Today was my first day of college. I went to New York to study in the medical field, and compared to the blistering heat of Texas, here, was freezing cold. As I stepped through the hall ways of my new dorm, I made a checklist in my head. Luggage, check. Books? Check. Excited? Check Scared shitless? Check, check, check, and check. I was frightened while walking past these huge, hot, and sexy football jocks that were constantly passing me and staring. Most of them were in their underwear. Though I was scared, something in my pants was definitely excited. I had a hard dick in my pants that was starting to ache due to not jerking off for almost 2 weeks now, and I could already feel precum oozing out of my piss slit. I looked like the only one who wasn't in football, they were six feet of muscle with chiseled jaws, and huge pecs with rock hard six packs, and nice packages. I was only five seven, slim, but toned, with black hair and bangs swept to one side, dark brown eyes, and though usually I wore glasses, currently, I was wearing contacts. I kept my head to the numbers on the doors when I saw a herd of football players rumbling down the halls laughing and cheering. I Quickened my pace, finally finding my dorm, and I rushed inside and slammed the door behind me. I let out a huge sigh of relief, and inspected the dorm. Decent size, nice lighting, great bathroom, and...two beds? I was suppose to have a single dorm, wasn't I? I peeked out of the doorway at the number, and checked mine. They both matched. Shit, maybe he isn't here yet. I began to gather my things, and just when I was about to step out the door, it swung wide open. There I was, staring into the chest of the foot ball team's quarter back. He easily towered over me but at least a foot, I had to look up just to see him face. I took a few steps back and got a good look at his face. Dark brown hair, green eyes, five o-clock shadow, and a smile to die for. His biceps looked the size of my head, and he looked like he could crack my skull open with a punch. I quickly turned away when I noticed my cock growing hard again, and slowly began unpacking. I took the bed closest to the bathroom so then if I had a boner I would have a less risk of him seeing it. He remained quiet, and packed quietly. An hour of silence, nothing but the rustle of our belongings at we put them where we wanted to. We never objected the placement of our this, nobody care.

Until Now. I reached in for my last belonging, without considering what it was, and pulled it out of my bag. I held it in front of me, and that's when my eyes shot wide open, my eyes bugged out, and my heart accelerate to a thousand beats per minute. It was my dildo. My rather large dildo, about 7 inches long. Here's the thing. I'm gay, been that since I was thirteen. I walked in on my friend jacking his huge hard cock, he was older than me by about maybe 4 years, getting a faceful of cum due to arriving right on the time when he climaxed. I got a quick licked, and was hooked on it instantly. He quickly grabbed a tissue and wiped my face down, apologizing all the way, till I grabbed his cock. He jumped a bit, confused.

'What are you doing?' He asked cautiously. Without a word, I began to stroke it, while my other hand massaged his balls. He let out a loud groan, and lift slowly backed onto the bed, where he laid down and continued my service. Precum was oozing out, and I couldn't help myself. I gave it a small lick at the piss slit, causing him to moan even louder. I didn't know why I was doing this, but I liked it, and it was turning me on. I swirled my tongue around his big mushroom head, lapping up as much precum as I can. I moved down to his balls and took both of them in my mouth, bathing them feverishly with my tongue. Soon, they swelled to where I could barely breathe, let alone move my tongue.

'Yea you like that don't ya?' he hissed as I went back to licking his shaft up and down, and occasionally slowly sucking the head. I was trying to make this last as long as possible. I decided, I might was well go for the big thing. I took his hard cock into my mouth, and slowly pushed it down my throat, gagging a little, but I fought it, I pushed till I was down at his pubes, and I began to massage it with my throat.

'Oh...oh yea..aww fuck yea..take it deep...AH!' he moaned. He pumped his shaft in and out of my mouth, then he began to pinch my nipples, causing me to moan with a mouth full of cock.

'Yea, suck it, you like that huh? you want it? You want my fucking load bitch?' He crooned as he slowly began to slide his finger into my ass, and massage my prostate. I pulled off his cock and howled loudly, it felt so fucking good!

