I lay there on the floor my text books sprawled out on the floor before me my mind wondering around a million miles an hour trying. My mind unable to comprehend what Jacob told me back at school when he said he chose to go to Grand Valley over an Ivy league school because of me. 

For days i have been trying to understand the meaning behind that comment, my mind creating a bunch of possibilities ranging from just cause he doesn't want to be separated from his best friend or that he finally figured out that I have feelings for him and he might have the same in return! 

I shake my head from the insane thoughts. Of course he doesn't know he's a straight guy who loves girls so it be impossible for him to have the same feelings for me as I do for him! However, something in the very back of my mind is telling me otherwise but I just got to let it play out and see where the road takes me. 

I jump up a bit when Jacob kicks the door open as he enter his room dropping chips and drinks on the floor and squats down. 

"Damn Jake you scared the living hell out of me!" I say to him. He laughs. 

"What were you day dreaming about guy on guy again Joel?" He asks me. I grab a bag of chips chucking it at his head. 

"Ow! okay, joking!' He chuckles. He opens the bag and chows down. "Oh yeah, dude i ordered two kegs they will be delivered tomorrow after my folks leave so I am going to need you to get out of school early to get them and get them into ice alright?" 

"Yeah okay. I will be here just leave the key under the mat. Where you going to be?" I ask curiously.

He smiles. "Well my dear friend I have to pick up a few last minute things for tomorrow and plus I have a awesome surprise. We are going to have one final sleep over in our old tree house in the back!" 

I laugh. "Really? Is that were you been this entire time?" 

He nods. "Getting it cleaned." 

When we were younger we begged our dad's to help us build a tree house so we could play and get out of the house during the summer. When the tree house was built we let that place be our everything. From a plane to a boat to a space ship. Hell we had sleep overs in it even used it when we were rebellious against our parent's and stayed there for three days before we ran out of food and water. As we got older we used it less and less I think the only real time we used it to suit our purpose as we free into our teens is when Jake and I had girlfriends and we both had our first kiss with them in there. 

Now that old place just sits in the tree unused for sometime now.

"Dude we are to old for sleep overs don't you think?" 

"Maybe, but this is our last night before I go to college so I want to spend tonight in a place where we spent out childhood. That place maybe old but it holds a lot of memories. Come on Joel" He says giving me the puppy dog eyes.

My heart melted when he did that to me. "Okay, fine. Child" 

"Yay!" He sequels like a kid spinning in a circle his desk chair, fists pumping in the air. I just shook my head and went back to my homework. 


The next day I manage to sneak off campus and head over to Jacob's house. When I get there his parent's car was not in the drive way. So far so good. I quickly reach under the mat when I reach the door and find the spare key and open the door. I walk through the hall up to his room. I toss my bag onto the his bed and get onto his computer while I wait for the delivery man to show us with the booze. 

I being scrolling through the web when I begin typing strange history suggestions begin popping up. Finding some of it odd I decide to go through his history. 

As I search through I notice several odd things a lord of searches involving sex, on the final suggestion it showed men on men my eyes widen as many possible things begin to fill my mind once again. Just as I am about to click the link the doorbell rings. 

I jump at the sound of the bell breaking me from curiosity, i close out the browser and head downstairs. The delivery man helps me carry the kegs over to the kitchen where we set them down and he leaves. Thinking about going back up to Jacob's room to see what his searching was about the loud hum of Jacob's Truck pulls into the drive way. Jacob is getting out of his truck just as I am heading outside to help him with several bags that he brought from the store. 

A wide big bright smile spreads across Jake's face when his eyes lay on me those big brown eyes made my body tense. My stomach tying in knots. 

"You okay there Joel?" He says still smiling. 

"Oh, yeah I am great. Here let me help you get this stuff inside, the kegs are here so we should get them on ice soon." 

"Yeah, you right. Let's go" he encouraged. 

With that I helped him bring the food inside. An hour later a couple girls showed up to help prep the food and get the house set up for the guest that would be arriving in a more couple of hours. Jacob and I began moving furniture in different places and sealing off areas where the guest can't go. When we are both convinced that everything is in order we both take quick showers and get ready for the graduation party. 

