A couple hours went by and my cell phone rang. I jumped to my feet and answered it, and was relieved to hear Anthony's voice on the other end of the phone.

'Eh, I'm on my way up in a few minutes. Cool?', Anthony asked.

'Yeah, cool.', I said.

'Good. Get undressed. I want you on the edge of the bed when I walk in, ass up and face down. Got it?', he instructed.

'Got it.', I replied.

It seemed like hours before I heard him knock at the door (which I had left unlocked for him) and walk in. I was nervous and excited at the same time. I guess he planned to fuck me. I wondered if I should have lubed up or what, but opted to follow his instructions precisely.

The bedroom was dark, with the only light being that coming from the living room. The room suddenly became darker as Anthony walked in, though I did not look back to see him. Suddenly, I felt a slap on my ass, and I jumped.

'You look like you want to get fucked. Do you want to get fucked, fag boy?', he asked.

'Yeah, I want to get fucked. I want you to fuck me, Anthony. I love your cock.', I responded.

'You like my cock? What else do you like. Tell me everything you like about my body.', he ordered.

'I like licking your feet and sucking your toes. I love licking and sucking your big nuts. I love eating your ass. Your ass tastes so good. I love licking your pits. And, I love sucking your cock and swallowing your cum. Your cum tastes, so good.', I rambled.

'Wow, sounds like you're a MAJOR fag, huh? You just can't get enough, can you?', Anthony asked.

'No, I can't get enough.', I replied.

'Good, 'cause I'm gonna help you out. Dennis here is going to give us a hand to be sure you get all you need.', Anthony said.

My heart stopped. It had never occurred to me that Anthony would have anyone with him. I was so humiliated and vulnerable in my current position, and the last thing I wanted was to turn around and look. Finally, curiosity got the best of me, and I turned around. I was paralyzed by what I saw.

There in the doorway to my bedroom stood a man who had to be every bit of 6'6' tall, and probably about 350 pounds. He looked like a mountain, especially compared to Anthony's small frame. As my eyes surveyed Dennis' body, I noticed he had huge hands, big feet, and a big belly. His arms were big and solid, and I wondered whether that was from moving that weight around or whether he actually worked out on occasion. He had a nice face. Masculine and rugged, but gentle eyes, at least from what I could see in the dark. He was clean shaven, and didn't appear to be particularly hairy.

'Hello.', Dennis said.

I just stared until Anthony said, 'What? You can't say hello?'

'Hi.', I said, looking into Dennis' eyes.

Anthony chuckled, 'Yeah, well, I'm going to leave you boys alone. I have to go fill out that report on the domestic violence incident I had a while ago. I'll be back later.'

'Glad, I'm off the clock, now. I may be spending the night working on this boy right.', Dennis said.

'Okay, I'm out.', Anthony said. 'I'll see you guys later. Have a blast.', he said as he moved past Dennis out of the room.

Now, I had never really been attracted much to big guys, and I was usually much more attracted to hairy guys. In short, Dennis wasn't at all my type. I wanted to tell him to leave, but knew I didn't stand a chance against him. My thoughts were interrupted as Dennis spoke.

'So, you like feet, huh? I've never had my feet sucked. Never had my ass eaten either. Sounds like it's gonna be a night of firsts.', he said.

I wanted to run. The thought of putting my face in his fat ass repulsed me. I didn't want anything to do with his fat feet. I just wanted him to leave. But, that wasn't happening.

'Why don't you undress me. Start with my shirt.', he directed.

I walked toward him, and it was only now that I truly understood how massive this man was. I tentatively reached for the buttons on his uniform shirt, and he laughed.

'Come on. Don't look so nervous. I won't bite. Just relax and take my uniform off.', he ordered.

His smile was beautiful, and suddenly I felt a huge weight lifted. His eyes and smile told me he was a 'gentle giant', and as I started unbuttoning his short-sleeved shirt, I realized he had a nice masculine scent. His body radiated a warmth that was somehow soothing and made me want to get closer to him.

