In the corner of my mind my emotions betray me. Feeling Jacob's warm lips pressed against mine felt both amazing and agonizing all at the same time. I could feel Jacob's arm snake around my waist tighter as he pulls me toward him.  His fingers moving up and around my neck entangling in my hair, his kissing becoming more intense and passionate. My lips moving with his but then Joel flashes in my mind and my senses pull back together. 

"" I mumble against lips. I raise my hand stop his massive chest my hands clutching handfuls of his shirt. 

"Sam...' he Moans. 

"NO!" I muster all the strength I could and shoved him back. Unprepared he has does his best to keep his balance before the back of his are taken out when he bumps and falls back on his bed. 

He props himself on his shoulder's looking up at me, shocked and surprised. I can feel anger building inside me getting ready to blow my top off, I feel my in surprised was heaving up and down with anger as I look down at him.


"Why the fuck did you kiss me? Why?! How could you do this ti me? To Sarah again? After everything we've done to build our friendship and put our mistake behind us so that way the guilt we carry does burden us as much!" I knew I was blowing it out of proportion but I was so anger and hurt that I couldn't stop yelling at him and the look on his face of disbelief made it much worse. 

"We are nothing. Jake. We are nothing! And because of this...knowing you haven't gotten over you feelings for me I don't think we can be friends anymore...I am not going to mess things up with Joel I can't." 

As soon as I said his name Jacob quickly stands up on his feet. The tighten in his jaws was telling that he was gritting his teeth. The vein on his neck was pulsing rapidly with anger. His fist in tight balls. 

It felt like hours when no words were exchanged until finally Jacob lets out a deep breath and sits back down on the bed leaning his head into his hands and his shoulder's begin to shudder, I first begin to think he was just breathing hard or laughing but then I could faintly hear his sobbing. 

All the anger, all the hatred I felt for him for what he did almost seem to vanish but my anger still lingered. 

"I am pretty messed up Sam....I am..." he says. I leans his head up to look at me tears streaming down his face. Eyes red. 

"Ever since I met you in the quad at the beginning of the year when I first laid eyes on you...something in me clicked. Like a switch. I don't how or why but that entire day I was here helping set the party up you were all I could think about, even when I was with Sarah All I could think about was you. I love Sarah to death but with you it's different. Sam...all my life I have been so confused even being with her felt like something was out of place even back in high school he..we..." 

"He?" His mouth drops opens in silence. I could't take it no more. 

"Sam look as shitty as this hurts me to see you with another guy. I don't want you to be with any other man except me!"

" will not play that card! You and Sarah are together you have just betrayed her once again and..." He cuts me off.

"Don't you think I fucking that!?!? I just betrayed the women I love again because I love you!" 

At that moment my body froze where it stood. Adrenaline rushing through my veins, my heart beating faster as more and more adrenaline is released into my bloodstream. 

"Sam? Did you hear me?" HE asks. Taking a step closer to me.

"Sam I love you!" He says once again. Taking another long stride almost closing the distance between us. His hands raise up as he spoke"Sam please I lov...." 

The moment I felt his fingers touched my skin along with his lips forming the word "Love" I reacted defensively and I bring my hand up hard as I can and slap him across the face. The force was hard enough that it turned his head around enough where you can head the bones popping in his neck. Jacob taking a few steps back his hand rubbing the side of his face. I felt so guilty for hitting him but that guilt was replaced by anger and sorrow. I felt the tears that pooled in my eyes spill over the edge and down my cheek. 

"Don't you ever, ever fucking touch me or say I love you again! We are never going to happen and I am not going to be on the side lines like a mistress in waiting. I am going to leave and I am going to be with Joel" I say matter of fact. With that I turn on my heels and turn the door knob and exit.

As I close the door I can hear Jacob calling out my name. I slam it shut and race down the hall down the stiars. As I descend I can hear him opening the door and running down the hall but before he could get to the stairs I am already in the kitchen and bolting through the crowd of people and out the front door. The tears were running down my face faster as I run harder.

