We stand there for what seemed to be for a while. Jacob and Joel looked at each other. I didn't have to look up at Joel to know how pissed he was I could feel his anger rolling off him in waves. Jacob just stands there his hands deep in his pockets unsure what to say. 

He cleared his throat. "Hey" In a span of a few seconds time seemed to have slowed down drastically. At an incredible speed Joel bolted from his spot near me reaching Jacob in a second or two. His arms spread wide as he tackles Jacob. The speed from his running was enough to send them both into the wall behind them and bounce off. I could hear the air leaving Jacob's lungs as he hits the wall and landing on the floor. 

Joel took the chance at Jacob's disorientation and pulled Jacob onto his back and straddled him. I stand there in horror as I see what is transpiring between these two. My legs stayed put where they are unable to move. This was really happening two best friends and joel is trying to beat the crap out of anger. 

Joel raised his fist high and began whaling on Jacob hitting whatever was exposed. Chin. Face. Head. Anything he could hit. The sound of his fist connecting with Jacob's face was sickening Joel wasn't holding back at all. He was unleashing his rage. His hurt. His hatred for what was done to him all those years ago. 

My hands begin shaking as I watch the sweet man I come to know very well. That I made love with turn into a different person. I was afraid at this man. This wasn't my Joel. This wasn't my man. Finally I take a deep breath pushing out the sound of the fist hitting skin and run forward. 

"JOEL STOP!" I shout. Jumping on his back doing my best to pull him off. To my surprise he was far stronger than I thought. My arms around his chest trying to pull. 

"Sam, get out of here..." I heard Jacob say from under his arms. I get a glimpse of Jacob. His arms are around his face trying to protect himself. Joel easily prayed my arms from his chest and with one hand gave me a shove causing me to lose my footing falling on my back. I quickly get to my feet and charge forward this time i tug with force. Joel wasn't budging but from the sound of his growls and frustration he was getting annoyed. 

"ENOUGH!" He shouted. His body twisted in my hold his right arm snapping back hard his hand enclosing around my neck. I yelp a bit that all I was able to muster from my voice. His tight grip cut the air flow. My eyes flicker up in panic to Joel's. This wasn't Joel at all. He...he is something else...He was going to beat the crap out of Jacob no one, not even me was going to stop him. He stands up lifting me off my feet. His hate fueled his strength. I could feel my legs kicking a bit my head feeling light headed as the lack of air began taking its effects. 

His left arm came swinging up and landing a solid hit in my gut. If I had any air in me I would have gasped but the only thing that was there was just a dull aching pain. He pulled me towards him as he was going to kiss me and shove me back, I fly through the air for a few moments.

My back hits the ground my head snapping back hard hitting the solid ground. i could feel the pain spiderweb through my head. I manage to take a breath to fill my lungs but black spots began spreading across my vision, I barely hear anything. My head so dizzy and in pain. I turn my head to the voice. I see Jacob. His face full of horror then was cut off by Joel's body. I smile a little thinking this might be the end. Again. The dark spots grow larger and larger soon I fall into darkness...


Jacob,s view:

 "ENOUGH!" I hear Joel yell from the other side of my arms. I lift my arms a bit just in time as I seen Joel hit Sam in his gut and shoving him hard through the air. I hear the sickening thud as he lands on his back, his head snapping back hard onto the solid ground. 

"SAM!" I yell. Joel's blacks my view of Sam as he descends on me. I look up at my best friend. His eyes full of anger and hate as his fist descends down to my exposed face. A few thoughts go through my brain. 

I am going to have to fight save Sam. Joel is too angry to think right or anything. I never expected Joel would hurt Sam the way he just did. Jacob quickly pushed aside any other thoughts and focused on the one that mattered most. He had to save Sam! 

I quickly dodged my head to the side, Joel howls in pain as his fist connects with the floor. I grab his arm with my right hand pulling him down but at the same time I kick his legs out from under him and with my left hand I reach up and around grabbing the back of his shirt pulling him hard over me into the wall. As he lays next to me I swing my right fist around landing one in his face. I quickly jump to my feet running over to Sam's limp body.  A little blood Began pooling in the back of his head.