As I unbuttoned the last button and pulled his shirt free from his pants, I pushed it back off his big belly. I was stunned to find myself actually becoming aroused. His tits were big and firm, and his big belly was very masculine, and lightly hairy. With no notice, I leaned forward and kissed his big belly, and then turned my head to rub my cheek against it. It had never occurred to me to do these things, and I didn't know why I was doing them now, but it sure felt nice.

'Yeah, that's a good boy. You like Daddy's belly?', he asked.

'Yeah, I love your belly.', I said.

I kissed my way up his belly and found a nipple on his chest, and slowly began to suck on it. I felt one of those big mammoth hands grasp the back of my head and hold my mouth on his tit. It felt so good, sucking his nipple, and feeling the hairs on his chest against my face. Soon, I found myself moaning.

'Come on, let's get these clothes off.', he encouraged.

I walked around behind him and pulled the shirt off, and hung it on the door knob. As I turned back toward him, I noticed the shape of his back. It was massive, and I reached up and ran my hands over it, and he respond to my caresses. I leaned in and kissed his back. Five minutes ago I was repulsed by him, under the assumption he would be gross and smelly. Instead, I was drawn to the heat of his body like a moth to a flame, and he smelled so good--soft, yet masculine. It sounds odd to say, but he gave off a protective aura, so that I felt very safe with him.

I walked around to the front of him, and unbuckled his belt--the buckle was nestled under the front of that big belly. I noticed how warm his belly felt against my hands, and I leaned in and licked his belly button. His belt was now unfastened, and I told him to sit on the edge of the bed.

He sat down, and watched as I got on my knees and started to untie the police boots he was wearing. 'There's no way these things are going to fall off his feet. I've never seen so many laces!', I thought to myself. Once I had the first boot loose enough to be pulled free, I gently pulled it off his foot. His big meaty foot slipped free of the boot, and smelled like a foot that had been stuck in a boot a while. I was taken aback by how massive it was, and how attracted I was to it!

'Sorry, I've had these boots on all day.', he apologized.

Struck by how gentle and caring he was, I replied, 'Don't apologize. I think you smell great. Your foot is beautiful!' To punctuate my sentence, I lifted his foot to my face and kissed his big toe through his black sock.

'Wow.', he said. 'Anthony is right. You really do love guys.'

'You are beautiful.', I heard myself say to him. Startled by what I had just said, I thought, 'I shouldn't lie to him. It's better to just say nothing.', but then I realized I did mean it. In the five minutes since I met him, he had indeed become attractive to me. I suddenly saw big guys in a different light.

I lifted his foot again and ran my face over his sock, taking in the smell of his huge feet. I kissed and sniffed his socked foot, and then removed the sock altogether. My cock was rock hard. The soles of his foot were so soft, and his toenails revealed a man with good hygiene who takes care of his body. I kissed his foot, and then slid my tongue across it from his heel to his toes. He was a bit ticklish and sensitive at first, but seemed to be enjoying the treatment. I nuzzled his toes and sucked each of them. They, too, were thick and meaty. I loved the smell of his feet, and soon had the other foot out of its boot and sock and pressed against my face. It was awesome.

I repositioned myself so that I was on the floor under his feet. I positioned both of his huge feet on my chest, and he got the idea. He lay back on the bed, and began moving his feet all over my body. He positioned one on my face, to keep my tongue and mouth occupied, while caressing the rest of my body with the other. I had a raging hard on, and felt like I was in heaven! So sensual.

'Let's get these pants off.', Dennis said, as he stood up.

I got on my knees in front of him, unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his zipper, and then let the pants fall to the floor. Wow, this guy had nice legs. His thighs were thick and strong, and I leaned forward and kissed them, as I began to tug the bottom of his boxers, so they started to slide down his body. As I looked down, I realized how thick his calves were. I couldn't resist kissing and licking my way up and down those beautiful legs. He just stood there and moaned, as I worshiped him.

