"J...Jacob..." I say Hoarsely.

"Hey Sam, are you okay Does anything hurt?"

A dull ache in the back of my neck when I try to nod. "My throat...and neck...." I stutter, my lips quivering from the cold air.

"Come on let's get you out of here to some place warm and into something dry" Jacob said. He slides his arms under me and picks me up with little effort. I wrapped my arms around his neck holding on him closer; resting my head on his shoulder trying to get as much warmth from him as possible. He begins moving toward the house, it is silence between us as we walk toward the house, my head swirled around remembering the cold water entering my lung, the strain and pain to take single breath of air, god I was going to die I would have been on the bottom of the pond dead if Jacob hadn't found me but the question is...how did Jacob know where I was?

   "Jacob...How did you come to find me out here?" I croaked.

"I was looking for you on Joel's request" He tells me. He leans forward a bit as we begin climbing the hill to the house already half way there. "Why would Joel send you to find me?" I ask him curiously.

"He wanted me to find you cause he was about to play a drinking game and I suppose he wanted to impress you" A smile creases on his lips.

"But...why he's straight isn't he?" I say

I feel his chest rumble a bit from laughing. "More or less" He looks down at my blank face and rolls his eyes. "He's bisexual but then again he acts so straight it be pretty hard to pick up but then there also all the girls he slept with but a few guys mixed in" He goes silent for a moment.

"However, that is beside the point" He face grows serious. "I asked around and those on the back porch last saw you heading this way and so I followed and next thing I know I hear someone falling in and yelling for help. I dove straight and swam to you even though I didn't know it was you, when I pulled you out and not breathing" He shudders a bit slowing his walking pace trying to compose himself. He shakes his head before speaking. "Why were you out there? Knowing you can't swim?" His voice filled with anger.

My voice is soft and low "I was hiding a couple came and were doing it I didn't want to be caught thinking I was a perve so I hid in the boat I didn't realize how far I was out before it was to late...I'm sorry it was stupid idea"

"It really was just please...don't ever do that again" He pleads. I look up only to meet his gaze. I give him a little nod.

"Okay, I promise" I say hoarsely. I winced at the pain.

He looks down at me looking worried, I give him a reassuring smile to show him I am okay. his hold on me tightens around me. The noise of the music and people's laughter's grows louder as we get closer and closer to the house. He turns to the left and heads over to the side of the house, "Jacob where we going?" I ask, we get covered in the shadows away from the lights shinning from the porch.

"We are going to use the service entrance" He says.


He scoffs. "I don't want anyone to ask questions about what happened I am sure you don't wanna be hovered by people"

"No, I guess not." Before I know it we are already entering the side door. We walk into a small mud room, Jacob closes the door as we move down the hall that leads into the laundry room, on the floor and on the machines were piles of clothes that reeked of socks and musky smelling jock straps. Jacob then turns to the right a bit opening another door to a staircase going up to the second floor. I watch in amazement how he is able to carry me and walk up the stairs after spending a lot of energy to pull me from the water and perform CPR, a minute he comes to another door and opens it he walks into the dark room slowly setting me down on my feet but keeping one arm around my waist as he flips on the light. His room was simple a queen size bed toward the back center wall, on the left side of the room was a desk stacked and neat paper's and text books with a laptop sitting in the middle of the desk. and in the center was a couple mainstray saucer chairs facing a big flat screen tv mounted on the wall with a few shelf's under with a game console and stacks of video games. This was a nice little room for him very simple guy's room.

Despite being in a warm house and in Jacob's warm arms I can't help but still shiver the coldness of the air and water has chilled me down to my bones. Jacob looks down and frowns. "Shit, you lips are turning blue...we got to get you into a hot shower" With that he turns toward his private bathroom off the to the left and flips on the light. He gently sets me down on the side of the tub keeping one arm around me as he uses the other to turn on the water to warm it up. He's going to get naked with me isn't he I think to myself.

My body shudder's once again but at this moment I didn't care I just needed to be warm.

"Stand up slowly" I hold on to his hand as he helps me stand to me feet, my legs feeling as there going to collapse from under me shake a bit but I regain control and stand up. Jacob stands in front of me grabbing the hem of my shirt and slowly lifting it and discards it on the floor.

My body protesting in pain, aching everywhere, Why didn't I notice that before? Jacob seeing the pain that flashes across my face. "Hey..hey are you okay? Talk to me." Jacobs asks me. His voice full of worry and concern that it almost makes me want to smile, he really care if I am okay.

"Yeah, just I am sore...I didn't realize how sore until now."

"It was the adrenaline now that thou have calmed down the rush is over, don't worry Sam I will take care of you"

In those words my heart flutters, oh Jacob....

He reaches down and unbuttons my Jean's and they fall to the ground with a wet thud and I step out of them. I flush crimson red, Jacob eyes halt for a second as I stand before him naked, it only last a moment but in that moment I read his body language like a book. His cheeks flushed a bit of pink, his body stiffen and he is biting his lower lip a bit not enough to give him away but just enough where if anyone was paying attention would notice it. I look down feeling a bit insecure  God, I am naked in front of him. I Violent shudder as a wave of a cold chill runs through me I nearly double over.

