I wake up to the sound of eggs and bacon cooking, my stomach growling in response to the delicious smell of the food. I hear Joel's soft humming as he cooking...but wait how? We don't have a stove.

Finally, curiosity get's the best of me and I finally open my eyes and roll on my back propping my head up with the pillow. Joel's head is slightly hunched over concentrating on his cooking. His head buds are in as he slightly sways his hips to the music. He's in his briefs, God just the sight of him makes me hard again especially how big and low the pouch in his briefs is hanging. I slightly lift my body a bit to see what he' cooking the food on.

Huh, a electric cook pan, clever. As He turns his head away from me as he reaches for something and I take advantage of his distraction to come up from behind. When he stands up straight I wrap my arms from behind around his waist my hands slowly running up and down his hard stomach feeling every bump of his abs and packs under my finger tips. I press my naked body onto him giving him small kisses up and down his spine he softly moans in response and chuckles.

"Morning beautiful!" He coos. 

"Morning" I say kissing his back again. He reaches down turning off the pan and turns around in my arms facing me. He pulls my chin up gently and leans down kissing me our tongues wrestle for a bit, he pulls back for air. 

"Well, I think we better have breakfast first before we get into any activities" He grins. 

I shrug my shoulder's. "As much as I like the sound of that I rather have a bit of protein in my stomach first before those eggs and bacon does" I say sliding down.

He laughs looking up. "Sam what do...oh..oh fuck!" He moan. Lean's back using his hands to hold onto the counter top. His legs slowly shaking from the intense surprise blow job. 

My mouth slowly works up and down his shaft sucking and licking every inch of his thick member. His dick still has lingering flavor of the lube he use on me but damn I didn't care, I reach down to my already harden dick and begin to stroke  his own dick in the process. 

The salty tangerine of his pre cum was ever so good, every time my tongue would lap of the precum around the fat head of his dick his body would shudder in pleasure, I did my best to smile, knowing that I am giving my man pleasure was great for me. I am not a hoe but I have a raw talent on giving head and I was going to give what I had to offer to Joel. Each time I bob down on his dick another inch would slowly sink further and further down my throat. IT takes a few tries but after a bit my nose is buried in his trimmed bush. Joel legs are shaking more and more, only things that are coming out is small whimper's. At this very moment this dominate man that fucked me into submission last night is now at my mercy. 

I contract and release my throat muscles having them slowly massage his thick shaft that is buried deep in my throat. louder moan emanate from his mouth as I do. My hand is furiously stroking my own dick the need for air is becoming to great so I pull back tightening my throat as I pull back. I could feel his highly oversensitive dick begin to pulse, I only back away enough to where my air way is clear and I can take another breath. When i do I go back down, I slowly begin facing fucking my own mouth moving from tip to bush faster and faster.

"Sam...fuck I am so close keep going!" He yells. I match pace with my own strokes. 

"Sam I am...Fuck!!!" I cover the fat head and allow his cum to shoot and fill my mouth! THe sweet taste of his cum are thick ropes that are coating my tongue, it was so hot and delicious that my own cock thickens and ropes of my cum shoot onto the floor. 

Thick ropes continue to shoot in my mouth I was afraid that my mouth would not be able to contain anymore of his sweet cum, Finally, his body relaxes and his cock begins to go limp, My legs are still weak from my own orgasm I get up nice and ease his hot cum still in my mouth. He looks down at me with a big smile but his mouth drops open when he sees his own seed has filled my mouth and with that I tilt my head back and swallow it all.

"God...Sam...That was so fucking hot!" He wraps his arms around me smacking my ass. 

"God,that ass is nice and fat." He smacks it again. 

"Ow hey" I laugh. 

"Sorry I can't help it. It's mine...your mine now" He smiles lovingly at me. He kisses me with passion this time and gives my ass another smack. He leans down and scoops me up in his arms. I laugh.

"I got to bathe you, you dirty boy" He says. 