I reached up and pulled the elastic waistband of his boxers out, so that it cleared his hard cock. His cock wasn't super long, but it was probably the thickest cock I had ever seen. I was especially impressed by the big mushroom head, and noticed it was already leaking precum.

'It's not the biggest cock in the world.', Dennis said, shyly.

'It's perfect.', I replied, as I leaned in and ran my tongue around the head of his cock. I opened my mouth wide, and engulfed the head of his cock, and as I pushed my face toward him, I felt his cock sinking into my mouth, but I also felt something else. His big belly was rubbing against the top of my head, and he had reached down and grabbed the back of my head again. He slowly started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, and breathing kind of loudly.

I fought him and pulled off. 'Not so fast. I want to taste everything.', I said.

I told him to lie on the bed on his back, and I crawled up between those big legs, and started licking and sucking on his big nuts. He had some seriously big balls, but I guess everything about this guy was meaty. I heard him gasp as I took one of his nuts into my mouth. He was now sprawled across the bed, with his arms wide open. I loved hearing how turned on he was, and I could tell that this was a guy who had never truly experienced sensuality and someone truly wanting him, which made me redouble my efforts. I suddenly wanted him to feel like the hottest guy in the world.

I sucked on his nuts for the better part of an hour, and his cock was steadily leaking its juice, so I periodically worked up his thick shaft and swabbed the head of his cock with my tongue to get it all cleaned up.

'Turn over.', I whispered.

'What?', he asked.

'I want to eat your ass. Turn over and get on your knees, and I'll get on my knees on the floor next to the bed.', I explained.

'No, man, it's okay. You don't have to do that. I appreciate it, though.', he offered.

'No, I WANT to do it. Please let me eat your ass, Dennis. I want your ass. I love eating ass, and I want to bury my face in your big ass. Please...', I begged, knowing that few guys can resist someone begging to service them.

Dennis reluctantly rolled over onto his stomach, and then pushed himself up on his knees on the edge of the bed, presenting his huge ass to me. His cheeks were hairless, but his ass trench had a fair amount of hair in it. I wondered how I would truly react to seeing his ass, but I was aroused to see that big ass in the air, above those big meaty feet. I leaned forward and kissed and licked the soles of his feet again, and heard him moan. His big nuts were hanging down like a bull's, and I pulled them back and licked and sucked them. Then, I slowly moved up and started kissing his ass cheeks, taking my time and building his anticipation.

'It's okay to change your mind. You don't have to do this. Really. I won't tell Anthony.', he offered, nervously.

'Stop... Just enjoy it. Your ass is beautiful. Can I eat your ass, Dennis? Please? Can I stick my tongue in your hot ass? I want it.', I pleaded.

'Yeah.', I heard him say.

'No, tell me. Tell me I can eat your ass. I want you to teach me to eat your ass the way you like it eaten.', I said. 'Come on, Daddy, teach me to eat your ass right for you. Please???', I begged.

'Ok, eat my ass.', he hissed.

I ran my nose across the hairs in his ass trench, and felt him jump a bit. I was so hot that this guy was experiencing this for the first time. I wondered what his ass would smell like, and I was pleasantly surprised that it smelled great. He was obviously a clean person, so it just smelled like a clean sweaty ass, just like any other ass, except there was a lot more of it!

I ran my tongue along his ass crack, and slowly started to work my way in. I could feel his body shudder from time to time. Finally, I felt my tongue hit his hole, and I began flicking my tongue across it. He was starting to buck a bit, and was moaning loudly.

'Am I doing a good job, Dennis? Am I making Daddy's ass feel good?', I inquired.

'Yeah, that feels incredible. Put your tongue in my ass. I love feeling your tongue pushing into my hole. Come on, lick Daddy's ass.', he instructed.

'Now, that's more like it!', I thought to myself. No longer self conscious, he actually reached back and spread his ass cheeks with those big hands, and I took a deep breath and dove into his hole. It was intense. As I pushed my tongue into his hole, his hole tightened, instinctively trying to stop the intrusion, but I was relentless. I continued to plunge my tongue into his hole, and was thrilled when it finally opened up for me, and I felt my tongue working its way past his ass ring. He was moaning loudly, and actively encouraging me, now.