He pulls me to him lifting me again carefully and slowly lowers me into the hot steaming water.

I small whimper escapes my lips as the sting of my cold skin comes into contact with the hot water but the sting quickly subsides the tub was deep water up to my chest as soon as my bottom touch the bathtub floor.

Jacob let me go and stood up undressing himself, my eyes didn't leave his body as he effortlessly stripped out of his shirt letting it drop to the floor his body glistening from the water already on him his pecs gloriously flexed every time he moved, beads of water slowly trailed down his cut body. My body was still shaking but I just couldn't stop looking. He quickly slipped out of his jeans and boxers letting them drop to floor. If my teeth weren't chattering from the cold my mouth would have dropped open at the size of his dick. Despite him being cold his member hung low and swung as he moved behind him. I feel his soft member pressed against the top of my cheeks as he pulls my body against his fully. His arms wrapping under my arms and across my chest, his legs were laid next to mine.

"How do you feel?" He asks.

"I ffffff...feel...bbbb...better...." My teeth still chattering.

His arms constricted around me, holding snugly against his bare warm chest.

Holy shit, I can't believe I am naked with Jacob! A straight guy. This can't really be happening...

I lean back fully into his chest turning my head into the crook of his neck fitting perfectly my teeth and body are still shaking despite the hot and warm body that are wrapped around me, slowly the chill in my bones start to recede and my shaking become less and less. I start feeling better push my head up my lips softly brushing the bottom of his chin feeling my lips starting to loosen up as the heat from his body begin warming them up.

Before long my body is completely still and I am breathing normally. "You feel much warmer now Sam" His hands rubbing my chest.

I feel my cheek flush as he does. I pull my head back a bit, tilting my head up to look up him. Our eyes lock gazes and I find myself looking deep into his brown eyes. Jacob eyes were so ficus on mine that it was as if he looking deep into my soul, in those eyes i saw something more, something different the way he looked at me when we first meet at the quad was there, the kind sweet guy but also there swam a desire almost lust but passion as well, my heart begins heating faster, I starting leaning up as if a invisible rope was pulling me up I watch as Jacob was leaning down too, our lips brush against each other neither of us sure what to do or if we should proceed. I could feel Jacob's dick slowly stirring and growing which caused my dick to get hard. Oh fuck Jacob.....

Our connection was broken when a shampoo bottle topples over onto the floor our faces flushing with blush.

"I...I think we should get out, let me help you out" He slowly slides form behind me I feel his semi hard dick head trail up my spine as he stands. He quickly grabs a towel wrapping it around his waist but his semi boner was still pushing against the towel, I could believe that Jacob got hard. With me! A gay guy!

Jacob helps me out of the tub and dries me, before wrapping it around me like a little boy at the pool. He takes my hand pulling me into the room. He walks over to his dresser producing a pair of gym shorts and a T shirt.

"Here put these on I will throw your clothes into the dryer I will be right back"

Jacob is back by time I was throwing the shirt over my head. I snap my head up when I hear the door close, I swallow the lump that built up quickly in my throat. God, Jacob body was so damn beautiful. Jacob's body was shaped as if he was cut and carved from stone. His bulging pecs pushed out, his abdominal formed a graceful V shape, it was so hard to look away from this masculine man before me. Finally my eyes locked onto his, my eyes quickly scared and read all the emotions that flicked across his face, his lip biting to the lust and passion in his eyes that I saw last time in the tub.

"Fuck it..." He growls. Jacob Crosses the room in two long strides closing the distance between us. Until both our bodies were touching each other. His hands cups the back of my neck using his to hook under my chin and slowly makes me look up at him until are eyes are met. "You have such beautiful eyes Sam...blue eyed angel" He says softly, his thumb brushing back and forth slowly on my cheek.

He slowly leans down, his lips lightly brushes mine his breath ragged from uncertainty he lets out a small sigh and closes in. His soft lips press down against mine, I stand there still, stunned, unsure what to down but I follow his lead when his lips part mine do to and we stand there kissing, I can feel his confusion and at the same time passion behind this action. His other arm wraps around my waist pulling up into him bowing my body against his, my arms react by wrapping tightly around his neck. His hand twists into a fist in my hair lifting my head up more his lips level mine only to place small kisses down the line of my jaws and coming to my ear where he nibbles at the ear lobe grazing the length of my ear sending shivers of pleasure up and down my spine causing me to softly moan. He freed his hand from the entanglement in my hair, and slowly his finger tips ride down feeling down my spine creating goosebumps. This was so much stimuli to my body my cock is stirring in these shorts.

Both his arms were wrapped around my waist. "Sam...I shouldn't be doing this...we shouldn't be doing this but I can stop" He says in my ear then biting it softly.

"I know...but..damn..Jacob down stop kissing me..." I whimper. God I feel so horrible and sad given Jacob is with someone, somebody who is beautiful and kind but I just can't bring myself to stop him forming doing this...

