Eric tells Chapter 3.

As Nick and Eric complete their sexy embrace and kissing, the store employees and customers give them one more round of cheers and thumbs up. One employee says: "Hey, Nick, this gorgeous male hunk is obviously in love with you. You are such a lucky guy. Never let him get away."

"Sir, I'm the lucky one. Nick is the best thing that has ever happened to me," Eric said.

Nick asked: "Can we go somewhere and talk?"

"Oh yea, Nick, I so want to talk and be with you," answered Eric. He continued: "Let's go to that special restaurant on the 18th floor of the high rise where the company is located that has me under contract for modeling. I have a special table there any time I wish."

When we arrived, We were given my table and I began saying to Nick: "Oh baby, I have thought of nothing but you ever since you ran out last night and did not even say goodby. What did I do wrong? I am madly in love with you. No man has ever awakened my sensations both emotionally and certainly sexually like you. I must confess that at first I was very angry and then heartbroken. I have to confess how stupid I was this morning reacting to my hurt. For the past year, a 19-year-old college student, my grocery delivery boy, once a week has delivered certain items to me. This morning I was in my robe very depressed when he knocked on the door with my items. In my state of confusion, I had him come in for a tip but he said he did not want a tip. I ordered him down on his knees, I opened my robe and ordered him to suck my cock. He willingly grabbed my cock, thrust his tongue down my shaft and soon he had swallowed my entire huge cock. He gave me a hard blowjob until I shot a big sticky load down his throat. He seemed experienced and loved to suck cock. I had him leave and instantly felt very bad. It was not your mouth on my cock and I regretted my moment of insecurity longing for you. Please forgive me."

As Nick saw tears in my eyes, he took my hand and said: "No baby, it is not your fault. I must confess I have never had better steamy sex or met a more gorgeous stud. I fell in love with you that moment when I first saw you. But as we lay in bed last night after the awesome sex and you were spooning me, my insecurity took over and I thought how could yuo ever love me. I convinced myself that you were just after a one night stand and I was available."

"Oh Nick how could you think such a thing?"

Well, Eric I have a very bad secret that has made me this way. My father has always told me I was so ugly and oh he made me give him and my uncles head until I left home."

"OH holy fuck, Nick I'm so sorry. To hell with your father and uncles. You should have reported them to the police. That is so terrible what they did to you. You are the hottest and most sexy guy I've met. And you are the best kisser, cock sucker and hot ass I've had. And I've had my share of man sex. But you are the first man I've truly loved."

"Woe, Eric, you have just made me the happiest and luckiest man on the Earth. I am an only child and have had very few close friends. I hope you understand."

"Man, you just made me love you more than I could ever dream possible. Don't you ever again doubt my loyalty and total love for you. I too am an only child and my neat parents are deceased. See we need each other. Lets finish dinner and go back to my condo. I need you right now. I,m getting horny as hell for that gorgeous body of yours. I am about to spill my seed just looking at you."

When we got to my condo, we went directly to my master bedroom. I grabbed Nick, held him tight up against my chest and felt both our huge cocks growing in our pants. Soon our cocks were straining trying to escape our briefs as they rubbed each other through all that cloth. I put my lips up to his sexy mouth, sucked his lower lip until he opened his mouth inviting my tongue deep into his throat. Wow, he had the most suckable lips I'd ever touched. We began to exchange saliva and our tongues were competing as they rubbed against each other. This incredible hot deep kissing went on for several minutes. I felt Nick's hands began to play with my ass. Oh my god, he was using his fingers to push my briefs into my ass crack. We started humping and morning with pure horny desires. We had to get out of these clothes so our flesh could touch.

We started undressing each other and slowly took off our fuck buddies ties, shirts, shoes, socks, pants and finally lowered each other's briefs as our cocks sprung out and free. Both our cocks were oozing that fine pre-cum we had enjoyed last night. Then I so wanted to convince Nick he was the man for me, I said: "Nick, you must now know that I only want you. Let me take charge tonight and give you all kinds of hot sexy moves. I want you to just relax, lay back and let me show you the ultimate eroticism I can give my gorgeous Nick."

"Oh fuck yea Eric, give it to me, use me in any way you wish, in more ways than one. I'm about to bust a nut just looking at that All-American body of yours and especially that handsome cock. Wow, it is big."

