“You did hear me say I have to work in the morning?” asked Craig as he visually examined the naked man before him. Joe stood about six foot, weighed about two hundred thirty pounds, and had an impressive body for a middle aged man, though a bit of a paunch was evident. While mostly smooth, he had hair in the typical places. His cut, flaccid penis was thicker than average, about 4 inches in length and rested on a fairly large set of balls. He was blessed with a butt that was an anatomical masterpiece; round, firm and large.

“I did Craig,” said Joe in a cracked voice. While Joe was turned on by decisive, take charge type men, he was a bit nervous not knowing Craig’s intentions. His history with abusive men was on his mind, particularly since Craig appeared to have a sudden change of personality.

“Yet you tempt me by coming back here and looking so damn good,” said Craig as he licked his lips, coming closer to Joe who was now questioning his decision making abilities. “Open your mouth,” Craig demanded.  He took a mini-flashlight and shone it in Joe’s mouth. “Got to make sure you clean since my dick will be in here. “ After finishing his inspection his mouth Craig took Joe’s penis in his hand. “Not that I plan on doing anything with this but have to take a look-see anyhow.” After checking out Joe’s genitals, Craig gave Joe a pat on the butt. “Good boy, nice and clean. But for the most important part, turn around and grab your ankles.”

“This is really strange Craig,” said Joe as he reluctantly turned around.

“Just making sure you don’t leave something behind that I don’t have to run to the VA hospital to get rid of. It’s happened before,” said Craig as he bent Joe over.

Although embarrassed and completely unprepared for an anal exam Joe cooperated with the big man. As he felt Craig spread his butt cheeks he felt the need to carry on a conversation to bring some sense of normalcy to the situation. “I didn’t know you were a veteran, “Joe winced as he felt Craig’s finger invade his anus.

“I don’t recall telling you so that would explain it,” said Craig as he pulled his finger out. “Good news Joe, you are, from what I can tell, clean in and out.” Craig served in the marines during the Middle East conflict and saw action of which he did not wish to talk about.

Joe stood up and turned around, displaying his aroused state. “That was embarrassing Craig.”

“And necessary. You see I don’t use rubbers and I will be fucking that nice ass. I’m clean and want to stay that way.” He looked at Joe’s fully erect penis, now about 7-8 thick inches. “Damn, boy. My finger up your ass got you that excited already?”

“Yeh, it did,” said Joe unashamedly.

Craig laughed. “I kind of like you Joe. Most guys would have run out by now. Now get your ass in the shower and douche that ass. I don’t like mess.” Before Joe could ask about the necessary cleaning supplies he heard Crag call out. “Stuff’s under the sink. And throw it away when you’re done.” Joe noticed that, while somewhat disorganized, Craig kept a clean bathroom. Even though Joe always prepared for anal before going out to bars he took no chances in disappointing Craig.

Craig undressed, got under the covers of his king bed and listening to Joe shower. Knowing he wasn’t going to make it into work he called off then rolled another joint and smoked it while waiting. The night wasn’t going as planned but Craig was happy with his new acquaintance and the unexpected roll in the sack. The shower turned off and in a few minutes Joe came in, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Craig got behind him, reaching around to hand him a lit joint. Joe could feel Craig’s furry chest rub on his back, his large hairy arms reach around to pinch his nipples. “Here’s how this goes down, Joe. I’m going to fuck the shit out of you and leave you with my babies in your ass. But before we go there I need to know a couple of things,” whispered Craig in Joe’s ear as he pinched harder. Both men were high, ready to embark on a sexual journey of which neither knew what to expect. That made it much more erotic.

“Yes?” asked Joe, so excited he was barely able to get the word out.

“I am HIV negative and you need to be too. When’s the last time you were tested?” asked Craig as he rubbed Joe’s chest, feeling his nipples now hard and erect.

“It’s been a few months to be honest,” said Joe. “But I’m negative and have always been clean.”

“Cool, cool,” responded Craig. “If this goes like I want it to, you could be my bitch. You cool with that?” asked Craig as he put a light choke hold on Craig’s neck and throat. “And this is not the weed talking. This shit for real.”

Joe was at the point of no return. He felt incredibly intimidated by the situation but, oddly so, he was comfortable. “I think so. You have me so fucking hot.”

“That’s because you like the idea of this big black man overpowering you, making you do shit you never imagined,” said Craig as he licked and lightly bit Joe’s ear.

“Oh fuck,” groaned Joe, overwhelmed by the sensuous nature of Craig’s words and the hot breath on his neck. He still had not seen Craig’s dick but judging by the size of his hands and the wide expanse of his body he guessed it would be humongous. He tried to turn around to get a look.

