This is going to be a hot erotic sexual series between Nick and Eric as told by Gay Demon writers Chad and Naughty Eric. The readers are invited to follow Nick and Eric's love life and primordial testosterone-driven wild steamy sex as they devour each other. Nick and Eric discover new unique ways to suck cock; rim, finger and eat ass; and fuck man pussy as they travel across the United States. Come along for the view and ride for sexual nirvana.

Chapter One is written by Eric detailing their meeting and first sexual encounter. Chapter two will be told by Nick. They will rotate chapter by chapter as a hot couple. (Again the series is written by Gay Demon writers Chad and Naughty Eric as Nick and Eric.)


I was a financially secure horny gay guy at the time of this first chapter. My luck with gay men had not been, to say the least, very productive or sexually satisfying resulting in short affairs. I was a 35-year-old hot guy with a swimmers built playing the gay scene. As a good-looking fashion model, I had both money and charisma making it east to get a lay. One morning, I woke up feeling empty and realizing I wanted more out of life with someone special and one to become my best friend and experiencing the most erotic sex life---a sexual Rembrandt and a mutual connoisseur of cum.

I stand five-feet and 11-inches, weight 185 muscled pounds, pure white bleached hair, blue eyes, clean shaven, very light trail of brown hair from my chest to my crotch, light fuzz on my legs and an above average smooth slick cock always with a large supply of semen.

One Saturday afternoon, I decided to visit the local mall on m y journey seeking to find that one special romantic hunk that knew how to be a gentleman, kind and loved to fuck and eat cum---my dream man.

I stopped by the food plaza,ordered a hot dog, a coke and some fries. When I finished, I needed to piss. As I entered the men's room, oh shit, I was sure that I might have found my man. He was at one of the urinals pissing. He took my breath away.

He looked to be about five-feet and 10-inches, weighed around 160 pounds, beautiful dirty blond well-kept curly hair, blue-green eyes, an approximately 30-inch waist and a terrific bubble ass showing through his tight blue pants. He had on a blue shirt and red tie. He looked like he worked out each day. 

When I got up next to him at the adjoining urinal, I glanced down at his crotch and discovered the most gorgeous cock I had ever seen. He caught me looking and said: "Hi, do you like what you see?"

I turned several shades of red and was very embarrassed that I'd gotten caught looking at that  man's huge cock. But I took the opening and replied: "Sorry man but you are the most handsome dude I've ever seen. Wow, what a hot fucking cock. I hope I've not offended you?"

"No, to the contrary. I'm so flattered that a gorgeous hunk like you finds me attractive. I assume you are gay? I'm gay but I'm having no real luck with men. However, I've not had a long time to test the waters as I'm only 21-years-of-age but so far it seems to mostly be one night stands. Most guys seem to be out for a one-night fuck either as the bitch or making me their bitch. You seem different."

I let him know that I was defiantly gay and horny.

I felt my cock joining the conversation as it began to swell and soon was steel hard. Now no trying to piss with this hard on. Oh fuck, I noticed that the guy had finished pissing and was now rock hard. He did not put his cock away but instead began to jerk off.

Then I became very encouraged when he looked at me with those sexy eyes and said: "I bet you like my cock, as you keep looking at it. By the way, my name is Nick and you are?"

"My name is Eric. Nice to meet you and yea, I'm getting very turned on---look my cock is like yours, very hard."

"Eric, I just got off from work here at the mall at one of the fashionable men's clothing stores. I've been seeking someone who is really nice and also hot that wants to build a long-term relationship and enjoys volcanic nut busting sex at least twice a day based on an intimate friendship. I just sense yuo are that kind of guy."

"Oh fuck Nick, I can't believe what I just heard. This is exactly what I've been searching for over many months. By the way, I'm addicted to eating cum. I guess you could call me a connoisseur of fine cum just like a fine wine."

Nick reached over and began squeezing my hard cock so hard that he milked out several drops of pre-cum onto his hand, licked it off his fingers and said: "Yea, man, yours is a very fine cum just like a fine wine. Now grab my dick, squeeze it hard and milk some jizz out and taste it and tell me how you like it."

I jerked his cock hard and milked out several drops of pre-cum, licked my hands and said: "Nick, this is the finest cum I've ever tasted. I'm going to need more of that fine cum later tonight."

"Eric, would you like to go to dinner at one of the five star restaurant in town so we can get to know one another better?"

We had a seven course meal at a great Italian restaurant and as we walked to my car, I suggested: "Nick lets go over to my condo and have a chat. I'm eager to learn more about you. Who knows, you might give me some more of that fine cum for desert? I would sure be happy to give you my load."

We instantly sprung huge tents in our dress pants. We were horny as hell and sensed that our new friendship was under way along with the possibility of a night of the most erotic wild sex.

As I drove us to my condo, Nick reached over and unzipped my pants, found my rock hard cock, pulled it out and jerked me off. His soft hands had me crazy with lust. He also smelt so manly. It was obvious we were in heat and were going to fuck.

I made us gin and tonic drinks. We went into my den and sat on the small love seat. Soon we were tight up against each other, holding hands and kissing. I had never smelt a more wonderful man aroma. I was about to past out from the lust and excitement. I was so aroused from sniffing Nick's sweet man's perfume, the touch of his hands, his juicy pink wet lips against my hot lips and the secrets we began to share about our past sexual experiences with fuck buddies and fantasies. 

We could not resist any longer. Oh, how we needed to share our fresh delicious meat with one another. We had been horny and stiff for the past three hours. Our appetite for sensual pleasures and gratification was now our master.

I took Nick to my master bedroom, we undressed and took some time just embraced in a hot sweaty sexy feeling. We humped as our cocks were like twins bobbing against each other. The feel of pre-cum soon had our pubic hair stuck together.

