I awakened and looked over at the bear lying next to me. We must have been some contrast lying in bed together. A big hairy bear and his toy. It seemed I was this guy's total opposite. He was big and hairy, and I was average height, slim, and smooth. I would guess him to be in his late 30s or early 40s, but I was just 24. I guess it's true that opposites attract, because I found him irresistible.

I laid my head against his lightly hairy chest, and moved my mouth to his nipple. I was surprised when I heard his breathing change and felt his big bear paw grab my little bubble but and pull me up against him. It was a feeling of complete safety and protection. I heard Dennis let out a soft moan as I continued to lick and suck his nipple. I felt his breath against my hair, as my mind studied my position next to him. His big beefy arm braced my back, as he pawed my little ass.

As I looked down from his chest, surveying that belly, I realized his cock had become hard. I could hear him drifting in and out of consciousness. I moved lower, and licked a drop of precum from his big thick cock. I gently took the swollen head of his cock into my mouth and started slathering it with my tongue. As I did, I felt his big hand start to rub my back, and then felt him drift off again. It was kind of hot exploring him while he slept, getting occasional acknowledgements from him in the form of moans and caresses.

I realized I wanted his cock. I wanted to feel him deep inside me. I got the lube and worked some into my hole--I was going to need it to take this massive piece of meat. I warmed up some lube in my hand and massaged it onto his rock hard cock. I moved into position standing above him, because I quickly realized I couldn't do this on my knees. I planted my feet firmly on either side of his hips, and I lowered my horny ass down until I felt the tip of his cock touch my hole.

Man, I was raging horny, now, and I wanted this cock inside me. I started to lower myself onto that thick swollen head, and just when I was starting to believe it might never go in, it popped into my hole, sending a sharp pain through my body. I held still to allow my body to adjust to his invasion, but my legs were beginning to weaken. I moved up and down on the head a bit, to try to acclimate myself to this new experience, and soon I felt my body relax. I slowly slid down his pole until my little ass was resting on this bear's thighs, his cock buried to the hilt in my hole. I felt so full with him inside me, and my nuts were resting against his groin.

I reached up and rubbed his big belly, as I slowly started to move up and down on his big slab of meat, my ass massaging the length of his cock. Occasionally, my body would shudder at the feeling of being so full of cock, and I swear I could feel his cock growing even bigger and harder inside me. As I looked up his body, I realized Dennis's eyes were open, and he gave me a reaffirming smile as I continued my work on his cock.

Dennis reached down and grabbed my ankles and pulled my feet up near his pits, meaning the full weight of my body was now on his groin, and his cock was truly buried in my ass. It felt so good, but then I felt his two big paws grab my ass and start lifting me up and down on his cock. I felt myself reaching a higher state of ecstasy, as I relaxed and let this bear have his way with me. My feet felt the warmth of his arms and pits, and it just felt so awesome knowing I was making this big guy feel so good.

He then released my ass, allowing me to once again settle on his throbbing cock, and he ran his big hands up my legs. He again took my ankles in his hands, and move my feet to his face. While I had always enjoyed exploring a guy's feet, I had never had it done to me. Dennis held my angles tightly, as he pressed my feet to his face. Then, I felt him sniffing them, and finally I felt his tongue running up the soles of my feet, and then he started sucking each of my toes. My body was in pure ecstasy. I never realized how incredible it felt or how sensitive my feet were. My mind fleetingly questioned why this 'straight' bear was licking my feet, but it felt so good I told myself to relax and enjoy it.

I was pulling and twisting Dennis' nipples, when he released my ankles, and took me by the wrists. He gently rolled over, slowly lowering me onto the bed, his cock still buried in my ass. He placed one of his hands beside me, and used it to heave his huge body up so he was above me--I was stunned to see his bicep in full use and how massive it was. I quickly realized this guy could easily crush me if he wanted. But, the gently giant used his other hand to keep my ass positioned on his cock, as he rolled on top of me.

I was initially concerned that his weight may be too great for me, and I had readied myself to yell out at the first sign of trouble, but he was incredibly gently. Once in position, he had a hand on either side of me, and my legs wrapped around his massive thighs, making me realize he was so big I couldn't even wrap my legs around him completely. He lowered himself onto me, and I was a bit alarmed to see the surface of the mattress rising around me, as he pressed me further into it. But, I actually found his weight to be comforting.

