When I finished the day's modeling, I headed to the Prime Cut Restaurant to meet my love Nick who would hopefully be waiting for me. The PC Restaurant was one of the finest five star restaurant in Vegas. Upon arriving at 6 PM, I did not see Nick but was given a prime table that was located in a private area of the restaurant. I became very concerned about where my lover might be. Was he OK? This gorgeous hunk, the waiter for our section, approached and asked me if I wished to order a drink while I waited. He should have been in the movies. He had the most beautiful blond hair, sky blue eyes, stood about 6-feet and weighed some where around 160 pounds. His hard chest almost ripped his blue shirt open. He was wearing dark blue pants with a very impressive bulge showing through the tight pants. His smile and deep dimples had me totally horny. But I was distracted looking for Nick.

After about 20 minutes and as I drank my bourbon and water, Nick came in and greeted me at the table as he said: "Lover, I'm sorry that I'm late. I got lost getting here."

"Oh Babe,I''m just so happy you made it. You left the fashion show so quickly, I became totally concerned. Are you alright?"

"Yea, honey, but I'm afraid you heard what happened as I left the stage. One of your crew took advantage of me, grabbed me, opened my pants, put his lips around my cock and took my boner to the back of his throat and began sucking me. I tried to resist but I felt my cock grow erect. He was  a good cock sucker. Are you upset with me?"

"Hell no Babe, we both have had some wild sex lately. All that matters to me is that you are my great love and you want to be with me from now own. A little variety of cocks and cum makes us even more desirable, experienced and horny. Don't forget that I love you---you are number one."

This chat so turned me on and the beauty of Nick's face and especially his eyes caused me to loose control. I took my shoe off  my right foot, slid my foot up the inside of his right leg until I reached his crotch. Hell, I began to press my foot hard and rub up and down his crotch and cock. Yea, I felt his cock grow until it was steel hard. Nick sprouted a huge smile as he began to lick his lips. Then the big surprise happened when I heard him unzip his pants, pulled out his rock hard cock, and took my foot and placed it on his cock. I began to masturbate him with my foot.

Just as we began to sweat and breath harder, the gorgeous waiter appeared and asked Nick: "Do you wish to order a drink Sir?"

"Yes, waiter, just bring me the same drink that Eric is having."

Oh shit, while I kept playing with Nick's engorged cock, the waiter dropped a napkin. As he bent down to pick it up, he saw my foot fondling Nick's gorgeous rock hard cock. For several seconds, the waiter just starred at what we were doing with a real shock on his face. He seemed in a horny daze. When he recovered, he smiled and went to get Nick's drink.

"Well Nick, Babe, this is so exciting. We just caught in public fooling around. Man that makes me horny."

"Eric you might be excited but oh hell we could get thrown out of here. You're always such a risk taker. I guess that is one of the reasons I love you so much."

"Nick, I just think we turned on that hot waiter. Did you see the growing tent in his tight blue pants. Man, he was getting very hard. I bet he is gay."

Soon the waiter returned with Nick's drink and seemed somewhat nervous. But he smiled and handed me a note with a key and said: "Gentlemen, are you ready to order? Wait until I get your order before reading my note."

I could hardly wait to read the note. When I finished, I said to Nick: "Oh fuck, I was right. He is a damn horny fucking gay slu just like us."

"Eric, read me the note."

"Ok buddy! It reads: 'Gentlemen, you are so brave and horny as I saw what you were doing. I get off at 9 PM. Can you linger here until then? Take a right at the back of the restaurant. There will be a door # 125. Use our only key to unlock the door and go in. It is the men's restroom for our employees only. It is always locked. You have me so horny that I can barely concentrate on serving my customers and especially you two hot dudes.' "

We took our time until just before 9 PM. We paid our bill with a huge tip for our waiter and went to the restroom and entered. We locked the door and in about five minutes we heard a knock. When we opened the door, there stood the gorgeous waiter with a huge tent in his pants.

We locked the door and the waiter introduced himself: "My name is Drew and I know you are Eric and Nick from the reservations. Man I need to get my nuts off after watching you two mischief guys playing with Nick's huge cock. Would you help me out as my roommate and fuck buddy is out of town for a week?"

Nick said: "Hell, yea we will. You are some fucking hot dude. What do you have in mind?"

"I want you two to go into the middle stall, lock that door and wait fro me to enter the first stall. You will see a large glory hole that we fags use that work here. I want you two to suck my cock and let me shoot my creme in those gorgeous mouths."

I was already steel hard as were both Nick and Drew. We waited in the stall for Drew to stick his cock through the hole while we were both already down on our knees waiting to grab his tool when it appeared in the hole.

Fuck, when his cock appeared it was a giant. It was both long and thick as a large beer can. I asked: "Drew, how in the hell did you grow such giant sausage? How big is it?"

"Man, it is a record boner. It is 12-inches long and the shaft is around 7 inches thick."

Nick and I took turns trying to plunge the giant wood down our throat. I finally got about 10-inches down my throat and Nick managed about 8-inches. As we sucked the largest cock we would ever see, Drew thrust his body forward forcing more of his cock in our mouths. The wall between us was shacking and it seemed ready to fall down. Drew began to moan and talk like a logger with a series of four letter words.

