The entire week Joe anxiously awaited hearing from Craig after the threesome with John, checking his messages several times daily and debating whether or not to call him.  But Craig was in a relationship and Joe did not want to push it. But he was definitely infatuated with Craig and wanted to be with him much more often.

It was finally Friday and as Joe walked home he decided to head out to Charlie's later that evening, hoping he would run across Craig and get together for more off-the-hook sex, this time just the two of them.  He got home and realized he had missed a call from Craig asking if he wanted to meet for dinner later that night. Joe was ecstatic at hearing Craig's sexy, deep voice as he told how busy his week was, and that he had to get some sleep to get ready for the weekend. He said he would call back when he awoke so Joe had to figure out a way to make the evening pass quickly. When the phone rang around 8 pm Joe answered, out of breath, but trying to sound calm.

"Hello?" Joe said with a cracking voice.

"Hey white boi. Sound like you busy."

"Not at all. Just sitting around doing nothing."

"Let's meet up for dinner in an hour at Juan's on 87th."

"Sounds good to me."

"See you there,” said Craig and hung up quickly. Joe wanted badly to talk with Craig but he would have to wait. It seemed as if the time before dinner passed very slowly so he cleaned house to keep himself busy. He wanted to get there early in case Craig was early as well, but at the same time did not want to seem desperate.

"Fuck it,” Joe thought to himself.  Knowing how badly he looked forward to his first official date with Craig he left the house, rushed to the restaurant and waited at the bar.

After downing a couple of double bourbons and getting increasingly anxious, he saw Craig walk in, looking sexy as hell.  He came up to Joe, put his arm around his shoulder, looking at him with a grin that indicated he was pleased.

"Hey baby" he said, squeezing Joe’s shoulder. "How long you been here?"

"About an hour or so, got bored at home," Joe responded. 

"Well we can't have you being bored, plenty to do," said Craig as he continued to massage his shoulder. "Let's go get a table."

They enjoyed a dinner that evening and shared conversation that never let up. They connected on a different level that night. Joe discovered that Craig was an excellent conversationalist, always listening intently to what he had to say and responding with wit and sincere interest in his life. It was no wonder that this man was so successful. He had a rare combination of intelligence and pleasantry that lacked in so many people. Besides that, he was very handsome and obviously took a great deal of pride in his appearance. Over dinner Joe brought up the situation with John.

"So Craig, you mind me asking about your relationship with John?"

"No, what do you want to know?"

Joe felt the need to be completely upfront. "Do you love him?"

"Yeh, I do Joe. He's a really good guy. He pretty much does everything I need in a guy." Joe felt the door of opportunity was slightly open. He loved what John does for him but didn’t appear to be love the man.

"Is this your first relationship?"

"Had a partner a few years ago, stayed with him for about a year before he joined a band and did a lot of traveling. That was his passion so I didn't interfere. His name was Steve."

"Do you still keep in touch with Steve?" Joe asked, trying to figure out if Craig still had feelings for him.

"Not at all. I'm sure he's a busy man."

"So Craig, I got to know. Where do I fit in your life? I mean, I really like you and want to get with you often but don't want to fuck things up with you and John."

Craig stopped chewing his steak and swallowed, "There's something that makes me want to be with you Joe, besides your hot ass that is. You are one fine looking man." Craig reached across the table and held Joe’s hands while he looked him straight in to his eyes. "You've handled me well Joe.  I like the way you don't take shit personally. I mean the things I've done to you make most guys want to hide in a corner. But you're secure in what you want and besides, I really enjoy your company."

Joe wasn't expecting such a strong endorsement from him but was really happy about what he said -- besides being speechless. Joe was actually quite embarrassed and could feel himself blushing.

"Look at you blushing." said Craig, looking at him in away nobody ever had. He was truly interested in Joe and let him know it. The fact that Joe was humbled by that appeared to please Craig. "Speechless?" he said, laughing.

"Yeh I guess I am. You did answer my question, sort of -- thanks. But Craig I got to tell you something -- I'm getting really strong feelings about you -- like I can't be without you. I'm not sure where to go with that. And I know, we’ve known each other too short for these feelings."

Craig looked puzzled. "Look baby, we've known each other for long enough to know this is something serious. Don't worry about me not being with you. I plan to keep you around."

"How so?” asked Joe. “I mean I'm glad I'm a keeper but I'm wanting to be with you too much, maybe more that you want. That's why I wanted to know if you loved John."

"Look Joe, I'm going to give this to you straight. What John and I have is good, very good. But since I met you I'm a happier person. Man you've got the whole package -- looks, brains, proper attitude.  All that shit. Just let things happen between you and me. Right now let's enjoy each other's company. Cool?"

"Definitely, Craig. Thanks for listening. Sorry if I seem a bit weird but this is relatively new to me." Joe hesitated awaiting a response but just got a look from Craig that said let's drop the whole conversation. "So what are the plans from here?"

Craig got up from his chair, came over to Joe and whispered "We’re going to go back to your place, and get in the shower where I'm going to fuck your brains out. Be right back, said Craig as he gave Joe a couple of gentle pats on the back.”