“Where you think you’re going?” said Craig, strengthening the hold he had on Joe. “Coming in here teasing me with this fine white boy ass then wanting to leave,” said Craig as he cupped his hand under Joe’s nakedness, getting a firm grip on his fleshy cheeks.

“Hell no Craig, I’m not going anywhere, “said Joe, still somewhat tense from the uneasiness of the situation. He felt Craig’s large finger find his hole and immediately begin to probe, prompting Joe to moan softly.

“Fuck you got a tight ass,” said Craig as he worked his thick finger into Joe’s anus, still warm and wet from the shower. Craig pulled out, placing it at Joe’s lips. The smell of freshly showered ass was familiar to Joe, but not his own. He pulled in Craig’s fat finger into his mouth, sucking and stroking with his lips, amazed at the thickness and enjoying the rough texture typical of a man involved in physical labor. “Damn you a big freak. Look at you enjoying your pussy juice,” said Craig, getting increasingly aroused by Joe’s enthusiasm. Craig released Joe from his embrace, ready to feel the tight, warm hole wrapped around his fully erect dick. As he got off the bed, Joe heard and felt the big man’s movements, positioning himself to lie back on the bed.

As Craig walked around to the other side of the bed he admired the pale, naked body that would soon be a receptacle for his desire to breed a white man. For too many years Craig observed naked men in the shower but had to stifle his lust in an environment where his livelihood would be jeopardized by acting out his sexual attraction. While he had since been with men of various nationalities, white men turned him on the most. Joe reminded Craig of some of his marine buddies that were unattainable, and now was his chance to act upon his pent up desires. He grabbed Joe by the legs and pulled him to the edge of the bed. Joe sat up and, for the first time, saw Craig’s penis.

“Oh fuck,” was all Joe managed to get out before his legs were hoisted over his shoulders by the powerful man. “Please let me ride it first.” Craig continued to mount Joe, placing his dick at Joe’s hole, letting him feel the heat and swollen head that caressed the tight pink hole.  Joe reached down and managed to feel the bulbous head that was easily beer can thick.  “Damn Craig, not sure I can take all that.” Joe looked up and, despite the low light, saw the look in Craig’s eyes, determined and intense. His dark skin glowed with the beginning of sweat forming on his bald head and forehead. His almond shaped eyes continued to penetrate Joe mentally. His wide flat nose, full lips and small ears fit beautifully on his large, round head. Craig rubbed his rock hard dick on Joe’s puckered hole, spreading the thin stream of pre-cum to moisten the lips. Joe reached up and felt Craig’s hairy man tits, tweaking his nipples, causing Craig to push the head of his dick inside Joe’s ass.

“You asked for that,” said Craig as he Joe threw back his head and made sounds somewhere between a scream and a moan.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck Craig, that hurts like hell. Please take it out,” begged Joe. He felt Craig’s thick member spread his ass open, causing a burning sensation. Craig reluctantly pulled out, seeing the anguished look on Joe’s face.

“Bitch you better learn to take dick if you’re going to be with me,” said Craig as he tossed Joe’s legs to the side in frustration. “Bend your ass over the bed.”

“You got any lube?” asked Joe as moved to the edge of the bed. The sound of a drawer opening and the familiar feel of cool liquid against his raised ass was a relief to Joe. He felt a finger slide in, causing some discomfort considering the size of Craig’s finger, then two which was unbearable. But Joe felt any further protests would result in more pain. The aroma of poppers was soon followed by a bottle held under his nose. He inhaled deeply, holding his breath until the sensation of warmth and pleasure consumed him.

“This is going to feel real good around my dick,” said Craig as he continued to probe with his fingers, opening up Joe’s hole for what would be several hours.

“Please fuck me,” groaned Joe needing to feel Craig’s dick enter him.

“You want my big black dick in your white ass, Joe?” said Craig, referring to his name instead of the expletives he normally used while he continued to finger the loosening ass. “All I know is that I’m going to get mine.” Craig pulled his fingers out and with the same hand grabbed Joe by the hair and yanked back his head. “Understand that?”

“Yes Sir,” said Joe, managing to dish out a level of respect as Craig had total control of his mind and body.

“Oh hell yes. There ya go,” said Craig, letting go of Joe’s hair. Craig took a step back to lubricate his fully engorged dick, now a length of 10 inches and thick as a man’s wrist. “Look at that pretty white ass. Mmmm-hmmmm you got a phatty,” said Craig as he delivered a loud, hard smack on Joe’s mound of flesh.

Joe felt Craig’s meaty hands put him into position and his belly press against him. His thick dick spread his hole as it slid in slowly when he felt it pop past the inner sphincter, prompting a loud cry and an attempt to reach around and stop further penetration. Craig grabbed his hand, pulled it away, and then Joe’s other hand, pinning them both on his lower back.

