When he got outside, Mike kicked himself mentally in frustration. What the fuck was that? Shit, hell and damnation! What is going on? He'd had 3 orgasms in the last fucking 12 hours. Granted two were self-inflicted. Why the hell did his dick twitch every time Kenny was around? He needed a run to clear his thoughts. He went back to the trailer and changed into running clothes.

Thirty minutes into Mike's run he had broken into a sweat even though the temperature was only 42 degrees. His mind was racing and but his body was starting to loosen up, his legs pumping hard.

He thought through the two meetings with Kenny. They amounted to brief eye contact, a few words, and not much else. What was it about Kenny that affected him so deeply? Mike did not consider himself homophobic in any way. But he was also very clear about where his sexual interests lay.

He had never jerked off thinking about another man. He had always had crushes on girls. He felt completely heterosexual. Maybe this was suppressed mental trauma or the beginnings of some type of mental illness?

Suddenly he heard a sound behind him. He glanced backward while running. God be damned! It was Kenny. Mike had circled back on a path near the village in a loop. Kenny was still wearing the same clothes he had on at dinner, but was clearly running to catch up to him. Mike geared down to a slow jog to be polite.

Kenny offered some advice. "You should not run immediately after you eat such a large meal, especially after consuming that meal in less than three minutes" . Kenny had said the words smoothly as he easily slipped into a rhythm beside him. Mike replied "I needed to clear my mind".

They jogged another 8-9 minutes at a comfortable pace and Kenny said. "I was sorry to hear about your wife. I remember her being so beautiful and full of life". The comment threw Mike off stride and he stumbled. Kenny quickly caught his arm and steadied him. Mike stopped running and braced his hands on his legs and caught his breath and tried to settle himself. Kenny fell silent. Finally when Mike stood up he gazed again into Kenny's eyes and saw compassion. But the gaze started to melt into something else. Mike said without any malice, just an honest need to know "Kenny are you coming on to me? I just get the feeling...."

Kenny motioned for them to sit down on a fallen tree. There was a long pensive silence. Kenny began slowly, "I remember you from years ago. I used to have a terrible crush on you when I was younger before I left for college". Kenny paused and looked up at Mike, and added "Time has been good to you. And honestly you are my perfect type. If I could package perfection, it would look just like you. So yes, I found you very attractive when I saw you again. Maybe it startled me, and it probably showed in my eyes. But I did not mean to make you feel uncomfortable".

Mike processed this information. His mind went into overdrive trying to think back to the time before Kenny left for college. He just could not remember much about Kenny from that time. He had been focused on his graduate studies and his research with the tribe...and Angela. Did Sey ever mention that Kenny was gay? He racked his brain. If he did, it probably just rolled off him without sticking, filed as NOT RELEVANT. Not really knowing what to say, he said nothing.

Kenny wanting to change the subject asked "So you finished your PhD?"

Michael answered "Yeah a few years ago".

Kenny asked "How old are you?"

"I'll be 32 in about a week", Michael answered, followed by a few minutes of heavy silence.

Kenny stood up, "Let's walk back to the village". They walked slowly in the light of the full moon. Mike could, with clarity, smell everything around him. He could smell the cedar trees, the redwoods, the earth, and even Kenny's perspiration as he walked beside him. Kenny smelled musky and very good. As they closed in on the village their pace became even slower. Kenny asked "Michael, how long will you stay with us?" Michael answered, "I'm not really sure. I'm playing it by ear."

As they approached Mike's trailer, they stopped and tentatively gazed at each other for a few seconds. Kenny quickly broke the spell saying, "Goodnight Mike" and turned around and walked back down the path toward the village. Mike exhaled slowly and went inside.


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