"Oh Sam..." I touch his face my eyes begin to water.

"Don't you fucking touch him!" I just able to stand up and intercept Joel's tackle. The force of his hit pushes my solid rooted feet a few feet back. My shoes dragging loudly across the floor. I lift my right up and bringing it down over and over again hard onto his back until his legs buckle underneath him. I grab his head and connect my knee to his face. 

I lift my fist once again and land one across his jaw sending him to the ground. He moans holding his face in his hands. I tear a bit, my heart hurting knowing I just hurt my best friend. I wipe my face. i pull off my shirt stand there shirtless. I rip long strips of the shirt shirt wrapping them around Sam's head to help stop the bleeding before lifting his small fragile body into my arms. Once I get down to my truck I softly lay Sam the best I can in the back seat of my truck. I lean over and touch his cheek. "Don't worry Sam you are going to be okay." I kiss his forehead and jump in the driver's side. I quickly put the car into gear and drive down the highway as fast as I can toward the hospital.

I walk back and forth in the near empty waiting room, feeling annoyed not knowing Sam's condition. Since I am not family they won't let me in. The nurse ended up tending to some wounds on my face and handing a shirt to cover my shirtless body. I manage to finally sit down my head buried in my hands thinking bad things like what if Sam doesn't make it? 

We were lucky that we weren't pulled over by any cops on the way here even if a cop tried to stop him he would have still kept going. Nothing was going to stop me from getting Sam the help that he needed. When we did get here Sam had already bled through the makeshift bandages. The doctors arrived at my truck mostly do to my shouting that I need help. They carried Sam from my truck onto a gurney and rolling him into ER. I was kept back and told to wait. 

it's been hours since Sam went in. I hope he makes it.

"Jacob?" My head snaps up to the voice calling for me. It was a women. I stood up she was literally half my height. She wore tight fit red dress in high black heels.  A black belt around her hour glass shape waist. The deep color of the dress really made her blond hair and blue eyes pop out. Just from the shade of blue eyes and blond hair I knew that I was looking down at Sam's mom. 

She smiles a bit. "I assume you know who I am?" 

I nod. I don't know you or heard of you with respect but I know your Sam's mom. The similarities are uncanny. You look the same." 

She chuckles. "Thank you that is very sweet of you to say" She gestured her hands to the chairs. 

We both sit. "Listen I know you are dying for info on Sam's condition. So let me start on what was wrong with him. He suffered a cracked skull resulting in brain bleeding and swelling, the doctors manage to stop the bleeding but they had to place him in a medically induced coma to keep his brain from swelling anymore. They will bring him out when the swelling has gone down but as we can see that he is going to make it." She finishes.

I let out a huge sigh of relief, I shocked myself. I didn't realize that I was holding my breath that long. I compose myself and look at her. I can tell there was something more to this.

"There is more isn't there?" 

She nods. "I need you to stay away from my son. All of this is you and Joel's fault." 

I lift my eyebrows in surprise. 

"Jacob, Sam tells me everything that's been going on. We are best of friends and he comes to me for advice all the time though I told him that engaging in with you two was going to lead him into a world of hurt just...I didn't expect it to be so violent." She chokes back her sobs. 

She composes herself pulling her hair behind her ear before continuing. "It took a lot of convincing to let my husband to let me speak with you and I know first hand that Sam is going to want to speak with you and Joel once he wakes up so, for now I want you to go home give me your number and Joel's and I will text you both when he wakes up okay?" She says holding out her phone. 

I sit there in awe. Not fully able to grasp what had been said but it hurt me to know that I cannot be near Sam! God, this is all my fault. All of it. I wipe my eyes taking the phone from her and entering Joel and I number in and head on out. 