'Yeah, Man. Lick Daddy's hole. You like eatin' Daddy's fat ass, dontcha? You like burying your face in my big ass. Aw, man, I can feel that hot tongue of your sliding up into my ass. That's good. Take good care of Daddy's ass. Come on. Get in there. I want you to get lost in my ass. That feels so hot!', he encouraged.

All Dennis' encouragement had given me a raging hard on, and I felt like I was getting close.

'Very nice. Is he eatin' your ass good, Dennis?', I heard Anthony say from behind me.

'Anthony, I owe you big time! This little fucker is HOT! He has made me experience things I have NEVER experienced. I owe you, man. I owe, you.', Dennis replied.

'I owe you, too.', I said as I looked back at Anthony.

'Yeah, well, you can start repaying me now, Dude. I'm gonna fuck your ass. In fact, why don't you give Dennis here the best blowjob of his life, while I work on that ass of yours.', he said.

'Yeahhh...', I said, truly embracing the idea.

'Ok, but I'm not sure how much more I can take. This fucker has me ready to bust my nuts.', Dennis warned.

I handed Anthony the lube, as I crawled onto the bed between Dennis' legs, and started licking his huts.

'I've never cum from a blowjob.', Dennis said. 'I am going to have to beat myself off when you get tired. So just let me know when you're ready for me to cum.'

'Fuck that!', Anthony exclaimed, 'That's only because this fucker hasn't blown you. Trust me, Dude, you will be nuttin' in his mouth in no time. And I'm going to be givin' him an ass full. Stop worryin', Man, just lay back and let the guy do his thing. I promise you, he's about to rock our fuckin' world.'

'Yeah, your load is my reward. I will work on your cock however long it takes to get it. You just let me know what feels good for you.', I explained.

'Ok.', Dennis said, hesitantly.

I felt Anthony aligning his cock with my hole, as he exclaimed, 'Here ya go, Bitch. I got what you need.', and with that he started feeding his cock into my ass. Admittedly, he was right. He DEFINITELY had what I wanted, and he began to fuck me rhythmically.

Meanwhile, I started working on Dennis' cock, and I was loving it. I had never had such a thick cock, and it fit into my mouth perfectly! My tongue was working around it and I could tell he was enjoying it. He was whispering something that I couldn't quite make out, his body was starting to glisten with sweat, and he was clenching the sheets in his fists, so I knew he was really getting into it.

Anthony was, of course, talking us all through it. 'Yeah, , suck Dennis' big cock. You love that fat cock in your mouth dontcha. Yeah, Dennis, feed that fucker. He's starvin' for your cum. That's how fags work, you gotta reward them with your cum for all their hard work. He's goin' to town on that cock isn't he. And I'm doin' a number on his ass. You should feel his tight ass wrapped around my cock. This fucker is tryin' his best to milk a load out of my balls.', Anthony narrated.

Anthony's pace was quickening, and I was glad he and I were both attuned to Dennis and the fact that he wasn't going to hold out much longer. 'Oh fuck! I'm about to fill your ass with my cum. You want my cum boy? You're gonna get it. I'm about to bust my fuckin' nuts right up your ass, just how you like it. Give it to him Dennis. Feed that fucker your load. This horny bastard wants it. Give it to him man!', Anthony encouraged.

That must have pushed Dennis over the edge, because he clamped my head between his huge hands and started fucking his load into my mouth. It was a HUGE load, and I was swallowing as much as I could, but I could feel it leaking out of the corners of my mouth. He was convulsing and growling, as he pumped more and more cum into me. Meanwhile, Anthony, was filling me from the other end. He was slamming into me and I just lost all control of my body, and he clutched my hips and pumped his load into my hot hole. My own cum was spewing all over the bed, and I was no longer clear what was happening with whom. There was just sweat and cum and convulsing bodies. Time seemed to fade away as we were all lifted to a plane of complete ecstasy.