“I’m know what I’m doing boy, don’t need your help.” With that Craig slowly slid the rest of his dick into Joe’s ass, feeling the incredibly pleasurable moist warmth tightly wrapped around him. “Fuck this ass feels good,” said Craig as he slowly pushed into the man who was making sounds somewhere between a moan and an agonized cry. Craig caressed and kneaded each butt cheek, spreading them to see the beautiful contrast between his dark penis and white flesh. He heard Joe’s heavy breathing and animalistic sounds slow to a soft groan, indicating that he had adjusted to the wide, long dick that impaled him. Craig started with a slow stroke, enjoying the tight grip around him but soon was pounding hard and fast, feeling Joe’s ass loosening but still providing pleasure. That night Craig and Joe fucked until the sun came up, shining light on the two sweaty men who knew each other’s needs well. Joe proved to be an insatiable bottom willing and able to take large dick for hours and Craig confirmed his claim that he had incredible staying power. Finally Craig could hold out no more. With Joe standing up with his arms pinned against a wall, Craig delivered a pounding that sent him over the edge, thrusting one last time and pouring his seed into Joe’s well fucked ass. The two remained embraced for several minutes; Craig’s softening penis slipping out, leaving an emptiness for Joe, feeling sperm run down his thighs.

“Fuck you can take some dick, “said Craig, breathing heavily.

“You can give it,” answered Joe, turning around to face the man whom he just met the night before.  Craig initiated a kiss, soft and loving.

“I kind of like you,” said Craig, combing Joe’s hair back with his hand.

Joe was incredibly flattered. From the moment he saw Craig he wanted him. Now he stood, naked and carrying the seed of the man he so much desired. “I like you too, Craig, a lot.”

“Awwww, so sweet of you considering I just wrecked your hole,” said Craig as he reached around and fingered Joe’s loose anus, wet with lube and his cum. “I might want some more of this,” said Craig, brushing his lips against Joe’s.

“Now?” asked Joe incredulously. Craig laughed, pulled his finger out of Joe’s ass and placed it at his lips. Joe sucked it in, tasting the combination of ass, cum and lube.

“Damn I love a freak,” said Craig softly, looking Joe in the eyes. Though Joe was never good at making eye contact he felt the need to show Craig respect and submission to his stare. “So what else you into?” asked Craig, continuing his unusually long stare.

“I’m pretty uninhibited,” responded Joe, trying not to look away.

“Look at me,” said Craig; recognizing the struggle Joe was having maintaining eye contact. Most of the time his sexual partners looked away in shame after having to submit to Craig’s desires, or were uninterested and unable to hide it. With Joe he felt a genuine attempt to meet his demands, though not comfortable with it. “That’s good, I like that. We got to talk,” said Craig as he led Joe back to the bed.

“First go get me a glass of water,” said Craig in a stern voice, catching Joe by surprise, resulting in hesitation on Joe’s part. “Problem?” asked Craig, annoyed at Joe’s lack of an immediate response.

“Sorry, spaced out for second,” said Joe as he got up. While pouring the water, Joe was deep in thought about the sudden change in Craig’s behavior. Though sexually dominant and a definitely an alpha male, which Joe enjoyed about Craig, he suddenly felt uneasy. He returned to the bedroom where Craig was lying on his back with his hands behind his head. He had not seen Craig naked in full light before so never got a full view. Trying not to stare too much, Joe admired the view, especially the dark, uncut dick that lay on his thigh. Craig was hairier than Joe recalled, tightly curled hair covering much of his chest, arms, and belly, increasing in the pubic area with a nice full bush.  He was thick everywhere with added layer of fat that was well proportioned. He handed Craig the glass of water, much more at ease at the sight of the big man.

“See this shit?” asked Craig, holding up a bottle of pills.

Joe saw the bottle of Zoloft from when he dated a man who had a mental condition. “Yes, I recognize the bottle.”

Craig popped the pill into his mouth and washed it down. “Go to therapy also,” said Craig, waiting to see Joe’s reaction.

“Mind me asking for what?” asked Joe.

“Saw some action in the military. Fucked up my head,” said Craig without emotion.

“It’s cool man. Definitely respect the service you gave. Besides, military guys turn me on,” said Joe as he laid his head on Craig’s furry chest. Craig put his arm around Joe’s neck, kissing the top of his head.

The two slept together, having found not only sexual compatibility, but also the ability to take comfort in each other’s arms. A few hours later Joe woke up to the sudden movement of Craig who was reaching under the bed, desperately searching for something.



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