"What about the food!" 

"We can heat it up later..." He tosses aside the reminder of his clothing and kicks the bathroom door shut. 


We both take a hot shower, feeling Joel rub the soap over my body, washing me down and me to him. It was the most intense yet most connected bond we have formed. Just barely only knowing each other for a couple months this moment we both felt like we been together for years. I never thought I would actually make love very much different then a hook up. 

After the shower, we stand in the little living space between the shower and our beds drying each other. I rub the towel up and down his cost and arms, I turn my head and see him grinning ear to ear.

"What?" I chuckle

He shrugs shaking his head. "Nothing I know I said it before but you are really beautiful. So innocent" 

I laugh. "I am not that innocent." 

"I know but your mine to protect now." He kisses me. 

Just then the door opens followed by a voice. "Yo, Joel bro where you at man...Oh fuck man I am sorry!" 

Joel quickly shoves me behind him shielding me from the prying eyes. "Close the fucking door!" Joel yells. 

The guy quickly closes the door. 

"Stupid..." He turns and faces me. His hand gripping my arm tightly. I wince at the pain

"What was that?" 

His face grows serious. "I told you. You are mine and that includes your body. No one but me get's to see you naked babe no one." He kisses me and traces down to my neck. He begins sucking. I hold his shoulders tight, I softly moan knowing there is someone on the other side. 

"There freshly marked" 

Thanks...but Joel can you let go my arm your hurting me...." 

He looks down. "Oh I'm sorry" He let's go.  I rub my arms the is still pulsing a bit with pain from his grip. Then my mind races back to my neck.

"Oh come on I hate those things" I say rubbing the spot he sucked. All he did was laugh. 

I changed into my clothes while he went and talked to his friend, I start to put the food on plates and set the microwave to reheat the not stone cold food. It didn't take long for Joel to return and sit down on the bed. We both ate in silence for a moment I could tell there was something wrong a shadow shrouding his face, I wasn't sure what to say or do to break the silence so I just kept on eating. I take his empty plate and setting them o other counter, Joel is leaning over his face in his hands still quiet. I come over wrapping my arm around his broad shoulder's giving them a good squeeze.

"Hey, what's wrong?" I ask. 

"Sam...you are going to hate me...but I need to tell you something and it's kind of big." 

Nerves begins begin to build up in my gut as I wait to hear what he has to say. Many things pass through my mind wondering if he was going to end it, but we just had a great night and again this morning so it couldn't be that but whatever it was, it was big. 

I get up and sit across from him in my bed to look are him face to face. He lift his head from his hands looked me in the eyes. 

"Sam...Jake and I..we...we were lovers before...." 

There it was. Ever since I put it together last night I didn't want to bring it up not wanting to ruin anything but hearing him say that some how made things lighter and the tension vanish. 

"When" was All I could muster to ask.

"It was about two years ago.."

He takes a deep breath. 

"We both been friends since for years and I mean a long time. When we got into high school despite us being on totally different crowds that never stopped us from being friends, we were even considered hero's we never let anyone get bullied especially the gay kids who were smaller and weaker then the stronger guys. We earned a lot of respect and we went strong together. "

Joel pauses for a moment before speaking a gain.

"I ended up failing junior year and was held back so that is why I am a freshman and he's a year high then me not many people know that so keep that between us, but anyways through out that year we grew closer as friends probably as close as you can get without being called boyfriends or something did you know he actually changed his mind of school and came to grand valley instead of his first choice which was Harvard? One of the most best school's in america and he chooses to stay closer to home then to go there, at first I didn't get it at all until the night after his last day of school."

He was planning for the graduation party in a week and I came over to help get what we needed, I was more then happy to help. At that time he knew about me being Bisexual and he was great friend for doing so but every time I saw him I wanted him over and over I began to developed feelings for him I knew that this would end only bad cause these feelings were so strong that I know I was probably going to end up hurting myself...I don't know Sam." 

