Upon arriving at Lawrence’s upper Manhattan apartment he helped Joe in and sat him on his couch. “You are very drunk, Joe. Are you going to be okay?” Lawrence was genuinely concerned about Joe’s condition, not knowing how much exactly he had to drink.

“Yeh man, I’m cool, definitely drank too much though,” said Joe trying to gather himself.

“I will get you some water,” said Lawrence as he went into the spacious, modern kitchen. He returned, handing Joe a glass of water wand watched as he drank it quickly.

“Oh shit, where’s the bathroom?” asked Joe feeling nauseous. Lawrence guided him to the restroom where he waited for Joe to let loose a several glasses of alcohol.

“Feel better?” asked Lawrence as Joe slowly got up. Lawrence handed him a cup of mouthwash. “Rinse, my friend, I hope you are finished.”

“Yeh I do, thanks. Sorry about that,” said Joe as he rinsed and stumbled back into the living room. Joe looked around the beautiful apartment. Even with blurred vision he was able to make out the state of the art décor and a well polished baby grand piano.

“This will help,” said Lawrence as he handed Joe a lit joint. “Be right back.” Joe enjoyed the kick ass weed while waiting for Lawrence to return. Entering the room he wore a tight V-necked white T-Shirt that contrasted beautifully with his dark skin. His tightly fitted white briefs showed a large, protruding bulge caused by his half hard penis.

Still grossly inebriated, and now high from the quality cannabis, Joe was trying to sort out the current situation. He remembered having a disagreement with Craig but not much after that. Lawrence helped Joe off the couch and led him to his bedroom, laying him back on a huge 4-poster bed, undressing him slowly as he licked all over him. Joe was too fucked up to even move. As he lay there Lawrence stood on the bed over me and lowered his ass onto my face. Joe instinctively ate his smooth ass for what seemed like hours as he felt Lawrence’s talented mouth give him head. Lawrence dragged Joe on his back so that his ass was on the edge of the bed for easy access, proceeding to fuck the half-conscious man until he spent himself.

Joe woke up, aware it was early morning. His head pounded tremendously, his mouth dry and ass sore – a sure sign of a drunken night of screwing. Joe got up to piss, and after recovering from dizziness saw a used rubber on the floor next to the bed. `At least he practices safe sex,' he thought. While taking a piss I saw another used rubber in the trash can. `Damn, how many times did this guy fuck me?' He continued to try and figure things out and get his head together before returning home. In the bed Lawrence lay still on his back, a sheet covering him but not hiding the outline of his dick. Joe pulled the sheet back and marveled at his long, dark black snake that rested on his thigh. His balls hung nicely in perfect shape. His belly was slightly large but firm. His chest was beautiful - large areolas, with nipples that stuck out erect from a well shaped breast. This was a gorgeous man, about 6’2, 250 pounds of man.

But Joe knew he had no business with him and needed to get back for damage control with Craig. He could not find his underwear and woke Lawrence up looking for them.

"Good morning Joe," said Lawrence, sitting up and smiling.

"Good morning. Thanks for last night. We apparently enjoyed ourselves but I got to get home."

"I completely understand. You were wonderful my dear."

"I saw," Joe said laughing. "The rubber on the floor and the one in the bathroom."

"Don't forget the one on the living room floor," said Lawrence, getting out of bed.

"What? Damn! You fucked me three times?"

"Twice, just kidding about the one in the living room. And you want to go home to a man with whom you fight. What a shame."

Joe watched as he padded naked to the bathroom. His ass was perfect round and firm. As he pissed a strong steady stream he shouted out  "I really wish you would stay long enough for me to prepare your breakfast."

"No thanks. I do have to get home – as soon as I find my underwear."

"I like you better without them" said Lawrence as he came out of the bathroom. He leaned on the doorway and folded his big arms. "Look at that ass." He came over to me and hugged Joe, his hands feeling his bare bottom. He embraced him hard and stuck a finger inside of Joe. "It felt so good being inside of you." Joe felt Lawrence’s dick getting hard as he rubbed against his.

