Michael had brewed some coffee, and was holding a cup looking down at Kenny. It was only 4:00pm Saturday afternoon. They had gotten home at 1:00pm, took showers, and spent an hour having sex and two hours sleeping. Kenny was lying on his stomach across those, now not so crisp, white sheets. His dark skin looked delicious against the white of the sheet. Kenny was being lazy and did not want to get up.

"Michael let's just cozy for a while, we can work tonight." Kenny crooked his finger at Michael beckoning him to the bed again. Michael answered very matter of fact "Sorry pal. I'm a once a day wonder!" Grinning... "Remember I have 10 years on you! You'll be lucky if next year I can get it up once a week!" Even though he said it in jest, he realized it was careless because it implied longevity in the relationship. Michael would have to be careful about that in the future. One day at a time. Smiling, Kenny jumped up, fully erect.

Suddenly, they both heard footsteps outside. Kenny dived into the bathroom. Thank God Michael had slipped his jeans back on. There was a hard rap at the door. Michael opened the door and it was the Chief. SHIT! The chief stood there with a worried look on his face. "I'm looking for my little son." Michael heart seized up and he answered honestly "Chief, he is here. He is in the bathroom. We spent the morning with Sey working on a plan for the new clinic, and then we came here to use my computers to do additional research. We plan to have something to share by tomorrow afternoon at Sey's."

It was a rush of words, but hopefully they made sense. The chief's face was impassive. He answered quietly, "Send my little son home." And he turned and walked away. Michael closed the door and sat down. Kenny opened the door, minus erection, looking at Michael. Michael threw him the sweatpants and shirt. Kenny followed his gut and said "I better go." Kenny quickly dressed, and shot out the door.

Michael spent the rest of the evening working on his part of the project. He had been working on a very polished proposal that included the entire project scope. He intended to take his laptop to Sey's tomorrow to be able to add their pieces to the proposal. Once the drawings and quotes were added they would be ready to see council for funding and approval. He was very good at presenting projects to business groups and gaining commitment and funding. He was confident that he could walk away with the commitment to build the clinic. He was willing to invest significant trust fund dollars into the effort and he knew that would translate well in selling the idea to others.

But, Michael had a very uneasy feeling about things with Kenny. He did not have a chance to talk to him about their budding relationship, or discuss what, if anything, they would tell his family members. Michael was about to drift off to sleep when he heard footsteps outside the trailer and a light knock.

He jumped up instinctively knowing it was Kenny. He flipped on the light and opened the door. Kenny quietly came in. Michael waited expectantly for Kenny to say something. "Kenny sensed his impatience and said, "Everything is okay. I just have to remember to tell people where I am. I spent the evening treating patients at the community center. I saw 11 patients. There is a virus going around. A lot of respiratory problems. The community center is not where we should be treating people! I really appreciate you helping with the clinic." Michael breathed a sigh of relief. He had felt anxious all evening from not hearing from Kenny, he said "Can you stay the night?"

Kenny sat down and looked at Michael. "I want too. But my instinct tells me we need to go slow and let everyone else catch up with us. Because if we don't, it could cause problems in the longer run with Sey, my father, and the Tribe."

Michael looked chagrined, " Okay, we'll slow it down. I don't know where this is going, either. We should definitely not drag your family into anything that we are not sure about. This morning I woke up straight, and now....well I don't know, not that I need to assign a label." Michael rubbed his eyes and sighed, He finally looked down into Kenny's eyes. "That was really good today. Unbelievable. "

This made Kenny smile. He stood up, walked toward Michael and pecked him on the lips, and skipped out the door quickly.

Michael woke up early Sunday morning and went for a run through the forest. He leaped over fallen trees feeling energized inhaling the cold misty morning air. Michael knew he was being a little reckless running off the path. It would be easy to injure or twist an ankle. He ran hard another mile before landing wrong on a rock and crashing to the ground and rolling down a hill. Michael lay still on the forest floor just smelling the earth and vegetation.

Finally Michael sat up and rubbed his ankle. He did not think it was sprained, but it did feel a little sore. He'd better get back on the path. When he reached the path he realized he could not run, his ankle felt too tender. Michael limped back to the village slowly.

Michael wanted to see Kenny. He began walking toward the chief's house. The chief was sitting on a wooden stool on his front porch. He was expertly braiding leather into a belt. The chief greeted Michael good morning. Michael limped over and sat on the step.

"Chief, I twisted my ankle this morning running."

"I see that," the chief turned his head to yell, "Kenneth!"

The door opened and Kenny came out, smiling at Michael. Michael felt a rush of warmth for him. They just looked at each other. Michael had completely forgotten about his ankle.

The chief picked up instantly on the vibe between the white man and his son. The chief was puzzled. He had always known his son was gay but had never picked up any indication that Michael might be. Shrugging he went back to focusing on the belt he was making.