'Shut up and suck it bitch!' he said as he forced my head back down on his cock. He kept sliding his finger in and out, poking and prodding against my prostate, till I felt the com slowly coming up my dick. I moaned over and over again with a mouth full of cock, and soon, I climaxed all over his chest. This though, proved to be a turn on, and with a loud moan, he fill my mouth with his sticky, delicious cum. I swallowed spurt after spurt, till he pull my head off and shot some more in my face, and spread it around using his cock. I sucked it for the remainder of his cum, and slowly, we both fell asleep drenched in cum.

As I returned from my hot flashback, the dildo was tucked under my arm, and my cock was hard and throbbing, forming a wet spot and pushing against the denim of my jeans. I panicked and looked over at the guy, he was busy setting up his computer, and as he did that, I threw the dildo under my pillow, and began to take out my books and stacking them next to my bed, all this time trying to hide my hard seven and a half inch hardon from him. When everything was finally settle, it was night time, and none of us has said a word to each other, We've eaten, I've showered, I showered while he went out to eat, but he didn't shower yet, and I was anticipating it. He slowly walked into the dorm room, and sat down at the edge of the bed. I laid there, pretending to be absorbed into a book.

'We haven't spoken all day, let alone introduced ourselves.' he said in a casually voice, it sounded sexy. Everything about this guy fucking turned me on. I closed the book and sat at the edge of my bed, keeping my eyes down on my feet. I was frightened of him, and plus I was afraid I would give myself away if I looked at him directly. My name's Justin, Justin Loewen,' he said smoothly, he held out his hand. I looked at it, and said, 'I'm Kevin, Kevin Francois.' I replied quietly, and reached out and watch my hand disappear in to his. His hands were slightly callused, and I began to have images of him fucking me while stroking my dick. My cock rose a little, and I swore. He frowned, 'What's up?' he said with some concern.

'Ah, uh, uh, nothing haha' I said nervously. He got up and all I could do was stare at his ass, it looked tight, and fit, and rock hard. I was wearing basket ball short, and then he turned around and I forgot all about my raging hardon that was standing till and proud, and drooling precum, making a wet spot at the tip. Quickly, I grabbed my pillow and covered it, that's when the dildo came and fell on the floor between us with a loud, heavy thud. I looked down at my feet with embarrassment, and blushing deep red. He turned around, and I immediately got up and headed for the door. He arrived to there first, and stood there, blocking my path, and I looked up to see he had a large smirk on his face. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in so my belly was on his crotch. It felt extremely big, much bigger than my dildo, and much thicker. 'You want some of this?' he said cockily as he grabbed my hand and rubbed it on his bulge. I gulped and stared, that was all I could do, stare. He swiveled me around and pinned me against the wall, holding both wrists with one hand on the wall, and the other lifted me up as he grinded hard on my throbbing cock through my shorts. He Forced his lips onto mine and made no hesitation to slide his tongue in my mouth. He slid his large tongue around in my mouth and down my throat, all I could do was moan loudly and squirm as my cock ached from being so hard. He traced my jaw line with his tongue and flicked the inside of m y ear, and still grinding, harder and harder by the second. He threw my on the bed and jumped on top of me, pinning me down once more, dominating me completely, making me his bitch. He ripped open my T-shirt and went straight to sucking and teething my nipples, causing my chest to arch up and for me to let out a loud moan. He released his grip on me to take off his own shirt, and to take off my shorts, he never seemed to miss a beat, and soon I was stark naked with a throbbing cock, and a huge guy making out with me. cock was slick with precum, and he gave a few jacks, in which I responded to with groans of pleasure and impatience. He shoved his crotch in my face, where I nuzzled and slowly began unzipping his pants, revieling a pair of black boxer briefs outlining his semi hard cock. He shoved my face in his crotch and I inhaled his musky scent, and chew through the fabric on his cock. He let out a sigh of pleasure and I began to peel down his under wear, and a large, but still rubbery cock swung out and slap my chin. I let out a gasp, and he chuckled. 'Come on Kevin, take it, I know you can you little whore!' I started at his large bull nuts, which I can only get one of them in my mouth, but he still love it. He groaned and fueled his ego with his talking, his cock was now fully hard, and it was intimidating. He peeled off his pants and got on my chest again and then I took the head in my mouth, and tongued his piss slit. I swirled my tongue around the head, which oozed precum like a river, and was slowly filling my mouth. He thrusted his pole further into my mouth, wanting me to go deeper, but he was fucking huge! Twelve inches at the most. I bobbed my head back and forth on his cock, letting it hit the back of my throat.