I stand in the mirror buttoning up my black shirt that matched my black skinny jeans. I reach over and grab the black tie that is resting across the Jake's bed and attempt to knot it. 

The door opens slowly. My eyes widen as I look in the mirror and see the refection of my near naked friend walks in. A freshly showered Jacob with nothing but a big white towel wrapped around his narrow hips. I could feel my cock begin to stir alive as I stare him down unable to turn away within a few seconds I took in all his features as quickly as I was humanly able too. 

His back to me, I watch as his solid hard back muscles ripple and tense as he moves around sifting through his dresser. Just his back muscles were beginning to cause my dick to come alive but if that wasn't enough already when Jacob finally turned my cock instantly when hard and rigid in my tight jeans I wanted to moan in pain a bit due to the tight confine of my jeans. My dick was to big to be balled up the way it was.  Lucky for me my shirt was long enough that it covered the huge bulge in my jeans. 

My eyes began scanning over Jacob. His head was still down looking down at his shirts still deciding what to wear. 

His smooth round square pecs bounced a bit from his movements.  Water beads dripped down his six pack as he stood up straight running down between his packs. Finally my eyes finally find the big prize. A sizeable bulge pressed against the fabric of his towel you could see the faint outline of the big head of his dick. 

He cleared his throat. "Eyes are up here Joel" My eyes shot back up to his.  A crooked grin was on his face.

Holy fuck he knew I was checking him out! I thought to myself. 

"It's okay bro I don't mind that you are checking me out, I am quite flattered really." He bellows.

"I know I am a desirable eye candy for the ladies...and men." He says still grinning and walks over to me. Still facing the mirror I watch him move. My eyes taking quick glances at his shifting bulge in his towel. 

He comes from behind my head snaps straight forward. I let out a deep breath not realizing that i wasn't breathing the entire time. He let out a deep chuckle from his chest. His arms rise up slightly running up my arms. If I had a short sleeve shirt on I am sure there would be goosebumps all over. 

He runs his big hands over my shoulders and then reaches toward my chest where he grabs my tie and begins his work on it. We both are silent for a few minutes. He moves a bit closer to me to get handle on tying up the tie. I clench my fist tightly fighting the urges to moan as my cock is straining in my jeans. From that last movement I could feel his bulge press against my ass. I took everything I had not to push back and grind into him. 

"You know" Jacob says pausing for moment gathering his thoughts before he continued to speak. "If I were gay you'd be one guy I'd have the pleasure of dating. I mean you are hot as hell! Have an amazing body and a nice dick."

I gasp.

"Dude come on don't be surprised. I seen you Jack off before! Plus I am comfortable enough with my sexuality to say when another guy is hot! Plus you have an ass for days!" He says pushing his bulge into me giving me a hard thrust. 

He laughs hard. "You will make some dude very happy one day dude you will see!" 

He finishes up. "There all done buddy" He pats my back and leaves taking his clothes with him.

I stand there utterly speechless to what just had transpired just a minutes ago but that was put to the back of my mind when finally I let out a moan and gasping for air as I double over my body getting weak. I look down and see a wet stain along with my white cum pushing through the fabric. 

"Oh fuck..." I whisper. I just fucking came! God damn it Jacob....


A half hour later guest begin to arrive some bringing more booze then we know what to do with. I head over to the kitchen area grabbing more solo cups and stacking them on the counter, I went around making sure that the off limits rooms were empty. Speaking of empty the host of the party isn't anywhere to be seen. I stand on top of the steps to get a better view of the crowd trying to spot Jake when I felt someone tugging my hand. I look down to my left and see one of the girls that were helping set up the party handed me a note and left into the crowd. 

I open it and read it: Sam, I know by now you are looking for me. I told a few of the girls to keep guard to keep people from coming to the back yard. Meet me in the tree house as soon as you get this ~ Jacob

I take a deep breath and make my way through the crowd and head toward the Backyard. The backyard was dark and quite the only real light that was lighting up the dark space was the wanning moon light that shined dim in the night sky. I don't know why I was feeling so damn nervous as I approached the tree house, what transpired earlier today in Jacob's room played over and over again in my head. Before I knew it I was standing at the ladder leading up to the tree house. 