Next I led my new lover to the master bathroom where there was a huge round sunked tub with jets on the side along with steps leading down into the sunken tub. We filled it with water and added a fine scented flavors of soap making a bubble bath. We lit several scented candles. As we entered the tub, I turned on the jets and we sat down facing each other.

Wow, I'd never seen such a hot body and incredible cock. He was a true All-American slim hunk. Small drips of pre-cum clung to both our purple cock heads.

We sat across from each other with our feet touching. This was primitive animal lust. Both our cocks were standing straight up above the surface of the water. Almost immediately, I felt Nick place his feet on my crotch, as he took my aching cock between his feet and clamped down hard. He began to use his feet to jack my cock just as if he was using his hands. Wow, this was so hot. Hell, I was about to shoot a load all over his feet.

Then I managed to to take one of my feet, run it under his balls and locate his ass crack. I was going to play also. I took my big toe and pushed it across the entrance to his ass. I pushed hard and soon felt the muscles around his asshole began to throb on my toe. I pushed very hard and was successful in using my toe to fuck the entrance to his ass. While he jacked me off with his feet, I played with his asshole with my foot and big tow. For several minutes, we continued this hot sex as the bubbles swirled around our bodies. It was a fantasy come true. WOW, such hot sex.

"Oh holy fuck Eric, fuck my man pussy with that toe. Yea, poke it with that mean foot. Give it to me. Let me use my ass muscles to massage that toe. Yea, that is it."

I too urged Nick: "OH my god, your feet are so awesome. My cock has never been harder. Can you feel those big veins in my cock shaft pulsating against your feet?"

"Hell yea, I feel those veins pumping, bulging and contracting like crazy against the sides of my feet.. Oh, what a great feeling. I'm so turned on. baby."

After about 30-minutes, we got out of the tub and went into the shower where wild things happened. Nick got down on his knees, grabbed my  hard cock and began to take it down his throat while the warm water ran over our bodies. I was being sucked with lots of wet water helping lube everything. His juicy mouth, the warm water and his hands on my balls had my big sausage throbbing. Wow, was this ever a turn on. All at once Nick stood up, placed his big cock on my crotch and cock and he began to give me a golden shower. His bladder must have been over flowing as I felt his warm piss run over my cock, crotch and legs for what seemed like several minutes. Man, my cock was about to burst with the heat.

When he was finished, I returned the favor as I needed to piss. I pissed all over his cock and it ran down his beautiful legs. When I was finished, we completed showering, got out of the shower and toweled each other off taking extra time on those hard cocks. The best sex was yet to come.

I learned that Nick preferred giving blowjobs, eating cum and getting fucked. Well, I could serve those wishes. We went to my bedroom, Nick placed my back up against the wall while I faced the opposite side of the room where I had hung a mirror from the ceiling to the floor. I had a view of Nick's ass reflected in the mirror as he lowered his mouth onto my cock. He grabbed my nuts with one hand, took his other hand and gripped the base of my cock, spit gobs of saliva on my tool and began to slide his hot tongue up and down my throbbing cock shaft and big veins. Gradually he began to take my man boner down his throat inch by inch until he had swallowed my entire big dick. Then he went to work on my cock. He moved slowly up and down as he used his tongue to play with the sides of my cock. To show his skills and variety, at times he deep throated my cock and just clamped his lips down hard for several minutes as if he was milking me dry. After about five minutes of the best blowjob ever, I felt the cum gathering in my balls, shoot up my shaft and flood his throat. He stuck his tongue out as I dumped a huge load on it. He swallowed it all and said: "Yea, yea, baby, your fine cum is like a very fine wine."

Then horny Nick ordered me to follow him to the kitchen. He gave me one of my wine glasses and asked me to hold it below his hard cock. He began to jack off without any mercy on his dick. He was thrusting his hips forward with great speed. Soon I noticed his cock head swell and open up. He shot a huge load of his semen into the wine glass that filled it at least half full. He took the glass from me, had me open my mouth, stick out my tongue and he dumped the whole load onto my tongue. I eagerly swallowed his creme and man was it a fine cum like wine.

In about an hour we were recovered and it was time to satisfy Nick by taking my cock down his ass canal. We went to the bedroom, Nick stood up facing the mirror, placed his head and chest against the mirror and pushed his ass out to welcome my manhood inside him. I placed my hands on his shoulders after I had lubed his ass and my cock. As I entered his ass, I felt the ass rings around his asshole throb and squeeze my cock as I went all the way in. The feeling was so erotic. Man, this was the best man pussy my cock had ever experienced.

I moved my cock from side to side in a deliberate way to touch his ass walls so his flesh and my flesh could feel the awesome heat. I took my cock and searched his prostate until I found it. I drove my cock into his prostate often known as that special place in a man's pussy. I began to use short thrusts to maximize the movement of my cock to all corners of his ass. This made Nick wild with desire for my cock. I could see the pleasure on his face reflected in the mirror.  He was now like a wild beast in heat. He was beyond any beauty I'd ever seen. My cock was aware of how hot this was as it began to swell, an oncoming orgasm was building and soon I shot the largest load of my life deep inside this hunk.

I could see his cock harden again in the mirror. He cried out: "Oh my god, of fuck, oh fuck, I'm going to come on the mirror. Here it comes."

He blasted his load on the mirror while my cock was still in his ass. When he was finished, I pulled out of his ass, we both got down on our knees and licked his cum as it ran down the mirror. I then got down and sucked his asshole as the cum ran out. We embraced and kissed collecting and eating the finest cum ever produced.

We hope you enjoyed Chapter One.



Naughty Eric


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