Millions of things began running through my mind. Why did I get myself in this position? Why did I have to kiss him? This is so fucked up and it's my fault I should have just drowned and died then none of this would be happening. 

I slowed down and pace myself as I run down the darken road back to Campus.


I'm dripping in sweat by time I arrive back at my dorm. I lean back against the cool wall that leached the hot skin that plagued my body. Running back to the dorm was a great way to take my mind off of everything and burn off the adrenaline. I stay there until I manage to get my breathing under control. When my breath is finally even I slump to the floor pulling my knees to my chest resting my head on top and began crying hard. 

Despite the fact that I hate Jacob right now I l know in his confusing words, when he said he loved me. I can tell from looking in his eyes that he was telling the truth but it didn't make it any better knowing he's in love with Sarah as well and I couldn't deal with that but to make matter's worse I like Joel so much....

I lift my arm wiping my face taking a deep breath. I stand up slowly pull off my sweat soaked clothes and toss them into the hamper while grabbing my towel and head into the shower. I take a long hot bath before I actually soaping my body. 

"Sam?!" I hear a voice. I could my freezing once again. Oh god...did Jacob actually come all the way here?! I turn off the water and open the shower curtain. The door handle jiggling followed by a knock, 

"Sam?" The voice calls again. My head feeling fuzzy I can barely concentrate on the voice. 

"Sam it's me Joel!" I sigh...just hearing his voice all the emotions flood back. I do my best to wall them up but they just keep breaking down. 

I quickly wrap the towel around my waist and rush out. 

"Joel!" I yell in a sob. 

I throw my arms tightly around his neck crying into his chest. "Sam?!" His voice loud full of worry. I couldn't stop crying. The pain was just to much. "Sam..." He says softly and soothing. Comforting. He lifts down a bit take my legs from under me and lifts me into his arms and carries me to the bed. Instead of laying me down he simply sits all the way until his back is against the wall and just holds me his hands rubbing my arms letting me know that I am safe and to let it all out. 

I don't know how long I was crying but it was enough were a nice size wet patch was son his shirt. I sniffle a bit before finally lifting my head up. 

"Here you might need these" He pulls a travel size pack of tissues from his pocket and hands them to me.

"Thank you" I say while opening the pack and wipe my nose wit ha few of them not caring if there are stuck together. 

" wanna tell me why you ran from the party as if the devil was chasing you? Or why you burst out crying?" In his voice it wasn't mockery but genuine concern for me. 

"Sam, i am not one for getting into people personal matter's but when it's someone I care about..." He pauses. Waiting to see if I have anything to what he says before he continues "...I need to know what is wrong and see if there is any way I can fix or help them please tell me what's going Sam. Don't tell me it's nothing cause you are a emotional wreck and I am worried" His arms tighten around me. 

I lean my head back on his shoulder staying silent. Debating whether or not I should tell Joel what had happened in the beginning of the year to what just happened a few hours ago. 

"Sam..?" He says softly. 

I take a deep breath I lift my head back up looking at him in his soft brown eyes. "Don't ask any questions or say anything until I have finished okay?"

He opens his mouth to protest but then just closes it and nods.

"It happened at the summer end party" I begin.

I tell him everything from the drowning to the almost sex to what just happened. Explaining everything felt like hours. As I was telling Joel we didn't move from out cuddling position on the bed he just had me. When I finally finished what I had to say he just slowly pull me off him onto the bed and stood up looking out the window. 

With a quick swift move he punched the window spider webbing the glass. I jump in the bed getting caught off guard.

"Fuck" He says lowly rubbing his already bruising knuckles as if he just bumped them into something. 

"Joel..please...say something" 

"How could you both do that? Hurt Sarah that way? How fucking could y'all do that?!" He gets louder 

"Joel I told you everything please we both feel so damn horrible about it please..."

"How could Jacob fucking do this when you both were fixing things?! Oh god!" He run his hands through his hair. 