With each step I took up my nervous grew more and more that I could feel my legs and arms shaking for what I was getting myself into. Finally unable to go no further I reach up and push open the trap door. I am instantly blinded by the rush of light. It takes my eyes a moment to adjust to my surroundings, the very first thing I notice is Jacob standing in the middle of the small space holding a big red rose in his hand around us, the light that lit up the space were candles.

Each of the windows, hung black out curtains a little to the left of Jacob was pillows on top of what looks to be a comforter and blankets. My eyes drag back over and see Jacob swaying back and forth nervously.

"What's all this Jake?" I ask. 

"Joel, I have been planning this for a long time I was unsure how to do it until today and well..." He scratches the back of his head. "Joel, you were brave to come out to me and as crazy as this sounds I know you have feelings for me." 

I swear I could feel my heart stop. "But..." I sputter. He holds out a hand. 

"Joel you are my best friend, you don't think i'd notice come on for one I know I have a killer body and two...I see the way you look at me. The way you act a bit out of sorts when I am with a girl and how caring you get when i get hurt like last month i burned my hand on the stove you quickly grabbed the first Aid and treated my burn. Not many people would jump to help someone that quick unless they truly care for them." 

I stared at his face trying to read the emotions that were quickly changing from passion to uncertainty to confused but he never broke eye contact with me. 

"It took me sometime to sort out what I wanted. I have to confess...Joel I am Bi as well. I have been for a while just I never fully embraced it until I figured out you like me. So, I spoke to an old friend of mine and she talked me into doing this." He says gesturing to the romantic set up around us. "Joel, we known each other for a very long time and earlier today when I walked in with just my towel I did intentionally. I wanted you to see me cause Joel...I think I might be falling for you and I want to make love to you right here...where we spent most of our childhood together" He closes the space between us. 

"I want you Joel...I want to be your first..."

He wants to fuck me...oh god. My cock begin to stir alive in that response. 

"Joel? Say something." He says.

Without thinking words come flowing out of my mouth. "Want you too Jake..." 

He sigh in relief and smile. His arms wrap around me pulling me close we both are tall but Jake has a inch higher then me and leans down a bit and mashes his lips with mine. My hands run up his body and entangle in his hair. 

I am very surprised when he is able to actually lift me and lay me on the make shift bed. My hands feel the new muscle mass he had built over the last few weeks. For the first time ever I feel so submissive to another man, if was to have slept with anyone I'd think I would have been the top but in this very moment I didn't care I wanted him to be on top. We continue kissing one another over and over again. I leans back on his knees ripping open his shirt the buttons clattering to the floor. And throws the shirt to the side. A hunger raged across his face as he goes down and lifts my shirt kissing my belly up to my chest. I bite my lip trying to keep myself from laughing as his lips brush across really ticklish parts of my body.

"Jake..." I moan.

"Joel...." He response.

Jake's hands running up my back pulling my shirt up and over my head. 

"You are so damn sexy Joel" He says as he does down feeling his warm tongue lick up my body to my mouth and pushing his tongue deep in my mouth our tongues wrestling with one another. Jacob pushes his hips down grounding our hard dicks together. Both still confined in our jeans. After a minute or two of dry humping and kissing Jacob reaches down unbuttoning my jeans, sliding them and my briefs off in one fluid move, soon I am laying under Jake naked and bare. 

His eyes roaming all over my body, he bit's his lower lip groaning. "I can't wait to be in you Joel" He whispers in my ear.

My head swimming with the sound of those words. 

Jacob comes laying next to me his body half leaning on me. "I am going to loosen you up baby, I want you to be able to take all of me I want you to be able to enjoy this baby." He kisses the top of my head reach up above us grabbing a bottle of lube and squirting a little amount on his finger. He takes a deep breath and looks at me our eyes not leaving one another. 

I feel his hand slowly slide between my legs, his lubed finger moving up and down my crack and stops once he finds my tight pucker. 

He pushes in ever so gently not wanting to hurt me. My ass is tight not giving in to the intruder. 

