Michael and Kenny were walking back from Tascha and Sey's with their proposal materials and Michael's briefcase. Michael grabbed the doorknob and opened the door letting Kenny enter the trailer first. Michael's thoughts were troubled with tribal politics and he felt suddenly angry. Kenny felt the tenseness in Michael's body and wanted to help. Kenny took his clothes off and climbed atop Michael's bed laying suggestively. The invitation did not register with Michael. Kenny watched Michael pace the trailer a dozen times and whispered... "Michael, "what will be, will be. The earth will care for our families and our tribe."

Michael acknowledged the Nooksack notion of the earth caring for the tribe but disagreed. Michael stopped mid stride and said, "Kenny, how can you say that? You are single handily providing medical care for 2000+ people? I'll be dead before I see you deliver another baby without the proper facilities! "

Michael gazed at Kenny's body, naked on his bed. Michael abruptly left the trailer for the chief's house. Kenny sat up startled but waited for Michael to return.

Michael approached the chief's house and knocked forcefully at the door.

The chief's wife answered the door and let Michael inside. The chief was sitting at the table with the tribal elders who had attended the meeting. No doubt the chief was engaged in tribal politics trying to drive the project forward.

Michael approached the kitchen table and set his hands on the table and addressed everyone at the table with his eyes and attention. "Kenny is my love. I will NOT have him working under these conditions. I don't care what you need to do to make this happen, but DO IT! I'm giving you a quarter of a million dollars plus engineering fees to fund this project, there is no excuse for the clinic to not be built immediately! Michael slammed his hands on the table for emphasis, startling everyone.

Michael stood up straight and gave a deferential bow to the chief and his wife. A small smile turned up on the chiefs' face as his white son left the house.

Michael returned to the trailer to find Kenny sitting on the bunk waiting. Michael quickly covered the two feet to Kenny and held him. Kenny could feel the agitation dissipate from Michael's body. Kenny held him and attached himself to Michaels' right nipple. "Where did you go?"

Michael said simply, "To deliver a message."

Michael felt the sexual pull from Kenny sucking his nipple and relaxed. Michael pushed Kenny back and got on top of Kenny's body. All that Michael wanted at this moment was to make proper love to Kenny. Michael took charge of their love making. Michael kissed Kenny's mouth tenderly and then forcefully. Michael dipped his head to Kenny's chest tonguing both of Kenny's nipples. Michael dipped his head further to tongue Kenny's navel and follow his sweet honey trail to his crotch. It was incredible how in control Michael felt about their sexual connection. Cerebrally Michael knew Kenny had all the experience on male/male sex, but it did not matter to Michael. Michael felt the ownership and the impetus to drive the sexual intercourse forward in his balls.

As Michael reached Kenny's crotch, Michael immediately put Kenny's cock in his mouth. He sucked and licked it lavishly this way and that. Michael slid his tongue from the base to tip on every side of Kenny's dick. Kenny lay against the white sheets with his Native American skin in contrast and moaned in pleasure and abandon.

Michael instinctively wanted to possess Kenny in a way that was primal. Michael lifted Kenny's legs up to expose Kenny's backside. Kenny beckoned Michael with his eyes. Michael almost collapsed with gratitude and kissed him deeply in response to Kenny's silent affirmative. Michael flipped Kenny over and pulled his hips up. Michael was breathing so heavily and his hands were shaking as he positioned his cock to Kenny's opening. Michael slowly probed and pushed into Kenny's ass as gently as possible. Michael probed farther and was granted entrance into Kenny's depths of pleasure. Michael had never been as sexually and emotionally engaged as he was in that moment with Kenny. Michael's hands roamed over Kenny's torso for several minutes. Michael then focused his hands on Kenny's nipples for a few minutes as he gently pumped into Kenny's bottom. Kenny's dick was hard and throbbing as it bounced around from Michael's thrusts. Kenny moaned in pleasure and whispered, "I love you Michael."

Michael heard the endearment and responded sexually because he could form no appropriate words at that moment. Michael kissed Kenny's neck and back drove down harder into him with his throbbing cock simultaneously Michael turned Kenny's head so he could kiss Kenny deeply. Kenny instinctively knew that Michael was claiming him. This was forever love.

Michael pumped into Kenny intensely for several minutes before grabbing Kenny's dick and stroking him vigorously. Kenny's body seized up as he came. Michael continued to pump into Kenny and exploded into him with feeling and emotion, the outcome dramatic and intense.

Michael collapsed onto Kenny and breathed against Kenny's neck, "I love you too, babe."


Mara Copa

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