Kenny sat down next to Michael on the step. Michael remembered his ankle and told Kenny what had happened. Kenny got up and knelt down in front of Michael to examine the ankle. Kenny removed Michael's shoe and sock and gently rubbed Michael foot and ankle. Kenny did several range of motion exercises asking Michael how this or that felt. Michael was just enjoying Kenny's touch his pleasure showing on his face.

Kenny continued to massage Michael foot longer than he had too.

Michael said, "I was being a little reckless running through the trees."

Kenny understood. He had grown up running through the forest like a little mad man.

Kenny offered, "I can run with you."

Michael liked the idea of running with Kenny but he did not run on a schedule. Michael usually ran to think or when he felt pent up.

Michael thought about it and said, "I could text you when I feel like running." Michael took his small Nokia phone out of his sweat pants. Kenny gave him his number and asked for Michael's.

Michael reached down and started to put his sock and shoe back on because the air was cold.

"Don't run for a few days and take it easy on the ankle. Call me if it aches. I'll come over and put hot and cold packs on it."

Michael wanted him to come back to the trailer with him now. He asked hopefully, "Can you come now?"

Kenny looked at his grandfather who looked up and nodded at him.

Kenny followed Michael back to his trailer just outside the village. They entered the trailer and embraced immediately. They hugged smelling each others skin and hair. Michael kissed Kenny's shoulder through his shirt. Kenny rubbed Michael chest. The men began to kiss. Kenny was turned on by the Michael masculine smell. Kenny could smell Michael's maleness and the sweat from his run. He could smell the forest and the wet vegetation that touched Michael's clothes when he had fallen.

Kenny wanted Michael. Kenny stripped off his shirt suggestively. Michael drank in Kenny's dark skin and his small brown nipples. Michael leaned down impulsively kissing Kenny's nipples. Kenny held Michael's head in place on his chest pulling him over to the bed. Michael stood up and stripped off his own shirt and kicked off his shoes

Michael knelt in front of Kenny and pulled Kenny's boots and socks off. Michael looked up into Kenny's eyes and said meaningfully, "I want you naked on my bed."

Kenny was breathless and reached down to unbuckle his belt and take off his pants. He stripped off his underwear. Kenny wanted to be naked on Michael's bed.

"Kenny I want to see your beautiful dark skin against my white bed sheets." Michael was completely smitten with Kenny. He felt starved for Kenny.

Kenny leaned back against the white sheets his legs splayed a little for Michael. Michael stared down at Kenny compact wiry build with his strong straight erection lying against his belly. Kenny was breathtaking. Michael picked up Kenny's foot and began to kiss and suck on his toes. Kenny lay back and watched as Michael paid homage to his foot. Michael kissed every toe and sucked on them all gently. Michael kissed every part of Kenny's foot and then gently laid it back down on the bed, and started on Kenny's other foot.

Kenny stroked himself and watched Michael. Sometimes Kenny's eyes would close and he would concentrate of the pleasurable sensations of having his toes sucked, after a few moments Kenny's brown eyes would flutter back open to watch Michael.

Michael placed Kenny's foot up on his shoulder. Michael sensually began rubbing his hands down the length of Kenny's leg. When Michael got close to Kenny's crotch he slowed down lingering but not touching him. It was a subtle sensuous tease. Kenny was riveted.

Michael put Kenny's leg down and picked up the other one. Michael began again sensuously rubbing Kenny's other leg with both of his hands. Kenny was up on his elbows now watching Michael's hands.

Michael teased Kenny's upper thigh. Michael put Kenny's right leg down and got on his knees between Kenny's legs looking down at Kenny's torso.

Michael leaned down and kissed Kenny on the mouth, pushing Kenny down flat on the bed off his elbows. Michael got on top of Kenny wanting full body contact. Michael drank Kenny's mouth, pulsing into it with his tongue. Michael tore off his sweat pants and underwear so they were completely naked together. He got back on Kenny kissing him again enjoying the skin on skin contact. They rubbed their bodies on each other kissing and humping each other hungrily. Michael pulled Kenny over on top of him. They continued to hump and kiss.

Michael looked up into Kenny's eyes and said, "I want to come together just like this."

Kenny nodded. Kenny's hands were all over Michael torso. He licked and pinched Michael's nipples.

Kenny ground his dick against Michael's loving the friction. Kenny leaned down and drilled his tongue into Michael's mouth. Kenny lifted Michaels' right leg and reared back to kiss his thigh. Michael pulled Kenny back down on top of him, holding him in place by gripping his ass. Michael wanted Kenny to stay engaged in their erotic frottage. Michael started to pump up against Kenny getting close to orgasm, their tongues engaged in a duel of wills, their hands everywhere on each others torsos.

At almost the exact same time they shuddered into each others bodies, their creamy white ejaculate mixing together. Their mouths stayed locked together, their kisses turning tender, even grateful.

Kenny had experienced a lot of sex with a lot of different men, both gay and straight. But he had never been made love to like this.

Michael was so sexy and so giving. Kenny desperately wanted their relationship to become permanent. Michael was like a dream come true.


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