"Relax baby..." His free hand pushing back strains of hair that cover my face. That show of affection relaxes my body enough where my ass relaxes giving way as Jake's large finger pushes into my tight ass. 

"Oh...." Instantly my ass is on fire followed by a stinging pain. Jacob holds there not moving allowing my ass to get use to it. 

Reading my face expression Jacob knows when to continue and stop. He wasn't rough but gentle wanting me to get use to this. I could feel his finger slowly push in and out of me lubing the walls of my tight ass all over. 

God how in the hell am I going to be able to take his monster dick? That thought quickly erased from my mind when I feel a second finger enter me. Through all of this my eyes never leave's Jacobs at all. He lays there smiling down at me as he probes my ass slowly, I could feel my dick straining hard needing to cum but I hold back. It's to early to cum. 

Slowly he inches his massive dick inch by inch taking it really slow not wanting to hurt me. In his eye I could see passion and love and lust. Just by reading my body language he knew when to push more into me and stop so I could adjust to his length and girth what felt like a long process he finally let out a soft moan. I felt something heavy rest on my ass.

"Joel...I am finally all the way in you and my god...you feel so tight...so fantastic..." He leans down and presses his lips onto mine meshing our bodies together like cogs in a clock. While still holding and cradling my body he slowly withdrew his lube slick cock to the tip and slowly reinsert back into me balls deep. I softly moan with him in our kiss. His arms wrapping tighter around has his lower body did all the work and slowly sawed back and forth into my tight ass. The pleasure I am feeling was so intense and amazing it felt as if I was in heaven the man I been wanting for ever is here with me now. Holding. Making love with me. My friend. 

Jacob pace soon began to speed up a bit his big ball sack lightly hitting my ass as he pumped his dick back into me again. Jacob was pulling out and pumping back into me with much greater force and speed each time he went out and in again, each thrust sent waves of ecstasy through my body into my finger tips and toes. I could feel goosebumps shudder across my body again and again as if a cold breeze were blowing across my skin.

Jacob pushed himself up on his elbows and looked down at me his face was nothing that I ever seen before...we lost in himself in us. "Baby I am so close...I ...I don't know how much longer I can hold off" Jacob says still pumping his dick into me at a great speed. I could barely hear or understand what he said over the sound of his body smacking into mine and my moans escaping my mouth. I reign my senses in enough to try to form words to respond to him and gaze at him straight in his big brown eyes. 

"I want you to fuck me as hard and fast as you can! I want you to breed me. Knock me up. I want to feel you cum deep in me and I want to see your face as you do Jacob" Ans just like that Jake seem like he was in a trance. True to my words our eyes stayed connected as he pumped his monster dick into my ass over and over hitting the sweet spot. Each time the fat head hit that spot it caused my own dick to harden like a rock and aching to explode but I wanted to wait until I felt Jake cum in me. 

Jacob began to ravage my ass. With each thrust the expression on Jake's face were apparent that he was getting closer to release his seed into me. Gaming upon his face the best I could his primal male instinct to breed his partner took over vigorously ravaged my ass like there was no tomorrow.

What started as simple sexual bliss of my tight virgin ass wrapped tightly around his big dick turned into a need of release and take his partner. I see beads of sweat roll down his muscular neck down mid way of his chest and falling down landing on me. Jake's right arm carried around the back of my head bringing only a inch from his. Several things happened all at once, I watched as his pupils dilate the  muscles on his body tense hard. He buried his dick deep in me his mouth shaping in a O shape several moans and whimpers were heard. My ass could feel his dick pulsing over and over gain. Knowing each pulse was releasing thick ropes of cum into me. Feeling Jake's cum fill me pushed me over the edge as I finally lose control and my hot cum shoots between our bodies. He kisses me hard as are nuts are emptied of there large storage of cum. 

After a few more seconds Jake body shuddered and he collapse on top of me breathing hard and deep. With little strength I had left I lift my arms wrapping them around his neck covered sweat and held him there.


After ten minutes Jake slowly rolled over to his side my ass making a popping noise when his softening dick comes out. My body shudders. I could feel his still warm cum leak from my sore ravaged ass.