"What is it?" 

"I ltd Jacob that I liked you tonight told him I was going to make my move and...and...he fucking knew I liked you and went for you. That asshole betrayed me once again!" 

"Again?" I stutter. 

He stood still. Realizing what he said his eyes widen with shock. From the look on his face he just revealed a big secret. I looks at the ground and then slowly looks up at me. He lifts his head looking at me his eyes pooling with tears.

I was stunned. I put two and two together and finally it fit together...Joel's reaction to hearing about me and Jacob to hearing Joel saying that he felt betrayed again. It was simple. He and Jacob were together before.

I stand up wrapping my arms around him. "I am so sorry Joel..I am so so sorry...." 

I fell his strong arms wrap around my waist holding me close to him his wet tears rolling down my bare skin. I felt a bit embarrassed. 

"Joel sweetie I am still in my towel here." I feel his body shaking from laughing. His hands come up and grab's my arms pulling his body back his eyes scanning up and down my body. 

I blush. 

"You are one damn cute boy in that towel I know it's bad timing to comment you on you nearly naked body but...damn you are really hot." His smile soon fades and his face grows serious. 

"Joel?" I ask with concern. 

"Sam, what happened at the wasn't a drunk kiss it was real. I really really like you I been liking you since I met you here in this dorm. i been juggling on my emotions on how to approach you but seeing and hearing what Jacob did tonight makes me wanna run over there and punch him in his god damn face! It was a shitty for what you both did but you tried to make it work and he ruined it. It makes me so damn angry knowing that he touched you....kissed you. I want to be the only one to do that. Sam mine..give me a chance and go out with me. I can't really protect you if you are not mine. Please..." He presses his head on mine. 

My mind was racing a million miles an hour unable to process they words that just came out of his mouth. His right raise tucks under my chin and raise my head up, my eyes widen when I see the passion in them. 

He truly meant those words I say to myself 

He tilts his head down to mine slowly brushing his lips back and forth on mine. I could only let out staggered breaths as he moved back and forth. I unable to move. This felt completely different compared to him kissing me at the party this was with love...with passion and lust. 

Joel wrapped his other arm around my waist pulling me to him and brought his lips down on mine only this time his lips opened mine and his tongue pushed on in. I lift my arms up to home him as we kissed and our tongues wrestled in my mouth. A small moan escapes our lips as we kiss.

My hands running and grabbing Joel's beautiful long silk like hair pulling him closer to me his hands running up and down my smooth back and then with all his will he finally forced his hands up and over the round curve of my ass. and grabbed a handful. I groan and moan in our kiss as he does. His hands slide to the front where they quickly pull the towel apart and toss it to the side. Without breaking the kiss once he uses his long arms to grab my though and hoist me up. My legs wrapping around his narrow waist his hands  cupping and holding my smooth bubble butt in his hands. 

in a few long strides we leaning over and i'm on my back on his bed where he settles perfectly between my legs. He finally pulls back both of use breathing heavy from the lack of air we had. I leans up standing on his knees looking at the view below. His hand running back and forth across my chest tweeking my nipple a bit. His hand runs down across my abs and wraps around my already stone hard dick. 

"You are so fucking beautiful Sam...I am so lucky to have met you" He says as he bends down lifting my naturally smooth leg up in the air slowly kissing and licking his way up my leg. I couldn't help but moan feeling my skin tingle in pleasure from his love kisses. when he gets to my foot he lets my leg down and reaches down lifting his shirt up and over his head tossing it to the ground and undoes the top of his jeans and stops there. 

My eyes widen. He smooth lean hard muscles ripple with the slightest movement's. showing how define they are. 