I watch as Joel takes a shuddering breath trying to compose him, I sit there silent waiting for him to continue. 

"So the night of the graduation party we were all having such a great time with all of our friends many of which we probably never going to see again given they were all going to attend different school's across the country and we all just wanted to have one last night all together. Later that night Jacob told me to meet him out in the back in a few minutes and so I did." Joel smiles a bit. "When I found him he was sitting in our old tree house that we built a years ago, it was our fort, plane, boat you name it I remember that we were on a rebellious streak with our parent's that we filled water balloons and threw them keeping them away cause we didn't want to leave we manage to stay up there for three days before we ran out of food and ammo boy we were grounded for a long time but still I climbed up there and there were candles lit and scent of roses in the air and sprawled out in the middle were blanket's and pillows he had it all set up." 

Joel lay's on his back waving his hand to come lay next to him.

"That night we both went all the way and it was magical! Everything but little did I know that magical moment ended a few weeks later. He was offered a tour that summer at Grand Valley and that's where he met Sarah it wasn't to long afterward that he started acting weird around me and finally broke the news to me that we could never happen and that he finally found his other...."

Without having to look up I could here the hurt in his voice the betrayal, I move around a bit pull his head to my chest holding him. I feel the drops of tears soaking my shirt where they landed. I stroke his air.

Jacob hurt him all to be with Sarah and now he's wanting me basically doing the same thing. That dude really need's to get his fact straight....Joel cries harder.

I hold him closer. I am so sorry hun...

"I just thought that we could have been something even to this day even after getting over everything I still can't stop thinking about how he hurt me the way he did dragging me on the way he did...he's such a god damn bitch..." 

He Sniffles. "I asked why did he do what he did and he told me that he thought it was possible to be with me but given how he was in a binding with his frat house and worried about public opinion what people would do or say and that he actually found a girl that he could be with and that was a huge slap in the face. However after everything we didn't speak for months until my birthday came. We talked about what happened and he apologized over and over again until I forgave him, ever since then we just put everything behind us and moved forward." 

We lay there for sometime in silence. I lay there replaying the story over and over again in my head. All this secret and heartbreaking I finally came to a conclusion that even after all this hurt Jacob is in the wrong but he is struggling with his sexuality. While trying to figure who or what he really wants he's people in the process.

"Sam you okay?" Joel asks. Breaking my train of thought. 

"Oh....yeah I am fine thank you but I am sorry Joel that was a messed up experience that you went through no know should go through that at all."

He chuckles, I guess history repeats itself sometimes." 

"I guess so..." 


Joel and I talk for a while longer trying to get it all out in the open. We grabbed our clothes and headed out to the mall for a day of relaxing and shopping. It was great seeing Joel open about his past like that I was getting to see a whole new Joel, not many guys would open up like he did about his past sometimes it takes years for some men to open up all the way and I am so glad that he did in such a short time. 

A's we are browsing in hot topic he's looking at shirt's my heart soars seeing him happy, finally revealing what happened seemed to have a really positive spark in him. I come from behind wrapping my arms around his waist. All he he does is laugh and rubs my arms as he looks at the shirts. 

We spend the entire day at the mall including watching a movie at the end, it was the most perfect day ever had.

I hold Joel's hand as we head back up to our dorm laughing. 

"You know you look pretty silly in these pics, we are going to have to at least trim that hair of yours." 

"Oh hell, nah no one is ever going to touch this hair except you in bed" He grins.attacking my neck.

I laugh hard. He throws me over his shoulder fireman style and races up the steps. My elbows propped on his back just smiling. By time we reach the top of the stairs he stops froze in his tracks. 

"Joel? You okay? Getting tired already old man?" 

All he does is let me down without turning back I tilt my head back to see his face, it was masked with anger and hurt. I finally turn my head back and my body jumps on the inside with shock. Standing in front of our door is Jacob.....



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