Another few weeks went by when Joe received a voice mail from Craig, saying he wanted him to come over his place later that evening. Although anxious to meet his new acquaintance, Joe wondered about the situation with John, and if it had changed. He called back right way, glad to hear Craig’s sexy deep voice.

"Hey, got your message that you wanted me to come over," said Joe, trying to hide his excitement.

"Yeh, when can you make it?"

"Whenever you want me there, not doing anything tonight.”

"Sounds good man. Got my buddy coming over too, that cool?” Craig loved 3-somes and the idea of having Joe and John at the same time was intriguing.

Joe’s excitement turned quickly to concern and bewilderment. “Not sure what you mean Craig.”

“You met my buddy John. I say the three of us have a little party tonight.”

Not trying to sound disinterested, while at the same time having some reservations about it, Joe responded carefully. “Sounds good Craig. Was kind of hoping we have some time alone.”  Joe was relieved to hear Craig respond quickly, no awkward silence.

“It’ll be a good time. No worries,” said Craig, sensing some apprehension from Joe.

Joe was also into 3-somes and groups but never cared for sex with white men and made that clear to Craig so no one would be disappointed. Craig assured him that his fears were not going to be realized, encouraging him to be more open and adventuresome.

"Stop trippin’ and get your ass over here around 9, and be sure you're clean.”

While getting himself ready for another apparent round with Craig, Joe was curious as to how John fit in. The anticipation was intense as he walked the mile or so to his place. It was cold and he was getting hornier the closer he got so he picked up the pace.

Joe buzzed his way in and stood at Craig’s door, breathing heavily, and waiting. He could hear voices in the room as Craig answered the door, wearing an odd outfit of leather suspenders and leather pants that fit snugly around his large waist.  He looked very imposing, instantly exciting Joe.

"You're late," said Craig, crossing his massive arms, staring at Joe sternly. This caught Joe by surprise. He knew he was a few minutes late but did not think it would be an issue. Plus Craig's tone was angry and formidable.

"Sorry man, I didn't know I was that late,” said Joe, still breathing hard from the brisk walk.

"Next time I won't answer the fucking door if you're even a second late," said Craig, stepping away to let Joe in.

"Okay," Joe said, finally catching his breath.

Craig’s tone softened a bit. "Get in here." He motioned for Joe to come in. Taking off his coat, Joe looked for a place to hang it up. "John!" Craig shouted. John came out of the bedroom stark naked. His body was pretty impressive and had a good sized dick. "Hang up his coat," commanded Craig.

John dutifully took his coat, without making eye contact, hung it in the hall closet then stood and waited. "This is weird,” Joe thought to himself.

Craig cleared his throat, still staring at Joe. Joe was confused. He was obviously supposed to do something, but what? Craig cleared his throat even louder, and then unbuttoned Joe’s shirt, pulled off the t-shirt along with the remaining clothes, handed them to John who disappeared into the bedroom.  Joe stood naked, unsure as to the next moves, not wanting to add to the uncomfortable nature of what was happening. He wondered what had changed from the last time they were together here, enjoying each other’s bodies. This was not normal.

"Next time, you immediately get naked when you see me. Let's go into the bedroom," said Craig. Joe had not expected to be in a situation where he would have to be included in Craig's sexual empire. He thought he had a chance at winning his heart. Apparently the only thing he won was an opportunity to be subject to Craig's fetishes. He found himself in a position to do what he told, not ready to back out now despite his elevating fears.

Naked Joe walked into the bedroom, the alpha male close behind, apparently anxious to take charge of the two white men.  Craig simultaneously slapped their bare asses and gripped their cheeks as they reached the bed.

 "Damn, got me two fine white bois," commented Craig, continuing to knead their bare flesh. “Feel like a damn king.”

Finally Joe could not hide his uncertainty. "I'm not sure what is going on Craig," he said.

"Tell him John," said Craig, leaning back on the bed.

"You're here to learn about being a sex slave," said John as he looked at Craig, apparently getting permission to speak.

"Craig man, I'm not comfortable with this. Hell, we just met,” said Joe.

"Man I fucked your brains out and you loved every minute. I'd say you're ready to move on," said Craig, getting frustrated,

"To what?" asked Joe.