I give Joel a quick text telling him what is going on and I shut off my phone. I am sure he is freaking out on what he did. I can't think about Joel not without wanting to strangle his neck! This maybe all my fault but it's his fault that he put Sam here in the hospital! My fists are in tight balls as I get into my truck. I quickly look back to my truck and see the blood stained back seat. I shit my truck into gear and head to get it detailed least this will keep something off my mind.

I was in the middle of dinner when i got the text that Sam had woken up but was told to hold off the next day so he could rest a bit more. That night I couldn't sleep, all I really wanted was to speak with Sam. To see that he was okay. My mind flashes back to Sam all hurt and bloody. I shake my head trying to rid myself of that memory. I just kept rereading the text over and over again but in doing so made time go much more slow. 

That morning I quickly dressed into jeans my work boots and a tight fitting shirt with the frat house initials on it. I hopped into my truck and raced down to the hospital. At the desk I was given direction on what room and floor Sam was staying at I popped into the gift shop first buying a dozen flowers and a get well bear with it as well. I know i will have to much better then flowers to earn his forgiveness but least it will soften things a bit. I hope. 

Upon reaching his room I stand outside looking in through the glass, his mom was sitting in the chair next to him holding his hand. On the other must be his dad. He was talk and seemed well built had black hair and green eyes. Sam was blessed to have his mother's looks more. Sam's mom lifts her head and sees me. She says a few words and her and her husband both trod off out the room. As I wait for them to pass Jacob's dad stands there his fist in tight balls. Chest out looking me down with a angry look. I don't blame him if he wanted to kick my ass. 

"Sweetie come on" Sam's mom says tugging his hand. After a bit he finally steps aside and goes down the hall with her. I take a deep. Never have a feared anyone in my life. I always stood up pt people but to be afraid of an anger filled father god I never experienced anything like that in my life. I was as built as he was but given our age he has the upper hand on me i'd say I have a shot if it came down to it but I know  I would lose. When you have the revenge filled temper to avenge your child, there is nothing that you can do to stop you. 

I recompose myself and head into the room. My breath was taken away instantly seeing Sam. He has a white bandage wrapped around his head wires in his arms. I seen people in the hospital many times but it's a whole different feeling when it is someone you care for that really strikes at the heart. 

"Hey Jacob...Hey joel" Sam's says.

Joel? I turn on my heels and there he was bruised jaw big as an apple. I wanted to purple him. He deserve much more for putting Sam here but I knew this wasn't the time or place. 

Joel Stands there with a vase of flowers, he smiles a bit at Sam and walks around me setting the flowers on the table, I follow suit and place mine next to his. I take a seat on the other side of Sam's bed. We both remain quiet until Sam breaks the ice. 

"It's good to see you both again...My mom told me what she wants to happen and for once I agree with her." 

Joel and I both give a surprising gasp.  Sam doesn't back down. 

"It's for the best. This drama between us all has put to best friends at odds making others do what they normally do in a calm state of mind."  Joel bows his head in shame. "That being said. Jacob this is all your fault" 

"What?!" Sam holds his hand up. "You started this mess with Joel two years ago that was a real dick move back then what you did to Joel, however, as time passed I guess time doesn't heal all wounds." Sam turns toward Joel.

"Joel...I understand how painful it must have been when you heard what Jacob was trying to do to me, I understand but baby...you really hurt me you let your anger and rage get the best of you. You wanted so badly to beat the crap out of Jacob for what he done to you and I that you would have done anything to reach your goal and you did. I am the price you paid." Sam's voice breaks off in sobs .

Joel reaches for Sam's hand but Sam snaps it back to his chest. "You put your hands on me. You broke my heart Joel and frankly I am scared of you."

Sam please..." Joel moans in distraught.

"Joel, I don't know who you are. The man I fell for was sweet and kind and gentle but last week I just saw a monster who was bent on revenge and hell i almost was killed! You put your hands around my throat and hit me in the gut....Joel I just don't feel safe....maybe after sometime I will trust you again but for now..." 

Joel leaned his head into the bed silently sobbing. 

