Michael awoke the next day with Tasha tapping his head and the smell of coffee. It must be 5:00am and time to go fishing. Michael looked down and realized that his right thigh was thrown over Kenny's groin, his calf across Kenny's chest. Michael had his right arm wrapped around Kenny's legs. He face mashed up against Kenny's feet. His socks smelled clean. Kenny jeans smelled like the forest and laundry soap.

In sleep Kenny had wrapped his right arm around Michael leg and held it to his torso. Michael carefully tried to extricate himself from Kenny without waking him, but failed. Kenny sat up startled and looked sleepily at Michael and smiled. Michael grinned and said "Time to get up and smell the coffee." They both got into sitting positions and tried to wake up.

Tasha was in the kitchen banging around and pulled out four mugs and yelled that breakfast was ready. It was simple fare today, scrambled eggs and toast. The three of them made little scrambled egg sandwiches with their toast. They were happily munching away and sipping their coffee when Sey came into the room dressed in heavy waders and warm clothing, clearly ready to go fishing. He spotted both Kenny and Michael in last night's clothes. Neither of which were dressed appropriately for fishing. He sighed heavily in disgust. Grabbing his egg sandwich and coffee he went into the mud room to prepare his tackle box, leaving the door open so he could talk.

Sey said finally, "Michael, I guess you're not fishing today?" Michael answered, "Actually Kenny and I stayed up talking last night about putting together a plan for the new clinic. I thought I would rough out a plan on paper and break out all the major aspects of the project into chunks of work that are manageable." Michael gave Sey a quick overview of what Kenny and he had discussed the night prior. Sey, sighed again. He set down his tackle box.

Sey grabbed his drafting board and sat down at the table with the group. Three hours later they had a plan. Sey had preliminary drawings of the physical building. He roughed in storage, furniture placement, exam rooms, a delivery suite, and storage for controlled substances. They had all the major aspects of the project outlined and resources and cost identified. Sey would need to follow up with quotes on construction costs. Michael was going to find a hosted medical record solution, and get quotes for the cost of office equipment. Kenny was going to find out the exact legal requirements were for storing controlled substances. Everyone agreed to go their separate ways to complete their assigned tasks. They would meet up again Sunday afternoon at 3:00pm.

As Michael started back to his trailer to take a shower and get started, Kenny caught up with him. "Michael I don't want to crowd you or anything, but would you mind if I did my work alongside you at your place? The chiefs' house is very busy and it would be hard for me to focus there. Michael thought about it for a few seconds and said "Sure, but if you chatter like a ten year old girl you'll be out on your ass!"

Laughing Kenny followed him back to the trailer. Michael opened the door and told Kenny he was going to hop in the shower. Kenny nodded. Michael pointed to his computer and told Kenny to get started with his research.

As Michael showered he stroked his dick, desperately needing to get off. His mind was full of the intimacy of laying so close to Kenny all night. He was acutely aware of Kenny in the next room and was concerned that if he masturbated he would be heard through the thin walls. He decided not to try. After showering he wrapped a towel around his waist and exited the tiny bathroom. Kenny looked up and immediately back down keeping his eyes trained on the computer screen. He realized he was holding his breath and tried to exhale quietly.

The air was suddenly sizzling with sexual energy. In an effort to diffuse the sexual tension, Kenny asked, "My turn to shower and clean up?" Michael replied, "Yeah," while he started digging through his small drawers to find clothes for Kenny. He pulled out some boxer briefs for himself and a pair of jeans. For Kenny he pulled out boxer briefs and sweatpants. Kenny would never be able to wear Michael's jeans; they would fall off of him. He was smaller and more wiry.

By the time Kenny finished showering, Michael had on his jeans and was ready to hand over clothes to Kenny. Just then Kenny exited the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. Michael looked up his breath catching.

Kenny's Native American skin looked so striking against the white towel wrapped around his waist. Michael saw that Kenny had a tribal tattoos on his lower back.

Michael immediately recognized them tribal symbols of healing. There was not one ounce of body fat on Kenny's entire body. His chest was smooth except the tiny trail of fur from his belly button down to his groin. His hair was wet and disheveled and he looked utterly sexy to Michael. Michael just stood there staring, the clothes hanging from his hands.

They were both breathing heavily waiting for the other to make a move. Michael finally ground out "You do something to me that I don't understand." Kenny closed his eyes in an effort to stem the visual stimulation and calm his thoughts. They were about 18 inches apart from each other. Kenny stood perfectly still with his eyes closed. He was trying to formulate an answer or reply to Michael. He was holding the towel closed tightly, pressing it against his groin because he was erect and did not want his erection to break free of the towel. Kenny whispered "Michael, I don't want to do anything to make you feel uncomfortable." Kenny's eyes were still closed. His breathing carefully controlled.

Michael had been watching Kenny's every move. Michael was on fire. He could hear the words Kenny said but could not process their meaning. All he could think about was closing the distance and kissing Kenny.

Michael asked, "Kenny, can I kiss you?"

There was no answer. Kenny was as still as a statue.