Craig headed to the restroom while Joe sat knowing he was getting what he wanted that evening, possibly more which was further intriguing. His dick was getting hard thinking about it. Craig came out of the restroom, kneading Joe’s neck, saying "Let's go buddy." He laid the money for dinner on the table plus a very generous tip.

Joe offered to help pay. "Let me go half with you Craig."

"Don't worry about it Joe, we'll work it out in trade." Joe wasn't sure that that meant but from the tone of his voice I took it as being sexual.

"Trade?" he asked.

Craig laughed at his naivety. "You owe me some good ass. I’m going to run home, be there in about an hour.”

Joe rushed back to his place to make sure everything was suitable for a night with Craig -- clean towels, sheets, candle light and soft music.  He removed his clothes and got hard instantly thinking about what was soon to happen. Just as he got completely naked, he heard a knock on the door, sooner than he anticipated. Joe opened it slightly so that the neighbors could not see him in his current state of undress but so that Craig could see that he was ready.

"Nice baby," he said, looking Joe up and down as he walked in, shutting the door behind him. "Turn around."

Joe did as he was told, feeling completely at ease with his new role as Craig’s boi.

"Bend over and grab your ankles," said Craig, placing his hand on the back of Joe’s head.  He quickly obeyed. "Goddamn, that is a beautiful white ass,” said Craig as he spread Joe’s cheeks and played with his hole.

"Fix me a drink while I get in the shower" said Craig with a playful slap on his ass.

While Joe fixed his drink he thought about lucky he was to find such a wonderful person who was very much into him. He fixed the drinks while listening to Craig sing. He had a nice deep voice, much like Lou Rawls. Joe sat in the dark and listened to Craig for a while, feeling the alcohol slow his senses. His dick was getting hard at the thought of getting with Craig and could wait no longer. He had to see him naked. He was just getting out of the shower when Joe walked in, drink in hand, awaiting his next move.

"It's about time," Craig said, taking his drink from Joe.

"I didn't want to impose on your shower time" Joe said, somewhat timidly.

"How thoughtful, but anytime my dick is not surrounded by your hot mouth or ass, that is a problem. Got it?" said Craig squeezing Joe’s cheeks like he was a little boy.

"Yes Sir," responded Joe. He was still not sure whether Craig was genuinely dominant or only so when aroused.

"Good boi. Now get in the shower and clean up." Craig turned the shower back on and stood before me. He was a beautiful man. Joe wanted to hug his dripping wet bare body, feel his moist warmth and hair rub on his smooth body. Joe looked down at his dark, uncut dick, reminding him of a rolled breakfast sausage as it nestled between his large balls. His pubic hair was short and wiry and very masculine looking.

Craig saw the look in Joe’s eyes. "Go ahead and kiss it baby."

He wasted no time getting on his knees before Craig. He felt like he was in his proper place, subservient to a man who was much larger than him, more intelligent and worthy of his best efforts. Joe kissed his dick softly and licked around the shaft. He had never seen such a large penis before, much less handled one. Its weight was impressive as he lifted it to pull the foreskin back to expose the huge purplish head which he licked, paying particular attention to the smooth inner lining of the piss slit. By the moans coming from Craig this was feeling good to him. His dick slowly grew, its girth growing more massive and hardening. As Joe licked his balls he could feel the weight of his now fully engorged dick on his face. Craig grabbed his head and guided his dick into Joe’s mouth, taking in as much as he could but feeling his teeth scrap.

"Open wider,” Craig said, recognizing that Joe was doing the best he

could, but was not nearly as talented as John. Joe gagged violently and Craig pulled out.

"I'm sorry Craig," said Joe as he stood up, their dicks rubbing against each other, both hard as bricks.

"That's okay baby. You just need more practice. Get in the shower."

Joe did as told, knowing he was about to get fucked as Craig joined him. He wasted no time kissing Joe passionately with his soft lips and tongue. Craig’s big hands explored Joe’s ass, slowly inserting a thick finger in. Joe was getting way too excited. The feeling of their wet naked bodies rubbing against each other, the passionate lip lock, the pouring hot water and Craig's fat finger all the way in Joe’s ass sent him over the edge. "I'm coming baby," groaned Joe as Craig started to jack him, sending several spurts of sperm between them.

Joe’s knees were shaking and weak. After shooting my last drop, Craig scooped up some and fed it to Joe.

"You came quick," Craig said, gently sucking Joe’s nipples.

"Yeh, sorry."

"Don't be. We got all night babe."

They got out of the shower and dried each other off, kissing in between. "Let's go to bed," said Craig as he walked out of the bathroom. His butt was beautiful, big, round and firm. Joe followed him and got under the covers. Soon Craig was inside of him, screwing Joe over and over again until his last load put him to sleep. They rested, spoon fashion, Craig’s dick nestled between the cheeks of Joe’s ass, his furry chest against his smooth back, his hand grasping Joe’s soft dick. Joe fell asleep resisting the strong urge to tell Craig that he was in love. He took his large hairy hand and kissed it. He never felt so vulnerable yet so secure.



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