"Fuck you bastards, hell shit, take my cock down those throats you pussies. Come on be a man, you sluts. Open those fucking throats and get ready for the biggest load of cum you will ever swallow. Can't you take it all, you whores, you sluts, you fags, come on make me come."

Man, this stud had Nick and I so horny and crazy with this cock. Soon I felt Drew's cock actually swell more, the veins in his cock pushed out and I knew he was ready. Nick and I began to use our tongues to lick up and down the shaft. Soon Drew shot a volcanic load all over our faces. His load would make up about the total cum of five horny guys blasting their cum on us. We managed to swallow most of the cum with the remaining thick cum on our lips and shirts. His cum was very salty and acid like. I bet he was a big meat eater to produce that type of taste. But it was good.

We all left the stalls and cleaned up the best we could. Drew smiled, shook our hands and said: "Guys you are great cock suckers. I loved it. I hope you liked my dirty talk. It makes me shoot a bigger load. Thanks guys."

We assured Drew it was great and we left for the hotel.

We were both exhausted so we got naked and went to bed. As Nick began to rub his sexy hot body up next to mine and spoon me, I said: "Nick, I have great news. My manager that you met today wanted me to offer you a role as a model. He is going to start you at $100,000 a year. We get to travel together and model around the Unites States."

"Eric, are you serious. Man this is the best news ever. Yea, I'll do that."

"Nick, I have more news. Over the past 48 hours, I got a tattoo for you. Look on my left ass cheek. It is just for you."

"OH FUCK, Eric, it is a beautiful heart that says 'Eric loves Nick'---man you do love me don't you? I'm so turned on that I've got to thank you now. I wan to fuck that ass while looking at that neat tattoo. Man you have me wild with lust for you."

We got out of bed and went over to a small love seat and got ready to celebrate with fucking in what is called the bumper cars. I put my feet to the back of the love seat, took my upper body and head lowering them down on and facing the carpet. My ass was now in a great open position inviting Nick's big cock. Nick stood and placed his feet on each side of my body facing toward my head. He lowered his mouth down on my ass and began to lick and kiss my tattoo over and over. He took turns sucking my ass, fingering my ass and kissing my tattoo. We both were then in pure lust. After some 5-minutes of rimming and playing with my tattoo, I felt Nick lower his crotch and put his leaking cock to the entrance to my ass. He ran his cock up and down my ass crack driving me crazy for his cock.

Finally, I could not stand it any longer and I began begging: "Baby, please don't tease me any more. Fuck me, Fuck Me, give me that cock now. Go inside me."

I felt Nick use his legs and hips to trust his aching cock all the way into my man pussy. He went wild driving his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. We moaned and grunted like two wild hogs for several minutes. Nick was a pro as he used his cock to massage my special g-spot (prostate) and moved his cock to ever corner of my ass. When I felt his cock head swell and pulsate, I knew he was ready. He pulled out and shot a huge load of his cum on my tattoo. WOW, that was special. He dumped his cum where on my tattoo where I told him how much I loved him. What a guy.

The next day we went to the day's scheduled fashion show. He met my manager, Pete, who had him sign the contract. Some of the crew dressed Nick and gave him some instructions of how to show the day's ware that was bathing suits. We modeled together all day receiving lots of cat calls and sexy that a boy calls. The day was great for Nick. He was a natural.

We were invited to Pete's for dinner. He owned a condo in Vegas. After a great dinner and several drinks, Pete put on a hot xxx gay video as we all three sat on the sofa. It was as steamy hot video. As we became very horny and somewhat semi-loaded, Pete said: "Eric and Nick did you like that scene with the three guys doing a double penetration?"

I spoke up and said: "Man, I found that scene so hot. I bet Nick liked it too?"

"Yea, guys, it was so fucking hot," said Nick.

Pete said: "Hey guys, lets try that action."

We went to the bedroom, got undressed and decided that I would be the bitch. I got down on the king sized bed on my back, lifted my legs up to my chest, and spread my legs far apart as I held them high. They lubed up and got ready to fuck. Pete lowered his cock to the entrance of my ass while he spread his legs outward giving Nick room. He began to plunge his big cock all the way into my man pussy. He got all the way into my gut with one plunge. He stuffed my ass. Would there be room for Nick's big cock in my ass? Would I experience my first double penetration, man I was so excited but nervous. Soon I felt Nick began to try to push his cock under Pete's cock and enter me. The first try failed but on the second attempt I felt him drive his cock all the way in. They began a rhythm as they pounded my ass. I felt as if someone had found a log and plunged it into my ass.

I began to scream with both pain and pleasure. I tried to say something but only grunts came out. They fucked my ripped raw ass for at least ten minutes when their breathing increased and I felt a torrent of cum drown my pussy. When they were spent, Nick pulled out first very slowly followed by Pete's big 8-inch cock. Their rich and thick cum poured out of my ass and stained the sheets. This cum would leave big cum stains on those sheets. Pete could remember the night from those stains.

We showered, had one more drink and Nick and I went back our hotel room. WOW, what a day it had been.

On the way there, Nick laughed and said: "Baby, you are walking funny. Does your ass hurt?"

"Yea man, just wait until you take two huge cocks up your man pussy and see if yuo can even walk."

"Babe, I don't think that will happen. You are the risky and brave one."


Naughty Eric


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