Joe was getting excited by the man’s aggressiveness and persistence. "I really have..." Lawrence finished the sentence for him.

"To allow me to put my Black dick in your white ass again," he said in his distinct deep African voice that was intensifying Joe’s state of lust. His inserted his finger further, causing Joe to moan.

Joe was in a hurry to go and anxious to see how thing would go with Craig. At the same time this man's charm was working on him. What the hell, he thought, what difference would it make. He already gave up the ass to him. What's one more time?

"Okay, but just once," Joe said, giving in easily to Lawrence’s sexuality and demanding nature. "You are going to run out of rubbers."

By now Lawrence’s dick was fully engorged. In the daylight it looked magnificent. He stepped back and put his hands on his hips.

"Maybe we don't need them. Pleasure me with your mouth."

Joe knelt before him and took him in his mouth, blowing him for a  few minutes but the girth and dryness of his mouth was a barrier. Lawrence sensed he was having trouble and stood him up.

"Your ass is much better. Bend over and grab your ankles."

Joe turned around and accommodated his wish. As soon as he got into position he felt Lawrence enter him. His ass was already opened up but was quite sore and this did not help any. He felt Lawrence take both his arms and pin them on his back with one hand while pulling back his hair with the other. He furiously pounded Joe with his large dick, the sight of his dark penis going in and out of a pale white ass in the bright room causing him to explode inside of him, moaning loudly. He held Joe’s ass firm against his groin as he poured his seed inside of him. Saying "Oh my God, Oh my God" with every spurt, he filled Joe’s ass with the third nut in less than 8 hours, a feat he had never accomplished before. He let go of Joe’s arms and hair, causing Joe to fall to the floor. Joe turned around and saw that Lawrence was not wearing a rubber. He thought Lawrence was bending down to help him up but instead received a spat in the face.

“Go wash up and return to your man,” said Lawrence sternly as he walked away. Joe felt cum drip out of his ass and headed to the bathroom, wondering why Lawrence disrespected him so. He sat on the toilet to expel what was a huge load. Joe really fucked up. He had bare sex with a stranger and let him come in his ass. This was truly not the lifestyle that he would want to continue. He washed up and returned to the bedroom where Lawrence met him with his underwear.

"Thank you again," said Joe as he put them on. “Why did you spit in my face?”

“Because you are a white dog who is a slave for the Black man’s penis,” said Lawrence as he put his large hand on his shoulder. “And besides, you like that. I know you better than you think Joe.”

"Not sure about that but you are a hot guy who knows how to push buttons. Listen Lawrence, I am concerned that we did not use a rubber. Have you been tested recently?

"I get tested regularly. I am negative my dear."

Joe got dressed as Lawrence and he made small talk. On the way out the door they hugged, Lawrence in his underwear and dick getting hard again. “Um, I better go now,” said Joe, looking at the rising briefs.

"I would like to see you again Joe. Here is my number." He handed Joe a business card and he tucked it into his pocket. "Good-bye my love."

"See ya," said Joe as he walked away.

His apartment building was just a couple of miles away so it didn't take long to get home. Joe walked into his building with a sense of doom. He knew he had to tell Craig about his encounter with Lawrence considering he expected him to be totally honest himself, but at the same time he dreaded any further drama to be continued from last night. When he entered the apartment he noticed things were as they were when he left. Craig had not been home. He was worried about his whereabouts as he got in the shower and rinsed off the remaining sex smells from earlier. His ass was sore and sensitive to the touch from Lawrence's fucking. As he showered his dick got hard thinking about Lawrence and he jacked off to the image of him being on the floor naked, legs open and ass just filled with sperm while the large man spit on him.

He decided to call Craig's cell but got no answer. He has his phone turned off. Joe lied on the bed and quickly fell asleep, wore out from a night of heavy drinking, disagreement with the boyfriend, getting high and getting pounded by a fine, dark skinned, educated bull from Africa. He had to admit to his self, he really enjoyed being with Lawrence and wanted to be with him again.



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