same sticker on her back window that I remembered seeing on your back window. I asked her what it meant and she explained that it was a sticker for a group who fights for equal rights for gay people. So, I put two and two together and think that maybe you keep staring at me cause you have a thing for me. So, I see you come through the gate and I smile at ya, like I would do with a chick, and you panic just like chicks do when they realize I caught them staring at me.'

His big smile was evidence of his pride in putting together all the pieces. And, he continued.

'So, I think, to myself, 'Anthony, this fag, er, I mean gay guy, comes through here alone all the time and obviously thinks you're hot. And you're sitting here with full nuts. Maybe you two could help each other out.'', he explained.

'You followin' me?', he asked.

I nodded.

'So, you like to suck cock or what? You wanna help me out? I got a nice set of nuts. You wanna drain them for me?', he asked.

Again, I nodded.

'Yeah, stick with the nodding. This is workin' better than me waiting for a fuckin' answer when I ask you a question.', he chuckled. 'Ok, so what about this, you wanna suck cock and I need to cum...a lot. I'm Italian, and I got big nuts and plenty of sex drive. I'm sick of whackin' off. So, I'll come up here, and you can drain my nuts, and we're both happy. What do you think about that.'

'Ok', I said.

'He speaks!', Anthony replied. 'Ok, I'm going to go down and move my cart over by the gate, so people think I'm workin'. Then, I'm gonna come back up here, and you can get your first taste of my ball juice, how 'bout that?'

'Ok', I said.

He laughed and said, 'Man, it's a good thing I didn't come up here for conversation. Luckily, I don't need you to talk. But, I sure as hell hope you're better at suckin' dick than you are at holding up your end of a conversation.' He turned and walked out the door.

As he left, I collapsed into the chair. 'What the hell just happened here?!', I wondered. 'Is this what I want for myself? To be a cock slave to the security guy at my community?', I thought to myself. But, then, I realized that it had been months, and I really wanted to suck his cock. He was beautiful, and I found him irresistible, even if I knew our relationship would be limited to me serving his cock. Plus, I have a thing for cops. I hardly ever see one I don't want to get on my knees in front of. This could be a dream come true.

There was a tap at the door and then it opened, and Anthony stepped inside. Like I said, he wasn't a big man. He was probably about 5'7' tall, and appeared to be very hairy. He had a medium complexion, dark hair, and nice masculine hands. He was well groomed, and had a swagger to his walk. He approached the chair where I was sitting, and moved so that his cock was face height.

He took my hand and again placed it on the front of his pants. 'Unless you like the taste of fabric, you're gonna have to get it out.', he said.

I moved onto my knees on the floor. As I unzipped his pants, I could smell his masculine musky scent escape his pants. The smell was so intoxicating that I nearly fell backward. I thought I would cum in my pants as his scent hit my nose. My eyes closed and I wobbled a bit. 'Sorry, I haven't showered since before work this morning.', he said apologetically.

'No, no. It's incredible.', I said.

'Eh, you like that, do ya? Nice. I tell you what, why don't I move over here so I can sit in the chair when you get these pants off me.', he said.

We shuffled positions, and he was now standing with his back toward the chair. I unfastened his belt, and then unbuttoned his pants. I slid his pants down to his knees. He was absolutely beautiful. His body was covered with soft, dark hair. His pubic bush was dense, and a thick uncut 6.5 inch cock rose from it. Below his thick beautiful cock, was a huge nut sack, where I could see the outline of two huge eggs. This guy was HOT!

He sat down and said, 'You're probably going to have to take my shoes off, if you're gonna get those pants off.'

I backed up started to unlace his black police boot. When the laces were sufficiently loosened, I pulled the first boot free of his wide masculine foot. His foot had obviously been in that boot all day, and was moist with sweat. As the smell rose to my nostril, my cock rose to full mast. He was watching me intently, and lifted his first foot to my shoulder and rested it next to my face, as I started to remove the second boot. As I did, the scent became too much, and knew it. I started to topple backwards, but between the foot he had on my shoulder and my back braced against the coffee table, I was able to stay upright. But, I was helpless, as I felt my orgasm starting to rise up in my nuts, Anthony lifted his other foot and pressed it to my face. I grabbed his ankle and kept his foot pressed against my face, as I shot my load into my pants. I was out of control, and he knew it.