"Being my personal bitch," said Craig, staring at Joe in order to view his expression. Things were not going as planned for Joe. He had not anticipated this scenario, however he was not as offended as expected. Curious, though cautious.

"Craig, dude, I'm not into being a woman or shit like that. I just want good sex," said Joe, leaving the door open for further conversation.

"That’s why I got that bitch over there,” said Craig, motioning to John. “You'll get the best sex you ever had, if you do what I say. You're free to go now if you want. But once we get started there's no turning back."

Joe thought for a second or two. Craig was definitely into the dom/sub scene and Joe was a novice at it.

"I better go,” said Joe, deciding he would probably be a disappointment for what Craig sought.

"Bye. But you won't get a second chance." Craig motioned for John to get on his knees before him.

Joe wasn't sure if that meant no more sex with Craig or not having a second chance of being his bitch. Either way he was getting excited as John lowered the leather jock strap, licking the dark penis up and down. Joe turned to walk away but didn't even get one step towards the door. "What do you want me to do?" he asked.

"Stop asking stupid questions," Craig said as John began to lick his balls. Joe was getting vary aroused at the sight before him, but unaware as how to respond to Craig's terse answer. He sat on a chair next to the bed.

"Boy, did I say you could sit down?" Craig looked straight at Joe. Now he was really confused, and embarrassed about being made a fool in front of John, who now had Leo's hardening dick halfway into his mouth.

Craig could see the frustration on Joe’s face. Joe stood up, waiting for some clue on what was expected of him.

"Just don't do anything until I tell you." He softened a bit but because he was getting what must have been excellent head. His dick was completely buried in John's mouth. When he pulled out I could see that he had grown to his full 9 - 10 inches. Joe was amazed that John was easily able to take all of it in. He began to realize he could learn something from John.

"Damn, now that's how to suck a dick. I mean you’re good at sucking dick Joe, but damn!" said Craig, stroking his man’s hair and nonchalantly talking to Joe.

Joe watched as John sucked Craig with a skill that could only be developed by much experience and the right anatomy. How he got Craig’s entire dick into his throat for as long as he did without gagging was admirable.

"Come over here." Craig told Joe. John backed off Craig, leaving room for Joe to get on his knees in front of Leo's humongous, fully engorged dick. Already wet from John's mouth it slid easily past Joe’s lips. When it hit the back of his throat Joe gagged and tried to back off but Craig's hands prevented him from doing so. "Relax your throat muscles," John said recognizing the struggle Joe was having. Joe didn’t recall Craig’s dick being this long and thick. His eyes teared up and were having trouble breathing. He tried relaxing his throat to allow Craig to penetrate further. Again he gagged but was forced to stay on it.

"Breathe through your nose. Relax," John urged Joe. He was getting instructions from an expert dick sucker but it wasn’t helping. But Joe was determined to please Craig and felt additional pressure with his man watching him try to suck his dick. Joe found it difficult, if not impossible, to breathe through his nose because of the wide girth. Craig pushed in further, pushing Joe to the limit but pulled out when he was on the verge of vomiting.  He pulled out, watching Joe catch his breath, face beet red, eyes watery, saliva dripping off his chin and breathing like he just ran a marathon.  Craig started laughing, adding further to the humiliation Joe already felt. He seemed not to care at all about Joe’s physical and mental state.

"Not bad baby. You were getting there but need more practice,” said Craig with a playful slap across the face. He motioned John to come over and continue. John bent down and took Craig in his mouth, licking and sucking his dick and hanging balls. When Joe saw the entire length of Craig's fat, long dick effortlessly disappear completely into John's mouth he was once again impressed.

"Damn." Joe said at the same time Craig moaned loudly. 

John had his face pressed against Craig's tight, curly pubic hairs. Craig reached over and pulled Joe to him, pressing his face against his sweaty, hair covered chest. 

"Suck my nipples,” urged Craig. Joe took a hairy, erect nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking while watching John expertly blow him. He didn’t imagine ever getting enough practice to do what John was doing. Craig pressed his face harder into his chest, covering Joe’s face with kinky hair and tit. Joe sucked hard and Craig rubbed his head, telling him how good that was and how he wanted his ass. He whispered in his ear. "You want this dick in your ass don't you?" Craig probed Joe’s ass with his finger, anxious to feel the tightness around him. “Good boi, you nice and clean and tight.”