Jacob kisses my shoulder and wraps his arm around my waist pulling me to him. His face nuzzling the back of my neck. "This is the best gift I ever got and I am glad you shared it with me Joel...." 

After those final words the exhaustion finally took over and our bodies relaxed sleep took over us like a wave on the ocean and we both fell asleep me in his arms....


MR eyes are closed but I can feel myself awake. The birds chirping the smell of morning dew on the grass smelled so amazing mixed in with the smell of sex in the air...mmm. Wait what?! My eyes fly open. First thing I notice is that we are still in the tree house second I could feel Jacob's arm around my chest warm body pressed on my back...oh goodness. I slowly reach up and remove his arm from me. I loose my grip on his arm and it fall back hitting in the face, Jacob waking up startled. 

He looked around and his gaze fell on me and smiled. "Good morning beautiful" He says stretching and yawning. 

"Morning" I reply. I sit up. I moan a bit feeling a dull ache in my ass. 

"Wow, that is new" I say rubbing my ass. From behind I can hear Jacob laughing from behind. 

'Did we really make love last night?" I ask. 

"Yes we really did" Jacob responds. "Are you regretting it?" He asks concerned sitting up putting a hand on my shoulder.

I shake my head. "No, of course not just this is a whole new experience for me I never knew this what it felt like to have sex with someone you truly care for." 

Jacob arms pull me to his chest cradling me. "It was amazing to be in you and have you. To be your first. I didn't know what to expect I mean i know the feeling between a women and a man taking it is extremely different but it's like I could read your mind when you wanted it more and more and when to stop so you could get use to me I have to say you took me like a champ not many people can take me right away like you could you were so tight and I am glad that I made love with you last night it's been a long time coming hun. You know the first time I found out you really had strong feelings for me was when last summer when i hurt my leg pretty bad at the bike trails you took sure care for me instantly came to my aid when i need it most. I never forgot that and to be honest Joel after making my choice to stay and go to Grand Valley it was cause of you. You are best friend and also I could never leave you, also knowing you really love me" He says turning my head with his hand to face him and kisses me.

I had no idea how to respond to that however, my heart swell with joy knowing he cares for me as I do to him. 

We spent another hour talking and kissing but really when it came to it we went for another round, this time last for hours. It got to the point where it was getting much hotter in the tree house as the day drew on so we took as much as we could carry and headed to the house. Jacob and I were both really worried about how the house  might look since the majority of the people would have left. 

To our surprise eight people from the party were holding trash bags and walking around picking up garbage and wiping down everything. The girls who helped us set up were there and just smiled at us. Trey knew what happened but stayed quiet about it. I could feel my face flush knowing they know what happened. Jacob chuckled and kissed my head and we took a quick shower together before we came down to help the other clean up the house. 


two and half months pass since Jacob graduated and he and I made love all summer, spent every waking moment together although he wanted to remain in the closet for the time being we still manage to keep are relationship strong as ever but all good things must come to an end especially when it comes to your boyfriend leaving for three days for an early showing of the school and classes.

"Hey, don't worry babe I will be gone for three days and I will be right back and I will make it all up to you promise in more ways then one" He growls nibbling my ear. I chuckle pulling back form him. touching his face. 

"Don't miss me to much baby, I will be here when you get back pookie" I say.

"Pookie huh? " He says smiling with his eye brow raised.

I nod. "It's cute " He says. 

He pushes me against his truck kissing me hard. "I love you." 

" I love you too" I reply. He gives me one final kiss and hopes in his truck and drives away. Watching Jacob drive away broke my heart but I knew he would be back but something deep inside me told me something was going to happen i couldn't pinpoint what that might be but I knew it was coming. 

One the first day since Jake left he texted me a lot telling how his day went and how small his dorm room was but he really loved the school and everyone in it. One the second day he didn't text me at all neither did he on the third day. i grew a bit concerned he wasn't coming home until later tonight but why wouldn't he text me at all? What happened? 

I sit on the couch watching a movie trying to ignore my unsettling nerves. My phone beeped showing me a text I quickly opened the message it was from Jake telling me that he won't make it tonight to my place and that he will see me tomorrow. My finger hovered over the call button, but i restrained myself. My already fired nervous grew more and more and all that night I couldn't sleep what so ever.

