'How 'bout round two?' he said with a devilish smile on his face that I've grown to love. He pulled me in so our wet bodies were rubbing together. He grabbed a fistful of hair and sunk his tongue deep into my mouth while I caressed his slippery chest and washboard abs. I felt him grab both of our cocks and stroked them, making me gasp and groan as I felt his callused hand brush across the head of my cock. He then turned me around and slammed my faced into the wall and shoved three fingers in my ass. I winced and cried in pain, I was still a little sore from yesterday.

'Be a good bitch a shut the fuck up,' he hissed in my ear as he sucked on my neck, leaving multiple hickies. I felt him pull the fingers out, and I sighed with relief, but I felt the head of his cock rubbing against my hole, coating it with precum.

'You want my cock bitch? You want my huge fuck stick in your ass?' he crooned and shoved it in half way. I screamed in his mouth as he mercilessly fucked me. His strokes were long and deep, each one going a little deeper. I whimpered when I felt his balls at my ass.

'Fucking shut up and take it,' he hissed and pulled out slowly, and rammed his cock into my ass. I yelped and squirmed under his grip. He held me there, ramming my ass, grunting and groaning. The pain subsided, and intense pleasure flared up as I felt his cock pressing and rubbing against my prostate.

'yea you like that don't you bitch? You like my huge cock in your ass bitch?' he shouted. I moaned and met his thrusts as he pumped his shaft in and out. I felt him stop and groaned with annoyance.

'I'm gonna fuck you standing,,' he growled, and flipped me over so my back was on the wall. He hooked my legs over his shoulders, and impaled me with his cock while I squealed with pleasure. He moved me down on his cock to meet his thrusts, and I was fucking loving it.

'Yea, take that cock up your tight ass, fuck!' He yelled loudly. I felt his cock throbbing in my ass, and I reached down to stoke my cock. He swatted my head away and stroked it himself, and I felt my orgasm coming up quickly. We were panting heavily, and even though the shower water has long turned cold, our lust and the heat of our bodies caused us to sweat. 'Aw argh!!! I'M CUMMING!!!' I yelled as I shot my load on my chest. My as clamped down on his cock and he groaned and quickened his thrust. He bent down and licked the cum from my chest, and shared it with me. I felt his cock expand and shoot large amounts of fuck juice into my ass. He screamed n my mouth and throw his head back.

'Aw FUCK FUCK FUCKING HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!' he screamed. I was still shooting and fucking me. I moaned loudly as I felt his cock fucking my cum filled ass. His cock was still hard and was ramming my ass away, when I felt my muscles tense and I came again. Cum coated my chest and face as I came for the second time in a row, and this one felt stronger than the last. I screamed as I came, and soon, both of us were screaming together. I felt more cum flood my ass as this stud pumped his second load into me. He lowered me with him to the floor of the shower, his cock becoming soft by still hard enough to stay in me. We were both exhausted from cumming so much, and I felt him slowly pull his cock out of me. I felt him cup my face in his hands, and he gave me a warm tender kiss, and held me closely into his chest. I felt a flutter of affection for him, and he held me like that for a few more minutes and stood up. I to stood up, but my knees bucked under me, and I fell. He held me up and slowly washed and scrubbed our bodies. He took me out of the shower and dried me with a towel, and as soon as he was dry, he carried me to my bed and slid next to me, and pulled the sheets up to cover our bodies. He let out a sigh of content, and slowly drifted off to sleep. I on the other hand, was extremely tired as well, but I couldn't sleep. I looked at the clock. It was noon, and we were already sleepy. I snuggled up against him and I felt his arm wrap around me. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside and I loved it. Slowly, I fell asleep next to him, relishing every moment of it.



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