He moves back grinning like a evil predator about to go in for the kill. Before I could think rationally what he was going to do it was to lat within a few seconds he his push my legs back a bit getting better access to my ass and his face buries deep between my cheeks. I yell out in pleasure my fingers digging hard into the mattress my back arching off the bed as his tongue digs deep into my tight hole. The blood in my body seem to be racing fast fueled by the ecstasy of pleasure my body was in over load it was hard to stay still but god damn this felt so damn good and Joel was so hungry for my ass it was unimaginable to comprehend what I was feeling. Not once since I been sexually active has a guy ever ate me out before nad now here. Joel, my dorm mate My friend was eating me out now. 

Joel's tongue moved in circles and moved in and out of me. I wasn't about to question how on earth he knew how t heat people out because he seems to know what he was doing and it was amazing. My dick was leaking a lot of precum, the white substance leaking down the shaft of my cock pooling at the base.  After a bit Joel slowly kissed his way up my already overly sensitive dick and his mouth deep throats my pre cum coated cock. i throw my head back on the pillow I could feel the climax building and building. 

"Joel..oh fuck I ...I ...I...Oh fuck!" even after my early warning he doesn't move just buries my cock deeper into his throat and I shoot several hot thick ropes of cum down his throat. When I finally settle down he lifts his head up looking me in the eyes. I look back at him the best I can. My breathing in my chest was ragged. I could see a small string of cum fall from his lips as his tongue moves around taking in as much of the sweet satly flavor of my cum into his mouth. 

"MMM you taste so fucking good babe...but I am not finished with you yet. I am going to make you cum again!" 

I whimper, my body shuddering at the thought. He kisses up my belly to my chest sucking on both nipples and finding his way to my neck kissing up and around there until he moves up and kisses my lips. I can feel the tangy sweet saltness of my cum on his lips as we make out. I can feel him shifting and turning his long hard bulge pushing into my ass. Oh fuck I want him so bad...any thought of Jacob my brain was trying to bring up simply vanished to the back of my mind, able to stay focus on Joel. 

He pulls away standing up looking down at me with lustful hungry eyes his hands moved down his body into the waist bands of his briefs pushing them down, his cock sprung free. My eyes widen seeing just how big and fat his cock was. It looked to be able 8 inches and almost 6 inch girth from the looks of it. Looking back up at Joel the smile that crept onto his face it was clear he was really pleased at the reaction I was giving seeing the size of his manhood. 

He lifts his arms up to the back of his head flexing his arms and his entire body. Every muscle bulging and tightening putting one hell of a sexy show!.

He reaches down and opens the drawer of the desk between our beds and produces a bottle lube which he applies to his stone hard dick and begins stroking it up and down making sure every single inches is well covered before he places that big meat into me. 

"I am going to fuck you. Long and hard then i am going to make you cum again and again. After I will hold you in my arms and never let go." He says seductively and lovingly. 

He gently grabs my legs as he moves in between them and spreads them lifting them up to his shoulders. I could feel the well lubed cock head rubbing up and down between my cheeks but every time it went over my sweet tight hole he would push just a little in to make me whimper. Each time he smiled.

His hands come up to my face where he cups my cheek, his thumb moving back and forth along my cheek. "Put it in me Joel." I say in a small voice. 

"You want me to be buried balls deep in you?" 

I nod. 

"Well your wish is my command and pleasure" He grins. 

He grabs both of my hands in his and intertwine our fingers together pulling them above my head and held them there, the cock head that was still moving up and down my ass stopped when it reached my hole. Joel and I never broke eye contact as he shifted pushing the fat head into me. My ass resisted the invader but then gave way when Joel applied more pressure. The head popped right in making arch my back and yelping in pleasure. I could hear his groans as my tight hole is wrapped around the head he kisses my chest. 

"Fuck, Sam. You feel so damn good!" He gives another little push sinking another two inches in me. I moan loudly as I do. Joel was taking his time. Being gentle allowing me to adjust to the big invader. He truly cares for me. Making sure I am enjoying this as much as he is. Our hands are tightly bound to each other. This is was true love making feels like. My heart racing but yet uplifting. I never knew making love felt this way I guess Joel could be the one...could be the one...I tear up. 

Joel looks up and sees my falling tears. 