I texted Jacob that night and didn't get a response back from him for hours 

When he finally messaged me he told me to meet back  the high school tonight around ten. I changed into my clothes and walked over to the high school. With each step I took my nervous feeling was becoming overwhelming to where i felt like I was going to throw up. On instinct I knew where Jacob was going to be. I walked around behind the school into the woods. The full moon high in the sky provided enough light to see the path in the woods 

I was getting closer to a fort structure that was build a while back for paintball games that the school held for seniors but this was also the place where Jacob came to think when he was feeling down or upset. It was his thinking place. 

Coming here I knew something was going to be said that was going to destroy everything but I had to hear what it is even though I didn't know what was going to be said. 

I climb up the ladder. Expecting Jacob to look over to help me up instead when my head popped over the top he was just standing there looking up at the moon. i stayed in that position for a bit before I finally climbed over the edge. It was silent the only noise that was being made was the night creatures that sang in the slightly lit darkness. 

"Hey Jacob what's going on?" 

He stood there for a bit longer before finally looking down and taking a deep breath turning towards me.

"Joel we have to talk." I felt my stomach drop down further into my stomach a big knot balling up in my throat. 

"What is it..." I say in almost whimper like tone. 

'Joel you have to understand I was so confused. You are my best friend and I love you so much but we can't be together anymore. I can't risk people knowing that I had sex with another man let alone my best friend who most people consider that we are like brothers." 

There it was the bomb I been waiting for...."But everything we did...done...promises you made..." I could feel anger building up. My heart breaking apart. Tear's pooling in my eyes.

"I know Joel! I know...but I just can't do this I got a scholarship for football and got an early acceptance letter into one of the frat houses I am getting everything I want in life this could be the start of a new career for me Joel I hope you understand this...beside I met a girl that I could really like maybe even love..."

"A girl..."I whisper...

He nods. "Joel I still love you but what happened this summer can never ever happen again okay I don't know why I did the things that I did but I did and I am so sorry for leading this on more then it shouldn't have please try to forgive me Joel I still want to be friends with you I still want you to be my best man when I get married and I will be yours please try to get over this please I beg of you for both our sakes!" He reaches up gripping my shoulders. 

My head is hunched over the tear falling form my face to wooden floor. When i feel his hands touch me I pull back and slap him as hard as I can across the face. 

His other hand cups the slapped side of his face looking at me in shock that I actually hit him. To be honest I was a little shocked myself that I could hit Jacob like that but I could care less in this very moment. My chest is heaving in anger, my palm still stinging a bit from the slap. Tears streaming down my face as I look at the man who was my first. Who was my everything who I gave my heart too but now All I see is a traitor. 


"NO! Don't...you are an ass...you are a son of a bitch! I gave you everything...everything. My heart. My virginity. Everything and you just crush it all like it's nothing and be with some girl you just met." 

I fall to my knees my legs that began shaking finally gave out from under me. Unable to hold it back any longer I cried hard. So this is what heart break feels like. I could feel my heart aching in pain. I could hear Jake sniffling, he was crying to. He kneels down pulling me to his chest saying how sorry he was over and over again. I really wanted to shove him away but I was to overwhelmed with grief to move much. I just let him hold me. My hands clutching my chest as if I was trying to holds my heart together but it was broken by the man I thought I loved. I let love blind me to the fact that we would be nothing more then friends. This relationship was to good to be true....


Jacob gave me a ride home the ride there was silent. When we reached my house with no words exchanged I jumped out of his truck and ran into my house locking the door. I run up to the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. My hair a mess. Eyes blood shot red. I reach into the drawer and pulled out a razor blade and held it to my wrist. Maybe ending it could end this suffering. Could end how humiliated I feel. I press the tip of the razor a bit into my skin for some reason I could go through with it.

"AHHHH!" I yell tossing the blade to the side. Running my hands into my hair. Crying a bit more. I walk myself to my bed and just pass out there tears still streaming down my face...

As I lay there I make my own vow....I will eventually forgive Jacob but I will never forget. I will always protect what is mine and never let him take anything else from me...this I vow.

To be continued.......

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