Hey guys first thing first this is in hopes to be a brand new series in the making and I hope y'all like this first chapter, second I'd like to thank Big D writer of the Evan series who helped me and given advice to make this first chapter I love his style of writing and hoping with his help he can help me turn this into a great series 

Thank you!

"Okay, that's the last of it Sam" Dad says setting down the last box on the floor near my bunk.

"Oh thanks dad for the help." I walk over and give him a hug.

"Alright son your mother and I are going to have to get going if we are to beat the rush hour Lori sweetie...."

My mother holding old pale blue baby blanket that I was wrapped in at birth, her head hanging low, shoulders slumped low indicating that she been quietly been crying.

"Mom...mom are you okay?" I ask placing my hand her shoulder. She quickly sniffs and wipes her eyes. Oh, I am sorry sweetie, just..just seemed just like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital. And now>.." She turns her eyes red from crying. "My little boy is a man and is in college this is every mother's dream to see there child off to college but, If I could i'd have you with me at home now" She loses her composure and breaks down wrapping her arms around me. I can feel her tears soaking in my shirt. I wrap my arms around her trying to soothe her but everything I did just made it worse. God, I didn't think leaving the nest would be this hard on my mom. I wish it could be easier for her.

"Lori, come on dear we have to go and Sam needs to get unpacked" Dad reaching around slowly prying mom vice gripping arms free from me pulling her to his chest. 

"Mom, I am only a forty minute drive away and I will visit a lot okay? I promise" I kiss her forehead and wipe a few straggling tears off her cheek with my thumb.

"I love you son, call me as soon as you can I want to make sure you are settled in well when you finish" Mom says in a soft voice trying not to break down again.

I give her nod and she takes my dad's hand walking out. "See you son"

"Bye dad" And they leave.

A couple hours later I have unpacked most of my clothes and have my bed made and bathroom essentials in the medicine cabinet, I am just closing the mirror door the cabinet just begin thinking when my roommate is going to be here when the door to the room opens and hear heavy bags being dropped on a bed. I walk out of the bathroom and standing there with big head phones on jamming to music was probably my roommate.

I stand there for minute like an idiot before the guy turns around and notice me. He smiles a dazzling white smile making my stomach do flips. 

"Oh shit I'm sorry little dude I didn't see you there" He laughs pulling the headset off and resting them around his neck.

"Hey, I'm Joel Brice your roommate nice to meet you man" He hold his hand out to me to shake and I do.

"I'm Sam Taylor very nice to meet you" I manage to say back.

"Likewise" He smiles again and my stomach does flips once more. Joel is that cute skater dude type that people like, he stands around five foot ten, has long black hair and what seemed like a lean build to his body and his eyes are a mud brown color that is very attractive and that smile....god...

"Sorry I am late I ended up chatting with some of the fine ass girls down at the quad, man I think I am going to like it here, hey if you ever in need of lady friends I can hook up up" He says wiggling his eyebrows.

I couldn't help but laugh.

"Nah, thank you I truly appreciate that but I play for the rainbow team" I say matter of fact.

He tilts his head to the side a bit and eyes go down seeing my pride wristband. 

"Oh, crap I am sorry, no prob I am down with the rainbows, love is love right?" he chuckles.

I felt surprised at his openness of my sexual orientation but hey who am I to deny a possible straight good looking friend.

Joel and I chatted a bit before we both headed to the quad where students were teeming Around where tons of students who were already looking at the activity board's, some were moving there stuff and other's just chatting and seeing there friends that got into the same school together, to be honest I enjoyed the vibe of this place and how everyone was happy ready to start there new chapter of there life.

And I know a lot about new chapters....

My parent's and I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan from Seattle for my dad's job working at the chief of surgery for the hospital. The pay raise and benefits were to good to pass up and we had to come for the family, I left behind everyone I knew and moving to a new school where you don't know anyone and being gay gave me a great disadvantage. However, I was quickly liked given my looks. I know it's making me sound cocky but I worked hard on getting my body and style in great shape. It drew the attention of all the girls and even some guys. Even when I announced that I was openly gay still didn't stop the girls for trying to get into my pants.