Joe nodded his head, apparently not enough for Craig.

"Say it boy,” said Craig as he penetrated further with his finger. The increasing dominance of Craig and the sight of his black dick being sucked by a white man had Joe accepting his desire for more. Joe was enjoying the current situation but wanted to make a better impression on Craig.

"I want you to fuck me,” said Joe with a shaky voice, giving into his desires to further please Craig. Craig pulled his dick, which by now had grown fully hard, out of John's mouth, stood up and pushed Joe to the bed. The suddenness of his movement caught Joe by surprise. He lay on the bed on his back and before he could even remotely protest Craig was on him, putting his legs in the air, spreading them and aiming his huge dick at his hole.

"I’m going to enjoy this ass bitch," said Craig as he bent down to spit on Joe’s asshole. An expert ass eater Craig pleasured Joe for several minutes while John stood behind him, rubbing his wide shoulders. He then stood up, taking aim at Joe’s now saliva-lubricated hole and slowly slid in. Joe screamed with pain, prompting Craig to place his large hand over his mouth while keeping his dick inside. Joe had never felt a burning like that before. He knew he was at the point of no return and was going to get his ass tore up.

“Please use lube Craig,” said Joe grimacing at the extreme pain.

 "Fuck. You better learn how to get that ass good and ready," said Craig as he pulled out. "Get the lube John," said Craig standing with his hands on his hips, looking down at the newly found man below him, legs spread, hole pink and inviting, dick rock hard. John got the lube and greased up Craig’s fully extended member, then placed a glob at Joe’s hole. John then walked around to the other side of the bed and put a ball and strap around Joe’s head. Before he could protest, the ball was placed into his mouth and Craig grabbed Joe by his legs, positioning his ass so that his legs rested on Craig’s shoulders. He slid the first couple of inches in, and then paused, allowing Joe to adjust. As soon as Joe’s breathing slowed, he slid in more until his pubic hairs pressed against his ass.

"My God this is a sweet ass," Craig said under his breath. Joe closed his eyes, trying to deal with the pain and discomfort of having 10 inches of thick flesh buried deep inside of him. After a minute or two the pain started to subside. When he opened my eyes he saw Craig and John passionately kissing. It was turning Joe on to see two men kiss and grope at each other. John started sucking Craig's big nipples while Craig raised Joe’s legs up even further and spread them as wide as he could. Then the pounding began. Craig pulled his dick almost completely out and quickly slammed in back all the way in. The pain was incredible. John stuck a bottle of poppers under Joe’s nose which helped as his body was being rocked by 350 pounds of man thrusting his dick his ass. The pain increasing, Joe tried to back off but Craig's grip was too strong.

"Bitch you better learn to take this dick," said Craig as he quickened the pace even more. The poppers were taking over and Joe was soon  in ecstasy as his ass had opened up. “Suck his dick,” he heard Craig tell John. The incredible feeling of getting a blow job while getting fucked was worth the effort, thought Joe as he looked down to see his dick in John’s mouth . After about 5 minutes of relentless fucking Craig pulled out, sweating profusely, staring down at Joe. John got up and placed the brown bottle under Craig's nose, then again under Joe’s. With Joe’s legs still resting on Craig’s shoulders, Craig tossed them to the side and aggressively put Joe on all fours. The mirror before them provided a view; Joe’s reddened face and body, ass up in the air and Craig’s dark frame, his penis sliding up and down the ass crack.

Despite the loosening of Joe’s ass, Craig’s re-entry still delivered a shock to his body but obviously pleasurable to Craig. "Oooohhh yeh, like butter baby," said Craig as he pushed his entire length in, slapping Joe’s ass hard. This time it took much less time to feel good. Watching Craig's massive, hairy body pressed up against his ass was a huge turn on for Joe.  He enjoyed watching Craig’s tits bounce, his belly rubbing his back and the look of fierce determination on his face. "Shit looks good doesn't it?" Craig  said to Joe, looking at his face through the mirror. Craig bent over and kissed Joe’s back, then grabbed his hair, pulling his head back and whispered "I love fucking your white ass. My big black dick is feeling real good right now."

