I woke up alone in bed and quickly looked to see what time it was. It was about 8 in the evening and the only light was coming from the lamp on Justin's desk, where he was sitting absorbed into his textbook while taking note. I got up slowly and winced in pain, he really did a number on my ass. I pulled back the sheets slowly and let out a soft sigh of annoyance. The sheets were covered in dried cum where my ass was, meaning I have to wash the sheets.....again. I got up and was in the process of dragging myself to my drawer for a fresh change of clothes when I felt him grab my arm and stopped me dead in my tracks.

'Where's my greeting kiss?' he said with a goofy smile and with that, he swiveled his chair around and lifted me onto his lap with my legs splayed on either side of him. He took no hesitation and pressed his lips hard against mine while my mouth opened to let his tongue slip in and explore my willing mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he squeezed me ass and pulled me closer to him. He pulled me off and looked me hard in the eye and made his way to my neck, sucking it and leaving a hicky, marking his territory, saying to everyone that I was his, and I loved it. My naked body and hard cock rubbed against him as he grinded his bulge in his jeans against my ass, and I pressed back wanting more even with my sore ass. I did not break our passionate kissing as I blindly fumbled his zipper with my hands and pulled his cock out of his briefs, and it stood straight up and poked the crack of my ass, already leaving large spots and trails of precum around my hole as he grinded his pole against it. I let out soft moans as he slowly rubbed his hard tool against my hole and kissed and nibbled my neck, making my cock throb and allowing precum to flow copiously down my shaft. He took one hand and swabbed a glob up and fed it to me, sliding his finger in and out and wiggling it inside my hungry mouth. He pulled them out quickly and lift me up and slammed me down on his fuck stick, driving all 12 inches into me. I let out a loud yelp which was immediately muffled by his tongues as he held me and slammed me down on his cock, moving me to match his hard thrusts. I moaned loudly as I rode him, enjoying being his bitch while he pounded my ass.

'Yea you like being my bitch? You like being my personal fuck toy?' he growled into my ear, which I responded with whimpers and moans. Sweat ran down our bodies and my shaft was aching while he fuck me. I felt every vein and each thrust made me shudder as it brushed my prostate. I pressed myself against him as I felt my cock starting to stiffen and spasm, shooting thick ropes of cum that splatter on our faces. He grinned at me devilishly as he saw me moaning ad squirming in pleasure, and licked some cum off of his lips, and shared it with me. I reached down and pinched his nipples and constantly rubbed them, making his cock throb.

'Aww shit baby I'm gonna cum, you want this load? Come on take this load up your ass babe, take my cum up your ass' he hissed, and with that, he grunted and moaned and I felt my ass filling up with his cum once again. He stumbled up and on to the bed, his cock still shooting inside me, and laid us both down, still fucking me slowly, milking every last drop of cum he could get out.

'That was a nice quickie,' he whispered as he pulled out of me and kissed me softly on the lips. I responded with a long sigh of content and annoyance.

'I have to fucking wash the sheets again,' I groaned.

'Dude, I just made you cum for the fucking third time in a day and you're worried about washing the fucking sheets?!' he giggled as he flipped me over so I was laying on top of him while he squeezed and hugged the crap out of me so I couldn't breath for a minute.

'Well because of you I have to wash the sheets several times a week because of all the dried cum on it!' I screamed and banged his head on the bed. He giggled and pulled me into another tight hug and pecked me on the lips.

'You're to fucking cute,' he said with a chuckle. I wriggled and squirmed from his grasp and stepped off the bed, just to have my legs give out under me. I turned to see him doubled over laughing, while I blushed with embarrassment, but put on a smirk of annoyance. I slowly got up and wobbled and fell back, and once again, he caught me and swooped me up and carried me to the bathroom, where he started to fill the tub up with water. He sat me on the count of the sink and held my face in place and stared hard into my eyes. I stared back, but I also must have sent out a confused aura because he laughed and kissed me deeply and held me in a tight embrace. I was pressed against his chest, and my arms could barely wrap around him, but it felt good. My stomach had butterflies, and I felt an even great flutter of affection towards him and I became curious. I pressed my ear against his chest and listened closely. What I heard surprised me. His heart was beating rapidly. I became lost in my thoughts until I felt myself being enveloped in a warm sensation. O opened my eyes and found myself between his legs and he had his eyes closed and his head laid back against the wall. I let out a small smile and laid my head back against his chest. I felt his arms wrap around my waist and his head nestle on my neck. I turned my head and gently kissed his lips, and he kissed back gently and squeezed me closer to him.

'I'm surprised that you didn't ask why I was so rushed during our quickie,' he whispered.

My mind snapped out of the loving trance, and I remembered it was pretty rushed, there wasn't even a blowjob.

'Yea, why were you in such a hurry, I'm surprised you didn't even ask for a blowjob,' I said with curiosity. He chuckled and squeezed me against him.

'Because you turned me on to much and I missed you, I was tempted to even rape you in your sleep,' he chuckled and I elbowed him in the gut. It didn't affect him at all, and I was a little peeved, but he pecked me on the cheek and lifted me out of the tub. He dried both of us off and plopped me on the bed as he dug out some of my clothes. He pulled out some jeans and a t-shirt which I slipped on while he put on his old clothes. He grabbed his keys and used the other to grab my hand and dragged me to the doorway.

'Where are we going?' I asked with a tad bit of annoyance.

'Dinner of course, we're eating out,' he said with a smile of delight. We arrived at a restaurant, I never been there but it looked pretty good, and smelled good to. As he opened the door a thought occurred to me,

'I don't have any money,' I said frantically. He pulled me in and gave me a noogie while laughing.

'It's my treat, that's why I took you here!' he said happily. He sat down at the table and I stared dumbly at the menu. So many varieties, so many things, but which to choose?! I finally settled for chicken smothered in cheese, and it was fucking worth it. He on the other had, had a massive steak. We ate and got to know each other better. He was from California and was an only child. He was gay since he was 12, and told his parents a year later, which they accepted him with open arms. He was 18, the same age as me, and just started college as well, and was majoring in the engineering field hope to invent something one day. Dinner was fun though, and we were full and stuffed as we walked out. On the way home, it was silent. He seemed a little edgy, somewhat troubled. I didn't ask till we got back to our dorm, where he turned around with a serious look on his face. I cowered a little, fearing the worst.

'We need to talk...' he whispered quietly.



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