'I'm going to pull out. You ready?', he asked considerately.

'Yeah.', I said.

Slowly he pulled his softening cock out of my ass, and I did my best to clench my hole shut behind it, so I didn't make a mess of things. As I lay there contemplating how to get out of the bed gracefully, I watched that mountain of a man ascend to his full stature. He was surely something to see. As I surveyed his body, I noticed how incredibly thick his cock was--the head was still swollen and pouty, though it seemed to have retraced a bit so that just the big mushroom head was in view above those big nuts of his.

He grabbed my ankles and pulled me toward him, so my butt was on the edge of the bed, then reached out a hand to help me up. This was a huge help, because I was able to leverage his strength to get off the bed, without unclenching my ass. I had never experienced anything quite like the feelings I had now, where my ass felt like it had been truly stretched by a cock. Of course, Dennis' cock was the biggest cock I had ever experienced.

Dennis started the shower and stepped in. Having only one bathroom, I contemplated how exactly I would handle the issue of the ass full of cum I had to get rid of. Being extremely modest, there was no way I was going to plop down on the toilet with someone else in there.

'Come here. Get in.', Dennis said. 'I want to try something.'

Not knowing how to tell him about my increasingly urgent need to use the toilet, I silently climbed into the shower with this beautiful man. He turned me around, so that my back was toward him, and rubbed his huge hands over my body. It felt so nice, and so peaceful. There was something about our contrasting shapes and sizes that was just a real turn-on for me. Something about him made me feel both safe and vulnerable at the same time.

'I gotta piss.', Dennis said. 'How 'bout we use it to clean out your ass.', he suggested.

'I've never done that before.', I countered.

'Well, me either. But, I'd sure like to try. Come on , take Daddy's piss in your ass.', he said.

Something about the way he said it just made me melt. I relaxed as he maneuvered his body behind mine. The differences in our sizes once again presented some obstacles, but he quickly conquered those, and I felt his big cock aligning with my hole.

'Open up for me. Let Daddy's cock in.', he instructed, in a calm, husky voice.

Nervous about relaxing so much that the contents of my bowels would flood the floor of the tub, I tried to relax just enough to take him inside me. Soon, he pushed into me, and I felt my ass ring clenching the shaft of his cock just past the head.

'You ready for Daddy's piss? We're gonna start nice and slow. You ready?', he asked.

'Yeah, Daddy. I want your piss. Fill my ass with your piss.', I said.

I felt his cock jerk a couple times, and then I felt the strengthening stream of piss start to fill my ass. I could feel the walls of my bowels expanding to take this bear's load of piss.

He was rubbing my back as he coached me through this first experience, 'Yeah, that's good. Just relax. You feel Daddy's piss filling you up? Yeah, that's what you want, isn't it? You want Daddy's piss in that hot little ass of yours. Yeah, you're doing great, Baby. You almost have my full load of piss.'

My body felt like it wanted to explode. I had already been holding back the huge load of cum he had dumped into me, but now this was just more than I could take. I was starting to panic, not knowing what would happen next. I wanted some privacy, so that I could void my bowls of this incredible load, but didn't really know how to ask. I had allowed my stomach to distend to make as much room as possible for his huge load of piss, though I'm not altogether sure it had any effect.

He pulled me up so my back was against his belly. I felt his big hands surveying my distending stomach. 'Good, you took all Daddy's piss. You did great.', he reaffirmed.

'Now, let it go.', he said as he began to press his hands against my belly.

'What the fuck?!', I thought horrified by the prospect of releasing my bowels while standing in the shower, never mind standing there with someone else. Then, I realized that if he kept pressing against my stomach, I could be totally humiliated by what followed. I grabbed his hand in a desperate, but untimely, attempt to stop him from pressing on my stomach, but his huge hands and arms were no match for me. He gently applied increasing pressure against my stomach, and I soon realized all hope of preserving my dignity was lost.

I hung my head in shame, as I felt my overworked hole surrender to the pressure, and felt the pressure in my bowels quickly subside as their contents were evacuated onto the floor of the tub, and quickly wash down the drain. The feeling of complete relief was balanced against the embarrassment of the moment.

'That wasn't so bad, now, was it?', Dennis whispered into my ear. 'It's so hot that you took my piss up your ass. You know you're driving me wild.', he said as he nibbled on my ear.

This made me feel a bit better, and I responded, 'Thanks, Dennis. That was hot. You are an incredibly sexy man.'

'I think we're going to be spending quite a bit of time together.', he said.

'Yeah? I'd like that.', I responded.

'Now, didn't you promise to make your bear some breakfast?', he asked with a smile.

'Yeah, whatever you want.', I said.

We finished showering and dried off. I made a pot of coffee, and Dennis sat at the breakfast bar and talked to me while we ate breakfast.



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