As he slowly started to work his big cock around my hole, I was now fascinated with his body. His big tits had a light blanket of hair over them, and I reached up to play with them. I ran my hands up his arms, as he started to work his cock into me a bit harder. He looked down at me, and lowered his face close to mine, which in turn lowered more of his weight onto me. He was resting his weight on his forearms as he fucked me. I was nearing the point of not being able to breathe, but I wasn't quite there, yet. His body gave off so much heat, and as his cock started to build momentum in its effort to own my ass, he was starting to sweat. I could feel his breath on my face, as he looked down at me. That unmistakable look of complete lust glazed over his eyes, and he was truly enjoying my ass, now. There was no doubt I was his to do with as he pleased.

Dennis lowered his face toward me, and gently kissed me on the forehead, but I wanted more. I wrapped my arms up around his chest, just under his arms, and tried to pull him down toward me. He responded by kissing me on the nose, as he asked, 'Are you ok? Am I hurting you?'

'No, it feels great. You are so hot, Dennis. I love feeling your big cock inside me.', I replied.

He lowered his face more, so that his lips were just above mine. 'Yeah? You like it? You like takin' care of your bear?', he asked.

I felt his breath across my face as he whispered in that deep husky voice to me, and I was going wild. 'Oh, yeah. I love taking care of you. Own my ass, Dennis. My ass is all yours. Breed my ass, Baby.', I hissed.

'Yeah, that's a good boy. Give Daddy that ass, Boy.', Dennis said, still just above my lips.

At this point, I was coming to grips with the fact that Dennis was straight, so a kiss on the mouth was out of the question. But, I was wrong again. He lowered his big full lips to mine, and kissed me. First, just a gentle kiss, where our lips barely touched. Then, he pressed his lips against mine more fully. Soon, I felt his tongue reach out to mine, as he began taking longer, more deliberate plunges into my ass.

'Daddy's gonna cum boy. You want my load? You want Daddy to breed your ass? You want your little twink ass to be bred by your bear? Is that what you want?' he asked.

'Oh, yeah, Daddy. I want it bad. Use my little bubble butt. Fill me with your load. I want it so bad, Daddy.', I responded.

'Ok, boy, ok. Daddy's gonna give you what you want. Daddy's gonna feed your hungry little ass. You ready?', he asked.

'Oh yeah! I want it! Pleeeease, Daddy. Fill my ass with your cum. Give it to me. I want it, so bad!', I begged.

'You want it? Okay, boy, here ya go. I'm gonna give it to ya. Here ya go. Take Daddy's load, boy, take it! ARGHHHHHHH!!!!', he growled as he began dumping his load into my waiting hole.

I could feel his big cock spasming inside me, and his face expressed his total lust as he pressed his big cock into my hole and dumped volley after volley of his cum deep inside me. I was a bit nervous, but also excited to see his massive body trembling and spasming uncontrollably as he held his cock deep in my ass as it delivered its payload.

I hadn't noticed, but my cock had been lining his big belly with precum, lubricating it nicely. As his body continued to shake and tremble, my cock responded by releasing its own load between our bodies. I was barely conscious as wave after wave of cum erupted from my cock, controlled only by the vibrations and massaging of his big belly. I was out of control, my head tossing back and forth and my now sensitive cock begging for mercy.

He let out a big hearty laugh, knowing full well what my poor cock must be enduring as I soared through that period of sensitivity after I cum, and I responded by laughing myself. Then, the sensitivity subsided as his now warm, still belly embraced my softening cock and I started to come down from my high.

'That was hot. You're beautiful.', he said as he continued resting on his forearms above me.

'Dennis, I think you are beautiful. I can't get enough of you.', I replied as I reached up and held his big face in my hands.

He lowered his face to mine and kissed me, again. It was a deep, passionate kiss. When he broke it, he said, 'You sure know how to wake a guy up on the right side of the bed.'

'Yeah, I could get used to this.', I replied. 'Wanna take a shower together, and then I'll make you some breakfast.', I asked.

'Damn, breakfast, too!? You better cut this out or I might never leave!', Dennis laughed.



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