Michael was rubbing Kenny's back, trying to awaken him. They had fallen asleep after making love late Sunday morning. Kenny was lying on his stomach sleeping soundly. Michael kissed his shoulder. Kenny started to stir a bit. Michael looked down at Kenny's bare ass cheeks, he couldn't help himself and he reached down to rub them. Michael could tell Kenny was awake now but reluctant to get up, maybe hoping for more.

"Kenny we have to get ready for the presentation for the clinic."

It was 1:00pm on Sunday afternoon. They were due to meet at Sey's with their collective plans for the new clinic at 3:00pm. That left only 2 hours to finalize their their presentation. They each had worked on their assignments but Michael wanted to pull it all together. Michael stood up and went into the bathroom. He jumped in the shower and brushed his teeth. When he stuck his head out to check on Kenny, he found him sitting up in bed waiting for the bathroom. Michael waved him into the tiny trailer bath.

Kenny squeezed in and peed. Michael turned on the shower for him. Kenny jumped in and began to soap up. Michael waited for Kenny to finish and handed him a towel.

Kenny's asked, "Can I store some clothes here?"

Michael answered playfully, "Do we know each other that well?"

Kenny bantered, "We have intimate knowledge of one another!"

Michael argued, "But I've barely known you 3 weeks!"

Kenny stood his ground, "No we have known each other for several years, you just have Alzheimer's due to your advanced age!"

Michael bargained, "This trailer is tiny, if I give up drawer space what will I get in return?"

Kenny drove his offer home, "About 1000 nasty blowjobs."

Michael paused for minute speechless, and then cried joyfully, "DEAL!"

Micheal loved blowjobs. Michael stared at Kenny enthralled at the thought of 1000 blowjobs. Michael wondered what a "nasty" blowjob would be like. Michael had so many questions about that.

Kenny was just laughing at Michael expressions as he watched them play across his face.

Kenny demanded, "Show me my drawer." He needed proof. No drawer = no blowjobs.

Michael made a big production of emptying all is clothes out of the top drawer, throwing everything on the bed. Michael made a sweeping gesture toward the empty drawer. Kenny inspected the drawer and nodded his acceptance.

With that bit of business out of the way, the boys got dressed and gathered their paperwork and files for Sey's house. As Michael packed up his laptop, he asked Kenny, "What do you think our chances are for getting the clinic funded?"

Kenny did not think it would be easy. There were so many community projects in the pipeline. Many that had been on hold for years waiting for funding. A medical center seemed to be a reasonable priority for the tribe but there were always tribal politics at play.

Kenny answered, "If we get support it will be from the women on the council."

That surprised Michael, "Kenny, do you think this will be a hard sell?" Michael could not believe they would not immediately fund the clinic especially with Michael offering private funds. Kenny was the only tribal medical provider for 4,000 plus people. That in itself was an impossible task.

Michael and Kenny set out for Sey's house about 1/2 mile down the road just outside the village. Michael was smiling and whistling the whole time, thinking about 1,000 blowjobs. Life was looking a little better these days. Michael looked over at Kenny who was also smiling.

"Kenny why are you smiling?"

Kenny answered, "I'm happy."

Michael queried, "Why are you happy?"

Kenny answered, "What's not to be happy about Michael? I just had sex with the man of my dreams, literally. I think I just entered into an agreement for 1000 blowjobs for the price of drawer in his bedroom. And this perfect beautiful man also appears to care for my tribe enough to help me build a medical clinic. Michael, my day could not get much better!"

Michael and Kenny were laughing and talking excitedly when they arrived at Sey's house. Sey opened the door and welcomed the men inside. They lugged the laptop and all their files inside. The chief and his wife were present sitting at the kitchen table already looking at the drawings that Sey had produced of the proposed clinic. There were two other tribal elders present, both men.

Michael took a deep breath and looked at Sey and Kenny. Sey was his best friend in the world. Sey had been there for Michael through his wife's illness and death and for the 40 fishing trips full of support and healing afterward.

Kenny was the sweetest and most exciting thing to happen to Michael in a long time. Michael wanted to nail this deal for them, and for the tribe. But he knew he had to wait until the chief invited him to make the proposal, he could not speak out of turn. Michael was a guest on tribal lands.

Kenny began to describe the problem. Lack of medical facilities to see patients, lack of secure storage of medical supplies and controlled substances, lack of medical records and vital statistics. Tribal lands include hundreds of acres and four villages,there was no way for Kenny to get to every home needing care with the appropriate supplies. Delivering babies in private homes was an unnecessary added risk. Kenny wanted to keep a birthing suite available for deliveries where all the necessary medical equipment was available, including emergency communications with nearby hospitals, fetal heart monitors, and sanitized equipment.

Kenny description of the problem was eloquent. Sey dovetailed into Kenny's speech and talked about the proposed building. Sey proudly announced that Michael had agreed to donate all the building materials, the engineering drawings for mechanical and electrical, and the cost of a backup generator. Kenny's eyes involuntarily landed on Michael's full of gratitude. Micheal returned Kenny's gaze his eyes revealing a momentary glimpse of his affection. The chief picked up on the exchange.

The chief asked Michael point blank, "Michael how long will you be with us?" Michael thought he understood the nature of the chief's question.

"Chief, I have strong ties with the tribe. Should I need to travel or perform research elsewhere I promise to honor my obligation. I'm willing to sign a promissory agreement with tribal council to complete this project."

That satisfied the tribal elders in attendance, but the chief wanted more from Michael. But that could wait.

The tribal elders wanted to know the location of the clinic, the source of labor, and the estimated total cost. They also asked about estimated time frame to completion. Those topics were discussed and the meeting came to an end.

The chief and the tribal leaders left the house and walked outside to privately discuss the clinic.

The meeting had lasted more than three hours. Tasha moved around nervously serving food and drinks to Sey, Kenny, and Michael. They were all emotionally exhausted, none convinced that their proposal had been successful.

Michael asked, "When will we know?"

Sey shook his head. "Could be weeks."

Kenny looked stricken. Michael rushed to comfort him, and crouched in front of Kenny. Michael wanting Kenny to talk and asked, "What babe?"

Sey and Tasha's mouth fell open from across the table, but Michael and Kenny were focused only on each other.

Kenny answered, "Without the women, our clinic won't be approved." Michael could not see that happening but knew Kenny knew things that he did not.

Michael put his hands on either side of Kenny's face and gently kissed his forehead before standing up to pace back and forth. Sey and Tasha were still speechless at the intimacy they had just witnessed between Michael and Kenny.

Michael looked at Sey and asked stridently, "Are you telling me that tribal politics could prevent a medical clinic from being built that would benefit more than 4,000 people? Would the tribe really walk away from 250k worth of free building materials and all the donated engineering costs? Sey, really?"

Sey was still speechless but recovered enough to answer Michael's pointed question. "It is possible. It is a matter of politics and pride. We need to work on convincing the tribal council and influencing them. Kenny is right about the women."

Kenny was starting to gather Michael and his belongings and pack up. Michael jumped up to help him. Again the intimacy was readily apparent. Michael and Kenny were operating as a couple without even knowing it. As Kenny and Michael began assembling their belongings Kenny started to keep their folders separate with the assumption they would be going to different destinations. Michael grabbed Kenny's belongings and stuffed them into Michael's laptop bag, making it clear to Kenny they were headed for one destination, his trailer.

The message was also clear to Sey and Tasha.


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