Mike had gotten a trim and barbers shave. He was wearing nice slacks, a nice forest green shirt and and a classy brown suit jacket with no tie. He made sure his breath was minty fresh and he had condoms in his wallet. He always turned heads but he looked particularly good this evening. The forest green dress shirt under his suit jacket made his green eyes brilliant. He was 6 ft. even and 168 lbs., with perfect teeth. He was the whole package.

Mike was very motivated for this evening to end well. He got out of his truck and walked toward the bar. It took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust after going inside. He walked up the bar and informed the barkeep "I'm supposed to meet a woman named Janet." The barkeep just nodded in the direction of a booth.

Mike looked in that direction and saw Janet. As Mike walked toward Janet, he gladly noted that she looked exactly like her photos online, even better. Janet watched as Michael approached the booth thinking the exact same thing. He stopped and looked down at her. "Hi Janet, I'm Mike, may I join you?" She smiled and answered "I'd be damned disappointed if you did not." They shook hands and he slid into the booth.

For a moment they looked at each other. Mike took a ragged breath and exhaled loudly. "Sorry this is my first time at something like this". Janet laughed softly, "Relax."

After a moment he said "Janet you're very attractive. Do you think this will work for you?" She answered, "Yes, Mike. I definitely do. But I wanted to finish talking about the boundaries before we start anything". She waited for his agreement. "Ok". Mike said.

Sarah began, "I am with someone long term but it's a long distance relationship. As I told you before I want weekly sex. But I'll clarify that for you. I want a pounding actually. It would be nice if it can be the same night every week for scheduling purposes. I would like a good solid hour or more. A ten minute bang is not worth the drive for me. I'd need at least one orgasm, but would like two. I don't want any clingyness or complications. Absolutely no phone calls. No question about my personal life. I'd like this arrangement to last for 8-12 months. We'll use text or email to make contact." She stopped and looked at Mike, waiting for his response.

He thought about the time frame. There was no real rush to go back to Seattle. Deanna and Gus were on the road. With Sey's baby coming, it might be nice to stay longer on tribal lands. He honestly did not want to leave anyway. He was in a nice routine and it provided the focus beneficial to his research and writing. He could travel as needed. He thought about her boundaries and added a few of his own.

"I lecture occasionally at different universities and have to present at professional conferences so I travel some. I usually know more than 3 weeks in advance. I would like that flexibility noted without it being an issue to the arrangement. We already talked about safe sex with condoms but I need to know if you kiss. You never did answer that question in email. That is a big deal to me. Actually it's a deal breaker. I mentioned it clearly in my profile. Kissing is essential to arousal for me". He paused, waiting for her answer.

"Well, I'll be cranky the weeks you travel but I accept your terms. Kissing is very personal to me and is usually reserved for my partner. But if it's a deal breaker for you, then yes, I'll kiss." Mike stood up and held out his hand to Janet and said, "Ready to go?"

Two hours later he got out of the truck, late for "White Night" at Tasha and Sey's. He hurried over to their house quickly knocked and opened the door. The smell of food spilled out to meet him. Pork chops, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, and apple pie were spread out on the table. "White Night" at Sey's was basically normal non-tribal fare followed by a movie. It was a tribute to Tasha's father who was a big redheaded white man who married a Nooksack girl. It was a Friday night tradition in the 4 months since Mike had been back on Tribal lands. It was part of his routine and very enjoyable for him.

As he grabbed his normal seat, Sey said, "Wait... over here bro" and indicated another chair. Sey waved him into a spot across the table from his normal seat. Tasha jumped up and grabbed another plate. At that moment the bathroom door opened and Kenny walked out. Then it donned on Mike that he was not expected for dinner. Tasha immediately said, "Mike we thought you were going out tonight. But we have PLENTY of food so sit down". Michael was relieved because he was shaking with hunger, not have eaten since that morning.

He sat down while Tasha piled food on his plate. Kenny had sat down in the place normally reserved for Mike. Everyone started to eat silently for a few minutes. Mike consciously blocked Kenny and did not look at him. He only looked at his food. He ate ravenously.

As he ate, Mike thought about the last several hours. Mike and Janet had gone to the nearest motel after leaving the bar. Within 6 minutes of entering the room they were engaged in a vigorous session of intercourse that lasted for about 25 minutes. He had tried to last longer but after such long period of abstinence it was impossible. After it was over, Janet jumped up and went into the bathroom to get dressed. She came out smiling. "Very nice, Mike." She reapplied lipstick in a mirror. "Eat your Wheaties. See you next Friday." and she was out the door. Mike left the hotel physically sated, but emotionally adrift. He compared the coupling with those he had had with his wife. There was no comparison. Sex with someone you love far exceeded casual sex. But it would have to do for the next several months.

Michael scraped the last of the macaroni off his plate into his mouth he realized that Sey and Tasha were surreptitiously looking at him, obviously full of questions about his evening. He gave his head a subtle shake and mouthed "later". He realized he had not spoken to or acknowledged Kenny. With his plate empty, he sighed and sat back in his chair.

Straight across from him Kenny was leaning back in his chair his plate still mostly full. He was looking looking at Mike. His eyes seemed kind, but somehow guarded. He had a slight smile on his lips at watching Michael's enthusiastic consumption of dinner. They looked at each other for a full 10 seconds before Kenny broke the gaze, and picked up his fork and began eating again.

Mike looked back down at his plate wishing he could busy himself with eating, but his plate was clean and he was full. He abruptly stood up carrying his plate to the sink. He had only been in the house 13 minutes and realized that his behavior was a bit rude.

Mike announced "Guys would you mind if I hit the hay? It's been a long day" With a grin and 1000 megawatt charm to make up for his rudeness, he walked over and whispered to Tasha, "Talk to you later", and kissed her check. He knew she was dying to hear about his hookup.

To everyone else he said. "Thanks you so much for dinner! That was the best Caucasian food I have EVER eaten!" They all stood up from the table to say good bye to Mike. He reached out to hug Tasha again, and shake Sey's hand. Kenny had also risen. Mike nodded at him and made his exit.

Sey yelled behind him "Bye Uncle Dickhead"!


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