'That's some fuckin' shit right there! Did you just totally get off on the smell of my feet, Dude. That's too much! I can't believe you just came. Don't forget you still have some work to do.', Anthony reminded me.

As I started to come back down from my high, I pulled his pants off and ran my hands up his sexy legs. The hair was so soft, and the shape of his legs was unbelievable. I moved forward, lifted his semi-hard cock toward his belly, and swiped my tongue across his huge nuts. 'Aw, that's what I'm talkin' about, right there! That's what I've been needin'. You take your time and do the right, ya hear? Yeah, that's nice.', he encouraged.

I licked and sucked his big hairy nuts. It was incredible. The smell of his body had my cock again at full mast, only now I was soaked in my own cum, which made my cock nice and slick in my pants. I could already feel my balls building up another load. I licked around and under his balls, licking the creases where his legs met his torso, and he was encouraging me with one of his hands on the back of my head, and a stream of rhetoric, 'Aw, yeah. You know how to do this. I can't believe you've been up here with all this talent the past couple months, and I've been sitting down in the parking lot with full nuts. Fuck that! FUCK THAT! You're gonna get all this you can take from now on. Atsa boy, lick under my nut sack. That's nice. Aw yeah.'

Anthony slid lower in the chair and moved a leg up onto each chair arm. As he did, the scent from his incredibly hairy ass crack rose up to my nose, and as it did, I uncontrollably ran my tongue down to meet it. He jumped a bit when my tongue first moved into the thick hair surrounding his hole, even though I hadn't made contact with his hole, yet. With one hand on the top of my head, he pushed me lower, and with the other he pulled his ass cheek open wider, allowing me to get in deeper. 'Oh yeah, you kinky mother fucker. You like eatin' ass? Get in there and chow on my ass, man. Get in there. That's what you want isn't it. A little lower. Come on. Find my sweaty ass hole. Dig in there, fag boy. Come on. Clean that ass up for me.', he encouraged.

I followed his instructions, and spread his ass wider. My tongue hit its mark, and I felt his ass jump. I glanced up and his eyes were closed and his head was moving from side to side. He was really getting off on this, and his cock was hard as a rock. I continued licking around his hole, and then plunged my tongue in deeper.

Suddenly, he put his legs down and said, 'Come here and suck. Man, you've got me crazy horny, now. I need you to work a load out of these nuts.' He moved his hands behind his head to hold onto the back of the chair, as I slid my tongue up the shaft of his cock. He was moaning and breathing erratically, as I licked the precum from his shaft. I pulled his foreskin back to reveal a huge swollen cock head. It was so hard, it was purple. I slid my mouth down over his cock, so that my nose was in his thick dark hairy bush, and he arched his back and cried out, 'AHHHHHHH, fuck! Man, you keep doing that and I'm going to feed you the biggest load of cum...'

I believed him, given the size of those huge nuts of his. I rhythmically started working his cock with my mouth. Every time I buried the head of his cock in the depths of my mouth, his body would convulse. Again and again, I engulfed that cock, and then he said, 'Fuckin' take it man. It's feedin' time. Eat my cum fag boy!', as he dropped his hands to the back of my head and wrapped his legs around my shoulders, ensuring I would not escape the wrath of his nuts.

His cock went rigid, and I felt his heels dig into the center of my back and his hands increased their pressure on the back of my head. His cock was now buried completely in my mouth, my nose in his bush and my chin against his big nuts. I felt the first jolt of cum shoot from his cock and fill my mouth, soon followed by a second, and then a third. I was stunned by the force of his cum, and quickly started swallowing as much as I could. I lost count of how many times his cock shot into my mouth, but it seemed like it would never end. I have never had a guy feed me so much cum in a single load. It was incredible!

Even when he was done, he held me tightly in place with his legs. 'Stay on there, Dude. Just stay on there. I want you to milk the last couple of drops out.', he said as his cock continued to spasm, emptying the last of its contents into my greedy mouth. He now had his arms back behind his head, as he watched his cocksucker feeding on the last few drops of his cum. 'Yeah, man, clean that cock up for me. Nice... You did a good job, swallowin' that load. Chicks usually start spitting and sputterin' and make a fuckin' mess. You must have really needed a good feedin', huh?'