I am not one of those supper hot kids that is a jerk to everyone but I wasn't a little twerp that bigger and stronger jocks would pick on,in fact in reality When I was in sixth grade I was a fat kid with shaggy unkempt blond hair and really pretty blue eyes. Some girls who teased me always said I have beautiful hair and eyes shame that I was fat and in need if a haircut. After that, it was my turning point I stood in the mirror naked seeing how I let myself get into the shape I was in, people were right but still hurt when they bluntly told me what they saw. That summer after school I asked my parents if they could get me a personal trainer to help me lose my weight despite there protests saying I didn't need one they gave in and supported me with my weight loss that summer. I had a jacked ripped trainer named Cort, was nearly seven feet tall every inch of his body was pure muscle I will admit i was very intimidated being in his presences but working with him for an entire year, all those push up, long hard runs, sit ups everything it was worth when my body transformed into what it is today and I am proud of it but I never let get to my head, there again I stood in the mirror where I was a year ago and my body was amazing, seeing the pecs that formed on my chest down to the hard cut six pack on my stomach to the V shape abs that narrowed down to my waist.

When I returned the following year you had no idea how many girls and some guys wanted to date me but I simply reminded them of how much of assholes they were to me and proudly showed off what the sluts never could have.

I smiled to myself thinking of the past, I snapped back to reality when the hoot and hollers began sounding from all around the quad. Just then several guys in football Jerseys were running from every directions holding up the Laker's banner for the team.

"Who's number one!"

"LAKERS!" They shouted over and over again, when they began to disperse, they all ran fast back where they came from I barely had to move out the way when my shoulder was clipped but one of the guys and I fell back on the grass.

I sat up brushing the grass off my arms when a large hand was a foot from me reaching out for me to take. I took the hand which pulled me to my feet.

"Hey man I am sorry guess just got caught in the action" He laughed.

I lifted my head up slowly and said "Well, maybe next time just...." When my eyes met contact with his dark shade of brown eyes my world stopped. His lips went into a half smiles chuckling nervously my inner goodies began swimming seeing his perfect white teeth and the short cut black hair gave his square jaw more rugged look.

"You okay in there?" He asked patting my head.

I shake my head clearing my head from my thoughts and spoke "Yeah, sorry I...Yeah I am fine"

"Cool, sorry again see you around" He shouted as he turned and shot back catching up with his friends. I was left there completely dumb folded by what just transpired, I was thinking about maybe going after him to see who he was but then any attempts to go after him ceased when a high pitched squeal emits behind and gets louder as it approached. I just had time to turn fully when a blur of bright colors smashed into me it's legs and arms around my neck and waist and lips kissing me all over the place. "Stop stop stop" I shouted laughing at the same time.

"OMG! So good to see you I missed you so damn much!"

"I missed you to hon" I said back kissing her cheek.

The girl wrapped around me was one of my first best friend. Becca Field. She was a pretty brunnette girl with an amazing body and legs damn if I was for the straight team i'd probably have a go with her!

Becca knew I was gay from the very moment we met and since then we became close friends and we always had each other's back when there was a bad situation with either of us, she was my "Go to" gal and still is you have no idea how excited i was when we both got accepted into Grand Valley together and her dorm building was across from mine so late night movies nights for us

I set her down and we sat on the bench a few feet from us. "Hey, so how was Monte Carlo? Did you hook up with guys there?" I ask winking at her.

she slaps my arm "Hey I am a lady..." I give her a yeah right look. She breaks out in a laugh. "Okay fine there were strings of guys I hooked up with but hey it was vacation and I had a wonderful time besides I am sure you would have done the same if the roles were reversed."

I nod "You probably right"

"You slut!" We both laughed.

"Takes one to know one don't it?" I laugh.

"You ass, haha god I have missed double babe" She hugs me

"I have missed you too hon"

We sat there for another hour telling each other about our summer but eventually she had to go to get settled in at her dorm and met her roommate. And Becca never been one with sharing especially when it came to bathroom space that girl had so much make up you could paint a house with it all.

It was nearly night fall when I went back to my dorm. Joel was there dressing up with music on. I came in just as he was pulling a shirt on, He didn't have a cut stomach but he did have abs that were hard as rock so they seem.

"Oh hey bro glad you here what you doing tonight?"

"Nothing really just going to read over the..."

He cuts me off "Good just boring stuff, bro there is a party that a frat house throws throws a couple days before school starts and it's tonight and you are coming with me"

I look at him in utter confusion."How do you know any frat guys if we just got here?"

