For the next few weeks Craig and Joe spent a lot of time in the bedroom with constant sex that was always exciting, as well as enjoying each other’s company in general. However, Joe was getting increasingly concerned about the situation with John but didn't bring it up; he figured Craig would let him know when the relationship status changed. One evening Joe worked late and discovered Craig beat him to his apartment, had the place lit up with candles and the table set with beautiful decorations. He was in the kitchen cooking when he heard Joe come in.

"Hey sexy man," he said, kissing him softly.

"Hi, place looks great."

"Got let off work early today, thought I'd come back here and prepare something special," said Craig as he stirred the pot.

"Well thank you. You're a real gem Craig," Joe said as he customarily began to disrobe. When Craig saw what he was doing he came over to Joe, held him, and looked at him with strong eye contact.

"Stop," said Craig. Joe was not sure what he meant at this time. Craig could tell he was confused. "No more removing your clothes in my presence. You are much more to me than that," said Craig as he put his shirt back on and buttoned it back up. "Dinner will be ready in a moment." He kissed him again before returning to the kitchen.

Joe wondered if this day was ever going to happen – when he would be viewed as more than a piece of ass. As he changed into more comfortable clothing, he realized that he and Craig were becoming more of an item. In fact they were becoming a bona fide couple. Before drawing anymore conclusions Joe decided it was time to discuss their relationship without John.

The dinner Craig prepared was fantastic. They ate together in a romantic setting and the vibes were good. It also felt natural. It wasn't until they were cleaning up that Joe brought up the relationship issue. He was hoping Craig would but he took the lead.

"Craig, the dinner was great, fantastic. Thank you," said as he eased into the subject.

"Anytime Joe, anytime." He stopped cleaning, took Joe by the hand and led him to the couch. Normally this is where Joe ended up on his knees sucking Craig but this time the tone was different.

"You know, something has happened to me that I never thought could happen," Craig said as he played with Joe’s hair.

"What's that," asked Joe, anticipating the "L" word.

Craig looked him directly into Joe’s eyes, reached out and held his hands. "I'm in love with babe." 

Joe didn't want to assume anything but figured this was a good time to inquire about John before diving further into the relationship. "What about John?" asked Joe.

The look on Craig’s face changed, he looked worried and perturbed. "What about John? I'm talking about you and me."

"How are you going to break this to him, Craig? I'm still thinking John loves you and here you are saying you love me."

"What John and I have is not love," said Craig as he squeezed Joe’s hand harder to emphasize what he was about to say. "What we have, or should say I have because I've yet to hear the words from you, is real love. Baby, I think about you all the damn time, and not just that sweet ass. I want to take this to a new level – one of mutual respect, caring and love. You get it baby?"

Joe pondered it for a minute. He did love Craig and he was genuine about his feeling towards him. To Joe, love was a strong word that meant a life time commitment and he had heard Craig previously say he loved John. "Fuck it," Joe thought to himself. He'd deal with that later. It was time let Craig know his feelings for him as well.

"Yes, I get it, and love you Craig." He hugged and kissed him for awhile before Craig lifted Joe with ease and started carrying him to the bedroom. Throughout Joe’s life he pictured this happening, except he would be the one carrying someone to the bedroom. But this was better; he was used to the feminine role in the relationship and felt comfortable in Craig’s strong arms.

"Baby, we're going to do something we've not done before," said Craig as they entered the candlelit bedroom.

Joe thought they pretty much had run the gamut of sexual acts, but knew what he meant. Before he could ask he said it. "We're going to make love," said Craig as he lay Joe on the bed. They kissed for a long time before the clothes came off. Joe had forgotten how sex could be different when it was with someone whose emotional ties enhanced every act. Craig sucked Joe’s dick for the first time, looking at him intently while his lips expertly stroked him. His talented tongue covered his entire body. He was definitely more focused on Joe’s body than ever before. His kissing was much more passionate and deliberate. Craig entered Joe from behind in a totally different way. His kisses on his back and neck soothed the pain of his thick penis entering my ass. His strokes were slower and gentler than ever before. Craig’s deep, loud moans as he came made Joe ejaculate with him. Joe felt good about pleasing the man who had just proclaimed a new love for him.

"That was good baby," Craig whispered into Joe’s ear, still inside of him.

"Sure was. I never had an orgasm like that."

"I noticed," Craig said laughing.

"Thank you," Joe said, wanting to show his appreciation for making him feel so good.

"Thank you," said Craig, kissing the back of Joe’s neck as hugged him tightly and pushed his dick further in. "I could stay inside of you all night." Leo was still hard enough to stay inside of Joe.

"Please do," said Joe, pushing his ass back to accommodate the somewhat soft penis.

"I love you," said Craig whispering into Joe’s ear.

"Love you more," he returned. After playful conversation they finally fell asleep. Fuck buddies, now lovers.



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