He put his legs down, and stood up, so I rocked back on my feet. He stood towering over me, looking down at me with a look of victory and accomplishment. He rubbed his cock over my face, just kind of breathing heavy and enjoying himself, knowing I had completely submitted to him. Then, he turned around, so his ass was in my face. He said, 'You like my ass, Dude? You like my hairy ass? Rub your face on my ass. I never had anyone eat my ass before. Chicks don't do that shit. But, you, I thought you were gonna crawl up in there, Dude.'

His ass was perfectly shaped, and his whole ass was covered in beautiful black hair that all appeared to grow in toward his crack. He then put one foot up on the chair and leaned forward a bit, showing me his ass trench. It was incredible. It was full of dark hair, and he reached back, grabbed my head, and forced it into his ass. 'Get in there, Man. You like that ass, dontcha? You like eatin' ass? Eat my ass. Here let me help you.', he said as he climbed up on the chair, with his chest on the back of the chair, his back arched, and his beautiful hairy ass pushed right up in the air. He reached back and spread his cheeks nice and wide, and still I couldn't see past his hair to his hole. 'Find my hole, again. Use your tongue and find my hot sweaty asshole. Go on, Dude. Get in there. You know you want to. Come on Asslicker. Eat my ass good for me.', he instructed.

I put my hands on his calves, and leaned in to his spread ass, and buried my face in it. I began searching for his hole, through the dark hairy ass trench. ''Awwwww, yeeeeeah, that's it. Find that hole, Baby. Find that hole. You can do it. Use that tongue to find my hole. Look at you with your face buried in my hairy ass. I bet you've been dying for this, huh? Probably laid in your bed at night fantasizing about eatin' my ass.', he said.

My cock was so hard I could barely stand it. As I found his hole, he let out a groan, and ordered me to get in there deep. 'That's what you wanted, isn't it. You like have your face buried in a real man's ass, huh? You like the taste of my sweaty asshole, right? Yeah, clean the sweat out of my hole, man. Dig in there. Let me feel that tongue.', he instructed.

The further I burrowed into his ass, the harder I got. I felt like my nuts were going to bust. 'Man, stop for a second. I have an idea, he said. Turn around and put your head in the seat of the chair.', he commanded. I turned around so my back was against the front of the chair, and put my head back. Anthony put his feet in the seat of the chair, and lowered his hot hairy hole down onto my face. 'How's that?', he asked. It was so fuckin' hot that all I could get out was, 'Mmmmmm'. I had my tongue in his ass, and my nose under his balls, and the two most beautiful balls I had ever seen resting on my forehead. 'Yeah, eat that hole man. Get in there good. Look at you with my balls on your face, and your tongue up my asshole. How fuckin' sick is that. Even bitches won't do this kinda shit man. Look at you. You're fuckin' into it, too, aren't ya? I bet you're about to cum again. Are you gonna cum again, while you eat my ass?', he asked.

'Uh huh.', I responded as I reached up and grabbed his hips and pulled his ass down tight against my tongue, I felt my cock start to spasm again, and my pants were once again flooded with a big load of cum. 'Holy fuck! You just came again, didn't ya?! Man, that's crazy!', he said.

As my orgasm subsided, he got off the chair and stood there looking down at me. I was out of breath and my pants were soaked with my own cum. 'That is FUCKED UP, man! Looks like you needed this worse than I did. How does it feel finally getting what you've been wanting all this time?', he asked. 'It was amazing...', I replied. 'Yeah, I can sure tell you liked it. Listen, you gotta get your shit cleaned up. I'm gonna go do my rounds, but I'll probably be back later. That cool?', he asked. 'Oh, hell yeah. I would LOVE that!', I told him.

Anthony got dressed and looked at me. 'Write your cell phone number down on a piece of paper for me. I'll call you when I'm on my way back, so you can be ready for me. Cool?', he said.

I wrote my cell phone number down, and he said, 'I'll be back later. Dude, you smell like my ass crack. You might want to take a shower or something.', he smirked. 'Or not.', I smirked back. 'Suit yourself.', he chuckled, and walked out. I did go shower, but not before sitting and rewinding in my mind everything that had happened that night. This guy was hot, and his body was incredible. I found myself wondering how long until he got back.



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