 Craig’s rhythmic thrusting, hairy chest rubbing on his back, and verbal assault sent Joe over the edge. He started coming, feeling like his insides were pouring out but the pleasure was intense.  Having had the ball gag removed, his moans were loud as he poured semen into the sheets. Turned on by the fact that Joe had an orgasm without his dick being stimulated, Craig pounded even harder and faster, filling the room with smacking sounds that added to the sexual nature. Joe was totally spent but endured a few more minutes of fucking before Craig pulled out. “FUUCCCCKKKK!!!!” yelled Craig as he sent out spurt after spurt of hot cum onto Joe’s back and ass.

"Fuck that was good tight ass,” Craig said, still breathing heavily.

In the mirror Joe could see Craig holding his still hard dick, shining with lube.  To his surprise, Craig slid it in again. To Joe It felt like it belonged, like it was again claiming its territory.  Craig scooped his semen off Joe’s back and feed it to him. Joe eagerly sucked off Craig’s jiz from his thick fingers while he grinded his hips on Joe’s ass to get the last drop out of his softening dick. He pulled his dick out quickly, instructing me to clean him up.

"Suck my dick bitch," said Craig, glaring at Joe in the mirror. Joe turned around to suck him but apparently was moving too slow. Craig grabbed him by the hair into his groin. Joe sucked in his half hard dick while Craig rubbed his large hands over his body. "That's my good white bitch. Clean up your daddy." Leo's deep, soft voice was soothing and reassuring to Joe that he was doing well. His mouth was sore, jaw tired and ass throbbing but was enjoying the moment.

"Ah, fuck yeh. What did you think baby?" asked Craig to his lover, still sitting on a nearby couch.

John got up, walked over to Craig and gave him a long kiss. "You were magnificent as usual.”

Craig pulled Joe’s head off his dick long enough to pay him a compliment. "And you have the most incredible ass – like fucking silk."

"Thanks," said Joe modestly.

"Now go shower boy," said Craig, positioning himself to sit on the edge of the bed.

Joe took a long hot, shower, thinking about the incredible experience of having sex with Craig, marveling at his endurance and energy. He found it strange to see his lover so nonchalant about him having sex with another man, guessing he was used to it. Joe dried off and upon entering the bedroom saw John on the bed sucking Craig's dick. Craig, laid back, motioned for Joe to come over.

"Look how good this bitch sucks dick," said Craig as Joe watched in amazement as John effortlessly took his entire length into his mouth. Although not fully hard at least 8 inches of Craig's dick was buried deep in John's mouth. Joe sat on the bed and took a Craig’s nipple into his mouth while watching John's lips stroke Craig's hardening dick. Craig wrapped his large, hairy arm around him while kissing him and whispering into his ear how much he wanted him. Joe admired and was astounded at Craig’s ability to get excited so soon after his intense orgasm.

John then positioned himself so that his ass was over Craig’s face, interrupting Joe’s nursing. The two were in a 69 position, Craig getting more head while tongue fucking John’s asshole. Joe repositioned himself so he could play with Craig’s low hanging balls. They were coated with John's saliva and lube from earlier fucking. He licked up and down his dark, hairy nut sac, taking in the aroma of sweaty sex and the stickiness old lube. A loud smacking was followed by a grunt from John. Craig was spanking John hard enough to send him lurching forward, but not letting his lips off of Craig's now erect penis. Joe could tell by the look on John's face that he was in pain but kept on sucking. This was a talented man who had a high pain threshold.

For the next 15 minutes or so John and Joe treated Craig like a king. His huge black dick and hung balls were getting serviced by two hungry white men while he lie back, arms behind his head, grinning throughout.

All three ended up sleeping together after hours of non-stop sex. Joe got up the next morning to the sight of Craig lying on his back with John's head on his chest.  They both slept soundly as he gathered his belongings, quietly shutting the door behind him. As Joe walked home that chilly morning he was satisfied that he found someone who fulfilled his needs, but wondered what type of relationship it would become with John in the picture. That night he fell asleep at his place and didn't waken until 5:00 Sunday evening, still thinking about the incredible night with Craig.



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