"I know a friend who is a year a head of me and he's in the frat, bro come on you can work on the school guide tomorrow okay? There going to be a lot of drunk hot guys you can probably hook up with?" He eggs me on seeingif I will take his bait. I smile and nod.

"Hell yeah bro, okay get ready cause we are leaving in five minutes" He clasp his hand on my back and leaves the room.

Huh, didn't see that coming.

I take a quick shower, saying my hair and pulling on a pair of jeans that hugged my bubble butt just right and a size small V neck that hugged my body and showing a hint of my pecs through the V opening. He gelled his hair to point and headed out.

Joel and I got in his car and drove over to the frat house that was a mile away, I never ever been to a party before aside from birthdays but never a party like this. "Bro, you look hot, just saying you are seriously going to draw some eyes in" He says.

I could feel my stomach melt at the sound of his compliment, which in turn I would have to agree I look good. I aim to please metaphorically.

When we finally arrived we drove up the long drive way that led to a huge house that could be a mini mansion. The house sat in the middle of a large clearing dozens of cars already parked.

Several people are moving in and out of the house holding solo cups at least a quarter of the school had to be here,

"Come on I want you to meet my friend IAM sure you are going to like him" He says.

As we walked up the big steps to the house several girls were eyeing me as we walked past I couldn't help but blush at the gesture. It was really great self esteem Boost in myself.

Once we got inside the music was playing really loud and people were jamming to the music and having a great time.

"Hey, bro look meet me out back in ten minutes I have to find this dude alright?"

I give him a nod and he walks into the crowd of people. I head over to the kitchen and grabbed a beer and leaned against the counter. Nursing my drink.

Two people are laughing when coming through the back door there was one of the football jocks and in his arms was Becca. She was holding a beer and talking to him and nibbling his ear a bit.

"Becca!" I called over. She turned her head to find the voice that called her and when she spotted me I waved my hand to her beckoning her to join me. I pulled along the jock while coming to me and gave me a hug. "Sam OMG I am so glad you are hear I mean to call you but I was a bit distracted" she says winking up at the jock.

"Sam this is Bud, BUd this is my best friend Sam" He gave me a slight nod and I turned my attention back to her. "Hey, be careful okay?" She says to me.

"You to don;t drink to much"

"Please you know I can hold my own" I couldn't help but shake my head at her and smile but she was right her father was a military man and taught her how to fight. I'd feel bad for any guy who would attempt to try something her.

I am about to grab another drink when Joel appears from behind scaring me.

"Hey Sam sorry about that haha come on I found my friend" He places his hand on the small of my back leading me out to the back porch were it was more quite. We walk out on the porch when my breath catches in my throat. As we got closer to the a guy who was leaning on the rail looking out at the dark field his arm around a pretty blond girl who was leaning up and talking to him. From behind the hair cut was similar to who I met today really similar.

"Hey, Jacob man this Is Sam my roommate I was telling you about" The boy straightens up and turns to us looking me down. Oh god it was him.

Jacob eyes widen a bit when he recognizes who I am. I finally got to take a look at the big hunk that bumped into me today, He had a short cut hair on the side and with the hair in the middle sticking up with a point. His lower body were covered with black dress pants but they bulged from his thick thighs which no doubt he worked out on. My eyes drifted up to his chest were it took everything I had not to gasp, He wore a long sleeve all white button down shirt. His defined pecs were pushing tightly against the fabric it seems that the buttons holding it together were ready to pop off at any moment. The fabric that wrapped around his biceps were stretching beyond there limit. I am sure with the right flex his biceps would rip the fabric apart.

I take a deep breath, calming down reminding myself that I meeting someone who has a girlfriend which kind of puts a damper on my imagination. He nodded to what Joel from what he is saying. i noticed that Jacob has big long broad shoulders, where thick strong neck muscles trailed up. His strong square chiseled jaw. Those lips started to cause my junk to jump to life a bit. Seeing The soft yet nice plump red lips. God he could just imagine what could he do with those lips. And his eyes. Though he only saw them for a brief moment, he can finally get a real look at them. They were almond shape, his eyes were a soft shade of brown that showed kindness and beauty but when a faint light glisters in his eyes they change to a hazel green color, he was beautiful.

"Sam?" Joel asks bumping my arm.

"Oh, I am sorry I drifted off a bit sorry." I said blushing looking down.