"And Jacob. This whole thing that has led up to now has been your impulsive doing. You just couldn't accept the fact of who you are and then you just act like a love craze person making your friend hate you and making yourself a cheater. Jake...you are a wonderful sweet guy but you need help and to start you need t o accept the fact of who you are." 

Those words shoot straight to my heart. Each word was a strong blow and I know it's true. I am messed up mess and it's all my fault all because I couldn't admit myself that I am gay. Not Bi but gay.

"So look...i know I just said a bunch of hard words but they are the truth and for now I can't see any of you guys again...maybe down the road we can all be friends again but I am so sorry things have to end this way." 

Well one thing I give Sam credit for is having a big pair of balls to tell us how it is. With that we talk a bit more before we depart. Joel is the first to bolt through the door, I stand there for a bit looking Sam. "Sam, to be fair I know I fell for Joel first but when I saw you that changed..."

"I know. I could tell, which is why it made things much none difficult." 

"I know." I say.

"Take care Jacob." 

"You to Sam" And I leave....


Sam's view:

Two months later....

I sit in the common area watching the snow slowly fall to the ground, no a single gust of wind to disturb the gentle fall. IT's been almost two months since the incident happened and a lot has change. Most for the better. 

"There you are I been looking all over for you!" I turn my head to and see Becca strolling in, looking good in her winter outfit. 

"You found me" I joke chuckling. I wing my legs off the couch. "So what's up beck?" I ask.

She comes sits down next to me. Well, that jock I messed around with back at the frat party at the beginning of the year...well he asked me out! " She beams with joy.

I lean over to her hugging her. "Oh Becca I am so so happy for you!" 

When we pull back he begins twirling her hair around her finger over and over again. I know there is something else. She always does the hair twirling when there is something more. 

"Beck?" I raise my eyebrow. "Well, you see there is Christmas dinner before Christmas eve and my boyfriends frat brothers well least the ones who live in town and at the frat house still they are all invited and well I want to invite you to come along." 

I pause. "Is he going to be there?" 

She nods. 

"No...I can't I get up heading out. I hear her standing letting out a grunt. 

"Oh come on Sammy! It's been two months Joel's moved on and Jacob came out to help settle things. You have to take the next step babe." I stop at the edge of the stairs. 

"I know things have changed especially for the best. Also don't call me Sammy you know I hate that." 

She giggles. "Please Sam!" She begs.

I run my hand through my longer blond hair. I let out a frustrating sigh. "Okay. Okay I will go." 

She jumps up and down hugging and kissing my cheek. "Thank you Sammy!" She yells. "I have to go I will see you later!" She runs out the door. 

"Stop calling me...oh whatever." I head upstairs to my dorm. Locking the door. 

I lay there thinking what she said. She is right though things have changed for the better since we all three talked back when I was in the hospital. When I did return to school Joel stuff was moved out and moved into a different in a different dorm building apparently my parents talked the Dean into getting me a solo room. 

It was a few weeks after that I saw Joel with another person. A girl to be exact. At first I thought she was a rebound or someone to make me jealous but I later found out as time went on that Joel began to really care for this girl and I am glad he moved on. In fact I spoke to him before winter break. He was glad that I wasn't afraid anymore of him. Joel, was working on his anger issues and with her it made it all better. I kiss his cheek and I left as friends. 

Jacob, well he ended up doing the bravest thing that any closet man can do. Come out. The way it goes from what I heard was that he broke up with Sarah telling her that he is gay and that he just been hiding his true self but that he really really cares for her. She was angry at him but eventually she forgave him and now they are best friends. His frat bros all seemed okay with it too which was good cause then there would be no trouble out on the field. However, it was hard to talk to him cause we both have the same gym class together, every time I peer into his big eyes I can tell he still has feelings for him. To be honest I feel the same but...I vowed that I wouldn't act on them. 

I am going to have to face him again at this party. I cover my eyes with my eyes groaning. 

The loud ringing is enough to have me jump. I roll my eyes and grab my phone. I stay there frozen unable to move as I read the caller I.D. 

It was Jacob...



[email protected]


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