After our evening of sex in three rooms of Eric's condo, we fell into Eric's king size bed. He spooned me so that I could feel his still semi-hard cock against my ass. Feeling safe in his arms, I fell into a deep sleep. When I awoke the next morning, Eric was still sleeping soundly. As I lay there I started thinking, "Did that really happen last night?" "Why me? We are in such different places in our life, he's a model and I just work in a men's clothing store."

When I remembered last night, after a wonderful dinner that Eric took me out for, we had more sex in one night than I ever had. His cock in my mouth and ass was unbelievable and knew exactly how to make that cock work. He also had the most delicious cum I had ever had, however, being 21 I didn't have a whole lot of experience to make comparisons.

In his sleep Eric had kicked off the sheet and covers that would have obscured my view of his body. He was exquisite. Even though he was 35, his bleached hair made him look much younger. While he was very muscled he actually could pass as a surfer. His chest just had a light dusting of hair making him appear even more macho. His lips were perfect and I could remember how they felt against mine.

The longer that Nick laid there and looked at Eric the more he began to worry. He thought there was no way a wealthy and drop dead gorgeous man would be interested in him. Even though Eric had said he was hot, Nick got more and more nervous. What if it was just a line and this was really only a hook up. Nick became more and more convinced that it was exactly that. Nick quietly got of bed, used the bathroom quickly, pulled on his clothes and left Eric's condo. He didn't even leave a note.

The sound of the door closing woke Eric. He glanced around and didn't see Nick. He threw on a robe and left the bedroom. Maybe Nick was making breakfast. While that would be nice, Nick wanted to grab Eric and throw him back on the bed and suck and fuck all day. As he moved through the condo the thought of just that made Eric's cock hard again. Maybe he'd have Nick drop to his knees and suck another load of cum before they headed back to bedroom.

When Eric reached the kitchen he saw that Nick wasn't there. Had Nick left without saying a word? Without leaving a note? What had Eric done wrong? Was his impression that he was a great lover be wrong? Did Nick just view last night as a one night stand? How could he when the passion seemed so real? Eric made some coffee and sat alone in his kitchen wondering. The longer he sat the madder he became. If he ever saw Nick again he was going to show him who was boss and that you just don't walk out of his door without saying anything.

Nick was feeling pretty bad when he got back to his small apartment. He took off his clothes and jumped into the shower. As the water washed over him it reminded him of the great sex he and Eric had had in his shower. As he remembered his cock started to grow. He wrapped his right hand around his cock and started to slowly stroke it. The more he thought about Eric's cock the faster he stroked. Within moments as Nick remembered the feeling of Eric's cock in his ass and the way it felt when Eric had cum, Rick shot of a load all over the shower wall.

When Nick stepped out of the shower he looked at himself in the mirror. What had Eric seen in him? In his early years his father had always told him what a loser he was. He told him that he was ugly and yet his father made him suck his cock at least once a week when his mother was out of the house. He even made Nick take care of his uncles. All Nick wanted was to be loved by his father. He thought if he sucked his cock that he would love him. Once his father had even tried to fuck him but he was so rough that Nick finally fought him off. His father told him to get out of the house and that he was just a faggot because he sucked both him but his uncles as well. Nick packed up his clothes and left not even saying good bye to his mother.

Eric's coffee was cold when he finished thinking about what he would do to Nick the next time he saw him. There was a knock at his door. He went to the door in his bathrobe and yanked it open because he was still pissed. At the door was regular grocery delivery boy. Eric used a service to get everyday items. He forgot that it was a deliver day. Eric gruffly said "Come in, let me get you a tip."

"No Sir, that won't be necessary, you always give me a good tip."

Eric turned back around and the front of his robe opened exposing his impressive cock. The delivery boy could only stare. Eric's frustration hadn't subsided. He pulled the delivery boy in and slammed the door shut. He pushed the kid to his knees and forced his cock into his mouth. The kid starting sucking like a pro. In just a few minutes Eric filled his mouth with his copious seed. He helped the kid up.

"I'm sorry kid, I shouldn't have done that, I'm just in a really bad mood this morning."

"No worries Sir. You don't ever have to give me a tip again if you will give me that tip." He nodded toward Eric's dick.

"Deal kid, have a good day."

"I will, it sure started good." Then he was off.

Eric realized that what had just happened was not satisfying in the least. He could not stop thinking about Nick. Eric went into his bedroom to get ready. He had a couple of meetings that day and he needed to be on point.

Nick got into work on time, as usual. It was going to be a pretty uneventful day. There weren't any sales scheduled and it was the time of year when it was pretty slow for men's clothing. He greeted some of his fellow staff and then just got behind the front counter in case anyone needed anything.

Not long after a man in an expensive suit from the line the store carried walked in. "Can I help you Sir?"

"Yes, thanks. I'm looking for the store manager."

"I'm sorry sir but the manager isn't in yet. This is one of the days he closes so he comes in late."

"God damn it! I'm from the corporate office and I need to see how the store is doing: inventory, cleanliness, professionally dressed staff, appropriate attitude, you know the drill."

"I'd be glad to show you around. Hopefully the manager will be here by the time we are done and he can go over the books with you."

"Sounds good. Show me around each department."

Nick took him through all the various departments: outerwear, sportswear, formal wear, suits and sport coats, slacks, casual wear and shoes. While they walked around the store he couldn't help notice how the well cut suit fit the executive. It was snug in all the right places but not overly tight. Nick could tell that he was very well muscled under the fabric. Nick didn't notice that the executive was checking him out as well and liking what he saw.

"Show me the socks and underwear display." Nick took him to the display that showed a myriad of socks of all colors and styles. He then showed him the racks of all the different brands and styles of underwear that they sold. The executive picked up a package of square cut boxer briefs. The model on the cover looked a lot like Nick, especially the bubble butt. "Would you mind trying these on? I want to see what a mannequin display could possible look like."

What was Nick to do? He went into the dressing area and changed out his closes to the very brief boxer briefs. In the front and the back they didn't leave much to the imagination. He went back out on the floor.

"Please turn around. Very nice, very nice indeed."

Nick was starting to wonder if he was talking about the product or him. He wanted to make sure that the executive left with a good impression of the store and its personnel.

"You can go back and change." Nick headed back toward the dressing area but realized that the executive was following him. He actually followed him into the dressing room and sat down on the one chair that was in the room. Nick didn't quite know what to do but he wanted to please this man both for the store but also for himself. Nick slide out of the briefs and turned his back to the executive while he grabbed his own underwear. "Very nice indeed." The executive reached over and ran his hand over Nick's ass. Nick didn't know what to do. Does he let this man use him for his own pleasure? Or did he gracefully decline? Nick made up his mind.

"I appreciate the compliment Sir, but I really need to get back on the floor. With the manager not here yet the other staff may need me." Hoping not to really shoot the guy down and hurt any chances he had for promotion he said "why don't we get together the next time you're in town."

All day long Eric could not stop thinking about Nick. His anger had subsided but had been replaced by disappointment. What had he done or not done that would have driven Nick away. He decided to stop by the store where Nick worked and just out right ask him.

No matter what Nick did during the day his mind kept going back to Eric. He could still smell him, he could still feel his skin, and he could still taste his cock and his cum. Why had he been such a fool and run out on Eric. He wished he had gotten Eric's number so he could call him and apologize.

Just around closing, Eric walked into Nick's store. Their eyes met. There was no need for apologies or explanations. They met in the middle of the floor, wrapped their arms around each other and shared a passionate kiss. The other staff clapped.

We hope you enjoyed Chapter Two.

Chapter Three will be written by Eric.



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