Suddenly, the front door opened and Anthony stepped in wearing his police uniform. 'Hello? Police. What the hell are you fags doin' in here. We got a bunch of disturbing the peace calls!', he jeered.

I must have looked panicked, because he quickly let me off the hook, saying, 'Dude, relax. I was just kidding. So, did you boys have a good time?' It was then I noticed a female officer walking in behind him with a big smile on her face. 'Ignore him. He's an asshole. I'm Donna.', she offered.

'Hi, Donna. I'm Keith, and this is Dennis.', I returned.

'Nice to meet you guys.', she said.

'Dude, that is fucked up. I didn't even know your name until just now!', Anthony said.

I just looked at him and smiled.

'That's just because you're obnoxious!', Dennis offered.

'No, Dude. You didn't know his name either, did you. And you spent the night with him. You probably wore him out last night and didn't even know his name!', Anthony laughed.

Dennis blushed a bit, as Donna moved onto the bar stool next to him. 'Dennis, ignore him. So Anthony tells me you boys have been having a pretty good time.', Donna said with a smile.

'Yeah, it was awesome.', Dennis said.

Anthony walked up behind me, as I was turning the bacon, wrapped his arm around my neck in a mock choke hold and said, 'You gonna thank me for finding you a boyfriend?'.

Stunned, I looked into his face. 'What?'

'Dennis. Dude, Dennis has been clocking you for months. You never noticed?!', Anthony said.

I jerked around to face Dennis, and the look in his eyes broke my heart. I had been so obsessed with Anthony that I never even noticed Dennis. 'Dennis, I'm so sorry.', I pleaded.

'Hey, nah, don't worry about it.', he said, obviously dismissing his pain.

I walked around the breakfast bar and pulled his arm back, so that he swiveled toward me on the stool. I moved between his big legs, pressed my face to his chest and gave him a huge hug. 'It's okay, now.', he said.

'Aw, that is SO sweet.', Donna said as she rubbed my back and Dennis' arm.

'Somebody better do something about this bacon.', Anthony interjected.

'Anthony, you're a pain in the butt. Just turn it and keep it from burning and let these sweet guys have their moment.', Donna offered.

'HA! You haven't seen them in bed. Their fuckin' freaks!', Anthony countered, as he wrestled with the bacon. 'Dude, get the fuck over here and do something.', Anthony demanded, almost pleading.

I looked up into Dennis' face and he leaned forward and kissed me. I released my grip on him and returned to the kitchen, rescuing Anthony from his run-in with cooking.

'Donna, how do you like your eggs?', I asked.

'No, no. We're not here to intrude on your breakfast. We have to go.', Donna replied.

'What the fuck!? Yes we are here for breakfast! I like mine over easy. Donna likes hers just like mine.', Anthony offered.

I chuckled, and Donna looked at your partner like he was insane. 'Anthony, good grief!'

I got down four plates and some utensils, and started toward the dining room to set the table.

'Let Anthony set the table!', Donna said, jumping up and grabbing the plates from me and handing them to her partner.

Dennis was enjoying watching things play out, and looked truly content sitting there on the sidelines. Donna and Anthony were bickering in the other room, while they set the table.

'Hey, we have to find Donna a boyfriend, too.', Anthony said.

'What about you, Anthony.', Dennis had just taken a sip of his coffee, and nearly spit it all over the counter.

'Why would you wish that on Donna?!', Dennis said.

'Yeah, what did I do to you, Keith?!', Donna shouted from the dining room.

'Ha! Dude, I hear ya. You see what I see. I think Donna has a thing for me, too, but she won't admit it. She's very stubborn.', Anthony explained.

'You think EVERYONE has the hots for you.', Dennis and Donna shouted nearly in unison, and we all started laughing.

Instead of being beaten down, Anthony's chest was bloated out and he was walking with a swagger. There was nothing that could injure this guy's self-esteem.

We all sat down and ate breakfast. Then, Anthony and Donna headed out, with Anthony threatening to come back later that evening. After they left, Dennis turned to me and asked, 'Mind if I stick around a while?'

'Absolutely not! I need another Dennis fix!', I told him.

I led him to the sofa, and collapsed back with his legs spread. I straddled his lap and kissed him all over his face and neck. He was cooing and enjoying the attention. I licked and sucked his ear lobes, and started moving lower. I kiss his shoulders and arms, then made my way across his chest. I first sucked on nipple and then the other. He was purring like a lion. I moved my body between his thighs and kissed all over that big furry belly, making my way south. His cock was rock hard, anticipating my path.

I licked the precum from his huge mushroom head, and applied some tongue work to that big piece of meat. He was moaning, as I moved lower and worked on those big nuts of his. I sucked one in and gave it a good tongue thrashing, and then the other. My bear was moaning in approval, now, and I moved back up and licked my way up his shaft. His precum was like nectar. I again took the head of his cock into my mouth, and began sucking. I forced my mouth down on his cock, taking more and more of his thick meat inside my mouth. His cock was hard and throbbing, and I was amazed at how it completely filled my mouth. It may not be the longest cock in the world, but it made up for it in thickness.

As I started to bob on his huge cock, I felt his big bear paw wrap around the back of my head. 'Yeah, you're doing good. That's the way Daddy likes it. Give me that mouth. Let me feel that tongue. Nice....', he encouraged.

I could tell by his breathing that he was getting close. 'You ready for Daddy's load, Baby? You ready for a mouthful of my cum?'

'Uh hm!', I grunted, never interrupting my rhythm.

'Here ya go,. Here's what you're wanting. Take Daddy's load. Suck that big bear cock,. Make love to my cock. Show Daddy how much you want it.', he growled.

This guy was driving me nuts with all this talk, and redoubled my efforts. Before I knew it, I felt his second hand on my head, forcing me to feed on his big bear cock. I was in ecstasy, as he began fucking my face. Suddenly, he let out a howl, and I felt his cock start shooting its load into my mouth. I lapped up every big of it, and when he started to relax and fell back on the sofa, I continued to service his cock, being sure to get every last drop.

'This is like a fantasy.', I heard him whisper.

'What?', I asked.

'You don't know how long I've been watching you. The night you moved in, I saw you coming back through the front gate, and I thought, 'WOOF!'', he explained. 'It seems surreal that I'm here with you now, and you are everything I could imagine and more. You're gonna have a tough time gettin' rid of me, you know that.'

I had moved back up his body, and was once again straddling his lap. He had a his hands wrapped around my ass, and I was looking down into those beautiful green eyes.

'Dennis, I need to be honest with you. I'm sorry that I never noticed you. But, I hadn't really considered sex with someone built like you. I guess I had it in my mind it would be gross and nasty. I was so wrong, and now I can't imagine you leaving me. You're making me nuts. So, maybe we've both had a pleasant surprise!', I said.

We cuddled on the sofa for a while and talked about life and love. It felt great sitting and talking with him, with his arm wrapped around me. We would occasionally nuzzle each other or plant a kiss on each other.

I wondered if this could be the start of something, but while we were sexually compatible, I wasn't sure whether we were compatible in our lifestyle. After all, he was a security guard in my community, and I was a college-educated professional, living a pretty comfortable lifestyle.



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