"It's all good man we all are thinking about school" He says in a deep husky voice. I look up at him as he showing a dazzling white smile, and give me a wink which causes a new flush of blush to fill my cheeks. He chuckles from my reaction.

"And this is his lovely girlfriend Sarah Cooper, she's the head of the sorority houses on campus" He says to me. My eyes drift form Jake's to hers.

"Nice to meet you Sarah" I say holding out my hand.

"Nice to meet you too, say, you should think about join the fraternities there are a few close minded people but most of the places are widely accepting" She says wit ha big smile but fades a bit when she realizes that I didn't she knew about me.

"Sorry bro, kind of blurted out that you are gay" Joel says rubbing the back of his neck.

I clear my throat "No it's all good I mean it's no secret and as for joining I am not sure yet I might cheek out what this school has to offered before joining anything." I say with a smile.

"Oh, no problem just remember we are the best" she laughs. I smile at her comment, my eyes blink back at Jake was slightly smiling but his eyes wondering, could he be checking me out? Nah, he has a girlfriend I really need to calm down.

After a small chat Joel headed back into the house. Jacob pulls Sarah with him into the house as he passes me he says "It was great meeting you Sam I hope we can hang out sometime" He winks.

"Yeah, sure" I give my best smile without over doing it. I take a deep breath before headed out into the open field.

 As I walked in the very dim light that came from the house I came upon a pond that reflected the light it was very pretty and peaceful better then begin in a loud ass house with guys hooting and hollering. IN the silence my mind was racing back thinking of Jacob already, the curvature of his round defined pecs god and those Biceps, I can feel my cock beginning to tingle down in my pants as I thought about him, seeing him from behind checking out the was his round ass bulged in his pants, My hand slowly rubbing my now raging hard on in my pants. I slightly let out a moan.

A little bit away I hear the faint laughing of two people heading this way and I have a major hard on. I quickly look around for some place to hid to get away until my boner goes away. I tread carefully around the edge of the large pond until i come across a small dingy that was tied to a wooden post in the ground I quickly untied the rope and got in pushing myself from the shore. I drifted further and further toward the middle away from the two people that were there I sat there and watched them mingle until it got to the point where I covered my ears after hearing the moaning of those two having sex.

My breathing began picking up, when I finally realized that I was in the middle of a pond my fear of not being able to swim kicks in. I take deep calm breaths waiting and waiting for them to leave, after what felt like hours they finished and head back over to the house.

I reach around the bottom of the boat trying to find a paddle I lean over my finger tips grazing the edge of a wooden paddle. I slowly stand up, only to come to realize to late that the balance of the boat wasn't right and begin listing to one side.

"Oh fuck!" I try throw my weight over to the other side to fast to only shift the boat completely to the other side  causing me flip it over and I fall in the water, my arms widely swinging in the water try to keep my head above water, panic sets in at I try to shout for help but water enters my mouth and my voice is choking on the water that is entering my lungs. My chest is on fire wanting to get air. My arms and legs getting tired from trying to keep myself above water. Slowly but surely my movements begin slowing down, my body forces my lungs on instinct to take in a breath but instead of air only air fills my body, once that happens all movement ceases. I feel what's left of my Lucid mind slip as dark spots begin spreading across my vision as my body slowly sinks lower and lower into the water and darkness takes over and all I see is black......

"Come on Sam...Breathe damn it breathe!" A  faint voice echos in my mind.

"Breathe Sam!" A voice wild of anxiety, concern, and fear echos in my mind. I feel two massive hands pressing down on my chest over and over again and the warmth of lips pressing down on mine pushing in big huffs of breaths into my lungs.

My mind still spinning with lightness unsure what is going on but one thing for sure is that I am dying and I will never get to live life....

"SAM! BREATHE DAMN IT!" The same voice yells out in anger and I feel the hands press down harder and harder on my chest until I feel the warm water shoot out of my lungs. I am brought back from what ever state I was in and I am on my side coughing the pond water out from my lungs. It burned with such pain. I could feel myself breathing in and out trying to get every ounce of air I can into my body.

"Sam..." The voice was soft, sound of full relief. I turn my head to look over at my hero. My heart skips a beat when I see Jacob hair dripping wet his clothes clinging to his body. He must have dove in and saved me...Jacob just saved my life....

"You are fine...you are fine buddy" He pulls me to him trying warm me up in his strong muscled arms "You will be fine" He says rubbing his cheek against the top of my head soothing me....



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