He let's out a growl lifting me up wrapping my legs around his waist pressing me against the wall and kisses and suckling my neck. I let oh soft moans and whimpers his hips slowly thrusting into me. My hands twist in his hair trying to bring him closer to me. The friction between my body and his moving body was causing my cock to throb...feeling the build...

"Jacob..." I whimper...

"Say my name....Sam say it" His thrust deepen  and going faster. Even though he is dry humping me this was enough.

"Jacob...Jacob...oh god!" He bites down an sucks on the very sensitive part of my neck with that and combining with the already building tension of my dick it was enough and I moan loudly shooting hard between our bodies. I feel him push up one final time and hearing him grunt.

He carries us both over to the bed where we lay breathing heavy, I turn my head to the side and see myself in the mirror. Who do I see....a home wrecker...a whore...I feel tears spring in my eyes.

I look over and see Jacob sitting up already his hands covering his face his back heaving.

"God what have I done....I am so sorry Sarah I am so sorry...." He says over and over again in his hands.

"Jacob..." I Say in a small voice. "I am sorry I should have stopped it...god...I am sorry"

"No..I am...I should have stopped it I kissed double first and felt you down..."

"But I went along with it...Jacob I have as much blame in this as you do."

He looks up from his hands to me, his eyes red from crying. "Sam, I don't know what is wrong....ever since the quad...something sparked when I saw you, when you drowned and nearly died I felt my heart break even though we just met it feels as if I already known you for years. He explains.

"In that tub, when I held you. Exposed myself to you. I didn't care all I cared about was keeping you safe and that's how I want you to be but Sarah..." He pauses. "I have to think about her we may not have had full on sex but might as well have I took pleasure with another person when Sarah was suppose to be the only one I am suppose to get pleasure from. Seeing you with that cute face of yours...I just couldn't resist."

"As you can tell now that I am Bi too no one except Joel knows. Sam we have to keep this a secret between us please..."

I nod. My mind is spinning from what he just said, still trying to put the pieces together.

                                                *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

It was nearly two in the morning when I met a drunken Joel at his car, after our encounter in Jacob's room he was quick and changed into some fresh clothes and retrieved my clothes from the dryer for the rest of the night he kept his distance from me telling me he needs to sort out with what he is feeling. I lean my head back on the car closing my eyes thinking how I fucked up something before school officially started. I open my eyes when I hearing a drunken Joel laughter coming into view. Jacob was with him his arm was around Joel's waist holding him up while Joel's arm was around his neck.

"Oh, there is my blue eyed dorm mate...Jake...isn't..isn't..he cute?" He slurs. His face falls and blankets out only for a moment when he doubles over and pukes.

"Oh shit..." Joel says.  Jacob is next to him holding his long hair back as he pukes the booze from his body.

"Here take his keys you are driving him.  I will follow you both back to the dorm so I can help you get him upstairs."

I nod taking the keys from Jacob's open hand.

The drive back to the dorm was fast, we were tailed by Jacob's Chevy four by four truck making sure we were okay.

Upon arriving at the dorm Joel was very close to blacking out so I quickly opened the dorm building door putting a rock in front to keep it open and running up to our dorm and opening our door wide open. I ran back down and Jacob was already pulling Joel from the car we both stand at his side wrapping one of his arms around our shoulder and each grabbing his leg and picking him up. It was hard getting up a dead weight drunken guy up three flights of stairs but we manage to get him into his bunk and roll him to his side so  he doesn't choke on his puke. Joel barely awake looks up at me smiling..."You are very pretty Sam..." He chuckles his hand touches my face before his eyes close and passes out. I blush at what he said and turn to Jacob who heard everything. His face masked with a pained look I could feel the Alpha male testosterone burn off him.

"Well,  I should be getting back" He turns and leaving into the hall.

"Jacob...wait up"

"What is it Sam...?" He stands up straight not looking back at me.

"Jacob...I just wanted to say that we both are going to have to get over how you...we...we feel...cause in truth guys in my life only wanted me for my body and tonight what I saw in your eyes you didn't look at me as another beautiful conquest but at someone who you could trust..I felt it too on the quad...you love Sarah and I will respect that so...we just have to work hard to being friends. He turns his head and looks at me his eyes filled with hurt but understanding. He slowly walks to me until he is a few inches from me.

"You are right Sam....it will be difficult but I am sure we can be really really great friends...but deep down you are always going to be..my blue eyed angel..."

He called me "His blue eyed angel"  My heart leaps with joy and sorrow.

"Good night Sam sleep well" I could tell it took all his self control not to kiss me. I go stand at the window that views the parking lot. I watch as Jacob makes sure Joel's car is locked up, he opens the truck door stopping half way before getting and looking up at me, our eyes focused on each other, he gives me a warming kind smile before he gets in and starts up his truck and drives away.....

To be Continued.....

I know I have submitted a part two but I had taken it down because when I read it over I found it sloppy so I re wrote it. I hope you guys like the new chapter! Also sorry for taking so long I had to make sure with my friend it was ready to submit. Enjoy:)



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