'Come on baby, you can take this cock can't you?' he pleaded and began to fuck my mouth harder, till finally I plunged it down my throat and sunk lower and lower till I had about inches left. 'AWWWW FUCK!' he screamed, and shoved my head for the last remainder of the three inches till my nose was tickled by his pubes. I began to swallow, making his eyes go to the back of his head.

' Aw fuck yea...Oh fuck yeaa... aw take it bitch, take it like a bitch boy.' he moaned as I worked on his cock. He pulled me off and flipped me over so I was straddling his chest. He sucked greedily on the head of my cock and fingered my ass, adding more and more fingers. I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair as he sucked and deep throated my cock while fingering my ass. He pull out some lube and rubbed some on my ass and continued to twist and scissor his fingers in and out of my ass, and I was loving every moment.

' Now time for what you've been wanting' he said with a devilish grin on his face, and he lubed up his cock, and position me so my eager hole was right about it. I was panting loudly, and I slwoly began to lower myself onto his large pole. Once the head popped in, I let out a roar of pain, but he wouldn't have none of it, and abruptly shoved me down al all twelve inches of him. I whimpered as tears sprang to my eyes, and he finally took mercy, and stopped, letting me adjust to his size. The pain was replaced by intense pleasure as I rode his fuck stick. He met my bounces with his thrusts, and the feeling of being full of cock made me scream with pleasure. From time to time he would shudder and groan, but he was panting heavily, and I rubbed his sweat cover chest while he bounced me up and down and abused my ass.

'Aww shit man your ass is so fucking tight, shit!' he yelped as I increased my pace. I felt every vein and ridge of his cock as he fucked me bareback. He raised me up and place me on my back so we were facing each other. He pulled my legs over his shoulders and spread them wide and rammed my ass for all it's worth.

' Yea, you like that bitch, you like my cock in your hot tight ass?'

'Awww Justin, fuck I love your fucking huge cock in my ass...fuck me justin, fuck me harder!'

I felt his balls slapping against my ass as he pounded my man cunt. I was in a frenzy of lust and slowly I reached my climax. The cum churned in my balls and slowly made it up to the head of my cock, and it felt like I was never going to come.Then, he rammed his cock hard into my ass, and I let out a loud squeal of pleasure and I shot volley after volley of cum on my chest, most of it reaching my face! My ass clamped down on him and he threw his head back and screamed

'FUCK FUCK OH SHIT FUCK!!!' he howled as he shot waves of cum inside me. He collapsed on top of me with my legs still wrapped around his sides. We panted heavily, and slowly he pulled out of mee, and I felt cum leak out of my hole.

'You liked that didn't you?' he said with a goofy smile on his lips.

'No, those moans and all this jizz on my chest was all fake,' I said with an attitude

' Shut up,' he said playfully and kissed me. It was warm and sweet, and tender, nothing like that hard kiss we did during sex. He pulled the covers up so it covered only up to my neck, and in his case, half his chest, and then I snuggled up against his pecs, and we fell asleep.

The next morning, I woke up with his morning glory stuck at the crack of my ass. His breathing changed and I saw him smile.

'Hmmm, someone's eager to be fucked,' he said happily

'Fuck you!' I giggled 'I woke up with this thing between my ass cheeks you bitch'

' Hmm, correction, I fucked you, and you're MY bitch.' he said playfully as he lifted me up so I layed on top of him.

'Oi, we haven't even showered yet,' I said with an attitude. There was dried cum all over me, and I felt sticky and dirty.

'Fine,' he said pouting I got up and grabbed my things. I placed my clothes on the rack and turned to close the door, when Justin's hand stopped it.

'You weren't thinking about showering alone did you?' he said with a surprised look on his face.

'Just get in here,' I giggled and soon we were in the showered with him caressing my soapy body with his neck nestled on my shoulder. He was extremely affectionate in the shower, then I turned around for a nice long kiss. I broke our kiss, and he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me in closer so our hard cocks rubbed together.

'How 'bout round two?' he asked with that devilish smile I've grown to love.



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