Joe woke up suddenly after being startled by the movement of the bed. His head throbbed painfully when he sat up to see what was causing the commotion. Though dimly lit because of a cloudy day Joe could make out the large man at the side of the bed, cursing incoherently and frantically tossing items to the side while in apparent search for something. While marveling at Craig’s large swinging appendage Joe also noticed cheloids that covered his left thigh. He obviously had experienced trauma during his military duty. “Anything I can help find?” asked Joe, not knowing anything constructive to say.

“Can’t find my fucking pills”, said a frustrated Craig, tossing a pillow to the side before stopping.

“The pills you took last night?” asked Joe, remembering despite the heavy drinking and smoking pot.

Craig looked at Joe quizzically. “You saw me taking pills?”

“Yes, definitely fucked up, but do remember that distinctly,” said Joe, trying to calm Craig, who was obviously shaken. “They were on the nightstand. You told me to get you a glass of water to down them,” said Joe, impressed with himself that he was able to remember.

“Man I don’t remember that, but glad you were here to see it,” said Craig, sitting down on the edge of the bed, holding his head in his hands. Joe wrapped his arms the most he could around Craig, enjoying the feel of his strong body that ravaged him earlier that night. He kissed his hairy upper shoulders and gently rubbed his back. “That feels good babe,” said Craig. Joe continued to knead his tight muscles, feeling him loosen up. Although by no means did he know how to give a massage, Joe was willing to do what it took to make Craig feel good.

“Feeling better?” asked Joe, working his hands on Craig’s thick neck.

“Yeh man,” said Craig. “Need a glass of water.” Without hesitation Joe got up and got Craig his water, bringing it back while taking the opportunity to sit next to him. Craig drank the entire glass, handing it to Joe without saying anything. Joe took the glass and placed it on the nightstand. “I meant for you to get me another glass,” said Craig, looking at Joe as if he were ignorant.

“Oh, sorry,” said Joe, not aware of the silent signals that Craig put out. When Joe got up to get the glass he was aggressively slapped on his bare behind. Surprised and stung, Joe yelled out “Fuck!” Before he could make any more moves he was pulled aggressively into Craig’s lap, and given a very tight bear hug.

“That hurt, baby?” asked Craig, gently swaying Joe in his arms.

“Yeh, man, wasn’t expecting that,” said Joe, still feeling the sting on his ass, in addition to having trouble breathing because of the excessively tight grip he was experiencing. To Joe’s relief, Craig loosened his hold enough to maintain control, but not let Joe go anywhere.

“But you liked it. You know you take dick like a pro,” said Craig, kissing the back of Joe’s neck. While flattered, Joe was sometime embarrassed by his enthusiasm during sex. With Craig, there was intensity with his passion, almost frenzied, as he attempted to make it a memorable night. He felt himself flush with humility.

“Thanks,” was the only word he could muster, feeling himself turn red.

“Look at you, getting all embarrassed,” said Craig recognizing Joe’s shyness about his sexual prowess. He combed through Joe’s hair with his hand, enjoying the moment, thinking he had something special in his arms. “Look at me,” said Craig; noticing Joe had his head down. Joe leaned back and the two locked eyes. Craig pressed his lips against Joe’s, opened them with his tongue and the two exchanged kisses with abnormal ease considering their newness to each other. For several minutes Craig and Joe, two masculine, burly men were connecting to each other in a way that seemed natural. Craig guided Joe’s hand to his swollen penis which Joe could barely fit his hand around. The warm, hard flesh felt good in Joe’s hand, while Craig’s tongue explored Joe’s mouth more aggressively. Joe moved his hand down to Craig’s massive balls, gently playing with them, and then returning to the rigid shaft, stroking it softly.

The two broke their kiss, Joe taking one of Craig’s fat fingers and sucking it, signaling to Craig that he wanted him inside his mouth. “Can I suck you?” asked Joe, taking Craig’s finger out.

“Don’t talk. Just do what I say,” said Craig, releasing Joe from his hug. “Get on your knees and suck my dick.” Joe obeyed, kneeling before Craig, mesmerized by the large black pole that stood upright, large veins running along the side. The purplish head was barely emerging from the skin that tightly covered it. His hairy balls lie invitingly on the bed. Joe kissed and licked his way up and down the large tower of flesh, periodically paying attention to his balls. “Put it in your mouth, I want to watch you.” Being an expert cock sucker, Joe too the entirety of Craig’s dick in his mouth, working it slowly until the entirety was in his mouth, gagging slightly. Craig had never felt anyone pleasure him as well as the white man on his knees was doing. His pink lips were tightly stretched around his dark dick, with good stroke action. A chronic masturbater, Craig much preferred the sight before him over his hand. He put his hands behind his head and watched as his dick shone with Joes’ saliva. The two locked eyes, the mental penetration was intense. He knew Joe had to be struggling after a long period of sucking but Craig was enjoying the sensations too much to worry about it. Joe feverishly sucked, being careful not to have any teeth scrape this magnificent man and risk disappointment. Finally Joe felt the throbbing, and then Craig’s hands grab and hold his head steady, followed by the taste of sperm while the big man groaned loudly. He felt accomplished, that his years of sucking dick paid off in the form of making this hot man jiz in his mouth. Joe continued sucking while Craig’s dick softened, waiting for him to tell him otherwise. Craig lay back, spent, and hung over but extremely satisfied. He felt Joe’s mouth and tongue continue working on his penis, almost falling asleep before feeling the sensation of having to urinate. “Got to get up Joe,” said Craig as he sat up, watching his limp dick slip out of Joe’s mouth.

“I really enjoyed that Craig,” said Joe, smiling up at his newly found man.

“I definitely enjoyed it. Not sure which is better, that mouth or that ass,” said Craig as he walked to the bathroom, giving Joe a pat on the head as if he were a pet.  Joe heard Craig sing over the stream of piss. Though considering it, he thought he would wait to tell Craig about his ability to drink urine without spillage. “Baby steps,” thought Joe.

Craig came out of the bathroom, got back in bed and pulled the covers over him. Joe got up, not knowing what to do. While he wanted to be with Craig he didn’t want to come off as being too needy. Realizing his clothes were in the living room where things started out, Joe left the bedroom and got dressed. Hoping Craig would insist that he stay, Joe entered the bedroom and saw that Craig was already asleep. He filled his glass of water, set it on the nightstand before leaving. As he walked home Joe’s thoughts were consumed by the memories of a wonderful evening with a hot man. As he walked in his apartment Joe’s bliss turned to regret as he realized he did not remember to get Craig’s contact information. The only way to get back in touch was to go to his apartment. While he didn’t want to appear stalker like, Joe knew he had to do something to have the chance to meet Craig once again.



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