Michael again presses. "Please."

Kenny's eyes opened immediately. They were black pools of lust and desire. Primal energy laced with pheromones flowed between them.

Michael closed the 18 inch gap between them and tipped up Kenny's head gently with his fingers. Ever so softly he kissed his lips. Feather light kisses. His breathing was coarse and his hands shook, but he maintained the slow systematic feather light kisses waiting to see if Kenny would respond. Kenny had closed his eyes again and stood very still.

Slowly Kenny's rigid body relaxed. The hand he had tightly knotted at his groin relaxed, and the towel dropped. His erection sprang straight out and pointed northward. It was perfectly straight and perfectly shaped. Michael caught the motion and looked down. His breath caught in his throat. Kenny had opened his eyes watching for Michael's reaction. He waited for evidence of rejection or a change of heart.

Michael's eyes were still on Kenny's erect penis, and then traveled slowly up his torso stopping at his chest. Michael slowly reached out and touched Kenny's right nipple ever so gently. His hand slowly traveled upward until he was able to take Kenny's chin in his hand. Their eyes met again. Michael's thumb gently rubbed Kenny's lips and the line of his jaw. Michael leaned into kiss Kenny again very slowly, never losing eye contact. This time Kenny responded.

It was subtle at first, just slightly parted lips. Then slowly he started to kiss Michael back. Michael kept kissing Kenny lightly without tongue. Kenny caught Michael bottom lip in a nibble. Kenny slowly reached forward and put his hands on Michael's chest. Instinctively Michael wrapped his arms around Kenny's back and pulled him in close, welcoming his touch. Kenny continued to rub Michael's chest, lingering on his nipples.

Michael said now with more urgency, "Kenny, please kiss me." Kenny opened his mouth to Michael and welcomed his tongue and passionately kissed him back. His hands left Michael chest and found themselves on Michael's face, and then head, pulling Michael in tighter for the kiss. Michael's breathing became labored, and he started unsnapping his jeans and tugging them down to his ankles. He never stopped kissing Kenny during the process. Kenny helped him peel the briefs off without ever breaking the kiss. The kiss became gradually deeper and deeper. The longer they kissed the more sexually aggressive Michael felt toward Kenny.

Kenny desperately wanted to see Michael fully naked. H tried to break the kiss to be able to look down at his body. Michael seemed to resist the break. Finally Kenny pushed Michael back gently, so he could look down. His breath caught. Michael was probably the most perfectly formed man that Kenny had ever been with. He looked back up at Michael. Michael's green eyes were intense and full of desire. Kenny whispered, "You are so perfect. Everything about you is perfect." This just increased Michael's sexual intensity.

Michael started to slowly push Kenny over to the bed deeply kissing him along the way. By the time he got Kenny to the bed his breath was ragged again. He pushed Kenny back on the bed. Kenny's skin looked so sensual against the white sheets. Kenny's erection reached high on his stomach and Kenny had automatically begun to stroke himself. This instantly mesmerized Michael. His focus became laser like. His breath became even more ragged. Michael grabbed his own cock and started to stroke it. One stroke, then two, on the third stroke he straightened his cock out toward Kenny so that was at a 90 degree angle from his body. Michael eyes never left Kenny's cock. Extreme focus on Kenny's movements, occasionally he glanced up to into Kenny's face to gauge and enjoy his pleasure.

Kenny realized that Michael was completely transfixed and probably close to orgasm. Kenny began to masturbate in earnest. His left hand reached down to fondle his own balls while his right hand stroked his cock with faster strokes. The only audible sound in the trailer was Michael ragged breathing, and the sound of Kenny's strokes on his cock. Michael was rubbing his cock in an excruciating slow manner, sometimes stopping completely in an effort to control his orgasm. He suddenly stopped, closed his eyes, and threw his head back and groaned, willing himself not to come. As the urged lessened he returned his attention again to Kenny who was stroking his cock double time. Kenny was visually consuming the erotic vision of Michael's nakedness and intense sexuality. Kenny's body started to stiffen up a little and Michael could tell he was getting close. He became transfixed now solely on Kenny's dick. He wanted to see Kenny come. Three more quick strokes and Kenny seized up as long ropes of semen surged across his chest and neck, a few strands landing on his cheek.

Michael was very affected by Kenny's orgasm. His balls tightened up and he knew he was two strokes away from exploding. Kenny was able to sit up quickly. Michael braced himself by holding onto Kenny's shoulder, so his legs would not give away. Kenny surprised him by taking Michael's dick and holding it over his open mouth. Michael finished the last stroke just in time and groaned loudly. Michael's ejaculate hit Kenny in the mouth, on his face, and all over his neck. Michael eyes devoured Kenny and watched until every drop was spent from his body. Michael's legs became instantly weak and he fell forward on top of Kenny. They lay together until their breathing leveled out. Michael lifted up on his elbow and deeply kissed Kenny face, semen and all. As he looked into Kenny's eyes he whispered "Holy Shit!"

They both laughed and fell into an exhausted sleep.


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