I picked Nick up in my arms, laid him down on his back on my king sized bed, spread his sexy smooth legs far apart and got on top of him. I lowered my now sweaty body down flat on his. I felt our red-hot cocks began to press hard against each other. I once again put my lips up to his suckable lips and pried open his lips with my big tongue. We began to kiss, clasp our hands together, rub my legs and feet over top of his and I started thrusting my crotch hard into his crotch. We began to moan, grunt and feel our heart beats run rapid. Our nice pieces of meat touching had us wild with lust. This hot flesh on flesh produced gobs of sweat as well as an unusual amount of pre-cum that wet our pubic hairs.

Nick was in a pure carnal state when he begged me: "OH Baby, do what ever you want to me. I'm totally obedient to you tonight. Take charge and use me for your pleasure. I'm your loving bitch. I'm so glad that I said no to that executive at the store who tried to breed me today. I'm yours."

This turned me wild with a craving for ever inch of Nick's body. After we had humped, kissed and sucked our tongues, I lifted Nick's hot legs and feet high up on his chest and had him hold them there. I put a pillow under his lower back, lifted his butt upward toward the ceiling and lowered my mouth and tongue into his ass crack. I began to kiss. lick and suck on his asshole that was pulsating as his asshole was moving in and out. I sucked hard on his ass entrance while he moaned with pure pleasure. The harder I sucked the more he thrust his ass into my tongue and lips. I rimmed him for the longest time. It was pure sexual lust. My cock was so hard and was bobbing wildly. I knew my cock was dying to go inside that beautiful bubble pink asshole.

Then Nick begged: "Oh Holy Shit,  Oh fuck, Pleaseeee, pleaseee, suck my cock. Please take my cock down your sexy throat. Suck me, suck me, milk me dry. Let my seed into you. Make me a special part of you, Baby."

I grabbed the base of his thick cock shaft, squeezed hard and began to suck on the tip of his cock. Soon I closed my lips hard around his cock head and kept my wet lips there for the longest time sucking and sucking his awesome pre-cum into my mouth. Nick was thrusting his hips forward almost unaware of how hard he was thrusting into my mouth with his cock. He and I were now like two wild beast that could not get enough of our buddies hot flesh. The man odors were so intoxicating. The smell of sweat, cum and hot breath was about to put Nick over the edge and had me ready to plunge my cock deep inside my lover.

I began to move rapidly on and off his cock just leaving the tip of his cock in my mouth before going all the way back down on to the base of his throbbing cock. I could feel the big veins in his cock swell and they were contracting against the sides of my mouth. I knew he could not last much longer. Then the head of his cock swelled and the veins got even more throbbing. It was time. He yelled: "Oh Fuck, I feel my cock releasing my seed. Here it comes, please suck me harder and eat my semen. Baby make my juices part of your body. Yea, milk me dry."

I experienced burst after burst hit my throat. Shit, blast one, blast two, blast three, blast four, blast five and holy shit blast six. I was drowning in the most fine cum I had ever eaten. I swallowed all that cum and as I pulled off this gorgeous cock, I sucked the head hard and got the last dribbles of his semen. He was finished.

He begged me again to fuck his ass. I got a bottle of lube and poured some on his asshole and drove it inside with my finger. I lubed my cock and was now ready to please my big cock by fucking sweet Nick's ass.

I turned him over on his stomach, spread his legs far apart, got between his legs and lowered my cock to his ass entrance. I was so fucking hot and so turned on, I plunged the head of my cock through his ass ring and with one hard slam drove all the way into his ass. I used my rock hard steel cock to explore ever inch of his ass bucking like some beast. When I plunged my cock against his prostate, he yelled and began to thrust his hips upward. He was loving my fucking his special place in his ass. The hot sex we had been having had me ready to come. I only lasted about two minutes when my nuts gathered up my semen and shot a huge thick sticky load deep into Nick's pink ass. When I was spent, I pulled out, turned Nick on his back, got up on his chest and thrust my cock into his throat. He sucked the last drops of my cum and swallowed. He gave me a big smile to let me know how good my fine cum was for him.

We showered and went back to bed. We laid theer for a long time talking about our love for each other.

Then I asked Nick: I'm so in love with you. Will you move in with me? And I have just gotten a contract for a month's tour around the United States as a model. I'll be modeling at some of the biggest stores in the country with some new designers' clothes plus under ware. Please give your boss a two  week's notice and come with me. You will not need any money as I'm in great shape financially. Please buddy. We will meet lots of nice folks and see lots of the country."

"OH thanks Eric, yes, yes, I will go with you. We can fuck and fuck and also see some neat places. Thank you. I love you."

As Nick turned over to go to sleep, I began to spoon his hot pink butt with us both naked. I was a happy man and so was Nick.


Naughty Eric


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