'Oh fuck. Oh fuck... Oh fuck...', Dennis hissed as he came back down from his orgasm. I was still suckling his cock, and Anthony had collapsed onto my back. My legs had long since collapsed and I was flat on my stomach, in a pool of my own cum.

'How fuckin' HOT was that?!', Anthony exclaimed.

The three of us lay there for about 20 minutes, just breathing and relaxing. The serenity was interrupted when Anthony announced, 'You fuckers stink! We need showers!' We all laughed, and before I knew it he was up and in the bathroom, yelling for a towel.

'I guess you're showering first, eh Anthony, ya prick!', Dennis said, jokingly.

'Fuck you, man. You're off tomorrow. I gotta have my ass up at 5 am.', Anthony explained. 'Dude, if I were you, I'd stick around. You could feed faggy a couple more loads tonight. You gotta try that ass, Man. It's hot!'

'Ignore him. He's always an asshole.', Dennis said, apologetically.

'Stay. Please...', I countered.

'Are you sure?', he confirmed.

'Dennis, you are so hot. I want you in every possible way. I LOVE your body. I can't get enough of you.', I told him.

'Wow, okay. I'd LOVE it. I've never had sex like this in my life.', he said.

Anthony finished up and got dressed, and headed out. After he left, Dennis said, 'I gotta piss.'

'Dennis, can I... I mean, I want to taste your piss.', I said, reluctantly, not knowing how he might respond.

'What?! Are you serious? Why?', he asked.

'I don't know. I just think you're so hot, and I want to try it with you. We can take a shower together.', I offered. 'Please???'

'I can't believe you are begging me to piss on you. That is so FUCKING hot. Come on, Little Man. Let's do it.', he said.

I turned on the water, and adjusted it. He felt the water and then stepped in, and I climbed in behind him. I moved toward him and kissed and sucked each of his tits. Then, I kissed my way down his belly, feeling the water cascading down his big body and across my face. I got to his cock and took it in my mouth, and then released it.

'I'm not sure I can do this. I've never pissed on anyone.', he worried.

'Close your eyes, and relax. Just let it flow, whenever you're ready. No pressure. Just relax.', I offered.

My coaxing apparently worked, because I saw a few drops of piss shoot from his cock, which turned to a gentle trickle, soon followed by a full stream.

'Yeah, give me your piss Dennis. I want your piss!', I begged.

'Aw, that's nice. Yeah, take it. Drink Daddy's piss.', Dennis encouraged.

This guy was HOT! I loved seeing the piss shooting out of that big mushroom head. His cock was still swollen from the workout I had given it, and he was starting to get into it, spraying his piss all over my body. As I saw the stream start to weaken, I leaned in and took his stream into my mouth, and then pulled his cock into my mouth, with both hands planted on his ass. I was swallowing his piss, and his head was thrown back as he gave me the last of my piss.

'Stay on there.', he directed.

I felt his cock start to harden, and realized he wanted to feed me another load. I was thrilled! I started sucking in earnest, and he was pumping his cock into my face, while he held my head with his big meaty hand. I just loved how huge his cock felt in my mouth.

'Ooooh... Ooooooh... Oh, god.... Oh fuck. I'm gonna cum. Take Daddy's load. Take it.', he encouraged, as he busted his nut in my throat. Again, I swallowed, and nearly got it all. I could not imagine he could cum so much, so soon after that last explosion of his!

As his orgasm subsided, he leaned against the wall, and I continued sucking his cock, until I had every last drop.

'You are UNBELIEVABLE', he said.

'Dennis, do you have any clue how beautiful you are to me. Your body is incredible, and I'll be honest, before tonight I would never have looked twice at a guy built like you. I'm stunned at how much I am enjoying you and exploring your body.', I explained.

'Well, it's all yours to enjoy. Honestly, I'm loving the attention, and you are just great.', he said with a big smile.

We agreed to take a little break, so we finished our shower, and then crashed on the bed for a bit to recover.



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