"Sam? Are you okay am I hurting you?" He asks worried. I feel him begin to withdrawl.

"No! are no I promise just...out of the hook ups I ever had it never felt like this, you are making love to me and my heart is filled with joy! You are truly caring for my own well being and making sure I am enjoying this experience as much as you are. Feeling you inside me...Joel...I...I want you...I want you too." 

He smiled so big and let out a huge breath and kissed me. "Good!" He says. and with that he slowly begins pushing the rest of his thick member into me. I grip his hands tightly in my own.

He suddenly stops grinning. "What? Why are you stopping?" I pant. 

"I'm all the way took me all!" He reinforce his comment by sliding out and thrust back in again feeling his heavy balls hit my ass. 

"Now the fun begins" He exclaims. 

"Oh..." I whimper.

He frees our hands only to grab both my wrist in his one of his big hands and the other snakes down my body leaving goosebumps in it's path sliding down and around and up under my back until his hand grabs my shoulder. At first I wasn't sure what he was doing but my curious thoughts were answered by him pulling his dick to the tip and thrusting back in while using his hand on my shoulder to pull me down to collide our bodies together. I yell. 

"Oh fuck Joel...oh god...yes..." I moan. 

Fuck so tight. So good!" He grunts. He says slowing drawing back and shoving his dick back in doing it for a few times before he starts picking up speed. Hearing his grunts and moans where amazing to hear Knowing that he loving my ass wrapped tightly around his fat dick. I look down his long hair swaying with each thrust tickling my chest. Between the curtain of hair his muscle son his body flex with each thrust, my eyes widen seeing this hunk of a man pelvis plowing into me. 

Joel picked up a great pace between fast and slow. Th pace was bliss I can't describe in words or thought how great lover he is. I wrap my arms around his neck pulling him down to me. H's face nestle in the crook of my neck his moans and grunts were like if angels were singing. His hot breath brushing across the sensitive spots across my neck. Mixed with all that sound including the sound of his body slapping into mine. Was beautiful.

Closing my eyes I could feel his cock head rubbing and massaging the velvet walls inside me, I could tell he enjoyed the feeling. 

"I want you to come in me Joel...I want you to make me yours..." His pace slowed down a bit but he doesn't just enough to raise his head to look me in the eyes. 

"Are you sure?" He asks. Sweat dripping down his lean muscles on his chest and stomach. 

"I nod. "Yes...I want you. I want you to breed me." 

He kisses me hard he leans up flipping his hair backwards. He grabs my legs wrapping them around his waist after making sure they are secure around he wraps his arms around my hot body lifting me up as I weighed nothing to him. In one fluid movement he is standing his dick still in me buried deep. He kisses me  and walks I gasp in our kiss when the cool wall comes in contact with my overly hot body. It felt good having my body cool down a bit but it was quickly hot again when Joel's arms ride up my back and grab both my shoulders. 

I presses his head against mine pushing my shoulders down while thrusting up. I moan loud holding him tightly, With each thrust his groans grew louder and I could feel his dick become even more thicker, realizing that he was getting close to cum I encourgaed so harder and faster and he did just that. Getting a better hold of me he thrust with all his might forcing his dick into me harder, faster and deeper then before. I throw my head back hitting kinda hard on the wall but I didn't really notice the pain my body was melting and all my nerves were such in bliss that it was making it hard to hold him or feel anything. My dick that s raging hard was getting close to cumming once again! 

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Joel! Oh god yes! Oh oh oh..." 

"Oh god Sam I am cumming! Cum with me baby cum with me!" He yells and groans. 

Joel!!!" I moan, and with that He thrust hard as he could in me I could feel his hot thick ropes of cum flood into me. I smiled widely and one a second after him cumming I cum once again shooting it between both our bodies. His body shakes and shudders as his cock is still cumming into me. His body that is starting to sag he carries us back over to his bed where we both lay in each other arms not caring about our cum covered bodies my head tucked under his chin as we both slowly drift off to sleep...



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